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That’s why I’m an indie hipster cunt

I’m an indie hipster cunt / I know it / I show it / I’m a cliché

FM96’s Mention on the Tucker and Taz Blog!!

I’ve been listenening to these guys since as far back as i can remember on FM96 and now i’m on their blog!? thats awesome!!

Art By Charles Ezra Ferrell Blog

During the latter part of 2007, I discarded my self-imposed restrictions on my artistic creativity. I began to draw frequently once again a…

Anybody remember me?

Hi guys. :) Been a while, eh? / I hope this is allowed; I haven’t been here in so long I forget, but wanted to let you all know that …


KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 2 / FLIGHT OF FANCY / Introduction – Keswick Island – The Famous Five / Chapter 1 – Beware Dutc…

Waving a White Flag at Reality

There is no use denying / Bad happens to good people too / There is no use in crying / That bad shouldn’t happen to you

“Street Cleaner” -CONTENT WARNING

I owe him my patience – after all he has given me the meaning for my life.

One Breath After The Other

It’s like a constant waiting game / With each and every day the same

Savannah in Kigali, Rwanda – Link To Websit…

She lives and works in Kigali, Rwanda…The website is new … SavannahKeith

Happy Marriage Little Sis!


My Teddy

Where is your’s you must have one a teddy for you will / make you smile and not be mean. Take him away and I shall cry / I’ll s…

February Art Blog: AES+F’s “Last Riot”: Wellingt…

Are the gun-toting youths we see committing school shootings in America trying to reconcile a virtual world with the real?

Imagine Living With RSD….

The morning comes and you open your eyes, the light filters softly in around the curtains. You slowly stretch out your body over an excess …

Travel to Asia – see and read about our trip

My mother doesn’t have a computer, in fact she is bedridden, so I wanted to share our trip with her the best I could. I printed out …


I got into the Writers Market Group Blogazine!

Goodbye – A message I saw from a new friend…

Holiday wishes, / Suicide, / or in need of new shoes – you decide


Dear Fellow Redbubblers, / Best wishes to you one and all from the end of the road. I have been asked to explain what on earth this “…

Repsonse to a Stranger’s Blog

I begin to read. My heart begins to pound and then I feel the familiar ache that will, inevitably, lead to the death of me one day; the ach…

Entity unknown?

A tumultuous echo surrounds / and as billions of bullets fall around me / the darkness lights with the onslaught / Another unexpected atta…

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2009

Today is BADD 2009, and I have two blog posts up for the day. / 1. = Creative Protest – Blogging Against Disablism Day 2009 / 1. = Ac…

An extension of my unspoken mind

What better way to freeze a moment in time than to literally take a piece of it with you. / All the thoughts and emotions that come with th…

My new blog

Wildlife stories. / Animal encounters and nature stories.

Geomathematics Relating to Absolute Randomness

I dreamt of unattainable things, and I woke up with green and pink wings. Do you think I knew what I would evolve into? I seem to be copyin…

21 is not just a card game

And it’s not until you turn 18 that it starts to get a little better. The world is your oyster, which at the time you hate due to the fact …


I wish you could pick me up and hide me away from what’s hurting me and what’s making me cry, / even though sometimes that thin…

Hah, God-Damn (And I’ll Tag My Work)


Beneath the surface blog.

My aim in the beginning was simply to document objectively: the good times, the places and the fun. However, after reading back over this, …

Introverted Depression

Winter months are often hard times for people who suffer from SAD, depression or loneliness. It’s the time of year dreaded the most. …

Sat Chit Ananda

…Maybe it’s me, but honestly, I don’t think I’m doing this whole Age of Aquarius thing very well at the moment. It…

Friends, Romans, Countrymen. Lend me your emails.

In my years of surfing the Internet, checking emails, watching bad viral videos and even making some money on the side, I have been amazed …


To Blog or not to Blog? / That is the question / Why would a person / Who has always been too scared to keep a journal or diary / …

Oral Version of The Lady and the Rain

[Video] / I am currently working on a project to create YouTube versions of my Poetry and I would be grateful for your comments you can fin…

I Started a Blog.

