Today you will dream in Russian and wake with the smell of vanilla.

the book of blood and snow

She dotted her i’s with little circles. / I fucking hate that.

Shhh Little Girl, Don’t Cry

Shhh little girl, don’t cry / Cover your ears and block out the sounds, / Of Mamma’s screams and Papa`‘s shouts. / ItR…


I almost touched someone today / Almost

the secrets in her blood

Everyone knows you are beautiful; they see it / But I know your type, veins full of your secrets / Physical beauty captures our attention…


He waits until she’s asleep to begin.



blood moons and blackberry tea

My mouth is full of blood moons: / too many to count / to many to see— / feeding my baby Buddha with petrol and / “Gosh, ain’t she pr…

My Lord Carpathian

They will protect the painter of eyes.


It / starts with a thought / that brushes my face / and radiates the body through

A Mere Mortal

A simple poem that has remained one of my favourites.

WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR (what RB means to me)

my chest is filled with pulsating blood, / my skin crawls with the thoughts / of holographic emotions.

Eat me..

She peeled off her milk white skin and stood there bare boned and her heart pounded through the spaces in her rib cage.

Immerse yourselves in Jesus, God will do the rest.

He was hammered into the rough wood of a cross / Don’t sell yourselves for dinner and a movie / You have the highest value

“His Late Night Moon – Her Misunderst…

For the Moon only shines from the light of Sun … / That x-rays from his lava lamp heart …

Blood moon

Blood moon / …………………………………. / what’s a meta for, / nothing more / than a charred forest / weeping gently / beneath / a broken / moon / ……

Red Wine Blood Pump




Passion of Love, Chapter 22"Embracing the Wh…

“I know who you are. WOLF!” You will get NOTHING out of me child of Lucifer!" Barton said, his sound muffled as he spoke.


Look behind the doors and under beds, / put the stuffed dolls in cupboards and cover the clown / before you lay your head to slumber,


… if darkness be your companion / then you be the light., / … if chaos be your path / then you be the guide.

Fire in her Eyes

She was a two fisted fighter with a blood in her eyes and fire coming out her nose.


This has been my last comment of a discussion at about the Conflict in GAZA, I’m so pissed with peoples inability to realize …

sleeping in blood

bruised again / biting the eye of the maggot apple / wall to wall in corners / sleeping in the taste of bad blood / saving for a tic…

Rain of Rose Petals

dripping, soaking / like smears of red blood / seeping into my skin / with words of madness / in the poetry of the possessed


He plays the guitar like a devil on heat, / listens to the notes licking at his feet,


I moved in close as if to whisper in his ear. Instead I licked his neck and sank my teeth into his virgin flesh.

Are You Okay With This?

When you followed me to this secluded place you expected a dance in my cold embrace.

Bonds Of Blood

Through twisted streets we followed paper boats / Down winding streams of change / It was there where / We learnt to dance in the rain / …

Peter and the Tree

Heavy rains finally broke the drought / A large eucalypt, perhaps 5 feet across, came down / Falling across a fence, it needed to be clear…

911 Ironies (analytic criticism of ourselves ) up…

Ten years have past, as we all remember through ceremonies, mentions, art and writing the victims and events of that specific day of the en…

bird of paradise and a blood rose

her endless love voice / knits the torn / and pearls the reborn / threads / that dangle purple and white / from the corner of my mind …

many men



Under a brooding blood red sky / I drink my fill of sweet red blood and fly

LOST LAST THOUGHTS….(a repost for Easter)

Destiny strikes, / lays my weary body / upon splintered crucifix

Succulent Succubus…of Dark Blood and Fucking


The Blood Path of Bird

in ways that would make even God blush


a broken vase / dying roses / on the edge of insanity / walking between / the lines drawn / each row straight / falling to the right / fa…

headless cows

blood smells

Rabbit bones and dirty feet

Since you ask.

The Puppeteers Doll


30 minutes

She must tell him that she never thought badly of him for wanting to clean the cat.


Overfilled with our razored lives. / I will forgive you. / I will heal you. / I WILL.

Rise Again

Shattered in my reflection / Just like that it’s over / Everything I knew and loved is gone / Faded into the chaos of my mind / Once was cl…

beating blood

In the beating of my blood / In the momentary pulse / that bursts and dies

We are the species of red blood

Listen to them bleeding out the woes of a few years, the long hours and stillborn seconds. / A bloody fine drop of mistakes and emotional …

Religion attempts to make God into a machine

Organized religion, is not the Voice of The Almighty! But religion has usurped His Word, irreverently reducing it to dogma and traditions.…

of dreams and nightmares: when monsters attack…

this dream was something else, and the shark monsters were the last bit of tragedy in it… 1st there were massive earthquakes, followe…


She is my hero.

The Seeds Of The Desolate

the seeds of the desolate / to sow doubt in their’s mind / to sow confusion / sow in ourselves blood / sow in our thoughts / the see…

the awakened, the dear departed

day turns into night / night into day / pulse stopped blood coursed through your veins

True, false and floating

I reached inside and / broke open / three people today

Falcon: The Story

Because my littlest kitty cat is a cat with such a dramatic start of life, I thought it would be appropriate to make a writing for him, my …

Blood Outs

I had two sisters / now / I have / none…

The 12 Gory Days Of Grinchmas

A dark christmas poem full of horror!

