The IDC & Beyond (My Story As A Dive Pro)R… I had heard a lot about the rescue course so I arrived at the boat a little nervous. …………….. somewhere beyond the sea somewhere waiting for me Beyond Flesh I will burn eternally / if I live my life in sin! Beyond the crest is what the crowd came to see “To be fair, the roof makes the hole look quite impressive. If the roof weren’t so fancy I probably wouldn’t be staring at it.” Modern vs Classical and beyond Modern Abstraction Vs Classical Realism and beyond. / The rise of the camera and the effect on realism and abstraction and their re-birth a… The View From Beyond The Edge #1 Now fully encouraged, I continued, wanting to get the hardest part out of the way quickly:…" THE BIRTH MARK FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE my son was born without a birth mark but weeks after his grandfather died his birth mark appeared on my sons arm Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow (We Will Meet Again) for i know that somewhere / just beyond the rainbow / you’re waiting there for me Beyond those tracks The introverts are travelling backwards Looking For Woop Woop? Forget The GPS! I thought my aunt was going to suffer an asthma attack, because she was laughing so hard – at me! fleeting glimpse I don’t understand that apprehensiveness / don’t understand that classification / don’t understand that faith and creduli… Breath is born here And here is the nexus of gratitude is. BEYOND THE PALIN! ( AN OPEN LETTER TO SARAH ) BEYOND THE PALIN! ( AN OPEN LETTER TO SARAH ) / I HEARD YOU “ WROTE “ A BOOK! / AREN’T YOU JUST ONE GOLLY, GOSH ,AMAZIN’, WOMAN! / WHAT AN… Beyond the mind constant chatter / fills the room / enticing / the minds / of those / willing / to listen, / I just close my eyes / looking / for escape / … Beyond Life – By Keith Williams & Us… I can’t see / so i’m denying reality / faith a mere formality / belief / I can’t see! Beyond my mind, I have visited dragons in the sky! I have held the sun, / In the palm of my hand, / Protecting it from death, / As the Chinese pipe, / Took me too a special place, / On a col… Beyond a Wish a reversal of charm / is a simple thing / when directed purely / an outcome will bring Passion Beyond the Blue What wilt thou say of me / Should I offer a gentler approach to thee / And present a warming sun’s majestic form / With a soothing br… What lies beyond the lie? As any fairy tale begins, this one takes place in a far away land of enchantment, good and evil, truth and lies. It’s the opposing issues t… Moving Beyond Automatic Mode, Part 2 Written as a work for the Animal Photography group Beyond the Grey Sky She has the means / to play a part in coloring your sky / a bright, rich, less lonely hue. / She can help / paint away the clouds / to reve… Sonnet: Beyond, Behind, Before, Above. Behind manifestation there are strewn / Existence-cosmic templates, intertwined / Pattern on pattern, potential lives on lives, / Precursor… Beyond The River’s Edge Writers weep their hearts to bare / Ever giving the moments we stood / Whether imaginary or real we pour / From the very depths of our soul… Beyond My Reality What if up was down / What if down was inside out / What if tomorrow arrived with bells on / What if stability was not sound Beyond Belief ( Collaboration with Charlie The T… But in the fountain of disbelief / There is generally little relief / They say the Holy Virgin Mother appears / Her blood and tears are sou… 27. beyond survival movement / bucking / things breaking up / things breaking down / churning / writhing / discomfort / neural circuitry in constant flux / can… TEACH ME HOW TO MOVE BEYOND THE SHADOWS OF THE WE… Teach me how to move / beyond the shadows of the West / to that place, as innocent as a cow’s teat, / as warm milk squirting, Beyond the Palette Just when I thought / I was another diamond / In the sky / I was rubbed out – / Taken for granted, / The painters flick er / From gli… Beyond Black and Blue “I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for you the sign / of the covenant between Me and the earth.” ~ Genesis 9:13 / There is be… Beyond the boundaries of insanity i write? Its all taken for granted! / especially life, / for death takes care / of itself, / the great equalizer, / so care free, / not a worry in t… TEACH ME HOW TO MOVE BEYOND THE SHADOWS OF THE WE… Teach me, how to move / beyond the shadows of the West / to that place, as innocent as a cow’s teat, / as warm milk squirting, beyond the door i’m not opening that door / there’s no telling / what lies beyond it power beyond measure I hold it to lose it… Beyond light speed! Ancient is this fact ; congratulations on the catch up Science!!!