Brush Of Waves [Video] / Just a puff that settles on my cheek, as I awake / Each morning, bringing me a smile / Like the Sea and thee / But….. you… Brush with fame. The difference is that she climbed a long way to the top. Brush Strokes… where do these strokes take us / handle of life …secure / with bristles fine and straight / feathery soft… / coatings sweet / … My brush with fame.. The ancient filmstar turned up in a white car / Accompanied by her faithful entourage, / A smalltown crowd applauded and local photograph… New Learner’s i can’t picture myself in five years The boar-bristle brush and your hair like an Autu… To Eric, with love – RIP 11 Sales last night! My good friend from Tennessee surprised me to purchase 2 t-shirts and 9 cards… The brush. The brush. / With each gentle stroke / Her heart aches / Longing for a time not long ago / When what was once full and luminous / Meant hea… Brush Strokes Allison never really comprehended that her best friend was going to die until it actually happened. / She was at home one Sunday morning, u… Fractured Justice (A Poem) Justice is lost / Blind eyes can’t see / Scales cracked / Weighed down with misery / They cry to the sun / They cry to the moon / Of rage a… ABOVE US ONLY THE SKY SUNDOWN CAME AND I WAS SURPRISED / TO SEE SUCH BEAUTY IN MY EYES / HAZY COLORS OF ORANGE AND GRAY / WHAT A MAGNIFICENT WAY TO END A DAY / T… Reynard. A Foxes Tale. The hedgerows and copses are no place to hide, / Reynard can smell you and time is on his side. The Beauty within the Canvas (Mature) Love by the Tooth Brush Love by the Tooth Brush / I brushed my teeth three times for you, / Baby. I did this passionately / Like the way serious British men do / … brush strokes brush strokes / on empty canvas - / another world The First Brush When I lay in bed in the morning I long for / The first brush of your eyes as they open and look into mine / The first brush of your finger… THE BACKYARD SUNSET When I opened up my eyes / It did not take long to realize / That God painted a picture for me / It was an amazing sight to see / I looked… No Escape no escape / from who you are / where you’ve been / or what you’ll become The Incredible Hulk’s Tooth Brush ‘Oh my God its so big!’ Brush Strokes … fragrance that lingers … The Breaks in The Brush Once upon a time / In a land not too far / Strode a man with his woman / Down the points of a star. / When their pockets were combined / Ne… brush strokes. in class, he focused all of his attentions on her. it did not go unnoticed by the rest of the group. he was becoming more insistent. the… The Paint Tin and a Strokes Brush I long for you / Like tears in a Rain drop / A sentiment lost by the tea kettle / Drenched in blue. / Death she plays on her violin, / With… Brush Strokes I need some good music to fuel my brush / so I can push / the paint with short gentle thrust / I am moved by the voice of this woman’… Life Canvas I consider the future yet / refuse to see it too soon. / If it is sketched with rapid charcoaled messages, / as with vapor curling from a m… Hair Brush You brushed my hair, you pulled out all the knots. / Every morning you wished I was something I am not. / My curls were my crown but a thor… Brush Strokes Picture perfect world your conception flows on the canvas the old fence post and snow covered barb / Wire touches where I walked in youth … A Hopeful Lamentation Translucent verbal expressions of honesty ebbed into a colorful palette of exuberant abandonment; only when I had become intelligible enoug… The canvas and the brush “I’ve learned how true this is.” WHO’S GONNA BRUSH MY TEETH? Who’s gonna brush my teeth  / When I’m gone? / Will they use a short stroke / Or will it be long? / Suppose they can find them / Sitting in… LIKE ALICE DOES. Alice sits brushing her hair, / stroke following stroke, / her husband sitting / on the edge of the bed / watching, studying her / hand … Paint Brush by Bettie B. Youngs I keep my paint brush with me / Wherever I may go, / In case I need to cover up / So the real me doesn’t show / I’m so afraid … On Painting with Inks Inks do not as a general rule forget.

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of brush writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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