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Boobies are so wonderful / Boobies are so nice / Boobies go so great with scotch / Or bourbon over ice.

The Owassa Chronichles / A tale of Two Sickies

Gremlins, Grass and Graduation. June 1969

OK i’m bored … so here is a game for …

Please add your first thought to the word that appears on each line :- the funnier the better i guess !!! / 1. wiggly / 2. well / 3. …

The Grays and UFO’s. A Theory

Blah! Blah B;anj


Shuffling his feet, the coyness of him was transparent in his left shoe turned inwards without regret. / There was no confiden…


It’s 4:15 am and I’m sweating…

Damn It, Anyway

“Stupid is as stupid does, ma’am”.

Soul Shoplifting

“I came here for you” she whispered and ran her ring finger ever so lightly across the back of my hand.

Didja Ever Have One o’ Those Days?

This was the day from hell, born on the wings of the Devil himself.

poor and bored writing on labels

Poor and bored writing on labels / An old friend came to visit me, / I was so happy to see him and his beautiful / wife of twenty years, /…

Jessica-Plumber Extraordinaire

" ‘As simple as the libido’!" Hal fired back. “Doc, with all due respect, Freud would have you flayed alive.…

The Prize

“Dead to a man”, he said leaving the door flung wide. There would be no one to disturb their reverie.

As The Harpy Flies

Jesus H. Christ! There she goes again. Yeah, blah, blah, blah. She never shuts up anymore.

I’m bored … version 2 … game in…


Blood, Sweat and Blood( Prequel To Eternal )

Want to know how Zeke and Ruby came to be? / Read this to find out “She doesn’t know what I am. / What I can do with my hands. With m…

Someone To Grow Old With

I write about things… / That annoy me. / And sometimes they’re humorous too.

The Lady of the Lake / In Memory of Mom

She rode like a champ. Not nervous and clutchy like some riders.


I’d spoil the mayo in your tuna / To give you salmonella / Hand it over, smiling and say / “There ya go, Big fella”.

The Bloodaxe Saga (an excerpt)

“That’s dwarf, sir”, shot the dwarf. “Spelled D-W-A-R-F, and I’m only doing my job”.

His Defining Work

Writers block. “Not now”, he thought. With so much to say and now the words failed him.

Max’s Walk

His years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation had taught him a way of thinking that was always questing and analytical.


Present tenants: Served with eviction notice pending removal

Bored shower fantasy


Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

There it was. It was right there in front of me. “Yes!” I breathed….Uh-Oh….“Who took it?”

Nights in Vegas

I walked down the dark street to the building with the huge bright sign outside the front door.


…He was hungry…He was thirsty, but He needed to see her…

Flames of Hell

The blade came closer and closer to her neck…It started cutting through her skin and blood started gushing out. She screamed in agony…Her f…

Rules to live by.

Dance like no one’s watching / Sing like no one can hear you / Love like you’ve never been hurt


I am standing at death’s door / I see his other lovers lying on the floor / I don’t want to be one of his lovers / I don’…


Instead of having them drawn into my side / As they have been by my oppressors with big hairy claws…

If Goth Could be Explained by a Bored Poet…

Its the beauty of the darkness / And the laughter of its friends. / Its the celebration of the hearts saddness / And A joyful look towards …

Love of My Life

I grab her waist and pull her in tight. Her cheek squishes against my chest, her warmth heating my body, and her love filling my heart.

Lamentations of a bored woman

The girl sits in the shade and doesn’t let the sun burn her pale skin. / She sips tea and reads novels and plants flowers. / She wear…

Rhymes of the Times

When These Rhymes / In Certain Climes / Turn into Crimes / It’s “The Sign of the Times”

Desolation (expletive language warning)



If tears / impede the entrance

Avery Strangewayes teaser(another Vampire Story!)

Please I need you to forget the fact that I am a hundred and seventy year old Master Vampire so you can help me find your daughter.

“It’s Broken” (Boredom competit…

“It’s broken” / “No it’s not, just be patient” Unfortunately, even though it was he who said it, he was fast becoming less and less patient…


Until she was given no choice but to ring the bell in the church steeple / Her happiness has turned to shattered glass and broken memories …

I accidentally birthed a muse today

I have succumbed to the heat of day and now hallucinate of other worldly wonders / My body rests sideways on the white sand dune I call my …


Earth / Wind / Fire / Water / The four elements / I call upon. / Heed my voice / Answer my call / Come to my aid / Lend me your Strengt…

A morning in the life of steve (Huge amounts of …



They tortured her until they finally broke her down physically and mentally, and she got on a plane to a foreign country, France…

One Gray Day

He cried a gray tear and mourned his gray life, / His hope could not survive. / He craved one splash of colour, / The love of another, / Wh…

How I feel about my name!

My first name is Rebecca, and although it is pretty name, I personally am not a fan of it. Mainly because I found out what it means in Hebr…

Piglets-Emily Higuet & Deva Thyme

Soaking in mud, / rolling on the rug. / Going crazy, / little miss daisy.

My Calming Spell/Chant

I am slowly going crazy / Crazy going one two three / Crazy going slowly am I / Five four three two six one switch!


She was beautiful, charming / SERIOUSLY ALARMING / Mature, well dressed / The picture of happiness / Behind the vision of eloquence / Her l…


Why do you wear so much make up? / What are you trying to hide? / I’m sure you’re just as beautiful with out it.

