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the book of blood and snow She dotted her i’s with little circles. / I fucking hate that. Shhh Little Girl, Don’t Cry Shhh little girl, don’t cry / Cover your ears and block out the sounds, / Of Mamma’s screams and Papa`‘s shouts. / ItR… broken glass fragility Wrap me so tightly / Your gift kissed so lightly / Despite oceans you see of tranquility / In me and so you fill me like humility / Saw … For any woman who has ever felt (or been) broken freedom is my burning right / in opposition to your strings / i still breathe / you cannot take my skin / and stretch it further than its b… Tapestry out of everything broken He weaves, / The tapestry / A kaleidoscope of beauty / A rainbow of colour / Thread by thread, / The bigger picture takes shape, / It com… A Billion little peices….. I am broken. I am not a beautiful person, I am broken, / I am a billion little pieces of nothing barely holding together, / I don’t shine my own light I… If broken wings could fly…… I wish …. / I could fly to you / but my wings / would surely fail me / as I lost all my strength / trying to keep hold of you / I know….. /… Hope When I met you / I didn’t fall for you like a landslide, / I floated like an Autumn leaf / and didn’t realise / I was in love / until I saw… This broken vase I was given this vase / By my mother of grace / Alone it was strong, yet longed for a place / Everyday we are told to bask it, don’… Day 15 of a new life… broken heart, family torn apart, motherly love, girl talk, woman hood, mothers, daughters How to break two hearts I have my heart in my hands, ready to give it to my husband, whom I’ve always trusted, wanting him to have all of it, and I am blindfolded … Karma’s a bitch: love comes whether you see it or… Feed me to the lions— / God knows I / would do the same / for you. / If not you, / than who, my love? / Who better than to gift me / a de… A synonym for b r o k e n Always the dreamer - / still hoping to be loved / by what’s not there… / (Naïveté in a bottle) The room with the broken heart Once upon at time a darling love dreamt here / He would kiss and count all her smiley freckles / One two three four five ten, laugh and sta… What do you do? What do you do / If your heart is / Shattered / The shards lying before you / Spattered with tears and vitriol Body Beautiful l The Body / Alone in the corner / locked in. / Captive behind calcium bars / which have grown brittle, / the paint worn thin, / dry and f… The Beautiful Person You Are Me: I would collect all the flowers in the world just to make you smile, / Me: Maybe if you smelled them you would remember…the lovely pers… Lullabys and Lies… That some things can’t be fixed / Like hearts. / They were meant to be broken. The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … God i want to be broken Let my sins bleed out of me / before Holy God / bow my head before my King / humility a beautiful jewel / my brokenness / the treasure i gr… My Hearts a Mess Foolish me, I let you in. / I melted with just a kiss. / I fell so hard it hurt / But not as much as this. note to self: walmart sucks i move the tripod SLIGHTLY to the left….BAM camera falls lens first to the cement floor! broken things follow the roads made of broken things Shattered… As she held it in her palms it shattered into tiny pieces – jagged and sharp. The Room of Broken Chairs… in This Room one shall not sit…. From the closet of broken dolls dark / rinse / of lachrymal / come to pass by salt and / cells / there is no mutter of defense / from these bloodless lips / to the pick… Runaway no thumping / jumping / walloping / or whacking / against walls / and doorways / and down that shitty staircase / that he loved best Broken Promise! Inside I whisper a truth that cannot be heard / A tear of sound that screams in the chaos of silence / A hurt that cries for the arms of ob… Bone/Back~Broken/Bent I am fucking finished. / Finished with your excuses, / your bullshit / and your matching and well thought out words… / just luggage&… Broken …Broken promise, shattered glass…it beats yet never mends…. ashes I am breaking Don’t touch me. More fragile than oldest antique, / dirtier than history itself, / angrier than stormiest night; / more delicate than frost in the hand, / … In the presence of love When daylight dims, moves aside for veil of night and sleepless ghosts of old and fear and loneliness all drift in faceless visions; it’s t… Dear Heart Dear heart, / You were once perfect, so utterly beautiful like a brand new car with no scratches, bumps, or dents and so so so unexposed to… don’t touch me i’ve stitched my heart / with white thread / it bleed a little / each drop of blood / reminded me of the lovers / that broke my hear… Broken Glass I can do nothing but bow my head. there is no victory in war there is no victory in war / only guns, rifles, granades / trucks exploding / there are no parades / buildings toppled / roads strewn with … At the crossroads…. I am at the crossroads / Facing / The moon and the sun / My instinct tells me / Follow the yellow brick road / Visit the wizard / With al… The Puppeteers Doll (Mature) Broken Butterfly Remember I am vulnerable. / That I break / And shatter. / That you hold me on thin wires Broken A thousand fragile pieces cut through the air and fall to the floor in a thundering scream. “Our Hearts Are Broken But Our Will Is Stro… Eyes flow tears as my country floods. Yet these tears are never enough to express the compassion I feel for the devastation of my beautiful… Sorrow Alley Sorrow Alley / by Danilo Lejardi / “I’ve stood out alone before, / lights and promenade / there I was fresh and open / and perhaps not so w… Six Word Story 3/6: “She had broken his onl… . washing, a line broken wears different in new lig… she slipped out of her original sin overcoat / beneath the coat / she wore a knitted turtle neck fortified with pain / weaved from her a… Started off sunny and ended up Gray I am gonna say all the things I could never say. xXx GrAnDaD rOn XxX Nana Nel xXx now go to live your life and never forget that you can die of a broken heart because when its true love it’s forever and your heart c… Broken Reflections of yesturday… / Broken mirror images, / on the ground. / Photos once clear… / fluid, / now blurred, / blistered. / … A BROKEN HEART WILL TELL YOU LIES Love may be forgotten but it never dies / but a broken heart will tell you lies. handle with care most don’t know / that i am broken a fable of heaven and hell, or something like it she felt a scream bubble inside of her heart Dangerous Driving by the Police You’re getting the pension / I don’t see why you complain / I know you did mention / That you are in a bit of pain Fixing myself begins with me…not you! my thoughts for today.. 