calligraphy learning,beautiful handwriting reflec… The word “Calligraphy” is derived from the Greek Words “Kalli” and “Graphia” Renunciation is not a thing that can be learned o… Renunciation is not a thing that can be learned or taught The Words are your slaves The Words are your slaves HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS A…B…C…. OF LIFE Natures Bridal Party A magnificent pair of / Snow white Swans, / Parading upon the water, / Like the groom proudly / Waltzing his bride, his love, / Around the … Happy Marriage Little Sis! CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS Why so Many Religions? Why so Many Religions? Sailor Lighthouse / Sailor in Grave Trouble / Waves and Storms / True Love and Faith Three glimpses, or, Haste to the Wedding. London,… Three scenes I saw in London this weekend. They all happened before my eyes. Words Groom and Bride Words Groom and Bride / Every experience we have ever had, everything we have ever done, everything we have ever learned, has brought us to… still When we kiss touch lips, it’s passionate, / how breathless when we’re intimate / I drift, I drift. DANCE FOR LIFE Applause resounded / For the Bride & Groom / As glasses clinked / Throughout the room / Lace flowed / Around her face / Her eyes spar… Fluttering Veil Fluttering veil fell; tears slipped silently Rule of trading in Islam Rules of Trading in Islam Allah Says in “Quran” about Jesus (Ei… Jesus (Eisa) as spirit of Allah The naked truth Sometime we are so blind inside our ‘exclusivity’ attitude (my way is the only way) that we forget some very basic truth of our… My true love… …. Its time, I kiss her, she kisses me…. The Wedding Day Adventure In fear we ran around another car….. sipiritual tradition sipiritual tradition HONEYMOON – A Five-Minute Monologue …Are you positively sure it was possums that did it? I know you said possums, but I’d just hate to think there maybe could b… “A Soft Whisper I Hear” “For the times of your waiting, shall be dismissed by a kiss” Married? By: Nichole Martinez Characters / Priest, 50 / Madeline, 26 / Julie, 26 / Mordecai, 28 / Nick, 28 / Marie, 7 / Skylar, 7 / Violet, 24 / Chad, 28 / … Wedding Day Happiness Black or white, blue or green / Tuxedos make a handsome scene / When their by the side of / A pretty girl that they love / Dressed in lace… A Man Never Decieves a Man A Man Never Decieves a Man Day of Judgment The signs of the Day of Judgment

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of bride groom writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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