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Matty so loved by her beloved father Reynaldo Her beautiful heart / so full of compassion / Her words so deeply carved / in passion and knowing / Her tender heart full of intelligence… A Woman In Love Smiling gently / with her eyes / Mouthing / mirrored movements / And cooing quietly / under breath / Still amazed / at sheer beauty a deep affinity he always / took interest / in this occurrence / and sincerity / of what she wrote / with a passion / a throb of eroticism.. 9/11 An Open Letter to my Friends The internet has one great use I’m told: Genealogy, but I think it has a second great function, and that is to unite us across barrie… What became of Billy Boy? He cut an incongrous figure in the hot afternoon summer sun, which sliced a forty five degree shadow of the lift tower on to the adjacent w… OMG JAMES BOND 007 TOO!!! THANK YOU! Caffeine Free (Mature) A love that can’t be taken A man who can’t be mistaken, / A child unlike a child, Contained In Fire And Heat / And So Impassioned / We Forge To Become / Contained As One Freyja ..and let her reciprocate this springfire.. Thank you!!! Anonymous buyer :) I just want to send out a BIG thank you to the person (or persons) who bought 3 of my James Bond t-shirts!! You have certainly made my day… Summer Eyes As her summer eyes revealed seas of stars over our heads, / She said to me: “just open your heart and the rest will flow”. A falling star Next time you see a falling star / Consider all, that you hold tight Escape the World Her heart beats in my body. / Mine—always so distant from me—feels / It has no beat. / Maybe she feels mine equally close to her— / And her… still When we kiss touch lips, it’s passionate, / how breathless when we’re intimate / I drift, I drift. Little Son New things to taste and smear about / And family, to adore you Love A lovers lust a lovers cry / For not to live to love is but to die Will You Be There When all that’s left is love, will you still be there? V day I owe you my love enduring / I owe you my life entwining. / In your sanctuary I bloom, / In safety, in comfort. / My most precious groom, /… From Bubba to Dadda Even though I’m small, / and not quite speaking yet… / I wanted you to know, / Just how much to me you’ve meant. / You ar… Sisters What is Love? Ode to a Bond I have been more angry with her than anyone. The prom queen, the beauty, the strong one in the tribe. She meddled with my life more than sh… ¿ POETIC JUST–ICE? Will true justice be thawed / Or will it just be thwarted ? / JUST-ICE’s legal beagles play havoc, / Frigid barristers – to do traffi… ‘Lost (Still Connected)’ Cut away and shaped for change, / with slight of hand as I turn the page; / marching upon providence. / One leg over the beds edge, / as I … The Bond Your murmur drifts into my ear / As your mouth moves slowly by / On it’s way to my lips again / Where it rests but for a while Mystery Man (original version) There was clearly no way of escaping his captivating brown eyes. / I was his prey and he was the eagle…. Walk Beside me Together we will walk / Few words spoken / But we understand / As we walk side by side / A friendship, a bond / Of Love and trust / Between… Love Is More Than Physical It’s a bond and a relationship / No clandestine lies POWERFUL BOND Powerful bond of a father and daughter created by the tragedy of cancer. Back and Forth You played sweet music, you whispered in my ear and we started to dance. The butterfly entered my stomach. / And the ocean rocked back and … The Bond Who is really helping whom? / Who is doing the Loving? / It is a two way street, / this bond, / this devotion. / A blessing that / they hav… Mother’s Love The young male bird had one wing hanging low on its side and it was obvious it couldn’t fly so I wrapped a towel round my hand… Is it wierd that I’ve found a bond. Is it wierd that I’ve found a bond / With a voice of a song / And an angel who cares / He wonders around everywhere / Like a ladybird… Human Bond There is no comfort / growth / honor / in this pain / There are only men / who cannot be your friend / because there is no point / without … An angel from God I want to be the best husband I can for her. / Thank you Lord for her. Permanent Bond We do lots of things together, A.J. and me, since the accident. The automobile crash screwed A.J. up pretty good. I mean, he still looked… A Heart Piece Exchange Program These two men vastly different / Are taking up space inside of me / I’ve previously given them my heart / And they’ve held onto the pieces … A Poem for a Girl Who May or May Not Read it. I love you, / but despite love, friendship and all, / just because I love you like a sister doesn’t mean I’m going to call. A Legacy and Bond You may fade with the ongoing waves / But your love and kindness has paved the path for me to blaze / You have lead many through the dragon… New York Killer. It read: “NYC Killer takes a new victim”, then followed a photo of my poor Casey. The Bond Some say that animals don’t show love / It’s just their natural instinct we observe / Well today I saw a wonderful sight / And … Promises Saying you cant wait / Till you can take me away / Saying my imperfection / Is what bonds us together / Saying you wont leave / And giving… There For Me I have a friend / Who feels like a brother / And you are that person / So unlike any other. / You’re always there / When I get into trouble… The Eternal Bond She is ancient, rich in history, knowledge and wisdom, holder of many secrets, witness to many grievances and sins, bearer of many wonders … Birthday wish for Sister You’re an important part in my life / I love you more than I have words / To express myself or say / I love you Bond. James Bond 007 Shaken but not Stirred A Special Type Bond Recently certified as semi-finalist at International Open Poetry Contest. Publish rights pending. First original piece officia… Moonlight Drop the night has finally fallen / and it’s time Disappearing Together Swinging / in the breeze / a white thin / invisible string…. A Fulfilled Life Dearest Randy~ / It was during my training at my new job that I read the horrific news on facebook that you needed our prayers and support.… One bond I stand on a stool with everyone running around trying to get me ready. Ready for my perfect day. I will look over and ask someone to hand … A mother’s bond for life A mother’s bond is like no other, / A sharing of closeness; / A protection from everything. / A feeling of content, / A voice of reas… my little boy, you ask a lot of questions ask me anything / boy / take up my useless / and selfish time / because everything / and every word you’ve / said / is gold Bond Breaker the second someone promises me something / pinky swears, crosses their heart, tells me they love me / assures me they will never tell, or n… Light into Dark Light surrounds me… / With a seering glow. / Piercing into my burning soul. / With each day that passes by. / I wait ’till the … A Special Bond …For you see there is something special / In a friendship kind of bond / As soft and precious as a seashell / With wonders that lie b… Friends My friends, / I like, / they’re out of sight. / They make me laugh and make me cry. the death of an atomic bond She follows you up the stairs into a unknown but very familiar place. / Her body is empty. / She looks at you for something more, but she r… The Bond A trace of electricity / Where your touch lingers. / Goodbye even for a short time / Breaks this fragile smile. / A melody in the night / … Broken Bond (Freedom)… The bond I shared with you, / was one I considered great, / but you managed to change all that, / with one simple gesture of hate, / a frie… The Bond Breaker the second someone promises me something / pinky swears, crosses their heart, tells me they love me / assures me they will never tell, or n… Eternal Bond Regardless of where you are or what shape your body is in, even if it is cremated, you will rise to be with the Lord forever.

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of bond writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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