Blake's Hand by C.C. Arshagra The Road to Excess by sashakeen His Dark Secret Love by earthling Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright by ianleino Tiger by Mundy Hackett WHO KNOWS THE POWER OF POETRY? Is not the human heart linked to the motions / of sun and moon; / to the fiery unfoldment of every bud; I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK WORDS TO YOU Ah, but here I am, sitting with a pocket full of nothing… / wishing beauty upon you, / wishing I had the power of a god to fly and bless / … IN HER HEART IS A CHILD When she drinks / rose petal tea / her mind caresses light / and moves with ease to open her heart, / to drop her clothes, To see a world in a grain of sand.. by Rob Price HOW THE LOVE WE NEVER GOT — my breast! bird brewed — / until the sky spattered clear / amidst the spiraled soak / of her gold-grown green fear. HOW TO LOVE A WOMAN Shout yes! yes! yes! to her. / Throw a fabric of wild soul-life over / her naked shoulders. / Let her run free like a colt! SERENADING GORDON IN THE CANCER WARD He was an old man, / pale and rickety, with one eye. / He was already mostly gone. / Seemed to be barely hanging on. ALL DAY I’M WATCHING to dance quietly— / silky in movements / of eyes and hands, / hips and hair— LIP TO LIP A lady sits upon the shore / dressed in skin and little more, / she presses hand against her mouth / and sizzles like a cooking trout. LOVING SILENCE I have found that the soul’s senses / wake up in a baptism / of sustained silence. URI’S BLESSING his eyes glistened with emotion, and he embraced me, crying out my name to the birds, to angels… / to the wind. FROM THE ELECTRIC WILDNESS And the poet’s words / should sound something like this: / “Blue sky… Be Amazed! COULD YOU PERHAPS BELIEVE ME? sees old tree souls whistling silence / like a divine word. A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS As ripples on a still pool / expand in silver Light, / so Love expands to embrace all — ECSTATIC LIGHTENING Run out, stand naked under the opening skies, / I mean throw off all your clothes, / feel the sunlight kissing your skin, LOVE IS THE BED Love is the bed / out of which hands and feet grow, / from which eyes form, / ears, the curve of a hip, / the long leg and arm. THE POET WHO WEAVES HIS MIND The poet who weaves his mind / to tutor the heart’s timid trounce / upon the dunced heave, and slow roll, / of religion’s round arch, reach… THE DREADED BUGGYWASSELS they’ll snitch your shoes and snitch your clothes, / and snitch money from your father’s banks / and take your pills and guns and tanks SEA BORN AND LAUGHING If I was a fish I would tickle her ribs — / flash and twirl, spin and drop — / through her seething, salty, sanguine soul / until the stars… ST. PADDY’S POETRY NIGHT ON INNIS MOR I stood up in a blur of cigarette smoke / but no one noticed. The people leaned in to hear each other / over the buzz of noise and talked… WHAT IS THIS FOUNTAIN? You are composed of trillions and trillions / of cells, and each one performs / about six trillion functions a second. TEACH ME HOW TO MOVE BEYOND THE SHADOWS OF THE WE… Teach me, how to move / beyond the shadows of the West / to that place, as innocent as a cow’s teat, / as warm milk squirting, MORTAL VULNERABILITIES Sometimes, though the hidden night sky / is white with stars, / still dark descends inside our bones, / like ink seeps into white linen, Echoes From the Blue Boy all love-born / and breathing, pouring silver life / in shivers, in the shaken bells / of laughter, OPEN YOUR DOOR Open your door / and let the blue sky pour through / all over you, / let sunshine splatter you gold / and blue, and a foamy / silk of cloud… MAYBE ITS TIME TO UNDRESS YOUR VOICE Maybe its time to undress your voice: / to take off that sheer gown of ingratitude, / to slip the panties of squeamishness down your legs. JESUS TALKEN Bruised by thorns and stones, / lost in the rag-tagged life of forests, / lost in yellow fields; lost in feathers, / shells and stones, … I HAVE DECIDED TO LIVE IN SLOW MOTION I have decided to live in slow motion / so I can become as sensitive as a plant. / I have decided to drift on old boats down young rivers /… BECOMING THE BEAUTY Open throats, like young spring birds: / eyes open, hearts open… / The people are open! THE NEW COSMOS We are all of us, / together, / arising up out of / the center / of existence. / We are twinkling in and out / of God. / Created, we c… The Tyger by KayeDreamsART Innocent and Blessed The heart opens / in a lime-green light. / The body opens: / whimsical and mystical / and pure beyond belief. He who binds himself to a joy by William Walsh WILD THINGS Your name is being called / by sacred beings / who are silent / and listening… / Eat their music. GOD’S LILLY AND THE STONE Lilly has suckled an old stone / and her white milk has made it hum and sing. / Many thought her odd enough. / “Crazy in her beauty!