a visitor (warning – graphic) (Mature) Canberra – A Different View …Parliament House, National Gallery or the Australian War Memorial… unique and impressive buildings during daylight hours, but … Royal Exhibition Building I was rather keen to gain a better sense of the importance of this World Heritage-listed building. Notes to self a requiem mass with horses galloping / birds flying Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Ph… Melbourne Open House – Australian Travel Photography & Writing Jeux de construction Je / Jeux / Eux / Comme une construction. Un assemblage. Une composition. Un collage. / Je suis à l’intérieur. / Doucement immergée dans l… Canberra – The Best of the Rest If time is limited, Canberra’s Parliamentary Zone contains the greatest concentration of places of interest, however further a-field … Faded Barn A faded barn / set back / from the road / unnoticed / except for / a photographer lugging a tripod, / a poet lugging words, / several nests… When She Found Time “Yes” I said (the way love’s ease laughs) / “I too love time and the way you found her” The Flynt Building I tend to write long narratives so when the text is cut off, you can read the narrative in the writing section. I pair the image with the t… Abandoned Building [4-17-09] I waited, / in the dark; / like a spider yearning for a fly. / and I swore I seen you there; / standing in the place where the streetlamps … Building A Friendship… Friend Ship Earth! :) Building Blocks I built me back up / From my head to my toes / Painted on smile / Sellotaped nose Character building cake I live next door to two drunks. Building’s games – translation !!! :)… I / Plays / Them / Like a construction. / An assemblage. A composition. A collage. / I am inside. / Gently immersed in the words, not … Dream Scenes- the university the castle compound I was singularly entering the low fenced school campuse, noticing those were half logs, sun-washed fences. At the entrance front, that… Through the gate I go I hear a shout / a whip cracking call / “Get on with it / and build this bloody wall! / Stop loafing around / you’re on the king’s time / … New Featured Work “Prague Charles Bridge with the… “Prague Charles Bridge with the Prague Castle” was featured in the group Oil Painting 17 02 2009 The Giant Guitar: a romantic story in rhyme The moon did its nut in the purple above, / Splashing each wave with its silvery love, / The gigantic strings gave a deep humming tone, / B… Save Denbigh Asylum I no you may some of you may not live in Britain or in Wales but there is an asylum that is in danger of being demolished completely, due t… THE BUILDING I LOOKED UP AT THE BUILDING / IT WAS SO VERY TALL / I REALLY FELT INSIGNIFICANT / ABSOLUTELY SMALL / THE WINDOWS WERE AMAZING / THEY STOOD … Stones Are For Building… … not for ‘casting’ / (in the ‘throwing at another individual’ sense). halitus While the air becomes icy…… In dreams In dreams, I create infinity. Perfect Picture Do you want to come on down? / But promise me you won’t make a sound? / I’ve painted us this perfect picture, / But if you speak the paint … Constructing …work grows, surrounds/ sunrise to sunrise. THE BUILDING WAS ON FIRE It seemed there was no escape… Building Blocks Thank goodness I found Libby. She is one of a few people in the history of my life that I absolutely have no qualms with. I don’t ask… i am a living stone *HE IS ABBA FATHER! HOLY SPIRIT! JESUS CHRIST!" * You left Glory for me / as a living stone in the breathing building / of other ston… The Beast has Left the Building I shall have to ride another wind / Now the beast has gone / So often strong and silent / Waiting patiently to be loosed / Until the grumbl… “Orbiting Parliament Building” featur… Just noticed (to my delight!!) that my photo "Orbiting Parliament Building is currently being featured in the Abstract Digital Art and… Building Walls Come see the writing on the wall, / It spells out the mechanisms of our funeral / Each of us forced to climb to the top, / Or subjected to … Building piece by peace He stood there eating / A big grin across his face / He was happily chewing piece by piece / Peace for peace / Someone came and asked what … STONES HIT HARD Sticks and stones may break my bones… bricks building up…. better and honorable way… / Pfft, just read it, lol : ) ItR… Fire Escape (Mature) Ch chinks / streaming through / light / dust rising softly / bent barn / chunks / fallen down / blown off / roof / from risen / to razed Featured in the Dilapidated Building Group My Heartfelt thanks goes out to the Dilapidated Building group for featuring / The Chicken Shack Out Back The Venus of the Hawken Engineering Building The birds shriek and dive on us. They wheel around us, past rooftops and treetops and bridges and moons. Gaby retreats under their fury. I … “Orbiting Parliament Building” featur… This image was my first entry into the "Yer Pullin’ My Leg " group , and I am absolutely delighted to find that the hosts o… SUICIDE NOTE OF THE SIMULACRUM Then they have the audacity to ask me why. / Why am I being so cruel? / I must be a fool / To think that an imitation / Ever