Breaking out of the box We build them with fears and tears and consternation… / With low expectations and bargain basement confidence… / Then seek counsel to ̷… ashes to the wind don’t bury me / beneath the ground / in an ornate box / with silk lining / where my bones / will remain inhibited / cremate me / brin… Devil’s Little Red Box He is out to get you too. The Dream Box To lie just beneath the waters surface / Float the thoughts that make life so perfect / A song that comes through waves in echoes / Ripple … “The Dunny Prayer” Bless this room Oh Lord we Pray, / Make it sweet by night and day, / Bless the seat and bless the flush, / Bless the early morning rush, / … Just Don’t Don’t put me in a cage / Don’t slide me in a drawer / Don’t label me / Don’t shut me in a box. The Lunch Box ! Mummy gave me a present, / which I unwrapped with glee. / When I looked down, to my surprise / I had a lunch box on my knee!! A Box of Rain My evening dress bought / With such excitement yesterday / Had now become some bad luck charm Universal Box I await, / the only one who visits me. / Day after day / dressed in pressed pants. / I can make out the voices in the distance, / I can alm… a box of crayola ,dead doves and bloated bellies&… The road, / doesn’t end, / when doves die, / it keeps winding through / the frozen tundra, / searching / for the tears / of crying angels… Seven The old man had shuffled past my flat at the same time every morning and every evening like clockwork. For seven years, at seven in the mor… Here be Monsters The little girl, hiding between reason and spontaneity, she’s all the pain I’ve ever felt. If you look close enough, you can almost see her… Voice box I don’t know whether her tongue was removed from her mouth or if it was perhaps hiding lazily between her yellowing teeth. Devil’s Little Red Box The perfect killer Box (250 words) Twisted Tale story challenge TTST14 – the box Pandora’s Box “So this is it then?” / “Yep the one and only my boy.” / “Funny I though it’d be bigger…” /… Inside My MusicBox… In Wind… In Cloud… In Note… / Taken By My MusicBox / Place …Where , / My Place / No One Knows… heart shaped box She keeps my poems / Inside of a broken box / That she calls her heart The Man without a Box There had been people before, people who were different. He had carried it for so many years and eventually grew weary with the burden of h… Story within a Story From / Vicki’s / Jack / in old London / to / last night / in Soho The Letter Box that Swallows Nightmares The old, dark city was bathed in a golden light, and she met him, the boy who / swallowed nightmares. Pandora Closed The Box What do we tell our children? / As a boy, I remember hearing / stories about: acid rain, killer bees, / melting ice caps. / As a man, I he… The Man with the Box The Man always carried the Box. About the size of a shoe box and made of card. It was battered with age and had that sad look, which all bo… the box of whispers in the eye of the beholder ….the upside down fool / in paradise is reframed….the green man sits on a joshua tree / as a goat d… The War of Box and Man This war has lasted for years and it was a stupid war. Even more stupid than the ones before had been. As usual the actual reason why the w… Empty Mailbox (The Cold Box) what you haven’t seen, what a sob story The Boxiverse Vs The Universe The wars waged hadn’t been totally unproductive. Though bloody, they had advanced the physical sciences with rapidity and the spoils … jack Jack was a jester / who lived in a box / one day he escaped / and rode away on an ox Standing on the Box i want to crusade against my last breath a world of ticking box`s in a world of ticking box`s / you gave me economic amyl nitrate / and my bank account exploded / impact assessment without loss adjustmen… Step Inside the Box What are you doing to keep your brain occupied while those tiny little grains of precious sand slip through the hourglass on their way to y… Broken Wings (Mature) refrigerator box death…shut mind machine machines…a happy smiley face Smiley My Little Box I entered from light, / Where darkness attacked, / Waging war on defences, / Seeping through cracks… dazzle She wants the pleasure all for herself untitled Each line and punctuation placed there with a purpose… for you to explore, absorb and remember… the girl in the snow at christmas – by vamp… In the cool glow upon white snow the little girl lay / making her snow angel feverishly she did play. / Up she jumped dusted the ice from h… dolly’s diary – 10/7/2010 – t… It’s already broken, so I don’t think it can be hurt anymore the box unappointed / seditious / scurrilous / I hate to fall outside / the box / you make / in your unmindful minds / but in the beginning / was … A box full of hearts. We all leave in a box but, my / September heart came in one. / A ratty, stained and wet with / Cantonese rain kind of box. / Left on the … Think Outside the Box Think, as you wish Generation X: What’s Inside The Box? Generation X is the term used to label the current generation of people in their twenties. Before we came along there were the hippies, the… Life in a Box The moon is full. It paints the night around it a velvety purple and Venus is a beauty mark on the left cheek of the sky. It seems to hang,… Box of Dreams A cardboard box of dreams / Tattered and torn by time / Bequeathed to me with sorrow / Discarded dreams broke within / Passed down by jaded… Would you like to open my Music Box? . It sneakily makes its ways past the hum of average life and lodges itself in your brain. Birthday “Here you are my dearest / A treat to feast your eyes” / A tiny little gift wrapped box…ooh / Diamond ring, or earring size! / I open it, … Holidays Since it was only the twenty-sixth of December, there was still time to kill before my kids went back to school. The holidays were over and… The Birthday Box “…. It was a huge spider, the largest she had ever seen. It was a yellow-gold colour, with eight furred legs and a large body. … Jigsaw Each story carefully mastered / Each one made in vain / Ever wins the convincer / Trying to act the same EDDIE’S PRUNE BOX HOUSE I can still hear grandma saying, “prunes are our bread and butter, we won’t waste a single one!” We didn’t either. This box is life Our unit moved / Shifted an inch / Shuddering / Compelled out of shape / Encouraging coffee and tobacco stains Undeveloped negative the snap shot of a life…. Revenge of the Box Brownie However, a couple of days ago, I was ATTACKED, yes, I said ATTACKED by my box brownie! Flex Against The Bindings Society brands, files and categorises / They would have me in that box / Shelved neatly / But I object Time to Shake things up…….Back Door Training This is so simple that you can provide any type of safety information to employees. The back door is the place to provide needed training… Back in my Box Back in my box where I belong / Wings clipped and folded tight Letter in a Box A veil wrapped loosely—thin, torn, and soft with the countless hands that rubbed it out of existence. TOO MANY BOX TICKERS Go Away Fuck Off ! PANDORA PANDORA / and the Geeks / ‘MIFF-OLOGY’ / This is part of the Geek Miff-ology and Philosophy course at Warwick and Coventry Universities / B… Candy …opened the impossible lock, brushed cigarette ashes that had escaped his handcrafted cigarette off of the wood, and lifted the lid t… This Ole Box… There’s a story behind this ole box. / Clippings and photos of days gone by, / Once housed in it’s ghostly shadows and ply̷… They Called him the Boxer Man. (Box Star Twister … They called him the Boxer Man. / He lived down on Hampshire Lane. box of glitter when my mind swallows me whole Pandora’s Box Rivers of tears make patterns on my cheeks / Dropping like rain from clouds of recollections…………… The Letter Box that Swallows Nightmares In the oldest, darkest part of the city, there is a letterbox… that swallows….nightmares. Traveling. “So in you go, mind your head.” / The boxy woman said. / “Don’t you worry little man,” / As if this were a pl… Out of the box It is… / Life The Last But One Jeremy and I walked quite calmly into the kitchen, with a certain pain residing in our midsections. On the counter, a box of delightful don… A LETTER BOX FEATURE!! :))) Whoo-hoo!!!! The fun group LETTER BOX just featured Minnie’s Mail! :))) Thanks so much!:)) What a great honor!:) Mekea The Box I awoke to a loud bang on the door downstairs. I wasn’t ready to rise from my quilted abode; so I didn’t. I turned over and r… My Rap Poem OH hell I’m old but I try (I’m so square) ..I have a box…. I have a box, old…worn, / that I keep hidden awy. / A dark red, the red of dripping memories, / it holds within it’s fractal he… Jewelry Box for Momma I woke up this morning, and as I usually do; / Went for a walk, to take in the view. / The hour is early, city lights still aglow; / The mo… inside my box only inside my box can i stray naked / stay un bathed and and grow facial hair / while i sit for days on the toilet ,legs in the shower / a… * Carousel Horse Keepsake Box ** Any daughter would love to have this for Christmas. A high quality Jewelry or Momento Box. I can also customize with your photo. Tis the… High Street Haiku – The Phonebox. We all got mobiles. / They are dead important though. / Good for pissing in. Pandora’s Box of Dispair I sit there in the courtyard trying to work a pointless yet futile question. Why are we killing each other, why are there wars, why do we h… Canon vs Nikon - “either daring or stupid enough” / - “I made it a mission to take no less that 100 shots a day” / - “it was… The RMB A dusty road or a deserted trail far from bitumen / Gravel or graded track, out there’s a post and rail / On which they sit in wait to serv… Rise and Fall In a violet valley, I was a white dove. / I tried to warn you / but you already love. / In an empty existence, I was on center stage. / I t… It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve g… oh I’d have a treat for you / here / if / your favourite thing / to eat was / mixed / messages, / dear / oh my heart is mischief and… the box you and i have spent years / filling our box / with both dark and light~ A Box of Chocolates… The Universe/Nothingness is like a box of chocolates. / There’s a new idea in every moment! Pandora’s Box By: George A. Yesthal / I’m considering giving up. I believe that the elitist power juggernaut has gained and generated an energetic … The Box “I am in love.” Chen Tsu said unhappily. / There was a long silence. Lao Tse regarded his former pupil carefully, noting the dark rings und… The Red Phone Box We had to do it in the right order / Lift the handset / dial the number, scribbled on a piece of paper, somwhere in some pocket? / wait for… i am not (Mature) aye, box man. while away on a fortunately placed holiday i received a letter in the mail outlining the coming delivery of boxes, receptacles and other we… What Is It in that Box? What Is It in that Box? / It’s a pen. / No! / It’s a jet. / No! / It’s a hen! / No, it’s not. / No, it’s not. / What is it in that box? /… Polished Box I am the ashes of your fallen hero. / So tightly held by wood and metal. / Personal / Funeral. / A daily reminder of every bleeding failure… Open the Box What is it to open the box. Well.. the box is starting to open. Does that mean… touching the box? The lid will have to move. How much… A Precious Little Magic Box A Precious Little Magic Box / There was a little magic box that had many precious things. / It had no diamonds, jewelery, pearls, or even s… Snicker Doodle Factory They say they value individuality, but in reality that’s not the case. They shun what makes you you, and what makes me me. They want us to … Get me outta my box……. I need someone / I want someone / To stop by for a while / And stir up my emotions / I feel at present like I’m back in my box / That liber… Pandora’s Box But behind the façade lies a blackened core, void of emotion. Little, Square Box The chain reaction will begin. / I must choose / how to react…
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