the two of us I have dreams of flying / What a beautiful feeling to be fledged / It reminds me of the first jump I took / Off the third story ledge … Basic BackYard Bird Photography Best Time of Year / The best time of year to photograph birds is Spring. That way you have / the opportunity to capture birds you … the dawn chorus simply, i pushed open the door, / and stood, / vacantly for a moment / until i saw, / in the pre dawn, where the night died / and the day b… 797 VIEWS – SOUTHERN GROUND HORNBILL –… The earliest credible fossil record for Ground Hornbills is from 15 million years ago… Mind Birds My tongue / is alive / with garden, / climbing the walls / of my mouth, / feeding my mind / with lavender blooms, / twining my feet / to… God’s Wings After a forest fire in Yellowstone National Park, forest rangers began their trek up a mountain to assess the inferno’s damage. / One… ENDANGERED ANIMAL SPECIES Thank You To The That One Great Shot Group For Featuring This Written Work / I am very pleased and honoured to be able to contribute in my … AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… The Secret Keepers Once upon a time, only yesterday / There was a secret only told / To those who could really keep it / Until they did grow old. i remember… A look at life in a different way Surviving against adversity I spent many hours watching the continuation of life in my yard… STARLINGS in Topsham Stunning sunsets inevitably urged us there night after night and the appearance of starlings was an extra and much appreciated prize. Adventures through the Undergrowth Meet Blue. She is protecting the eggs while their mother is out collecting hot rocks. leaving winter behind ‘the past is the past’, so you say what has man done? dancing in the wood / beneath the hollowed / blackened trees / their limbs bending in pain / singing them a song of healing / while tears f… Farm talk – Flutterby, the Laughing Dove “Fiscal Shrike” – watercolour on Bockingford 300gsm – Maree© / The Fiscal Shrikes in my garden provide me with hour… Paw Prints in the Sky A tribute to a sweet buff Cocker Spaniel, Stedman, who lived life and loved living. Flock Silver confetti flash and spark the sky… SWEEP ME INTO YOUR ARMS Sweep Me Into Your Arms / As if a breeze blew me to you / Open up the door to your heart / And let me in there too / Let our souls dance to… A poem about two birds? waiting, / for the aches and pains / to fade, / they always fade, / succumb within my mind, / lost in another time, / I watch, / at least t… Listen to the Birds… If you can’t hear the flowers (yet), listen to the birds. Evening Birds My dark thoughts cannot catch / them – the quick patterns of / their flight into the twilight… The Gathering Do you know what goes on / When you go out of town? / You think you left your home quite safe / But let me give you the lowdown! wittle archie’s dream ( someone’s or … i had the weirdest everest dream / last night i went to my bed really early , i was ab-so-lutley exhausted from playing all day on my bike… Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. do the birds go to sleep? do the birds go to sleep… / when it’s 1 AM / and it’s dark as death / quiet as a coffin / and even the crickets don’… Unconditional Love I am loved unconditionally from morning till night / Whether it is my little Sophia or one of my birds in flight / My Shih Tzu, Sophia, wat… Not to be resurrected What would happen / if the fertile forests / of our glorious globe / all disappeared / and the once / robust rivers / ran dry I’m feeling a bit envious Don’t tell birds but I’m little bit envious / They don’t follow rules / Don’t having any kind of Law / They donR… Dancing With Angels We flew upon the laughter / And drifted on a sigh / We twirled through the lavender / And chased the damselflies Cinders: Ash and Blue (birds) inch by stifling inch / i have swallowed enough sand / in my loss and miss / to fill up a grown man / as i suffocate / time aches / like … ~ # until we hear the bush birds sing! # ~ smoke filled skies / choke babies’ cries / when the roar fades / silence fills the glades In the absence of birds For sixty days now / there has been silence. / The chatter that I knew and loved / for over ten years now has / shockingly stopped. / Not a… blue the colour of my soul is blue, / teal to be precise / although that is not my game / flying and floating / somewhere above the ground / th… And the Birds Don’t Sing The last sixty days / Have not seen the sun. “My Secret Garden” “Worlds where there’s the bluest skies, and birds of every color. Waters clear with golden sands, where gems can be discovered.… Dark Wings of Night Darkness of the heart / from unexpected paths flies in. / The questions start / and the doubts begin, Sky . I fell in love with a one night stand, just as yo… Your fingers laced in mine as if / you’d known me twenty years and you were beautiful / and everything I’d feared. / I could smell the liqu… BANNERS Raise your banners / Hold them high above your heads / Tell them I am coming! / To conquer, not be conquored / To give life, not to bring d… On Wings of Prayer …..no place to run,to no man can I turn… Birds If you wished for the words / I always have words for you / They come to me like birds / Out of nowhere, out of the blue / I just stop doin… kids now days playing outside kicking a ball / noisey kids climbing the wall / annoying residents as they try to play / no wonder they all / get chased … moment of passion we embraced as the / warmth of the sun saturated / our naked shoulders rest… and you in mine City Birds He exactly opens his briefcase, / Takes out his glasses case / and places his eyes away. Birds In Flight……………… Fly ! Fly Me Away………………… New Prize Challenge – Birds Win RedBubble Gift Certificates! “Always By My Side” Featured in ̶… Wow, what a great Thanksgiving Gift…..