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Bon Iver by Whiteland Childish by TrentCurtis His Dark Secret Love by earthling Bon Iver  by Homicidium I love B - Heart B - Heart with letter B by theshirtshops Bino by trentcurtis95 O Rose Thou Art Sick by Sarah Vernon I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK WORDS TO YOU Ah, but here I am, sitting with a pocket full of nothing… / wishing beauty upon you, / wishing I had the power of a god to fly and bless / … Childish by trentcurtis95 IT TAKES ONLY ONE WORD It takes only one word / to say nothing so beautifully / as to wake up the soul. New York State Of Mind by LAFF WE HAVE WAYS WE MOVE UPON We have ways we move upon / and within each other / that are rarely said / by anyone. THE ANIMAL US There are birds in our blood; the trees are kissing us with every breath. Great beings watch over us from realms where a thousand earth yea… HOW THE LOVE WE NEVER GOT — my breast! bird brewed — / until the sky spattered clear / amidst the spiraled soak / of her gold-grown green fear. HOW TO LOVE A WOMAN Shout yes! yes! yes! to her. / Throw a fabric of wild soul-life over / her naked shoulders. / Let her run free like a colt! I DREAMED I SAW HITLER FALL INTO THE SUN I dreamed of life consuming death / and children laughing in the place / where selfish darkness once was done / so there was nothing left t… LILLY IS STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD Pio looks at Lilly. He smiles. / His flute silkily celebrates her long legs / in a lilting melody of prayer. / His angel writes down its pa… THE CHILDREN WILL REMEMBER A million lost children / are frantically trying to fix their tricked minds, / having been diagnosed and tranquilized / because they dream… THE COLORS OF GOD’S DREAM The dream of love / comes from clouds, / from the wild eyes of horses, / from the laughter of water falling. I love 1964 by Andy  Housham DON’T BE AFRAID… YOU’RE ALREADY DEAD This is beauty… / falling without fear, effortless, / sinking through sky, into the infinite softness A POEM FROM SALLY’S WORDS I’m listening to birds singing ancient songs: / homing songs, songs of wild flight. / I’m listening to the lullabies / of my ow… LILLY’S MORNING OBLATION She lets her night robe slip off / and stands naked / in blue water’s laughter / and sunshine’s silent flow, ABOUT A WOMAN TOO WILD TO TOUCH Her eyes move / like wild ponies, tremble like salt shakers / on a thunder rumbled table. THE GREAT LOVE LAUGHING AS LIGHT Dropping, sinking back / into the pink palpitations of my own sweet body: / into the golden juice of it, / into my milk, into the cleansin… THE GOLDEN BEING WHO CANNOT LIE The Golden Being who cannot lie, / who created infinite fields of stars, / and this blue and green / spinning world in space, THE DEEP WILD DANCES The Deep Wild passionately undulates, / copulates and dances! URI’S BLESSING his eyes glistened with emotion, and he embraced me, crying out my name to the birds, to angels… / to the wind. A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS As ripples on a still pool / expand in silver Light, / so Love expands to embrace all — ECSTATIC LIGHTENING Run out, stand naked under the opening skies, / I mean throw off all your clothes, / feel the sunlight kissing your skin, PERHAPS YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN I thought it was possible / to be closed in a beautiful way, / but you disprove my defenses / with your face, by your nose, / through the h… LOVE IS THE BED Love is the bed / out of which hands and feet grow, / from which eyes form, / ears, the curve of a hip, / the long leg and arm. WHAT A LONG WAY WE HAVE TRAVELED TO ARRIVE AT THI… Oh Lilly, what a long way we have traveled / to arrive at this kiss. / I with my naked mind, / … LIFE IS MEANT TO BE TRANSFORMED INTO ART Every one of us is crying out / to be transformed into art: / I mean Love as Life, in us / at last THE FLAMING HOST OF GAIA We are all part of a wild, flaming company / holding the