My Mind’s Struggle

Thoughts spiral / In my head / Round and round they go / Thoughts that could never be read / By the causual passerby / Thoughts that have …


She could not help it, she just had to go where her heart desired…


This is just a beautiful five year old memory. It is written really with love to my little brother, who must have been about three at the t…

Corilina’s tale

She didn’t even have the decency to wear black to Gramma’s Funeral, of course not… not precious Lilibeth, no she wears pu…

The Huntress

The creature was blacker then anything she had seen before this made it’s brilliant green eyes stand out starkly against it’s b…


He was sitting down, next to a table preparing to do some gynecological torture to me. He had on rubber gloves and the table had all sorts …

The Slayer

I walk among the carnage evaluating the corpses as I go. Six Vampires dead and fourteen humans,


Save me from sure death, for I will die without you / I can find no other that satisfies me, like you did…

Dead Bored

another one from my wild imagination

The Pirate Song

Oh a Pirates life is full of stife / But I’d rather be a Pirate / Then be a militery Wife / Waiting for her man’s life / A pira…


No point to wake up / Dreams are so much kinder

A Colaberation Between Anika Oberg and Becca Ther…

It was All Hallow’s Eve / And Wiccans grasped hands over flickering candels / Thirteen in a circle / Eight with eyes bright / Staring…

the cat story

they say.. / “curiousity killed the cat” / LIE. / “BOREDOM killed the cat”

Laina’s Letter

Dear Westen, / I never dreamed that the day would come when I had to write you a letter explaing how I feel instead of telling you to your …

Makes the world turn (poem, kinda)

It can embody almost any feeling / love / hate / lust / anger / depression / happiness / boredom / frustration




The Lord hath broken forth upon mine enemies before me, / as the breach of waters. —2 Sam. v. 20 / Breach for breach, eye for eye. &…

For Shawna

Short and tart / Tis how I would discribe you / Annoying and mean / Are good words to use too / One minute you love me to pieces / The next…


If you think making love to me is eating, you don’t love me and you are not my friend, I am a human being not a meal…


Even mindless SEX seems boring today

Bad date on the Champs-Elysees

I was laughing too hard, hanging onto your every word, / trying desperately to feel some substance / that might resonate within me / and br…

Spring Time

Birds are chirping in the trees…bees are flying past those trees where bunnies / sit and play while deer are by the bay




I am a prisoner with no key / you cannot see the bars / but they are there all the time / you cannot see the scars / the scars are painful…

Winter Blues

The trees are barren, in the winter’s chill. / They hold no resistance to the frost and snow.

To Laura

I wonder if I would feel / Different about you / If you never left? / If you hadn’t chosen him / Over us, the way you did / If you a…

Fishy Wishy

Fishy Wishy went to town riding on a Whale, / He stuck a feather in his hat and called snale male.

My Dilemma

It’s really late but I don’t mind / Because some times the words are hard to find / That express the way we feel / In a way tha…

angst anguished poet writers…just write on&…

Blah blah blah déjà vu and comment reviews….add something juicy.

Oh Highschool of Mine, I Bid Thee Adieu

Ready or not here we go, on our own / Into this world of love and disappointment / But are we truly ready to have our cover blown? / Ready …

Becoming Creative

Twisted in pain, / Nothing to gain,

Just Plain Bored

Just Plain Bored / by / Oscar Elizondo / One beautiful day / Two of my friends / Three times said to me, / “Four times we called you&…

Marvil’s Depressions

He sat up, and chucked the rock at the tree, wishing the tree to snap in two.

For him…

Why you could be so blind / When everyone else has pointed it out / Just blows my mind every time / It’s all I can do not to shout!

‘Never Fail [Who Knows Reprise]’

(February 2007) / It’s like being lost; or bored, perhaps some amalgamation of the two. When attempting to commit the feeling to pape…

Waiting for what I don’t know.

As the months go by, I stand here waiting. / Waiting for an answer, Waiting for a question. / January turns to February, and I’m stuc…

Broken Glass “The Beginning”

The tile was smooth. It was cold against my skin. I rubbed my hand across the ground to get the texture of the flowers imprinted on it….I f…

Hey & Honey?

I wished I was a Pig, / I became a Duck…. / Ok now I wish to / end this poem, But it keeps going…. / hey it ended!…….. / Honey …

The Colour Field

For you………. / [Video] / A flash back to the 1980’s. / I sure loved this band……… and, I still do.


I would go running on the beach, on a beautiful day, and I would love as much as possible, especially my children.


Yeah, that’s right loser bench, I kicked you. Oh crap, there was someone on loser bench. Wow, that old lady looks ticked. I’m just……

The Distance Between Here and There

There must be millions, maybe billions of signals flying through the air, through walls and through people, he thought.

Viola and the Queen

“Oh no, how shall I ever get this cake to the baker on time?” A small voice worried outside her window. She grumbled, unable to…

Bored of Directors?

(Re)Introducing… the horizontal hierarchy.


Despair! Where art thou, oh Manual of Style? / Humph. Should a’ went with the semaphores.

Sunshine – Ch. 1

As we sat, I noticed a boy, named Charlie, staring at me from behind his lashes…….“Jessica?” I opened my eyes…….…

Broken Glass “Moving”

Sylvia was wearing a pair of corduroy pants and a big purple T-shirt. It was covered by a black and green striped apron.
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