The world stopped 2009 03 22 The world stopped in place when I saw myself over my shoulder and I could have touched that which I saw, but I was backwards and my hand di… The water 2009 02 14 poem Vanduo atėjo ir išėjo / pieva nustebus žiūrėjo / atsipeikėt negalėjo… / The water ebbed and flowed / The lawn looked on, amazed / And… A Tale of Two Cities – A Poem A poem and song, based on the Charles Dickens book ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. A Cloning Of My Car it was a Policeman and the officer said / without paying for your petrol? / Police station …. and its you! What Do Dogs Dream? Once upon a time, / Or two times it would seem / There was a little dog / Who lived only to dream. Irish Question (from the Bumper Book of Bad Puns) The ferry bumps up against the pier / And so, for the first time, I am here. / But have I done right? / Should I have come? / Or am I in Ei… Owner Of A Lonely Heart ( In Retrospect ) Now that I’m done with sex / Where do we go from here? / If you don’t have love or pleasure to live for, / Do you really want to live? A man, a book, and a bus stop You didn’t need the bus to take you to the destination in the mind to which that book safely transported you There’s A Dragon In The Basement There’s a dragon in the basement / And I believe it’s almost here The Simit Seller. From the book Images of Istanbu… SIMIT SELLER / Whilst the neighbourhood is still asleep, / A brown-skinned boy with broken teeth appears, / Knees buckling under the burde… Wistful Wales. by Rusty W.Gladdish from the book … The mist draws down its gauzy veil / Across the craggy face of Cader Idris bloody good books I am about to swear, it’s only a little lite swear…but a swear all the same, I hope you enjoy my little sweet poem: / bloody go… Daniel’s 1ST collection of poetry – b… Hello, all those of you who love my work as a poet (and were upset when you came onto my page and no longer saw your favorite poems there)!… Oh no, OH NO! Where’d all the poetry go?!?! As some of you may have noticed, the Writing section on my page has undergone a much-needed cleaning. / Those of who were touched/ inspired… ‘Is it not I’ – Published as a … Is it not I who am part of my father; yet still am the father? / Is it not I who am a king; and yet even more, the slave? My Lady’s Estate The ghoul inside my head, / sleeps in a mansion / in a king sized bed. / So I guess you could say / that she lives comfortably, / but my d… True Love Where two loves entwine and become unto one, / The pulling of it’s core has a fast and tremendous force! The Book of Lillith – Chapter 2, Verse 17:… we worship at the church / of infinite life / stretching to / answer the / daily / bell / hours / too short / genuflecting / in dark of day… New note book blues A wild and crazy spaced out time “A Story From The Flowergarden” “A great hush fell over the flowergarden that day. Tears fell like…” A Book Life is like a book with a beggining, a middle and an end, / Each life holds a different story and has an individual message to send. / We … “si Sabes Ver” fragment of a book by … Romper cadenas / romper leyes erróneas / romper el cerco de la enajenación / crear otras leyes / las verdaderas / las de la belleza / del a… For Remembrance When the sun becomes a ball of fire / And the sky a vivid glorious red / I will remember you / The passion in our loving / Never stale and … The Book of Lillith – Chapter 1, Verses 99 … and YOU! / who would demand / the created equal kneel / at your sprawling feet / scalding words / spurious pledges / rotted Desire / man… The Book of Lillith – Chapter 1, Verses 203… memories swim in salt-scented pools / words tap the wellspring of us / desire mirrors the vigor of the other / closed eyes / seeking finger… The Book of Lillith – Chapter 6, Verses 189… the door latch scratched when you left / me lying on the abandoned bed empty / arms lonely for what they had / just held / light breezes … Poetry Book I wanted to write a poetry book / with no idea how it should look. / But who would publish such a thing? / Not her or him or him. / How man… Remnants of the Glen An early morning at the glen / revives the mind in hues of blue / courts and classrooms, and a den / applauding song in bitter dew Wishbone A poem that’s wordless / is worthless, / A silence / inside of a book. / A book which is spineless / is pageless (and hopeless), / A …

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