Earth / like a pearl in our translucent hands, / in our radiantly loving hearts. PINNING THE LOCATION Perhaps in the garden of a Taoist; / perhaps in the slow movement of Chi Gong; / perhaps in the fervent prayers of a Rabbi; / perhaps in a … Adam Blake Burwell <3 by lisabella INTIMATE AND FREE It is time to discover, perhaps for the first time, the living wisdom and safety of this power we call Love. It is time to become naked, op… GOD’S LOVE WAS BORN God’s love was born / on Christmas morn / amidst brambles in the hay, MORTAL VULNERABILITIES Sometimes, though the hidden night sky / is white with stars, / still dark descends inside our bones, / like ink seeps into white linen, Echoes From the Blue Boy all love-born / and breathing, pouring silver life / in shivers, in the shaken bells / of laughter, OPEN YOUR DOOR Open your door / and let the blue sky pour through / all over you, / let sunshine splatter you gold / and blue, and a foamy / silk of cloud… Cold Case by LeilaBlake I HAVE DECIDED TO LIVE IN SLOW MOTION I have decided to live in slow motion / so I can become as sensitive as a plant. / I have decided to drift on old boats down young rivers /… DIM ECHOES OF A GOLDEN VOICE Have you caressed the inside of trees / lately, sailing by / on clouds like a child’s dreams? LILLY, WHERE ARE YOU REVISITED It has been a long time / since I met a woman / my mouth bled for, / that my heart started speaking to / without my conscious consent I PRAY FOR THIS WOMAN So shall the sun / turn twofold and green / and arise in her overflowing / eyes. THE NEW COSMOS We are all of us, / together, / arising up out of / the center / of existence. / We are twinkling in and out / of God. / Created, we c… Oh Rose, Thou Art Sick 1 by Richard Maier FALLING WITHOUT FEAR This is beauty… falling without fear, / effortless, sinking through sky, / into the infinite softness / that catches, into some other w… WHAT IF LOVE What if infinite Love / was in the space between your open hands, / the silence between each thought, / the still point between each breath. LOVE AND SUFFERING You were a slow flame surrounded by an azure sea. / The roses you once held to your breast for strength / became my kisses, ruby raindrops … Virtue’s Casualty Stepping over the line means no return; / Relationships bring with them inevitable maturity / As well as sensations that can’t be unlea… LIKE A MOON IN EACH EYE Waiting like a woman in ecstatic heat / waits breathlessly for her lover to awake and rise, / we can fervently wait for our secret Great So… WHERE IS MY HOME, LOVE? Let these walls drip with color; / let this roof explode with stars; / let sea waves crash against my door. IN HER, THE HIGH LIGHT CRACKLES Hers is the laugh of a child… / yet a wild horse runs through her laugh, / its hooves beating up sparks from the stones… WILD THINGS Your name is being called / by sacred beings / who are silent / and listening… / Eat their music. I LOVE THE SILENCE I love the silence of animals, / of birds in their long pauses / between song, / of trees unstirred by wind, / of a stone. SPEAKING IN CIRCLES OF LIGHT Come, stand with me in your own / celebrative, unique circle of Light, / in the white Stream coursing through you, / in the Waters of the … A Disclaimer of God for God Shaking your head in a dance, / refusing oppressive existence, / breaking open until you are brimming with life / being crazy with love THE NEW COSMOS We are all of us, together, / arising up out of the center / of existence. / We are twinkling / in and out of God. AN ARGUMENT He lit his pipe, “I’ll stay,” he slowly said, / “Till heaven comes a blazing in my head THE GODDESS IS PRAYING YOU The Goddess is praying you even as you / are praying her, loving her sweet quality / of Love, & her wild, innocent freedom / that I ca… VINCENT Confused, clear, / passionate as fire, / walking through forests / dreaming he can talk with God, HALF MAN HALF MACHINE  by LAFF FEAR DA BEARD by LAFF FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN IMPROBABILITIES If you encounter someone who believes / in a thousand improbabilities — / such as blind chance developing a protein molecule / at the odds… TWO POEMS ON MAKING LOVE TO GOD THIS WAY Making Love to God this way, / through the naked center opening / in pure reflection of the naked body opening / its most tender and ecs… A FORGOTTEN BEAUTY STIRS Under the blankets of the soul / a forgotten beauty stirs. WHAT IF LOVE? What if people start realizing that Love is the higher law and potential of Life… THERE IS A TREMBLING OF THE HEART There is a trembling / of the heart that comes / in the presence of birth, / or death, / or a pure soul: THE SHINE There is a body within our bodies / that has not been twisted, / torn or trammeled, / troubled or tantalized, / but remains innocent. MORE WRITING IN PREPARATION When you arrive / summer will blow in my windows / dressed in its carnation garments, / trailing straw. AWAKENING AS THE PEARL OF PRECIOUS PRICE I am learning that there is an entirely new biology that starts to transform us — body and mind. It is the biology of bliss… of freed… BECAUSE I LOVE Because I love my sister, the wind / and the way she shouts / and streams this way and that, / thumping on things, UN VENTO BELLO My heart has memorized / Your eyes… / And how your free energy / Bears a cloud of golden clay: THE WILD DIVINE There is a wild divine nature in us / calling us home. / It accepts us completely / as we are, as we do crazy things / for Love, Gay for The Governor by hiddlestonr IN THE GOLDEN AGE TO COME and every thought eases effortlessly / out of pink clouds with silver shivers / of ecstatic joy in the free creativity / of wild, holy beau… LOVE MAKES EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL Love is a free power, a pure working: / forming galaxies, the light in a bird’s eyes, / a fin, a fang, a finger, a wing / for this d… YOUR SUNSHINE IN MY CLAY Your wind blowing through my eyes; / Your thorns on mountainside roses / pricking the skin of lovers. / Help me remember. LIVE LIKE A MIRACLE Live like you are a miracle happening Now. / Move like movement is an amazing gift. / Live like the Great Miracle / of all miracles is ali… WHEN SHE SECRETLY AROSE You listen too much even now to famous fox’s fables / instead of to the secret Lord of wolves and grass / for perhaps your young mind / st… THE GODDESS IS PRAYING YOU My dream of you is of beauty, / with your shy and silent heart, / and the divine quiet I sense / in your deep and curious eyes, The Wild Holy The wild God hangs out with whores / and laments about the shame poured on them / by those who can never understand LEGION OF DUNK by LAFF YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE CRAZY ANYMORE Why not remember / the breathtaking beauty within you / that unites you to all that is free? BEGINNING A LETTER TO THE MIRACLE OF A HUMAN BEI… and that sublime tongue licking, tasting, acrobatically, / twisting, flipping and flapping in talk Gave Me You. by TwistedHearts FOR ALL OPEN MEN When a man is wide open, / beyond fear, wild as a hungry tiger, / fierce for gentleness and resting in it, / fully present, eyes meeting ey… LAUGHING LIKE THE BUDDHA Yesterday I finally found my Guru. / She is two years old. / I’m laughing like the Buddha / because she is free. THE HOLY CIRCLE Light a small fire of sweet grasses / and the fragrant sap of trees. / Its smoke purifies the mind as soon as it arises / from the hot coal… IN LOVE OF THE EARTH AND SKY I want to reclaim the innocent sky / to be just that, the home / of free winds, of the Great Spirit, / of white clouds of stars BE COMING HOME Bring lips that quiver and are open to kisses. / Bring a nose that trembles in the miracle of smell. / Bring arms that can surround the who… THE RETURN He walked carefully, not as one who was timid, / but as one who knew the value of the place / and did not wish to disturb its natural / har… The ComeBack by LAFF
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