The Warrior's Lament by patjila Angry, Petulant by Margaret Bryant The Queen Must Die by Margaret Bryant Absolutely Morose by Margaret Bryant Bitter by Margaret Bryant Bitterness is a Paralytic V2 by Noelle Gravlee The Temptation Of Bitterness Bitterness tempting us in life / A granite fist to rage our plight / Oh mighty reasons to scourge / We all have to take the B Pill / To su… The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … Our Spiking Sense of Grey by Jennifer Rhoades The Chains of Love by Zoo-co I'm Drowning In Words I Cannot Say. by SquarePeg Brooding by Adam Godman We Are The Fatherless We Are The Fatherless: (PLEASE READ, I know it sounds bleak at first, but I’m simply trying to connect in the first paragraph or so w… Forgiveness by Adam Howie Raw Fury Abstract by Alexander Butler Bitter Tears by mimulux there is no purchase in bitterness there is no purchase in bitterness, / for who can tell what may spring / from the loam of forgiveness? Green Eyed Monster by jaycee Bitter The barbed wire keeps me here. / Trapped in my world / distorting all that is true. Dear MUM I really did find comfort in thinking there is something better than here, a place where you are, because where you are is always a better … Cold Bitterness by Andrei Vishnyakov Final act – In This moment I’m not sure if anyone will find this. Even if they do I’m not sure they will be able to read my scrawl. I’m not sure why I’m writing thi… I AM SORRY FOR MY FLAWS I try to be perfect, but find it isn’t possible / To even come close, my perfection is eaten by the shark’s jaws… “Vaccant Eyes” Tragically these parasites of the soul prevent outsiders from coming too close to inflict further hurt. Sing the Song of Bitterness and Make the Moon Exp… We left everything to God. We were repaid in ways you would not care to hear. Rage by jaycee “I Heard Him Call Out My Name” “My child there’s a cancer that binds you deeply inside. And you nurture it’s root, with it’s anger and strife.R… Caged Animal ( part 2 ). Self doubt caged her. / She felt she would never……. / be good enough. / Like a caged animal, / she wanted to break away…… I stand alone. Today I stand alone / Left pondering in thought / I hold fear and loathing in my hands / and bitterness… I have been taught A Youthful Vision and Patience Our eyes could grasp the vision / Too distant for those feebler of our elders, A Sea of Bitterness If that is the case, you are indeed a sea of their resentments. / And nothing good can be said of you; you are too beautiful for words. Wounded, she’d charge headlong … Wounded, she’d charge headlong, into the reckless crowd, rebounding off others, like freak gunfire in a film. Bitterness entwined How can I live with bitterness entwined? / When years of decay flow through my mind / A life untrue through others deceit / When will I res… Paint With Feeling Paint with feeling, shall I? / Purple for the bleeding heart / Black for the death of loving / Green for the envy-rich pain / Yellow for su… Taking Inventory They say hindsight is always twenty-twenty… DAMSEL_D The Green Man was where we met. / You said, “I feel like getting drunk”. / The Green Man was where we split. / You said my kisses made you … Tilt Take a walk in the rain of my sadness. / Get drenched in the bitterness of every drop. Regret a series of musing about emotions Darkest Side by ArtistByDesign Silent he shuts her up with silence / cold, brooding distance / created to reject her into submission / she turns away / questioning her worth /… time (Mature) Bitterness my faith meant little to you and even less to me I suppose / lifting me up from my knees to notice me / drew me so far from God / I was dra… BACK TO MY K-DAYS Back to my K-Days / Today started out as one of the lowest points in my life and slowly turned into an astounding revelation. As I flipped… Strawberries and Coffee Beans (a mandala of life) by dosankodebbie Ghosts of Yesterday My youth pulled from under the bed, / Dusty as however many years that I’ve got left / Between the nighttime romps and cigarettes, … Bitterness by rogelsm Please Understand Understand… / I’m experiencing now / what you must have / felt long ago. Days Gone By I so wish the winds would whisk away / these clinging memories. The Last …everything tasted burned and bitter and cheap. The NEED for Anger management… My hurt feels far worse than being struck by a nuclear bomb; Getting on With LIFE Exhaling over and over again … no deep breath in … Daddy’s philosophy of life(and death) my dad comes clean(and dirty) Nasty Taste by SocJusticeInk Bitter by nimbusnought poisoned by aliazcreationz I Come to See You I catch the shadow of a butterfly’s dance around a spent flame. / “Where have you been?” you ask, and drive a bitter wedge through my heart. first light… lips and smiles were / always mine, those times / were such a sweet perfume.. the bitterness inside i’ve gotta break away from this / if i am ever to stay sane / its one deadly kiss / and a life time of pain / there are accidents in … Love by Megan Nicole Lost Virtue Snake Dagger iPhone case by Aarron Laidig unpalatable palaver you speak and i taste your words / bitter with rue / smoked with regret Don't throw your life away by Fernando Fidalgo Step One You Say We Need To Talk by whithss65 Tree of Bitterness by realestkid

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