yer wouldnt read about it… chapter 2

""Naw mate, not worth a plugged nickel, the sand buggered them up." He said." If they never ‘ad that bloody sand …

The Colour of a Storm

Shapes shift / the light / impresses upon the mood / dark / shadows / reflect grey / a hint of blue / cotton wool white / a feverish hue


You devour me with your aura / I’m left melting in your wake

Blue Chords on a Blue Guitar

The music rising, falling / Sweet familiar bitterness / Lingering notes of blue / Fall slowly on his shoulders / Ghosts of strummed blue ch…

Blue Moon

I waited thirty days inside / A glass box made of presumptions, / Expecting nothing.

N o O p t i o n

Everything I say and do / Is not up to me it seems up to you / How do I choose to right all the wrong? / Cannot dispute being more off than…

Cold, Blue, Alone

the warm amber turned red in the rain / stopped, / cold, blue, alone


I woke up with the whisper of the morning.

Saved by a Gem of Blue

The only one who knew me and could pull me from the mire / Turned out to by that greatest of loves, my Saphire


It is hard to watch your own feelings funeral, / Dig the hole completely by yourself, / Put the heavy coffin 6 feet under… / But most…

The True Blue

What’s in you that makes sad-time a blue-time

blue and forever

it will never end, / and i will hope it never does, / the above has lifted this day / swept all before, and beyond. / and in the morning i …

The Fox with blue sox

The fox was given blue sox / Blue sox in a box / Twenty four / And no more / Blue sox in a box / All for the fox to store / The fox picked …

Priestess of the Sin Called Blue

At the altar of bitter regrets / She sits and nurses wounds / That refuse to heal / Ropes of ice / Coiling around her flesh / Blue words bi…

Blue For You

Come look at me / I am Blue For You / I have opened my petals / To show you my heart / I am so fragile / Touch me gently / And breathe in …



Road hazard

The end.

Backyard Art Featured my Backyard

Thanks ever so much to the Backyard Art group and moderators for the feature of my backyard, i’m very pleased and this has made my al…

Word to the wise 2

Someone’s decided to make a plan to destroy our nice blue planet!


Thundering are his hooves / Along the great terrain / He is strong and wild / Blue Stallion is his name / Never held down / Wants to live a…


………..what did I do…?

Summer’s Day

Splash! Blue engulfs him, / They’re really having fun. / They dive of the high board, / They lay down in the sun. / The boys are havi…

Cool Blue Water by Genovee

Cool Blue Water… Feb.4, 2006 / Cool, cool water or simply called Aqua / Seems to be like my bubble shelter / See the ground so exact…

So Blue & So Cold

A legacy that survived through generations

The Petal’philles Chapter VI Familiaritas

before I felt the pain I tasted the blood. My eyes so focused on his watched black irises which darted from my eyes to my lip,

down blue ridge lane

what lies ahead for a gambling girl / sixteen again down blue ridge lane / little arrows foolish ways here we go / pretty bubbles where wat…


ANGEL MERMAID / Lights the sea / In her fantastic mystery / Sleeping in a coral shell / Has the sea in her spell / She turns the sea from g…

late nights

a rolling wave of orange atmosphere / crushes the blue from the sky / but lights the blue in your eyes. / i wish / i could save this as a p…

Eloise Le Blue and The Mistress (part 9)

I was completely captivated, like a tarantula on a xylophone…each step I took bringing me closer to the hammer…


Thank you to the person who / had made a purchase on my BORN3 photo / cheers and all the best ……..kevin…………

Little Bird

She listens just to hear their calls, / Ever searching as evening falls. / Sunrise will bring another day / And memories too will go away. …

once upon a dream

of blue / and hearts / and light / and dark / my heart has roamed / from near to far / and aye / it always / roams back home / cuz no one e…

“Blue is Bright” 1986-06-25

Hard work, Overtime / Removing grit & grime / Cleanse the heart, purge the mind / U never know what U’ll find. / It’s time …

Featured in ‘’The Sea Group ’&#…

Thankyou once again to the SEA GROUP for featuring Freeze Frame, a great start to an already terriffic day, this is so very much appreciate…

Featured Work!!!

Incredible week for me here on Redbubble. My heartfelt thanks go to the the hosts and co-hosts of the following groups! / Double feature fo…

Ancient prayers

The circle starts again. The moon shines, watching. Waiting.

Deep blue ©

Deep blue © / poetry By: Hector A. Encinas

Little Boy Blue

I heard the gentle note, of a Little Boy Blue.

Blue-hazel smile

Love is; / putting all my darkest nights / into a plastic bag / and throwing them away. / It’s the summer breeze on / my naked chest …

A Colourful Life.

White is for pure a virgin in wait / or a snowman’s coat all covered in flakes.

Deep Dark and Blue (a first draft.. a final draft)

so when we catch ourselves, in the moment, when we look in, at what we just became / it’s a simple time, to catch our breathe, to wo…

Lil Lonely Boy Blue ( Stop Blowin Your Horn)

Lil Lonely Blue Boy Stop Blowin Your Horn… / Loneliness Apathy/Happiness God’s Love and Light

Clear Blue Sky

9/11, Remember our dead on a clear blue day…..


I can’t keep my cool in my cubicle!


memories of gold / memories so blue / memories of silver / when i think of you / the flowers showed their faces / early that june / the su…

Featured Work


Featured work!

