Welcome to the sad parade. by Noedost Cream  by Dream-life Dear Valentine by Thomas Dodd Michael Scott "Ho no mo" by MrJamma it's not just that it ended, it's that it was so easy for you to let me go by ShadowDancer Michael Scott "Ho no mo" by MrJamma Glee I Don't speak by Jessica Slater My Chemical Romance Breakup by sierraphlosion Tis Better by Adam Howie Demolishing Touch by Igor Zenin The Flick by Geoff Coleman - Conceptuals Someone Like You by Penelope Lolohea The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Geoff  Coleman - Landscapes La Dispute Andria shirt by Aaron Kim What becomes of the Broken Hearted by Donny Ocleirgh Love Sux : adult humour by webgrrl Farewell by betsystreeter Broken by Amy Grace Cream II by Dream-life CREAM "Wheels of fire" by Dream-life the warlock of my heart by ShadowDancer vacancy and I wonder why / the birds don’t hear / the noise in my heart Never Look Back by Lozzle let go  by S . Goodbye I can think of no sad songs / that will remind me of you. Breakfast drama by Vinchtef everything and you. It’s really like a symphony, if you listen close enough. Deep enough. Drunk enough. The moon, and bars and cafes. The desperation, routine,… Rebound by dontshowgrandma Dangerous No. the way music can lose its shape so with numb fingers and / and the curtain falling to the floor / I say we have played this song long enough The Breakup (I) by Jenn Louise leaving winter behind ‘the past is the past’, so you say Dear John... by LavenderMoon tumult the demons that call don’t like to be ignored cutting the ropes from the fall so I wound a rope around time / thick and plaited / then double knotted it with my soul The Letter by Matt Tewes 'Broken Girrls Lonely Bloomers Club Band' by ellejayerose I'm lost without you by RoughDiamond One Week (Barenaked Ladies) by LiamNeesons Skinny Love by RichesRoad Last time It wasn’t that you walked me to the door, I would have made it to the car anyway, it was the way you smiled after I kissed your forehead. /… a fable of heaven and hell, or something like it she felt a scream bubble inside of her heart The Break Up Cross your heart, cut mine out. / Swear the heathen’s words, / Roll the tears right off your cheek, Cut Out My Heart and Stomp on It by Ryan Houston Woe-Man Series 14: "oh mum..I really thought he loved me...!!" by navybrat Dear John... Shirt by WillowsWhimsy You and I I used to think you were funny. Now I find you annoying. I used to say, “You’re so sweet.” Now I feel that we’re in… since you left. I knew somewhere, a cigarette was touching your lips. you who are gone from me. you who my hands no longer know. Separation in Bas Relief by Darren Stein Relentless Haunting  by Darren Bailey LRPS Not a Breakup Time you cannot blame for what you feel; / Youth not for the things you didn’t know. / It only greets you when it’s time to wav… Don't Go Bacon My Heart by FireFoxxy The Breakup by Douglas Hunt Missing by Amy Stubbington Love Machine by artistman Funny Vintage card by partypeepsfun Tearing Me Apart You’ve got me pressed up against a wall again. We’ve discussed this so many times in the past. I don’t know what else to … Breakup, Ottawa River, Dunrobin Ontario by Debbie Pinard she doesn't even realize by Dave Fass 。◕‿◕。 TWO TEAR DROPS-PLZ VIEW VIDEO I MADE TO UNDERSTAND THIS PICTURE INSPIRED BY THE SONG HUGS。◕‿◕。* by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ Shattered Dreams Ride ecstasy’s emotions, journey into sensuous delicacy / Trace the sigh that registers a breath of air upon the skin… skeletal insert your f***ing knife / across the yielding skin / of my forehead "Don't Look Back...I May Not Be Here When You Get Back." by Michael J Armijo Marriage and After by Rahul Kapoor Breakup by Betty Mackey But Still I Cry by Rozalia Toth S.I.N.G.L.E by RiskGambits Crumpled The shoe box is open / The letters are scattered / Around the room / Were they lies, / Unknowingly written? If Ever I Should Leave You...... by Sue Wickham Given & Gone the silence screams all about me / agonising endless spaces of time / my phone stares back / leaving no answers, no doubt / the loss of wha… turning whiskey into nothing there is a comfort / in talking to you / a warmth I still feel / despite my own misery ✾◕‿◕✾ I'M DRINKIN CANADA DRY.... SEE UTUBE VIDEO I MADE WITH THIS HUGS ✾◕‿◕✾ by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ Im Not With Stupid Anymore by Alan Craker vestiges these remnants of you / reach far beyond what / ever was of us Exorcism It wasn’t real / Just a dream / Sleight of hand / A few magic words thrown in “Dear John” Dear John, / I’m terribly sorry that this letter comes so soon after Valentine’s Day and the weather is so bleak. I debated sending this … after you. I will listen to the couple downstairs screaming and a dog cooing somewhere past the city. I will leave the radio on classical and listen t… dear, when I. Occasionally news of you reaches me. A sailboat thrown by the tides or a wind caught in a harbor of tall trees. My heart has set out a sing… Extreme Heartquake by Zoo-co Choice by Adrena87 Forever Changed (5 of 8) by Rion Sabean things they never told me. your soft back turning over in the morning. the cold times huddled under january streetlamps. and the way your eyes made me lurch with a jo… Daddies Not Coming Home A tear runs down her face. Daddies not coming home. He’s gone without a trace. Daddies little girl is now left alone. gare du nord by alice drogoreanu time and space to breathe... (triptych) by ShadowDancer Truth Be Told Don’t Believe the bullshit they spit out at you. Only part of what they say Ice Cream Buddy by PenguinPlot "Fractal Heart" by Curt Vinson Catcher in the Rye by alice drogoreanu Forgive, sounds good. Forget, I’m not sure … Fairy tales once filled with romance and hopeless thereafters seem to vanish yet once again. It seems to be a common trend in this modern a… Lone Shine by Frank Jonen Forever Changed (6 of 8) by Rion Sabean never in love by christina chan coda your voice cracks on my skin and / implodes into 10,000 watts A Desert Kiss It all happened so long ago, very few still tell the tale. A Tale much like a fairytale. A Girl, Skin so Pale. A Man, Very much a male. realization i am thankful for you / (in a way)
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