&… I LOVE THE SILENCE I love the silence of animals, / of birds in their long pauses / between song, / of trees unstirred by wind, / of a stone. IN THE MELODIOUS WHIMSY OF WIND I await liquid kisses that fall / crimson on snow, / milk that squirts / through eyes into mouths, Tyger, Tyger by dosankodebbie ANOTHER LETTER TO THE UNKNOWN LILLY I hear your eyes are as blue as certain pools hidden in the mountains of Southern Russia, where old men drink blue vodka and dance on their… AN ARGUMENT He lit his pipe, “I’ll stay,” he slowly said, / “Till heaven comes a blazing in my head A POET’S SIMPLE DREAM I don’t need much. Just a place to / pour out poetry and drink a little tea with a friend, / share favorite stories, dance to the wi… THE GODDESS IS PRAYING YOU The Goddess is praying you even as you / are praying her, loving her sweet quality / of Love, & her wild, innocent freedom / that I ca… SEEMI DANDERGRUFF AND SPOOOT “Seemi dandergruff and spooot, / in plastered, petit fumes and crinkly foil,” / so said the Pasty Wickerwop / who splashed green mustard o… REVERE THAT WOMAN WHO HOLDS YOUR JOY STICK Remember the wolf who lives by the tree / and feeds upon mushrooms and hares, / and the golden peacock who struts in the lees / and pins yo… FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN IMPROBABILITIES If you encounter someone who believes / in a thousand improbabilities — / such as blind chance developing a protein molecule / at the odds… A FORGOTTEN BEAUTY STIRS Under the blankets of the soul / a forgotten beauty stirs. THE UNEXPECTED FACTOR OF GRACE It is happening in every nation, / amongst all peoples, this grace, / this slow, sweet explosion of new awareness / streaming through mi… THE SHINE There is a body within our bodies / that has not been twisted, / torn or trammeled, / troubled or tantalized, / but remains innocent. WORDS INSPIRED BY RILKE I can see into things like never before: / paintings, trees, faces… / My senses can climb like young birds / that fly straight up into the … WALKING SERAPHIM There are some women / —rare as blue horses— / who burn with life, / who emit sparks, / whose words ricochet around the room. BECAUSE I LOVE Because I love my sister, the wind / and the way she shouts / and streams this way and that, / thumping on things, FOR LILLYBUD BLOOMING this scamp-child of lilies and roses, / dances softly before the eyes / of a dying man /… THE WILD DIVINE There is a wild divine nature in us / calling us home. / It accepts us completely / as we are, as we do crazy things / for Love, IN THE GOLDEN AGE TO COME and every thought eases effortlessly / out of pink clouds with silver shivers / of ecstatic joy in the free creativity / of wild, holy beau… LOVE MAKES EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL Love is a free power, a pure working: / forming galaxies, the light in a bird’s eyes, / a fin, a fang, a finger, a wing / for this d… I WOULD BE A POLLYWOG I would be a pollywog / in a silver sea / amidst a land / of thick jasmine, WHEN SHE SECRETLY AROSE You listen too much even now to famous fox’s fables / instead of to the secret Lord of wolves and grass / for perhaps your young mind / st… THE GODDESS IS PRAYING YOU My dream of you is of beauty, / with your shy and silent heart, / and the divine quiet I sense / in your deep and curious eyes, TO HONOR THE SECRET SACRED SELF Who fights for her, / if not the stones and stars, / bird song and happiness of water? The Wild Holy The wild God hangs out with whores / and laments about the shame poured on them / by those who can never understand ABOUT YOUR VOICE This love between us / is ancient, from distant lifetimes, / from other worlds. FOR ALL OPEN MEN When a man is wide