FEAR YOU NOT..(a repost)

You are that silent companion, / life long, / constantly by my side,


I do not fear you, Death

Bitter Sweet

Yet linger on / the end of the tongue / tasted off the lip

Black Orchid

And, all that was left, was a pale reminder / Of what was once a match made in hell…

bitter taste (poem)

only a hint of flowers remains / like a dream and a kiss / a tiny little speck of hope / a seed for a future far away

If Anger is an Energy?

If anger is an energy then what are we supposed to do with it?

Path to Eternity

if not you, Lord… / Divine spirit / devine God / sacred firm / strengthen / merciful savior / you would not hand us conscientiously o…

“And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass̷…

“And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass…" / holding tightly, it is shattered it like my past, / do not mourn, do not cry, d…


Heart Tea…

Cutting ties.

Family; / Where blood is thicker than water, / Where the lies are thicker still. / A tangled web, layered so densely / Light can no longer…

Passions Flight

this unquenchable fire / will not consume him / he has walked in the white heat / and licked its flame / felt its purity / imagined himself…

Bitter Godess

It’s ‘juicy’ I suppose

Vessel of bitter seed

Black night of raven wings / crept through the still hours before dawn / laying heavy and thick / blanketing all in its path

The Bitter End

Where shall I begin? / The new / The old

under par

words do break bones / deep inside my heart / rattling as I go


As my soul searches for enlightenment, / she wrings me out one last time.

Shallow Haze

I step out into the light only to see theses shadows of doubt / They whisper to me words of wisdom or so they say / So much negativity, so…


The barbed wire keeps me here. / Trapped in my world / distorting all that is true.


you are a black cancerous death that erodes my bones / you are both the devil and an angel in one / like one tosses in their sleep, you tos…


Laying on damp grass it is / Hard to spy on the horses, / Now that he has cut all the buds / From the flowers.



The Earth With Bitter Aftertaste

My mother gave me a seed when I was very young, and together we planted it in our backyard, under the shade of azaleas. I dug into the eart…

Life Is Not Bitter

Life is not bitter… / only the fruit / if premature, / or the sweet / unattended / in its ripeness….

Bitter Sweet Deceit

Deep and dwell / she shall go down

Bitter Sweet Autumn, Stealer of Summer

Summer / is leaving / sweet perfume fading fast / her whispered song / in the music of birds / drifting & thready / she will not linger

The storm


A Woman Of False Faith

she casts her spell / away in her hidden room / it is filled with hate / and so much gloom / her crucifix turned over / the saints all bro…

bitter herbs

don’t look at me that way / it’s self-destructive / to hunger for / such sweet poison

Memories Sweet and Bitter

He filled that space, / In a lonely heart. / But now they’re just, / Too far apart. / T’was no one’s fault, / But now he&…


Intoxicated / your sorrow a drug / manifests in the physical / heart palpitates / shallow breath / head light / dizzy rush of emotion / un…


No More Mr. Nice Guy

bitter sweet

wonderful chocolate isn’t a guy


“Truth is something concocted / By someone with a vivid imagination / Syrup we are spoon fed as a child / To prepare us for the tast…

[‘My Duality.’]

The anthem was blaring. / My footfalls resound / in the desert not walked, / beneath armour unseen; / grinning through vodka. / Breath stol…


I’m bitter and mean. / Going to make you moan and scream.

Bitter Shut-In

In Your footsteps I can never follow..

Life awaits

Life awaits for those who dare

For You

I’d shift mountains, / With all that I am / My strength is a river / My faith will never drown


Love, / Sweet taste / Of bittersweet / To have for a moment / Then gone with time / Yet not really / It remains / As a shadow / Always ther…

Bitter Creature

Red talons, punctuate, gnarled fists. / Cease to exist… I would not miss…

Cocktail Cock-Up

A drop of Lover’s Venom / A twist of Enemy’s Smile / Shaken roughly / Memories stirred / Bittersweet

SWEETS FOR THE BITTER © 2012 by Ellen Hecht

A silly little story about Pixies and Wickedness, good versus evil.

To The Bitter End

To The Bitter End / I cannot see beyond the length of my eyelashes / since my heart stopped supplying me with a vision. / Lost are the imag…

Bitter World

How can you look straight into our eyes / And fill us up with all those lies / Promising us of better days / Assuring that you wont be far …


Degrees of resistance equivalent roughly, regardless of altitude; between lighting a poorly thought-out-flame-and, the mechanism of a faili…

Bitter Incense

I climbed a tree today / And read a book / And sailed away on a Spanish galleon

Love….with a bitter twist.

…you morphed me with your thoughts….which was a vile intrusion

The bitter end

My strongest love / Met the coldest end!

October Rains

I stood in the mist of the trees, / Letting the leafs fall around me, / My breath painting clouds above me, / Bitter cold and heartrending …

Mirror thoughts

The bitterness of my tea washes away the melancholy lingering on my tongue

You Happened

I’d been searching for a tourniquet;

*The venom of Sin

Through the age of scorned men and prideful spites / The ignorance of you breeds a sinful heart / Your words are careless / Your mouth bre…


A gaudy cacophony of ego and fear. This atmosphere is saturated in the emanations of billions of confused souls, past present and future. E…

Bitter Night

No excuses / will soothe / the pain / that I caused you, / and time may not / heal those wounds / so quickly / as for us to forget / that n…

Bitter sweet

of the silky smooth syrup… / gasping / moaning / grasping

Bitter Red Machine

Bitter Red Machine. What would you do if I choked on your liquor? If I drowned in your mouth? Hard Candy, crushed velvet, red vengence. You…

Love…from the Bitter Dreamer.