04/04/2012 Ant Nurse and The Peppercorn Tree The peppercorn tree was bleeding again. Broken Hearts Broken hearts sit idly in the night / tip toe / tip toe / … Broken pieces lay shattered on the floor. / And she says to him; / with a… The consequence of a broken heart No longer could this heart give or receive…..Love Black Orchid And, all that was left, was a pale reminder / Of what was once a match made in hell… Remember.. Blast from the Past reprise Holding your delicate soft hand, / Made all my castles,  / Crumble and fall like sand.  / Seeing that cut on your wrist,  / So delectable a… If it’s not broken….don’t try a… Dear Me……. / I know myself too well / Every year I set goals that fell / I know that positive changes are achievable / Trust in me and goal… Filth It’s nights like these, / Where my skin itches and burns / That I wish I never met you. I am Isolation Can you hear the tears in my words? / I’ve tasted pain with all it’s bitterness. / Every line on my face I’ve earned, wit… broken oil pump and domestic abuse….. he told me / his oil pump was broken / i told him / he should see a doctor / fast / he threw his arms / in the air / walked away / stomping… The Refuge of Paper and Pen I hide within the refuge / of paper and pen. / The secrets to my soul……….. / are hidden within. / My family has no idea /… Vision I see you now, / in a more truthful light / than ever before. / Faded mascara runs down your face / like the dark dreams / through your st… Broken Doll ‘Mum, I asked you not to accept anymore packages,’ Marisa sighed. / ‘Why shouldn’t I?’ Sophia demanded petulantly, ‘He loves you. He is a g… Lord, Please Tell Me Will Heaven’s gates shut in my face / If I allowed my heart to swing in different ways? / And then I see the cross on that hill / Am … My Broken Spirit Limps My Broken Spirit Limps / An elegy or lament by Karin Taylor after the loss of Basil (my beautiful cat) / 18 March 2014 / My broken spirit l… Why? The echos of love’s last goodbye…. I Am Not Too Weak i could show you / scars / on my mind / on my heart / on my skin This hand of mine CRYING HAND / This hand you see here / once spoke to me…. / …about a forever bound broken / and I didn’t understand the m… Broken Love Newborn baby love so deep / To hold and cherish / Sing to sleep / Little baby, love profound / Smiles and laughter / All around / Tiny chil… Early morning wings (I) “Excuse me miss.” A low, seductive voice called. “I couldn’t help but see you watching me, you seemed to be my only audience.” He grinned … A Broken Toy A broken toy leaves a child to wonder / What failures had they committed this day / Never realizing the frailities of their world / Until d… Broken Again I thought I was stone, but now I am glass When I am broken When I am broken / Do not come to fix me. / Tell me not / About positives / In my life. / Can’t you see / I am blind / To such thought… Sound, Body, Broken and Rendered Not for the faint of heart Broken Willow For the people who sat under my tree… / I am not feelin strong do not look for me. / For every heart that was worn on a sleeve…… global warming and a broken chair Thom Gunn, / I ask you why, / Did you bury Lazarus in a shallow grave? / He was, / So old, / So feeble, / So weak, / Oh yes, so naive, / T… Skepticism – The Black Illusion I’ve been trying to unravelled / unpalatable fact / unparalleled success Broken bones…Broken bones just a working man / with greasy hands / bruised toes / a bloody nose / and a dirty mind / every second / time wasted / as i sit / listenin… Broken Time When you look my way / and pass me like a day / twenty-four ticks / twenty-four tocks / please, help me fix / my broken clocks. / Show me t… Broken Welcome to the broken soul / The one who ran away / Welcome to the widening hole / Thats in her heart to stay / Welcome to the scar filled … Broken I only write well, / when I write about what’s broken. / Misplaced, forgotten, / or otherwise abused. / Misused, dejected, road ha… My Head Was in the Clouds Alright Dream-filled balloons sailed away that day. / I noticed that you forgot / to tie a note on the end / of each string. / How will they know w… Broken: record on repeat the world knows broken / its sound waves bruise raw / naked as a blind blade / against my angst ridden throat / caught between reality / a… enough already broken hearts! / they’re a drug on the market, / a cheap commodity nobody wants to buy broken rules Is there a switch to touch From all our walls and shelves… you must no… heart break, break up, abandonment, cheating, family, love, lonely, loneliness,marriage, commitment, friendships, honesty, devotion, betray… For a heartbroken boy Your Heart has been broken / Your Spirit has been crushed / Listen to me now boy, listen to my Words: / From this Day onward / For the rest… Broken without Glory Tied to a body of haunted memory / Cast in the die / Broken without glory / Sadness a word snapping at heels / Beautifully crafted in remo… Broken Silence Healing of childhood blisters begun. / Deepened pain / You made me relive again. “And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass̷… “And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass…" / holding tightly, it is shattered it like my past, / do not mourn, do not cry, d… broken links Heavy, abstract, thought / racing but plodding; the blinkin’ eyes / weighing the predestined with journey, sodden and sinking; / how … someone someone please turn off the sound / of everything / because i’m so damn tired / of listening / eyes are heavy / and i’m worn do… The Story of a Disappointed Soul No one promised me / a LIFE without pain; / joy without sorrow; / sun without rain. scavenger you are a scavenger / stealing hearts / destroying love / wrecking lives / from one to another / you travel / with your endearing smile / b…
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