…)o( / “Beyond this speed the paradox of time renders the fut… Ivy Covered Prison Loathing this self-indulgence / I can see no way ahead / If dreams are followed for one of us / The other’s can only lay dead From Beyond Im sorry / i went to the store / to get groceries / im sorry… sorry…. sorry… / Goddam joke / no point in trying / are we … BEYOND EVERY REASON A face appears over the horizon. / Light blinds the brain! Beyond these Eyes… In the quiet of the now / a stillness washes over thine eye / as the scent of a gentle breeze / sends its breath over you and I / sweet wan… beyond the soul. first it robs you of your smile… To hurt beyond a hunger pain and still remain one… To be loved for who you are / then scorned for same / to reveal in trust your / core in naked state / then be defaced / in friendships nam… The World Beyond the Window Beyond the window glass / The world begins moving / The same repetitive movements Small Begining’s. a stillness of sublime knowing Report: What’s Beyond the Noorat Gates It was late afternoon before we had time to duck around to Noorat and find the mystical gates. ‘Hold up! That’s them!’ Beyond the Down: The Understanding Mind of a Pill… She swears she can’t sleep without me / Can‘t stand the bed alone, she needs my support / I don’t believe her / Yet I’m still here / How ca… Beyond The West The night has come / this age is done / but still some battle on / all hope os gone / no help has come / but still you linger on beyond belief [a collaboration with moonlight lov… at twlight in the eternal city / here`s a tragedy in life without no pity / crowds of onlookers pray for peace / while pagan`s look for the… …[…beyond extraordinary…]… one single beat distant from source of unquenchable thirst / I liberate all the hidden power, / and reveal intention of my silent fire. / a… Heart Beyond The Soul Do you judge a person / By their looks / Or do you take some time to look? / Meet them / Greet them / Let you hear them out / Therefore… Into The Beyond…. [Video] / Here I go,………. / into the beyond…….. / The way it used to be…………. / and the… Barricades When / The barricades stopped / Their automatic building / I / Watching it grow higher and higher / Resolved to climb / I held on / To t… Definition’s. what a thin disguise our skins are / for the implosive endlessness / of an eternal soul. Beyond The Fog Walking up the steep hill I encountered some very thick fog, / I didn’t stop climbing until I reached the top and sat on a log. / It … beyond you beyond you / there is me / the light in your heart / the flame in your eyes / you smile as i approach / that silly smile / as if you can n… BEYOND THE LIFE I saw “some”, / I missed “some”, / I experienced “some,” / I suffered “some”, / I faced … Beyond the depth of me I am full of truth and wonder; my eyes see so much more than what is just in front of me. The vision that I have runs deeper than just what… Beyond. Fly well butterfly. / The skies are light and clear. / Life is waiting for you / with broad and open arms. / No fear. / Onward. / A turning… Look Beyond When you are feeling unloved and irritable / look beyond your heart. Moving Beyond Automatic Mode, Part 1 Developed for the Animal Photography Group Into the night and beyond the hills. Australia was obviously very much the way I’d imagined prairies to be. / Well, in May 1956, I experienced the deep-pit latrines for t… Lonely is the one This is one of those—with pen in hand I just began writing…… My Senses Can See Beyond My eyes are shut but my heart can still see beyond the mountains view, / I have those emotions hidden inside and the beauty of what I once … Beyond the horizon the lightning could not take, / the pressure of the soul breaking through LIFE and beyond My search, my hunt, my life, my vices, my ode to De Sade The Dog Man speaking from beyond himself to a chi… Between here and the coal heap, slag heap rooks with carbon stone leaves