Cute Bubble Tea by Daanrekers The Girl in the Red Pyjamas Dreams against a Stone Wall by Kristi Bryant On Break At The Kissing Booth by cheerishables Yawning Cute Pussy by meredithjean Toothpie by Daanrekers Supernova Shuffling his feet, the coyness of him was transparent in his left shoe turned inwards without regret. / There was no confiden… Slow Day At The Kissing Booth by cheerishables Life's A Drag by candid Soul Shoplifting “I came here for you” she whispered and ran her ring finger ever so lightly across the back of my hand. bored by lazyville Sherlove by RebelArts Pandapie by Daanrekers Blood, Sweat and Blood( Prequel To Eternal ) Want to know how Zeke and Ruby came to be? / Read this to find out “She doesn’t know what I am. / What I can do with my hands. With m… Someone To Grow Old With I write about things… / That annoy me. / And sometimes they’re humorous too. Starbucks Perfection by sanitynotfound The Lady of the Lake / In Memory of Mom She rode like a champ. Not nervous and clutchy like some riders. Bored Little Fairy by Mistie McDonald Bored ?   by flipteez Bored shower fantasy (Mature) Nights in Vegas I walked down the dark street to the building with the huge bright sign outside the front door. Eternal …He was hungry…He was thirsty, but He needed to see her… bored with love... by James Lewis Hamilton AT DEATH’S DARK DOOR… I am standing at death’s door / I see his other lovers lying on the floor / I don’t want to be one of his lovers / I don’… I LIKE YOU, I JUST DON’T LIKE THE CAGE Instead of having them drawn into my side / As they have been by my oppressors with big hairy claws… Love of My Life I grab her waist and pull her in tight. Her cheek squishes against my chest, her warmth heating my body, and her love filling my heart. Sherlocked (sticker) by RebelArts ...fun trip down the coast... by Geoffrey Dunn Vintage Portrait in high contrast. by demigod Keep Calm and Get Well (hat) by Thomas Micallef Guidance Earth / Wind / Fire / Water / The four elements / I call upon. / Heed my voice / Answer my call / Come to my aid / Lend me your Strengt… STATE FATE – THE FRENCH CONNECTION They tortured her until they finally broke her down physically and mentally, and she got on a plane to a foreign country, France… SERIOUSLY ALARMING She was beautiful, charming / SERIOUSLY ALARMING / Mature, well dressed / The picture of happiness / Behind the vision of eloquence / Her l… MA BARQUE VAGABONDE She could not help it, she just had to go where her heart desired… CEREAL BOXES This is just a beautiful five year old memory. It is written really with love to my little brother, who must have been about three at the t… Mugshot of a Sociopath by Gwoeii The Slayer I walk among the carnage evaluating the corpses as I go. Six Vampires dead and fourteen humans, SET ME FREE Save me from sure death, for I will die without you / I can find no other that satisfies me, like you did… GRIDLOCKS AND IRON BARS by JaneAParis Keep Calm and Get Well (logo) by Thomas Micallef SISTER AND BROTHER / LOVE EACH OTHER by pumpkinpatch MY PRECIOUS HAPPINESS by pumpkinpatch YOU DON’T LOVE SOMEONE THAT YOU NEED TO ABU… If you think making love to me is eating, you don’t love me and you are not my friend, I am a human being not a meal… STEEP ROCKS The Lord hath broken forth upon mine enemies before me, / as the breach of waters. —2 Sam. v. 20 / Breach for breach, eye for eye. &… SISTER AND BROTHER by JaneAParis Marvil’s Depressions He sat up, and chucked the rock at the tree, wishing the tree to snap in two. DELUSIONS OF SELF EMPOWERMENT by JaneAParis Broken Glass “The Beginning” The tile was smooth. It was cold against my skin. I rubbed my hand across the ground to get the texture of the flowers imprinted on it….I f… Bored German Shepard by jonnikray RUNNING ON THE BEACH I would go running on the beach, on a beautiful day, and I would love as much as possible, especially my children. Broken Glass “Moving” Sylvia was wearing a pair of corduroy pants and a big purple T-shirt. It was covered by a black and green striped apron. Sunshine – Ch. 1 As we sat, I noticed a boy, named Charlie, staring at me from behind his lashes…….“Jessica?” I opened my eyes…….… Sunshine – Ch.2 …………….NOT FINISHED OTHER EYES, SURPRISE!!! by JaneAParis STARING EYES WITH FLOWERS by JaneAParis Are We Done Yet? by Yuann Wang CAGES by JaneAParis i need an army loaded with q-tips The voices / push and tug at / the frayed edge / of / my / fractured mind. / And for all that / i’ve resisted, / i fear temptation’s tra… ART BOARD/BORED  by JaneAParis ART BOARD/BORED ENCORE by JaneAParis WINDMILL OF POLITICAL HATE by JaneAParis i want to die thinking of you just come on over, / darlin’, / my dreams are empty / and in need of / a new song. love bored by Bobbishands BadOwner Clothes - Sick of the Poo by BadOwner Lets be bored together by DoodleDesigns Not in the mood by meredithjean Wave Case by Thomas Micallef shoe prints by Thomas Micallef Heart Case by Thomas Micallef Snapchat by pizzaboyman Love is Watching Someone Else's Boring Show on TV by wondrous shoe prints by Thomas Micallef Dotted Case with Green Background by Thomas Micallef Keep Calm and Get Well (logo) by Thomas Micallef Keep Calm and Get Well (hat) by Thomas Micallef Multicoloured Pattern Case by Thomas Micallef Goldfish case by Thomas Micallef iSwag Phone case by Thomas Micallef Abstract Case by Thomas Micallef Flowers with Light Blue background by Thomas Micallef Green Circles Case by Thomas Micallef Glasses with Moustaches by Thomas Micallef Glasses with Moustaches by Thomas Micallef Neon, Black Background Case by Thomas Micallef Untitled by daryaphilips Apple is Trash! n3rdy editi0n ! by n3rd 13yron Air Droid '23' by n3rd 13yron Apple is Trash!  by n3rd 13yron splatter eagle by Thomas Micallef Beautiful to Live (typography) by Mehdals BadOwner by BadOwner BadOwner.org by BadOwner Listless by Nevermind the Camera Photography Not Happy? Not Worth It. by mutantrentboy Parasitism(print only) by wazrom Fractal Vibrations by wazrom Got H.O.M.E.S.? by wazrom
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