extinct, i won’t forget you Dinosaur, I still miss you. the bare bones lies and deception / illusion and a deceit / tricks intended / the bare bones of the soul / heart’s a frightened child / tired of … 18 seconds Poison is eating every part of my body. The Flesh Ale now he needs for his parched throat / And balm to salve his tender peeling skin / And noise to block out his own final cries / The trut… The Color of Bones I’ve gone far away so far from myself / and live on old bones and the most cunning of stealth . . . THE BONES OF POETRY (part2) parched throat / peeling skin / final cries phantasmagoria the wind blew through gaps at the top and bottom of the door / the life dragged on interminably / a bone of contention between heart and mi… MOTHER Graceful grays / and time honored wrinkles, / these are the sparkles in my eyes / when I look upon her face. THIEVES OF WORDS midnight raiders / of dream speak, / riding, / seeking / unprotected stray thoughts cracking bones burning sight / melting future / the charred remains of a burnt-out dreams / like we had the sun in our eyes? / Back to the Future / a deva… jaw bones Snap. / A word falls from a large bleak jaw bone and it rolls and rolls around. my house of wind-chiming reed bones is becoming&#… I can finally see myself / think. / The sucker-punch to the gut / bickering, / dwindling. / The crumbling walls shudder less— / floorboard… Shattered Bones – Rebirth Of Lost Soul amount of make-up couldn’t hide expression / like didden dangers lurk in the ocean depths / I just couldn’t hide my fear during… old bones steady rains / drum on deaf ears / vibrations find the marrow / buried visions / rattle free / hurling to the surface / subdued in the rus… My Boneyard is a Place of Hearts I used to be a flesh monger / I used to bury bones / in causeways of ecstasy Throw a penny and pick her bones…. did she lean into your life / where the sunflowers grew / behind a sheltering white picket fence / did she walk close to your shadow / wal… The Roles of Bones And so began a frail beginning / Like the skeletal carving / Of fractured paper hearts / Pieces jagged and too worn / To reuse / But recog… Rabbit bones and dirty feet Since you ask. there is no victory in war there is no victory in war / only guns, rifles, granades / trucks exploding / there are no parades / buildings toppled / roads strewn with … I KNOW WHERE I’D RATHER BE! What is this music / that stirs the loins and soul, / that opens the mind / to visions / beyond mortal dreams?; Eyes of distortion Your skin is pale and your eyes are weak so you hold your hair back and make yourself beautiful again. THE BONES OF POETRY (part 1) I paint with words, / watch the ink / meander, Me Bones Aye, I can feel him in me bones! / Tis the breast bone that speaks the loudest / Women listen.. / Feeling the body of the ocean inside / M… Unknown authors,bleached bones,lost words and a t… I sometimes, / Hang out, / In second hand bookstores, / I like tings, / Used,worn,tattered and torn, / dey accept, / me second hand clothes… Mr Shaggy Bones Cataclysmic force, red and orange elliptical fire balls on a black background. Flying fists, fury and grimacing faces set against the black… Cinders Cinderella sitting in the ashes / counting bones and tears sticks, stones, words and bones ‘Say it, bitch! Kind grief kissed the sorrow lips of a lost witho… Burn the tongue for clotted sounds Bag of bones. Pain / surrounds me, / outside, / inside, / yearning, / churning, / demanding, / Its here, / deep within, / for what am i? / (what are you… Wrap the bones around it Don’t let the bastards get you down. Empty is something No music drowns it out / No conversation distracts it / No one heals it for now / At this point I doubt there is a now / If empty is someth… Wasted thoughts and bleached bones these books, / have been here forever, / I have read them, / cast them aside, / read them again, / passed them on, / the demons of hell, / … The Rattle of Bones & Freedom of Flight There will be times when life will rattle your bones / And bend you backwards, trying to break you in half / Yes, break you it will, if it … Broken bones…Broken bones just a working man / with greasy hands / bruised toes / a bloody nose / and a dirty mind / every second / time wasted / as i sit / listenin… Bunions in the heart Wet sunshine a slippery emotion skeletal insert your f***ing knife / across the yielding skin / of my forehead The Bones are Always the Last to Go. The bones are always the last to go. / It is the femur caught in tangled grass, / It is the jawbone curving like a cupped hand / around th… Too Many Bones He saw only the shadows and silhouettes of the elderly trees and weathered gravestones that were dimly illumined under an October half-moon… TOMBSTONES IN MOONLIGHT tickling long shadows / creeping on hallowed ground Bones of my heart Come and see the bones of my heart / My ancient land, / I am here to see if you will but look…….. Bones I’m being sucked under because nothing I can do, nothing I can ever do, will erase what I’ve seen. White Bones and Red Dust White Bones and Red Dust / Ray Wilkins ©2009 / Chapter one / She pulled on her coat and gloves and walked out into the night. She was feeli… The Disposal “I had to kill her, and now you’re telling me that I’m the one that has to dispose of her. It’s just not fair.” the bones of a praise song that has a fab tune &#… Come on people shout it out / There is not a shadow of doubt / Jesus Christ is raised / His name is to be praised / Halleluiah / Come and s… So lay down in sleep, and let those weary bones r… Death comes and shakes us / yet, in his mercy we find sweet peace / sadness chases closely behind us / as the body grants the soul release.