A Break From The Commonplace It was nearly midnight when I reached my destination. I pulled up in front of Lletty Villa which lay over the brow of a hill and surrounded… Break Up I did it / It killed me Meet me at the break of the day Meet me at the break of the day / When everyone else is sleeping / When the streets are deserted / By the power of dreams. / Let us catch t… How to break two hearts I have my heart in my hands, ready to give it to my husband, whom I’ve always trusted, wanting him to have all of it, and I am blindfolded … We Come To Celebrate Our Savior We eat this bread, / to commemorate,Jesus’ body was broken, / to brake our chains of sin, / that bind us, to the gates of Hell! Another Shade of Grey I’m thinking of her. / I’d break the rules and then recover. / She likes to paint the world grey. / I’ll save her from herself today. Remembering How to Breathe In time, they say / But I think that it’s their time / They’re speaking of / It’s fine, I reply / But that’s just so / They’ll let me be… Break My Heart Her heart strings answer only to tenderness / Play them carefully, they’re spun by fragile loving / Like candy floss, she cradles in… Anatomy of breaking up (Mature) Heart Break Stirred to the left / quickly to the right / I mix away his essence / dissolving his crystal presence / dripping tears into the mix / breat… My Hearts a Mess Foolish me, I let you in. / I melted with just a kiss. / I fell so hard it hurt / But not as much as this. ashes I am breaking tumult the demons that call don’t like to be ignored Broken Butterfly Remember I am vulnerable. / That I break / And shatter. / That you hold me on thin wires Ladders, employment and considerations. I don’t want to die in the arms of someone and be a nobody or hear that the ladder was short one rung… I must shake myself from this nightmare of hold&#… heart break, separation, lies, cheating, abandonment, loss, lost, afraid, The Taunt of your Kiss… break ups, separation, divorce, heart break, heart ache, cheating, moving on, forgiveness, song, dance, promises, vows, empty, dreams, nigh… Sixty Days and Nights… heart break, finding oneself, heal, healing, peace, reflecting, strength, woman, women, wife, friend, soulmate, mother, nurturer, lover, nu… The Break Up Cross your heart, cut mine out. / Swear the heathen’s words, / Roll the tears right off your cheek, First break. Light has spread across this vista / But not through our skins Cold Sheets and Dead Leaves I present your memory / with a twenty-one cigarette send off If I Trust you with my heart………… I always felt that if you didn’t give your heart, wholeheartedly, you’d only be denying yourself. To kill a Lyrebird Keeping the us and them walls tight lipped / Jousters and jokers their hype welcomed by all Break Me Down . Break me down  / To syllables of  / Understanding / Pronounce me / With imperfect  / Guttural sounds    / Figure me out / With calculus  / … Break Open. I can’t make wishes on myself / So I’ll just settle for the stars Passion’s Break Brisk are the nights upon a new day’s dawn / Anticipating warmth of the noon day’s sun / Buds on branches calls Spring to arriv… One Single Tear with / one / single / tear / I / swallow / my / heart When Your Heartstrings Finally Break When your heartstrings finally break, there will be no noise, no twang, no sigh of release. The sound will be felt, not heard. It will rend… Wear your’ heart on your sleeve… The bass drum thumps, the guitar screeches, Max starts to scream and underneath all that is me, bass in hand, rhythm coursing through my bo… At the Break of Noon (Challenge Cafe Entry) Formless and empty, hovering over still water / Scarring shadows of death ever gently, plaguing first born sons and precious daughter / Bir… Looking Back Guess our relationship was strapped in like a bunJEE cord— / Too big of A CHallenge to keep us from falling. / Guess our EYEs couldn’t see … Reasons I lie in my bed / With our memory kaleidoscope above my head / I turn it most every day / And I feel like some sort of abandoned ship / Roc… Remember the Bad Things “I wish I could remember the bad things.” My Sweet Toxin The reality hits like a bullet to the heart / we can never be. we are bound to others. Break And Enter The glass quivered under the sledgehammer blow, but didn’ t break. Sweat and panic pricked my skin under the balaclava. I swung again… How? How do you figure out what you want? / Should you sit around and wait? / Should you wait for him to make a decision? / Or should you be get… Taking a Break I won’t be on RB for a few days – I am going to Toronto to babysit my beautiful grandson Austyn. / See you all when I get back I do not like Mondays anymore… Mondays now get me down………….how about you a hundred sparrows I have almost left this town many times / I have packed my bags full of / Everything I see, except to leave one bit of me / On the window … EXCITING NEWS! words can honestly not describe the feeling i have right now. I mean i’m only 20 years old! and i’m doing this! arson this delicious fire / feels so much sweeter / than…. Hear My Heart Break my sweetest song / turned into a sorry tale / my lovely blue tail / dissolved into bitter tears / my silky wings broken Back After a long break , 7 features in 9 days!!!