The Call

Hell could never fell like this.

The Poet

Upon it’s arrival, / upon it’s descent, / we sneak around pain,


I once had a heart; it pumped deep red blood through my veins / It reveled in being filled with the love of a woman / No matter that such “…


I came to Africa / Pluged into violent crimson fire / Gold dripping amber / Riden upon slashed tears of blood / white amethyst sky / Forged…

Blood, Sweat and Blood( Prequel To Eternal )

Want to know how Zeke and Ruby came to be? / Read this to find out “She doesn’t know what I am. / What I can do with my hands. With m…

Blood Dust

Those arms that have held me steady / Guidance disintegrating / into blood dust / Lifted on a transient wind…

Field of Honor

They said just go out and shoot someone and I do as I was told.

paper cut

rising above him / one sheet at a time / days of his life / encrypted in silver / boring and uneventful / in the corner / of the first shee…

Rejecting the culture

He is raising orphans from the dead churches / raising those who were thrown out for loving Jesus / He is dressing the ragged with Robes of…

Whose blood is this on the shards of shattered mi…

Who is this that sits here, / Within me, / Invisible to me, / This stranger that grasp the pen in my hand, / Spilling words upon this scrap…


*V*oluptuous curves beckon come hither

Poppy red spills remembered

Blots on the landscaped canvas / Deserts or fields nobody cares / I picture artists’s palettes / Wetted up freshly mixed / Sticky tai…

the coming blood

+there is too much pain / there is too much fear / the day of battle is drawing near*

Mistake of the Wild Hunt

The bats arrive and are funny and gray / We have to reorder the bats

she is

she is / the maker of dreams / the storyteller / the blessed / the forgiven / the lover of love / the sweetness of a kiss / the tears of pa…

of blood

fathoms / I see into / the cross / moves me so / to get a much better view.. / War / a malicious attack / on wisdom / and so man-made - /…

Passion of Love , Chapter 21"Black Blood Flo…

Nope, can’t have a worthless piece of gutter trash like you gumming up my mission."

Take the tiger

Grasp outwards, reach and dig / your fingers into its fur / and don’t let go / as it takes you / on a wild ride through the / cosmos / lyi…

Blood on my hands children’s blood

Blood on my hands children’s blood / I let them be killed as aside I stood / Maimed and scared by my own hand / Is there forgiveness in any…

Quid Pro Quo

Now it is I who watch you, helpless, in / your illness; / Your body tortured by virus upon virus, / knowing full well that it was I who br…

Blood on lino

You scrubbed it / It didn’t come out / You scrubbed harder / It didn’t come out / You scrubbed some more / Still / It didn’t come out / So…


I open my chest / to show true heart / and you devour / each beat / voraciously.

The Transformation

Looking in the mirror, she was suddenly acutely aware of the fact that she could be witnessing something very familiar for possibly the las…

I Am Not Too Weak

i could show you / scars / on my mind / on my heart / on my skin

Blood of lies

In the climax of true love / At peace in the golden sun / When the crimson tide rose / it was you who held the gun

Hot Cocoa

It took a while but finally the bleeding stopped. Momma cleaned my face up enough to assess the damage before she proclaimed, “You…

Blood Moon

I watch the Dark Moon creep across / And feel Her in my water. / I wonder how long I can hold the rage / Before I start the slaughter. / I …

Merlot shadow

tussled old hippie / bald and chubby in zen robes / retrieving my wine

You carry the unborn for God

You carry the child / not for you / but for Jesus / for the Messiah / who washes our sins / in His Blood / For the Glory / For the Kingdom …

Una donna in lutto (A Woman in Mourning)

Sicilia, mio cuore / Oggi non sono fiera di te. / Anche il cielo si chiude / E il vento si ferma. / La nostra storia di intimidazione. / No…

Under a Blood Red Moon

Alone on the beach under a blood red moon / The waves roll in as the tide begins to rise / Crashing my feet as I lay upon the sand / Lost t…

Wake Up

You have been sleeping in the darkness too long

i won’t stop Praising You!

i won’t stop Praising You / the enemy would have to break my jaw / cut out my tongue / i won’t stop Lifting Your Holy Name



She laid her abdomen scar at God’s Throne

women with veils whose faces were carved / looked to the Throne as rest / we sought / refuge / fellowship / laughter / oblivion / forgiven…

Bloody Red Rose

Is it crying while lying limp / Or sighing while trying an attempt / To continue to live

i forgive you

for months i lay prostrate / my weeping face given to God / plastered eyes / against the dirty flesh of my hatred / the joy i should have f…

First Taste

Same piece as my vampiric opening, but I’m just not sure about it.

Dark Desires

Another night, while the day is mere remembrance of dark desires.


Spirit is gone your skin is pale,

Old Vein New Blood

Weariness does not weary me / for the blood in the vein / surges with the nutrition of love
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