and fossil bark for collection in old green glass BEYOND PASSION THERE IS A LEAF THAT FALLS LIKE A … I met the possible / in the black chain / of her dress / easy with everything / her ease with me / better than sex / romance riverlike / th… SONNET 9: BEYOND If I leave without saying a good bye, / Do not think it’s because I didn’t care. / I thank you for all you’ve done— Now I’ll try… / To save… beyond dimension beyond the dimension lies ….. One step beyond Contest 1 / One step beyond / It was early evening, of the day that had enfolded her to much. / She dropped her bathrobe, so to step into t… Sept 2nd Years have passed / since I saw your beautiful face / there exist’s nothing that / could replace / your everlasting love. Revenge From Beyond ‘Tell me where it is!’ / ‘I won’t!’ / ‘Listen, kid,’ Reg lowered his voice to a threatening growl, ‘just forget what you thought you saw. I… Beyond Sense No word can define it / it is beyond speech. / No color can justify it / it is beyond sight. / No instrument can play it / it is beyond sou… I’m searching for you beyond this lonely hi… I’m searching for you beyond this lonely hill Beyond the Bubble I’m in Hong Kong. A nervous stop over as the threat of the SARS virus is at its peak. People everywhere are wearing hospital like masks ove… Beyond This Horizon You are not alone Beyond Factors …. forever…………… beyond the point of reason burnt all my books then read ashes / romancing the talban in the hindu kush / a time of atrocity in a surreal nightmare / mona lisa moth… Beyond the Endurance of Patience show yourself you capricious fucking bastard / I care nothing of your name or much heralded powers / 13 endless goddamn years of pain / dom… A path beyond We do not know anything else / So we continue walking / In the same old path. / We do not know another world / So we continue living / In … Such Love Beyond My Understanding Sometimes / Jesus overwhelms me / Sometimes / God takes my breath away… LOOKING BACK Looking Back / To fires that once burned / A time he remembers / For which he now yearns / The teepees set up / So precise / To protect th… beyond my beautiful eyes the most magnificent creature Beyond Words…. She is – beyond words Beyond the Stained Glass Breath, so warm, fogging up the / Rose tinted Pane / Misty Swirls of Smoky / Breath. / Circling In Intricate / Patterns. Faith? Faith is trust, blind trust in something you do not understand. Faith is something created by those who are not willing to look for an answ… Asphyxiation [Little Dear] Cut these strings that bind our obscenities. beyond the skies beyond the skies / where the strong wind blows / angels dance / as their wings grow / the clouds wander / like giant balloons / and looking… Out Beyond My Window A cold, hard rain falls / Out beyond my window / Out there where people live / And work / And play / And hope beyond the realms of the tree outside my fence,i … imprisoned by the beauty / of reality, / fantasies obliterated, / expectations / on high, / i ask / the emptiness of this world, / no one … BEYOND THE HORIZONS Beyond The Horizons / Beyond the sea / Beyond the heavens / Is immortality / It is a circle / Of our lives / The body ends / The soul surv… World beyond life’s imagination Imagine a life beyond imagination, a world beyond reach, for only the mind and soul can reach this… BEYOND MY SORROW Lord, make me see beyond my sorrow / Let me know there will be a bright tomorrow Stars, Scars, Mars, Beyond, Bizzare Children left alone with internet,MTV,text messaging,and video games. / Xbox,Wii,Nintendo,My Space,Real World,Verizon,all new babysitter na… Beyond the Shine Spying her demise from the inside / attacking the fortification with intellect / bypassing the fornication until our threads are woven / li… For Writers Everywhere I like the way you write, / tumbling lose-like / on the carpet screen, / tossed bones / in some ritual of foreseeing, / some conjurati… Journey Beyond Gazing through a window of here and now / I stare beyond to a floral fantasy of dreams / Layers upon layers of blossoms and buds / And oh s… Beyond the comprehension of apes. Tell me of gods and dinosaur kings, / Towering above the trees of prehistory, / Then pour me wines from metallic vats / Designed for mass c…
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