life is but a journey

life is but a journey / no matter which road we take / which ever way we get their / its a journey we must make / whether looking for …

Soaring Like A Bird

Trees that twist and turn always intrigue me. One day, as I floated by boat on a peaceful lake connecting to the bay, I saw wonderful trees…

thought you were my friend “i thought”


Lessons with a bird.

Cousin Declan kept birds / in aviaries, flocks of finches / flew, Zebra finches mixed with Goldfinch / and golden yellow Canaries, parro…

Like a battered bird… Grounded

Like a battered bird … grounded / no more could he sing / chirpy in the morning

where have you gone!

Where have you gone my little dove?

the flame of life

Are we buying time / paid with sweat and tears / Are we living life / paved with blood and fears

back to my branches

When I have heartache or am confused about what I feel, I pretend I’m a tree.

the bird

this morning / I found a dead / gull / in the bird-bath in my / garden.

The Crow

I saw a crow today / A beautiful black bird / And couldn"t figure out which death had occured / Allowing different thoughts to run th…

Mother Nature

Mother robin perched on a fence / Fresh earth worms wriggling from her beak / Carefully she watches me / Ever so quietly I watch her / Two …

Feathers Aflutter

Above and below / Please say it isn’t so / My feathers are such a mess / I really must confess / A girl for me might see / How messy …

Casting Circles with Sigils of Fire and Air

Trust yourself / Body and Soul / to the Winds of Fate…


perhaps she sleeps under bridges / and washes in the ocean / the salt turning her hair white / and picks roses out of peoples gardens / to …

Oh, Warby, Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

It was a magical day in the Australian bush, / one I rate highly amongst my birding experiences.

Unwritten dangers of the job

Photography once seemed so innocent and tame / hold your camera / aim, click and voila / Thoughts of the innocent i dare say / A few miles …

Queen of Heaven

I was given no voice with which to sing, yet my lessons are inevitable, vital as the Spring!

bird, we’re all dying but only some of us a…

You would probably chew the inside of my gum for me too if you could, with your toothless beak and your best intention.

Yellow Bird

I must keep one flame / inside of me / caged but able to fly / within that universe / that turns forever inward / to match the outward exp…


it was no trouble to catch the tiny bird / he was a baby, after all

Sonnet: Eternal Sparrow

“She loved him more than her own eyes,” quoth he, / “For he was gentle.” Furthermore he told / Of their affection pure that held the key / …



Christmas delights!

Clouds garland snow capped mountain peak / Icy snow butterflies melt kisses upon my nose / Puffs of warm, moist breath balloons billow out …

The Robin is the one

THE ROBIN is the one / That interrupts the morn / With hurried, few, express reports / When March is scarcely on. / The robin is the one / …

Fat Bird


Dark Birds

Dark birds / November stirred / swirling like / black turtle beans / through windy broth.

Bird Express

From the startled blue sky, the bird appeared. / Dropping letters into our box. Simple at first.

A Rare Bird…

A Rare Bird is one not easily found… / A Rare Bird is one that will not be bound. / A Rare Bird is one whose vision (of self) is clea…

And The “Bird” Played Once More

The alto sax hung by its neck strap in silence / Its shadow lost on the smoke stained wall / A cloud of recycled nicotine hovered low / And…

The Bird says

When I fly around this world / I can see my ancestors and coming generations / When I fly above this destination / and my eyes see your so…

My Bird of Peace

I see you my little bird of peace as you sit upon your nest, / your flight has taken you far beyond the clouds of hope / and it is justifia…

Bird Lovers………..

I found a great resource for anyone interested here / They gave me a page for my red shouldered hawk here


blood soaked away / through pavement cracks / zigged zagged to the gutter / his body sprawled / life taken too easily / no rhyme enough / n…

Wild Falcon Stay Awhile

These creatures are wild and free, with the blink of an eye they can fly off never to be seen again.

Raising the Sun with Song ~ Bold vs Brash

“Like the Magician, I teach you how to bring your tools to bear… to balance between this world, and the blue road of spirit, wi…


Knit one, purl one, and the soft folds of twisted rope appeared.

river bird

I went down to the river / To hear the water running in the dark. / The late September winds / Trying to blow me back. / I thought of you, …

ST19 – “Fly from the scene”

She sat drunkenly staring at the wall. The stain of red slid down it slowly. She was frozen in thought. She didn’t mean to do it. It wasn’t…

Wisdom from Angelic Wings

Across the sparkling mirror’s face, / Countless wandering sails bent in formation, / They come!

Deep Creeks

Meditatively, we watch / speckled and quicksilver cutthroat trout / rise up / from under submerged dark lip of rock

Bird With A Cage In It’s Skull

written behind white shirts and bruises

Distant Bird

They ride on a never ending gust of wind, / Messying themselves in women’s’ hair, / And taunting men with knowing that they wil…

Features: Blooming Beauty & Territorial

Woo Hoo!!! 2 new features!! / Thanks to the host of the group ‘Natures Wonders’ for featuring my photo ‘Blooming Beauty&…

Bird Song

Bird Song / bird song / gentle in / innocent light / creation / ever new / comes to my / tremulous / consciousness / now… / time of the / t…

A Little Bird

A Little Bird / A newly egg hatched baby bird has fallen from its nest, / Only to face the greatest challenge of survival test. / Beneath t…

Please Use Caution, This is Horrifying

I copied this from Laura Retyi, it is heartbreaking if you’re an animal lover, especially a bird lover…but must be seen. / A hu…

donkey and bird

‘i am weary of this road / for all the hours ahead, / and this such a heavy load’ / said the donkey to the bird / ‘and th…



The Birds of Religion

Beliefs which become, / and hence form the shape of how we hear, fear, and respond; exercise. / Responding to what we defend

Little Lovebird

Hello, little lovebird. Are you here to see me? I can’t see the reason, but I’ll gladly have your company.