Its hard work just thinking, let alone writing it down.


You can follow my blogs at / http://ballygarrettartstudio.blogspot.com/ / http://creativedynamic.blogspot.com/

When the Earth Roars Last

A poem inspired by the recent earthquake in Haiti

my new blog

its about flowers .


There are references to sex in here…. come and find it

My thoughts on Digital Art

Digital art is quite a controversal area in the art world. How do you feel about it?

Steve McQueen Portrait Daily Blog

Hi, / I’m writing a daily “Over my shoulder” blog on my website www.robkinsey.com about my latest work, a portrait of Ste…

The Arguement

Will it always be like this / are we so selfish / to exist / without companionship / would we

Headed For Disaster

My poor mom thought she had to poo, so the nurse settled her overburdened pregnant body on the toilet and what do you know…there I wa…

Introspective Retrospective

I’ve found myself with a little spare time on this christmas eve as I wait to start my final photo shoot of 2011 and it led me to thi…

Adsense Revenue sharing website list

AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites / This is a list of sites where AdSense publisher can use their own AdSense IDs to earn money. Note It’s your…

My new blog

My new site / http://jeanphilipperenault.com/

Nobody’s Perfect

1. P ick your friends wisely.

BeyondSight – Tunnel Entrance

Remember the world when you first ventured forth, you loved it didn’t you. / I remember when you went to the little hidden pool just a bit …

Atlantis has arrived!

From Capstone Press… the Atlantis book I illustrated last summer!


Sometimes going back to your roots is just the thing you need to straighten out your life.

Bruton/Stroube Blog

A friend pointed me towards this blog and i felt it was worthy of a share / http://www.brutonstroube.com/blog.aspx?post=152

Which came first? Or together?

If an egg smells of something one really enjoys and craves—be it chicken, bacon or blueberry pancakes—would eating it be a bad thing? Isn’t…

A Hardscrabble Kid

My earliest memories are vague at best, they evade me and lie hidden in the back corners of my mind. Sometimes it feels like my mind was a …

My Blog

http://meggery88.spaces.live.com / please see there for my full blog.

Broken Promises

When you made impossible seems like hope / I smile and said how glad I had met you in my life / I should have known something wasn’t …

The Cheese Blog

I have never cut a cheese I did not enjoy. / “Who mashed the cabbage?”

The meaning of Endurance

The meaning of Endurance / By Lizziee Jerez / We all know the phrase, Endurance Sports, and to many of you this phrase indicates a sport wh…

Art Is Your Medicine

Art Is Your Medicine / August 12th, 2012 / “Art is like your very own therapist, one you can talk to through swift movements of penci…

The Meaning of Life Blog…

To learn, love, experience, and hopefully to grow and make a difference. Whether or not there is a God, our tracks matter either way. I did…

Green with Envy

I once read that jealousy can be a very insightful tool. It is a sign. I believe this to be true. / It shows you what you want – from…

Find me online…

I’ve had a number of people ask how and where else they can find me online. To be entirely honest, I post my work to a number of othe…

When Mohammed and the Mountain Met

Think or Swim

chad hatten blog on real estate by chad hatten

tight credit slowing recovery / The housing market has been slow to recover. The housing bubble was caused by overly easy credit, where alm…


What do you desire as your definitive attire?

A Book Blog

A friend and I started a book blog. It will house reviews, rants, likes and dislikes….check it out here if you like. / :)

My Blog!!!!


adams blog

<a href="http://www.manteufelhomebuilderstoowoomba.com.au/">toowoomba builder</a> / <a href="http://www.manteufelhomebuilder…

A Little Bit Strange

Jasper bit his dog / Who blamed it on the cat

READ all about IT

You can now read my humor blog at the link below. / http://hubpages.com/hub/Im-going-to-give-a-110 / Have a laugh today. / Albert

MY SEX STORIES BLOG. (confessions of a slapper)

Suddenly, he cums, deep in my throat. His warm salty man juice oozes down my throat, i react in the same way i react when i shot vodka, / b…

New Blog!!!

So I finally started a blog for my stuff. you should all check it out and have your friends check it out! :) / Here’s the address: /…

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