… It is good to be Back but i am still playing at catchup on all the fellow artists work that i have missed ! I have to say a big thank you t… Lunch Break You see it’s in the methodology that really counts in my line of work and the right equipment. Broken Wings (Mature) chaotic skies I breake out my will / maybe it is sin! How… How can I break your bones… / …when I can’t pierce your skin? My Momma Told Me, Don’t Let No One Break Me. My momma told me, don’t let no one break me / So bitches and jerks, don’t go testing me / Throw it all out at me, I’ve he… I will not.. (unfinished) I will not lie down you, or play your willing victim / You can not take my dignity, I will not be shamed / I will not.. I will not.. Relationships You meet someone / There is instant attraction / You hit it off / You start to see each other / You think they are keen / Then they start t… I Need a Break © your words just bring me down, / Instead of making me smile, / You are the reason for my frown. Break My Silence With Your Sound Fill my silence with the / sound and colour of you. / Does removing the mystery / eradicate ones power to allure? / Do we then lose our pow… Limbo I always sit and wait / and wonder what you’re doing / Am I the figure of hate? Taking a little break ….will be back soon. I am taking a little break to try and rid myself of the remaining symptoms of flu and what appears to be Hayfever on top of it. / It has ma… you break my heart i just want to cry / i just want to crawl up in a ball and explode / never come back / i thought you loved me / i thought we were going to … From the hearts we break….. Ripples roll / From stones we throw / Leaves fall / From the wind that blows / Stones displaced / From steps we take / Glass shards / From … Counting to infinity I have a crooked shaped face. / I have a crooked jaw. / Sometimes the words that escape from under my tongue / are also just as lopsidedly … Break down,of course! Break down,of course! / I work my way / through the core, / this city is getting the / best of me, / I believe / at times / the hell we … The Tree We are over / We have not one more / Over to go through - / It has ended / Lying under you / As gone as the first sparkle in / Your calm e… Definition of a love song Emotions humming a sweet / unknown song / Could this be / the meeting of two souls Run I will lead you back to those sheets, / The only place where we know how to make peace. / But our minds will stay the same. / Full of hate … Relapsed, But I Still Got You, And It Makes Me St… things are starting to tear me down again / the sorrow creeps back in / and things begin to fall apart / i’m am no longer immune to t… Breakage on aisle 2 but no cleaners to mop the mess… SMS PTRY 4 U PT 2 ( The Break Up ) R U DA RO? / YO EAR JULES! / WEAR WR U LAST NITE? Stone-Heart still feeling the heat / from his touch / it lingers memory in reality / burning / but like the moth to the flame / she cannot keep herself… A life less lived…a strength to break free&… To have a life, but never live, / To be wanted but never held, / To smile, behind a mask, / To be told, but never asked. / To be used, but … I Am Not You Sometimes life takes me back / to the times I spent with you / Where you made me feel so useless, / alone, shaken, and abused Dear, You. Dear, You… / My eyes are wet. / My tears do sting. / From poison seeping. / A very human thing. / Watching wordlessly / As your name … The Secret Knelt down hiding / A trembling mess / You still do it / None the less. / Walk away / With footsteps hollow / Knowing / You’ll do the sam… Traffic Light I saw her neck first. It grabbed my attention. On A Regular Basis He puts on a tie / She looks outside / He says it’s a beautiful morning / She hums a silent melody / He wouldn’t notice her lack of reply /… I’m having a break I’ve finally managed to arrange things so that I can take a break from caring for Betty and have two weeks away. So in just over 3 w… before you break my heart before you break my heart and tell me one more lie let me make it clear to you i still sometimes cry .i cry out in my dreams because i stil… Come Undone Beautiful and young she stands stripped in front of her mirror. Piercing green eyes staring deep into her soul. She sees the truth in all… I break everything because I am broken. I lay barren, open and rotting. / Vultures squawk above me, salivating for my flesh. / At this point, I welcome them to it. / “Finish… Beyond the Endurance of Patience show yourself you capricious fucking bastard / I care nothing of your name or much heralded powers / 13 endless goddamn years of pain / dom… Selective memory 10 years from this very second… Six words #3 A million heart breaks, one heart Glass The tones from your screams / they break fragile glass / And I must pick up / the bits from the mass Break up Land I am taking a long trip down to Break up Land. / Somehow I have the feeling it will be a qiute serene vacation. / No worries, no fair, no d… Catching Up Catching up / Over 10 o’clock coffee / With a friend / I hand’t seen in a while / Talking about our / Busy lives / And memories… And It’s Cold Like Rain And then I’m gone and I’m there and Lucy’s pushing against me and she pulls away with that look in her eye like she’s gone but still … The Break I was a child—- / barely even grown / when I saw the break. / Childhood heroes of / steel / shattered / in one night / as if they wer… Helpless Maybe it was never right / Her for me / Me for her / Maybe her smile was never meant for me / Maybe her hands were never meant for mine / … Television Lives Six o’clock, and once again I find myself / In front of the television screen where / I watch past adorned cheesy one-liners back to reality / a short and sad story Sarah felt a piece of her heart leave with him, never to be seen again…. I Miss You i miss / breaking every rule and reservation i ever set / for you / i miss creeping out into the deep black blue velvet of the night sky / … Bottle Of Words the punctuations just float around When Love Falls Down.. Hopeless Despair Anger Love Hope Coffee Shop Psychiatry It was all might be’s, it was could of’s that where hurting me, the what if’s. Under demolition Amid his intoxicated anger, / like an ebony volcanic haze – erupted; / insanity strikes, trust disolves. / Quaking, as an army of str… The Great Escape And when you think you’re weak, / You see how much you can really take, / But does ‘resilient’ actually mean, / It was… Grey Soul I can feel my body shocking every moment. Like if ours was broken…. Summer Break! Holidays stretch the present - / almost timeless! I don’t understand I don’t understand why you always hurt me, when all I give is love. I only ever look for blame in my direction, but I know that it g… Possible Big Break???? So this Ford Model Agent asked when i’d next be in Toronto, and if I could bring Danielle with me. She liked Dani’s look and sh…
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