Such dizzying heights, / So high to fall, / Crashing to the ground, / A shuddering grand mal. / Such wonderful delights, / Stripped quickly…

Hope arising out of bitter, evil darkness

No, when Sophie announced it. / No, after my cancer joke. / I turned to prayer, like many, like everyone. / ‘Has Tom not bothered to …

Bitter Comrade

This isn’t real. / If I die in my sleep, / I’ll wake and through the day I’ll weep. / The things I see, / the voice I hear, / whispers ill-…


swallow these dots / rather than pot. / flow through my veins / liven dead things. / call upon these / mental memories. / split them in two…

Another Day , Another Breath …

I take another sip / from the wine glass in my hand. / My eyes look out the window / at this grey decaying land… / …The haze of…


…deep within the dun canopic vessel of regret….

unto the bitter end

i’m driving on the left of the left, right up against the edge of left field / with the top down and an old leather jacket and a pair…


Bright sunflower skin, lightly textured, a beautiful egg and when its shell is cracked the soft silk mist fills the air with a sharp sweet …

The Race

Another man who’ll leave you crying / More crocodile tears without a care

The Bitter Taste of Blood

I whisper the words of comfort / To no ears but my own, / Flood my soul with your voice, / It is all i have ever known.

This time last year

‘I marvelled at the fact that / just when you rely on your thoughts / (when you’ve been denied them for so long), / they become…

Hanging On Till The Bitter End

Barren land hungry for a donation of moisture / Unshaken, yet barely alive in nature / Waiting patiently without over demanding / For a sha…

sweet bitter coldness and unexceptance

Im like a novel you havnt read me, / Im like a scent you havnt smelt me. / Im like a cold you havnt caught me yet.

Vengance is a Bitter Treat

This time the Hunter dies / Slowly as the sunrise / She shows him no mercy for his crimes / As her fangs punture his throat and pull the li…

Bitter Times

BITTER TIMES / By / Oscar Elizondo / I once had a mighty strong beating heart, / Located inside the lining of my chest. / I was a proud and…

Bitter Wind, Memories

I’m very cold, / Sitting here, / Writing, / In a place simply teeming, / With memories. / Childhood laughter, / Childhood screams, / Echoes…

Bitter Taste.

i will hang bitterness on the coat rack and wear it another day.

Ghosts of Yesterday

My youth pulled from under the bed, / Dusty as however many years that I’ve got left / Between the nighttime romps and cigarettes, …

Bitter End

The blood that we shed / Is the blood that we shared / You pretend you never cared / Stand before me / Just like before / We don’t ha…

I Hope You Can’t Sleep

Goodnight, darling / I hope you can’t sleep / I hope you wake up / and you think of me / and while you stare at the ceiling / I’…

House of Blues

She was wicked in spirit, / Although she had not always been / A broken heart can do that to a soul


Black ink blooms, in cloudy fields of white; as my heart breaks asunder, five thousand miles removed. / I am the light that fell, through a…


Is there nothing in this world


But I will be there, / I will try to care.

The Bitter End to a Fathers Fists

and now i no longer leave a trail of life where i plea


You know what I’m trying to say, I just can’t get it out. You do do you? I doubt it. Severely. / I should always have more fait…

Bitter Release

i grieve like a mother / yet you were never my child

Bitter Sweet Oleander

Look past the thick, lifeless, dark gray skies, / To the place where you know heaven exists, / Where the hurting ends, and eternal devotion…

Bitter revenge

a tale of one young boys attempt at vengance

There Is A Moment Which Sings With The Brightness…

…These words and the truth, / All spent and repentless for their wild night of liquour and women / And useless sounds which other pe…


Electric resurrection, / the hearts’ favourite confection; / a lust unmatched she finds. / A path to creep so fluidly, / beneath the…

better, not bitter

And I gave my heart to you . Gave up every single thing for you / You were intentional – you knew everything you said . / everything…

Bitter sweet

Over / Time that forgotten / Bruise turned to her / Core and with / Despair asked; / “Doesn’t my lover / Desire my sweetness?” / Does he…

Stop talking shit, maman..!

31 and I’m still trying to calculate when bedtime should be. / Playing chicken with the time. / Should I go once the crap-talking has…

Burnin’ Away

It’s only when I’m by myself / That I feel lonely / Late at night is when it’s the worst / The mascara tears running down my face / It does…

I guess you’ll never know

I’ve never been for love symbols
 / Those really stupid tokens / 
People give them out like presents
 / Then leave your heart all b…

Full Circle

Coldly you smoldered me / openly, open me and peer inside / Apathetic to what you find and left here now to die

Love Trilogy – Part 3: BITTER

Want to end my life so then you’ll know / You can’t take, take, take without a thought.


the shadows still / beckoned……..

bitter sweet

I’m working my way to you / building myself into what will hold you in my arms / i look for tomorrow, when i am a little bit more the…
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