I have a featured pic!! …in Children-The Power of Raw Emotion /

her eyes


Bullaburra ma hame toon in the Blue Mountains: Fr…

whare thoughts beckon fur auld lang syne.

Searching for meaning in memories

pin-striped pale blue lines


Although Jane was very plain / And oh so quiet / She drove Armando insane / Her dull brown hair / When the moon shone on it / Sparkles flew…

A new begining

When you come out and breath the air of freedom.what other feeling might be mighter than the feeling of being free ?


It was a September day / All the world was silent / The birds stopped singing / The quiet before the violence / The sky seemed strange / Ha…

And now

stars fell down the sky / to turn into violets / tiny bright violets / they flock my garden / along with the grass / little birds fly / in …

Blue Bird

They’ll take care of me you know / Stop your crying little blue bird / They’ll help me / They’ll heal me / Be oh so glad to / See me live a…

Damned Blue Envelope

I hate that damned blue envelope / makes my heart jump everytime / is it you?

Blue Jay Featured in Canon DSLR Group

A great big thank you to the moderators of the Canon DSLR Group for featuring my Blue Jay! / Renée


all sparkling monochrome delight

Venn Diagram

You and I are circles

Blue Centred Daisy – UPDATE

Blue Centered Daisy – Correct name at last!


…love is blue..

Wet Eyelashes

but as i fall asleep / it gets farther and farther / until i am staring at my reality

Blue Neon (18+)


My Blue Chip Stamp Christmas

The door was slightly opened, and I saw my dad with his face buried in his hands. He was crying.


I feel humbled…….


When I look in your eyes / I see the beauty of the skies / The Goddess of Dawn appears / I want to hold you ever so near / Streamers of lig…

turcoise blue

The sun has not yet began to rise / as I open my eyes / and through a blury sleepy haze / out through my window i gaze / into the deepest d…

Blue on Blue

The color “blue” / Emotes a nostalgic feel / Living in the past / The present / And the future / Linking to experiences of yea…

If truths were humor

I’m gonna catch somebody todaaaaaaay


A crown of blue / A crown of red / A crown of flowers / For my head / I watched you weave them / In the breeze / As the leaves danced / Thr…

Sunrise, September 5th

In the stillness of each morning, the blue / Heron has first pick / Of fish or frog. Today, four / Storks storm the marsh. / Between cattai…


For him, I want to feel wholehearted trust / For him, I want to have crazy lust / His love for me has to be an absolute must…

The Petal’philles Chapter I Genesis

one prod to the gelatinous heap that was the hefty bag, renewed my confidence in a job not only well executed, but…

Freedom Song

This song is dedicated to the many good men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom since our country has been founded.



Memories of Bullaburra

That world existed in the Blue Mountains, only about 60 miles West of Sydney but for an awe-inspired toddler, it could have been on another…

petites plumes noires dela nuit / les clef des ha…

sweet mornin risin / sweet mornin risin all night long / sweet mornin risin / sweet mornin risin all night long / sweet mornin risin / risi…


B is for bubbles floating on air


Anonymous / one among so many / a crowd / yet alone

Miss Lala Procknoy’s Wondrous Booger Shoes.

The Ploppadiddlians washed the poopy wall and tore it down because they didn’t need it anymore and they went on with their lives.

The Last Kiss

Her hair danced across her face from another zephyr zipping by, her lips curving into the slightest smile, microscopic if you hadn’t …

An Ad has been Spotted AKA Chapter 5 of Blue Goos…

Paul Mills is gingerly running his finger along the job board in the Student Union of what is soon to be his Alma Mata. He has spent the l…

The Working Man’s Special (Based on Keats’ “La Be…

And so each Friday I’d go cash my check, after the job, when the kids were still in school, and the wife was still at work…


Soulful blue eyes / With flecks of gray / Rosy cheeks / A shining ray / Long tapered fingers / With polish of red / Silver touched hair / P…

Love’s Blue Sonnet

One awaits in the midst. / lying in the balance, / waiting for the winged one…

Blue jeans and frayed singlets

Spring stretches out Sunday on the streets

When There’s More Than One…

Where was he? Did he see me and clear off because I wasn’t what he was looking for? I guess he might have??

Law and Order MGU (Mother Goose Unit)

“I tell you I am innocent…just ask the baker or the candlestick maker…I’ve been framed I tell ya, framed!” / …

Blue Ghost ~ aka ‘Love In A Mist’

About the flower in the photo I named ‘Blue Ghost’, which I do plan to change to the real name of this fascinating flower. / Fa…


I sit In The Blue Moonlight / All alone / Thinking of the past / I’m still on my own / I remember anticipation / Of when we would mee…

Sadness Colored the Ocean Blue

I sailed across, / The ocean blue / With my love who once was true. / He promised he would give me the world, / Instead he shattered my fai…

Blue Centred Daisy

Name of Blue Centred Daisy

In Blue

The danger of memories / Being so distant and unsure / Is learning that your mind / Has anchored itself in something / That was never truly…




She never walked without them / They were not her friends / Shadows followed along / A melody but not a song / Of a love lost who didnR…

DOLLY BLUE – not for the kiddies

“So what’s Dolly Blue?” Danny asked Paula. / “A little twist of stuff my Gran used to rinse white sheets and the like on a wash day, she cl…
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