“Always By My Side” featured in “Yellow Fever” Group. What an honor to… Last acts How heat of sultry summer’s eve consumes me. / Feisty bloody crimson glow ignites a flaming skyline; / dusk radiant decorates the gol… Finalist in group challenge I was thrilled and honoured that my painting “Fishing” was voted one of the finalists in the Painters in Modern times group cha… TWO LOVEBIRDS Two lovebirds sat looking at the sunrise / With their wonderful flashing eyes / Visions of them brought to my mind / Something we have lost… a time of love like an approaching wave / a thin horizon line, stretched into the periphery; / that’s how your voice came. / no spaces grew between the wo… Ode to a Summer’s Day Make music with the strings of sunshine / That fall from branches of lilac / Heavy with bloom. Love Birds I’ll sing / My song is Love Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather / Waves of birds majestically circling above, / Pigeons, sparrows, bluebirds and white-winged doves. / Something about c… Crow Funeral and then her gaze was drawn to centre stage where, a single crow lay, dead…….to be loved, to be mourned, to belong……… life is but a journey life is but a journey / no matter which road we take / which ever way we get their / its a journey we must make / whether looking for … thought you were my friend “i thought” (Mature) Commission Commission by Maxwell & Williams birds even tho their parents / won’t have a thing to do / with another species / i think me and you / should take a lesson / from what th… and I shall see the wings of birds and I shall / see the wings of / birds / as gossamer / leaves the bird this morning / I found a dead / gull / in the bird-bath in my / garden. You Only Have One Shot At True Love… It came out of nowhere, almost as if it had fluttered down from the heavens, landing on a tall banyan tree a few hundred metres away. I pee… BUM this poem is rom my only published book so far,From Desperation to Inspiration was published in june 1999 by Paperdoll publishers,ISBN 1 86… THE ONLY TWO BIRDS if dinner is brief Animal Crackers! Have you ever matched your pets to different careers? Two young magpies on my front lawn 5-03-2010 / Two young magpies watched me step out of the car. One of them was busy pecking at something in the grass. The other eyed me and… Who knew birds fly at midnight?… girls night out / plus One… Spring Has Sprung (for one half of the world,any… I’ve seen it, too, in fresh green grass, and awkward baby birds. / With short-tailed hops, they flutter down, and stumble on the grou… Sparrows Falling The sparrows are falling and rising like leaves, whirling in the winds like we do in the currents of our lives… Madeline M. A. Thank you so much, you made my da… Card Purchase, Two Egrets or Three The Visitors A stand of trees / Swaying in the muted light / Intricate branches like delicate lace / Woven by nature’s brilliant artistry / Birds … Haiku too Dry not wet lines before the birds take over last night i drank. / i told many tales to a dying candle - / she left before dessert. / i ordered a bottle too many. / the restaurant was… Memories of the Sea Glassy waters of azure / Transparent winds nudging gentle ripples / On the salty ocean surface / Tiny reflections caress birds / That stir … Dark Birds Dark birds / November stirred / swirling like / black turtle beans / through windy broth. Birds Don’t Sing… … they carol. / Merry Everyday! (and to all a good flight) / ;D SOLD ’ SHARING A SPACE’ SALA TODAY SOLD OIL PAINTING PELICANS ETHEREAL LOVE it is a tale of lovers once lost / promising never to be apart / one died an early death / the other lived with a broken heart / she never … Bird Lovers……….. I found a great resource for anyone interested here / They gave me a page for my red shouldered hawk here Haiku /1st June 09 ( pronounced Hi-coo) im just learning so bear with me lol here it is Sharon…..my first one.. / Butterflies flying / Birds singing all around me / Makes li… Wild Falcon Stay Awhile These creatures are wild and free, with the blink of an eye they can fly off never to be seen again. take these wings Today I bought two caged birds, in order to set them free. Triple Treat…Three Features – Three G… Volcano Abstract featured in Nature’s Macro Canvas – wow what a wonderful surprise to see my Volcano Abstract featured in this … D.a.n.c.e Let me dance / Do not stop me / I want to dance / I want to throw my arms on the wings of the air / The same way birds rely on the unseen /… Winter Hummingbird and Playful Photogenic Pets Fe… Thank you I Love Birds for the features. Very much appreciate it. AUTUMN’S SONG APPRECIATE NATURE AND IT’S BEAUTY 10,000 Shadows The water gently laps the shore. / Ten thousand dark shadows skim the water’s surface, / And fill the sky. Hummers of Rock Hollow Slide Show Visit Rock Hollow Lodge Hummers Spring!!! Spring…she is such a subtle temptress, / Breathing sonnets into the swell of her air. / Birds then impart such a lovely secret, / Th… A LITTLE LOVE Put your hand in mine and forever it will be / Won’t have to worry about no one just you and me I MADE A SALE TODAY…THANK YOU……… …THANK YOU SO SO VERY MUCH..DEAR FRIEND / I MADE A SALE TODAY…….MARCH 12, 2012 / I made a sale today….Awesome news&… Dawn Chorus awaken to the noisy WAITING FOR OUR ARRIVAL They are ours only to borrow / We don’t know what will happen tomorrow / The little ones that have no voice / To take them or not is …
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