open, / beyond fear, wild as a hungry tiger, / fierce for gentleness and resting in it, / fully present, eyes meeting ey… DON’T HOLD BACK When the birthday cake is in front of you / don’t hold back: / there is a little beast in you / with innocent eyes BE COMING HOME Bring lips that quiver and are open to kisses. / Bring a nose that trembles in the miracle of smell. / Bring arms that can surround the who… RHYTHMS OF MY DAY He reminds me of bubbling butter. / Great yellow majesty: / he is like a king. ULYSSES RETURNS His wife eats him. / He softens like butter over her body. / His servant remembers and brings / a condensed lemon dust powder injection. SENSITIVE AS SILK Sensitive as silk in a breeze / she loved the ocean’s / wild, brutal pounding on stones, / the hiss of spray, / and electricity spurting / … ABOUT PEOPLE’S BOXES AND BUCKETS OF FEATHERS I write about God / and some people put me in a pew / from whence I want to jump up naked / and ride a purple tiger out of town. / I write … SINCE SHE TOUCHED ME I have been looking for her / ever since she first touched me, / in the center of my pink innocence, / in the secret hush of my being. MEDITATIONS UPON RELIGIOUS STATUES for their hearts are far away: / cart wheeling down green hills; / swimming naked with cherub children / in silver streams; HAVE YOU PRACTICED? Have you practiced being in touch / with the stillness between each breath, / for that is where you go to / when you die. THERE IS A RICHNESS OF VISION THAT GROWS There is a richness of vision which grows / as the heart softens, as the mind opens. / “Grow into a better vision,” God seems t… YOUR EYES ARE THE FLAME The touch of soft white hands / makes sense like sunlight / and peace. BECAUSE I LOVE Because I love my sister, the wind / and the way she shouts / and streams this way and that, / thumping on things, / shaking things around … REFLECTED BEAUTY So simple, so profoundly true: / drunk in its love, / falling into clear light — / the ladle of the heart / dipped into a magical well. A POEM IS A PLACE It’s a spurt and a spout, / a prink and a dazzle— / moistness in your pants. THE WILD HIDDEN REAL HAPPENING a young man comes in right after / and almost catches a chair’s carousal, / the lamp playing like a tree, / then shaking like a woman’s aro… THE MISSION OF THIS POETRY Getting the outside inside; / transforming the inside / with imaginative, crazy wisdom; LOOKING FOR SOMEONE You, love, are as profound as a hand, / smooth, small, round, resilient as a young tree, / active as a bee, you hold silence / like a stone… Love is the Bed Love is the bed / out of which hands and feet grow, / from which eyes form, / ears, the curve of a hip, / the long leg and arm. WE CAN FEEL LIGHT NOW We can feel Light now / for our beauty is found in rest / our movements sculptured / by inspired illumination. THE MORE OPEN WE ARE TO LIGHT The more we are open to God’s Light within us, / to the Light body of our own pure Spirit / hidden in the depths of our depths, / the… I LOVE SINGING TO BIRDS I love singing to birds / and setting them free. / I knew a woman / who came to me once / in the shape of a seagull. IN UNKNOWING I KNOW Who is this, standing before me? / An unknown, a mysterious being, / that encloses a secret body of beauty / awaiting to arise like a / b… DREAM BEAUTIFUL THINGS Dream beautiful things now, / forget the dying shadows / of a worn out world. / This is a new time now. / It is Now, and has begun: Where lions roam by redqueenself IMPRESSIONS OF FRANCE sitting half in the sunshine / and half in the night, / half naked in shadows, / half blinded by light . LOVE’S TRANSFORMATIVE VISION OF FULL ACCEPT… Perhaps their fingers / are shaped like cigar stubs; / perhaps their nose / like a cauliflower bud. UPON BODILY PLEASURE OPENING INTO SOME HUGE SPIR… What is this God-designed drug that makes our insides / a paradise of soft pleasures, that makes our bodies move to some / music of motion… LYBIA 2011 “What are you doing here?” a rebel asked the young black man who lay with his guts half hanging out. Gut shot: a bad token. Nobody likes it… YOU CAN IF YOU CHOOSE IT Can you re-find the power of language / so you can say your soul in such ways / that trees recognize you; / that birds somehow stop singin…
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