Open Cage

The cage is open / The beats released / Only tethered to muses / I glide among the tilted

~ two poems ~ (one inspiring art piece)

swing neath the tree of reason (&) In the field of knowing

beyond my beautiful eyes

the most magnificent creature

Little Bird

She listens just to hear their calls, / Ever searching as evening falls. / Sunrise will bring another day / And memories too will go away. …

Springtime Ecstasy

It is an erotic dance of the senses, hot and cold licking and teasing my body.

The Freaklie Bird (in the style of Lewis Carroll&…

Beware the Freaklie bird my son, / the beak that bites, the breath that stinks,

The Baby Bird That Tries To Fly Too Soon Is Sure …

she met him in one night / in a moment of heat and passion / flashing lights and pounding music / swaying bodies that caged bleeding hearts…

The Bell Bird

A solitary bell bird dipped its beak in sweet sunrise / This morning

in the shadow of a bird

I am tall / but she did not see me

Return of the Swifts

When the storm is rising and strong winds blow, / They fly fearless before the gathering clouds, / Dark apparitions / of beauty.

The home-wreckers!

Common mynahs are tame, bold, and noisy birds; usually seen in pairs or small flocks. They build bulky nests in tree cavities, pockets in b…


Beneath this veil / Where your mortal eyes / Will never touch these / Flaming tears of gold…

Blue Bird

They’ll take care of me you know / Stop your crying little blue bird / They’ll help me / They’ll heal me / Be oh so glad to / See me live a…

Territorial Osprey Male – Featured June 23/…

Thank you very much to the hosts of this group for featuring this image.

Swift Haiku -25-06-08

Storm clouds circle, / A patch of blue, / The swift soars.

Blue Jay Featured in Canon DSLR Group

A great big thank you to the moderators of the Canon DSLR Group for featuring my Blue Jay! / Renée


(Copyright Lynda Harris – January 2010) / Some of you may already know Summer from the photos I have been putting up on my RedBubble …

Hero cop saves baby bird (well, with our help!)

Hero Cop saves baby bird! / You are all going to love this story! / In a day and age where our Police Department and officials get so much…


You do not want me as your girl / You’ve stated this, quite clearly / But if I was your pretty bird / Perhaps you’d love me, dearly / I’d w…

I am not a Ship

And though I am not a bird / Among depleted canopy

Macaws – Featured in Canon Vs Nikon ( 1 per…

I believe this is my 1st feature in this group. Thank you to the hosts for this delightful surprise

If I was a bird!

I would sing like a nightingale to calm your woes and moods / I would fly with you into the night and seek to reach the moon


There wasn’t a bird there, not even one. / Or so she said.

The Life of Me

I am a tree and these are my confessions. / I was born in 1956 in a bustling urban area. / When I was a naive dumpy chunk of wood, I woul…

Raising the Sun with Song – Hearts Afire wi…

Do you feel challenged by Change? Without it, your garden would not grow! I’ll help you plant new seeds of thought, and tell you when…


All alone trees bare / No food anywhere / Leaves are gone so are seeds / Where will poor bird feed / Looking for some nourishment / Weak an…

Birds Feathers After Rain (nonnet)

Having grabbed shelter in a tree-shade / When a bird flaps its soggy wings / Along with water droplets / Some remegies fall down / Scat…

Hooked On Birds – Featured in Live,Love, Dr…

Thank you so much to the moderators of Live,Love, Dream for featuring my trio of gulls in flight. What a delight !


That would upset the balance of things / Best stay outside and sing

“Quarter Please”

My photo “Quarter Please” was featured in Funny Kritters. Thanks so much.

be your bird

the one meant for your word

A Little Bird Told Me.

Sweet bird arrow feathered golden braid


I’m sorry I’ll never be able to dance like Fred Astaire-

the membrane of my flutter

You are my delicate thread.


man / limited, strained / working, striving, hoping / hunter, marksman, hunted, prey / fleeing, gliding, soaring / peaceful, free / dove

Yearning Grey

that fluttering bird of hope / wants to fly! / wants to sing!


like two birds are we / flitting daintily into this season of love

CAUGHT IN THE ACT – Featured in AS/IS Group

A big wholesome warm thank you to the moderators of the As/Is group for featuring my image. Thank You so very much!

Squirrel In Our Bird Feeder Was Featured

Thank you so much Welcome to Washington for the feature. Very much apprecaite it.

Let Me Fly

Let me soar high above the sky, / Like a bird up high, / Let me feel the wind brush across my cheek, / As I travel above the sea, / Let me …

A Sensual Assault

Sensing wet chilling / sting of spray on face and woody whiffs of aromatic pine,I swoop downwards to claim my prey.

Thank you so much zipandspan

Thank you very much zipandspan for purchasing one of my calenders / Bird, Love and Nature

Summer tide

the faithful hummingbird / retracing the same paths / Encounters fresh blossoms


it is just a foot with talons / lying on a leaf / no one there to cry / no… there was no grief / but that little crow / did not die …


if we live without her / misery is our fate

Black Bird ©

Black Bird © / By: Hector A. Encinas
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