mattered at al… The empty Building The Empty Building / stark, deserted building, / boarded up, empty as a politicians promise, / so much shelter wasted / in these streets wh… BUT FIRST… A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR I don’t know anything…anymore / Save that what I do…is who I am… Building Blocks We marvel at building block upon building block made by man / But how wondrous will it be when our eyes behold / The mansions which God Him… First Date in a Burning Building I want to tell you to meet me at Seven. Tell you I can’t wait to see you. I want to light a match and watch you smile as you step acr… building up to does this noise in my head bother you? / the road to hoe is paved with new dimensions, too / there is magic in the air where stories hoop a… EXCUSE THE POETRY or ALWAYS… Away and back again / Or never having left you / Out of my mind building from the sky down it’s at least sort of about madison. Warm Welcomes Again With Jade And Greg i found my niche in something Haunted What is here / Calling for her / Searching for her / Hunting her… Running In a Building Running in a building / That is burning / Smoke is filling the hall / So dark and black / It consumes the light / I dart into a room / Hav… Toddler and Tap A harried mother absently brushes a strand of hair from her eyes and opens the door at the top of the worn, wooden steps. Below, the iron w… Building a life Lets walk to the shore / And wade in the water / Tainted with dreams we never shared / And nights we never had Building Strenghth with Numbers Part 1: / It is oddly strange to me personally, that those of us who are serious about social change for the greater good hasn’t com… Orange Peels Straight ahead of me is a giant mouse, standing upright like a human, wrapped like a mummy. It isn’t moving, neither are the seven or… “Apartment Buliding” I failed to figure out something in myself that day— / That people who love you, don’t treat you that way. / It was true he tol… new paintings , in need of opinion Dear Friend, / I would like to wish you very happy thanksgiving. It’s very common for every seller or store to provide good discounts and d… Building Memories… Evening dinner under the tall trees / and the feel of the cool breeze. / I was happy. / An night time drive into the town / that fills m… building long term relationship Most of the time, when a person gets into a serious relationship, he or she wants it to be a long-term one. In this age of 50 percent divor… The Ferry Building Love helps heal old wounds / leaving yourself ripe again / to open new ones Building I would like to / Build up / Pyramids of sounds, / Sylvan corridors of / Golden cork pines – where / Spats of the sun / And single ra… Am I there yet? Inner strength, / Self belief / and love will be my guide. Proud Member of REFLECTIONS IN BUILDING WINDOWS … The following are my seven (7) images featured in this group and i am so thankful to the hosts of this wonderful group in the RedBubble. … Asking for cleaning requirements in a building si… What makes him think he has to explain it to me twice? / I’m reading Tolstoy I have a brain If a building falls My building fell / I watched it go / it would never tell / the things I know / I wish it could / have stayed up straight / but concrete and… The Building Desire For Annihilation The actuality of this temptation is unreal / The lust growing within me / Too strong to withstand any longer / Alone in the damp ruins / Qu… Profile links are the central source associated w… Its important to recognize that search engines like yahoo are attempting to get ranking ideal results that they may for his or her consumer… building blocks. this isn’t the edit i expected. / i expected, time to edit. Angel “A serenity from the sky / A feeling from the space / Between men” SUICIDE NOTE OF A HOMELESS PERSON… On this all hope resides… I Was Glad I was glad. These words were before me in a gothic font, chiseled into a wall high above my head. 8 Easy Steps for Building a Brick Dream House Step 1. Find a plot of land big enough to hold your new dream house. SUICIDE NOTE OF A HOMELESS PERSON II I didn’t find my dream in this life / Perhaps I’ll find it in the next one Out of Control For anger has reared it’s ugly head THE LIGHT… SUICIDE NOTE OF HOMELESS PERSON … —Author unnkown I TRIED TO BE DISCREET… When is a hard-on ever discreet…? Commercial Building Maintenance in Sydney Looking for a contractor you can trust to take care of the commercial building maintenance for your company? Specialist Height Access has b… building bridges of rain and she stands / building bridges of rain / under a canopy of tears / her dank thoughts / whirl into dark mists / of ink Yoga and Fitness. Switching each day, between a full asana practise; a hike; and strength training, has given me a more balanced, mobile and properly-functio… Puzzled! The Society has been looking for years for a suitable building for its new headquarters. / But there was one problem from the first viewing… hell’s kitchen rustic oh wooden door, / so out of place / in city metalclad

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