… How… How can I break your bones… / …when I can’t pierce your skin? Time To Wake Up Most aren’t even aware but are salt of the earth good genuine loving people, but they are calling for the complete collapse of Capita… Bones From The Past Time is slippery, it expands and contracts, it is determined by velocity, measured by ticking hands on a face. The span of souls is weighed… Just The Bare Bones Exposed Flighty fanciful moments occur / on the spur / of a whim / Long whispered Within My Cage of Bones I pushed the emotions / Down / Gently guiding the moths / Of hurt inside / The cage of bones / Etched with words unsaid / And some of my es… feathers and bones wood and stone there’s an old sigh / that’s older than the trees / that’s older than breath / that’s older than the dissonant harm… Numb This big, swollen thing that was now a part of him and would take such a long time to heal Bare Bones & Winter’s Heart… frozen / new / her languid heart / slows / to still art / Picasso knew so well / in swirling geometric shapes… shingle scratch I wish I could lay; / be less alone, / and kiss you on / your collar bones. / My fingers trace / along your spine / I’ll fall in lin… Sticky tape to mend broken bones I’ll keep you safe.’ Putting the photo in her breast pocket, she pats her heart. the valley of bones I walk the valley of bones / alone / the stars chart the lonely sea / of uncertainty me and my bones just me / and my bones / exist TIME Attached / to what? / To your non existence? No Regrets I drank in the solitaire of meager fortunes / While my wicked mind spoke of beautiful things / The power of searing persuasion roared like … Atmosphere I saw your eyes lit / like a black light in space; / white bursting to neon blue / in your pupils- / that have recently been deceived. / I… bones at the wake he lied there / in a wooden box / soon to be buried / under dirt and rocks / no one prayed / nor said goodbye / not one tear sh… loopholes stitches connecting fingertips to the edges of self Pirate to the floor of incidence / with rusted ships / and bones that never made it back Come Undone Beautiful and young she stands stripped in front of her mirror. Piercing green eyes staring deep into her soul. She sees the truth in all… Spit You’ve blamed me / You’ve shamed me / You’ve worked me / You’ve hurt me / You’ve done all you can to make me … Skeleton Bones (Voices from children as a door bell rings,) “Trick or treat!” / “Get the hell of out here! I hate children! I wil… brown eyes and broken bones I can hardly believe what she’s telling me. The kid’s seven – but he’d barely reach my knee. / It doesn’t help that his bones are be… Pulse I see the moon dance upon your skin / Your shoulders like sweet almonds / The light makes your lips look like forgotten chili peppers / Swe… Just Bones There is a photo of her in the big house on the mantle. In it she’s three, dressed in a frilled white dress and sitting in the dog house wi… You, like a good cup of coffee to drink you in, BONES & FRAGMENTS bones and fragments / all that remain / a little man / dwarfed by society / alone in a world of people / his presence not acknowledged / … Weary Bones: Finding Sleep My weary bones are tired, / but there is no sleep to come. / I am wide awake, / eyes propped open / like a porcelain doll. / No soul insid… Dream Bones Shadow bones merge trying to stand / on their own as a deep gate. / Something hidden awakened, / the unconscious world that consistently… Lonely Bones Silenced in contempt and admiration, / Drowned in a bath of blood and tears. May Break my Bones… Sticks and Stones was featured today / in the / Black with a Hint of Color Group. / This is one of my favo… notes bits pieces / brittle are the bones of rust… petals leaves sky clouds snow / between the toes and up the nose / bed of grass and rain. / snakes in the grass / snakes in the grass / in… Sugar skull Pull as hard as you can. / Pull as hard as you think will work, / the door hinge swings for both directions / some self reflection on your … I dream I dream of stories that involve short, squat women Inexplicability, Uncertainty, Desire Bound to the earth by this inexplicable force / Like gravity, which has nailed me to this headstone The Temporal Bones Where once was housed / the seat of lifes contemplation / now lies a wind blown tomb / where beetles lay / and the columns stand in waiting… Deeper Earth you’ve dragged your fingers through deeper earth / a resting place, a womb for bleached bones / the low restless hum that never was, … Skull Shaped Crown (poem) I watched your legacy for a long time / As the eyes in your mask were mine / You swallowed my soul in the smoke / & I felt my way throu… Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones… but i’m too confident in my / reasons and my rational choices / to be hurt by a single / word you / wrote. / when you smoothly glide… Bones (Mature) Vapor But my questions / my perpetual incessant questions / like disease riddled barbed wire / scraping across your exposed brittle spine / seeth… Bones too and listen / “eleven of nine”… / it was a time / of mystery / and all even / in the gist / of history / when sudden / the… You are the Glory of This Country! Raise up these dry bones called Americans / Raise us up to serve You / You see we’ve lost the way BONES & FRAGMENTS, PART II oh, little man of anger / little man of defeat / little man with hooves / instead of normal feet / blood thirsty man / who cries inwardly /… beating blood In the beating of my blood / In the momentary pulse / that bursts and dies Night by a layer of salt, / sprinkled / across her cold skin, / like stars in the night / sky. The Temporal Bones The Temporal Bones / Where once was housed / the seat of lifes contemplation / now lies a wind blown tomb / where beetles lay / and the col… “Before my Bones” by Bradley Blalock Before my bones / become magnets, heavy to the floor / with eyes begging wildly / for someone to help me / RISE A TWO-POUND WARRIOR My eyes filled with tears / when I seen you covered / in hospital gear. Biological Comfort The night was aging, / her biological comfort forsaken for synthetic. / she found curious entertainment / in his naked colarbones. Midnight On her back, the ceiling lost in the dark. The cold fingers of the breeze find their way through the slats in the blinds. Caress her. She c… Permanence Sitting and watching, needing, I— / Value your words, so I’m standing by / I won’t let us fall apart / Remembering when you first stole my …
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