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Her Garden Looked Out Onto the Ocean, Hundreds of… The flowers she’d neglect to water would occasionally fly off into the salty air by themselves. If she was watching from the kitchen window… making love in the sky while the party spins on b… I mix drinks on the roof / (there’s a party going on / below) / but here I am / all alone with the stars / for a hat, / and my heart / in … open windows in the void, lights from the rubble … Surrounding the pillar of red ocher dust with just / the one blighted window / three-quarters / of the way / up— / where flocks of white… Substratum Substratum / Beneath the surface there are blocks of time / a keep ticking ticker / investments in soiled identities that are loosing / clo… Looking Down Below- feeling the dreariness of life, Down Below Through the empty corridors and stairwells / Down below the building / Perhaps buried under years of rubble / The truth lays waiting / To b… I want to be appreciated. (Check the up-date belo… Correct! We don’t volunteer to be appreciated! We do it because we enjoy it. Or else we wouldn’t do it. I know! I know! But&#… Way below in this pit I squat. Way below in this pit I squat, / Bound to be that which I cannot. / The floor is flat, the wall is smooth, / The light is dim, it tends to … I am as Death I am as death, gliding through the night, footsteps unheard. If “As Above So Below”, Then… … let your / inner sun / shine. / ;D Down Below Part 9 I was surprised to learn / I could read. / But then again, / I had seen numbers / And knew their meaning. / I suppose I never thought much … The Woman In the Window I watch him as he passes every day / He never looks up and looks my way / We’ve never seen each other face to face / But whenever I s… Above and Below Whispers of you / echoes of pain Thanks for the feature “Living Christianity… GLORIFY / I am so very proud of this self-portrait capture. It is my first attempt of taking any pics like this, and it was very spontaneo… Down Below Part 2 I had been sitting. / Sitting around for what felt like days. / I never grew tired, / Never grew hungry. / I tested a theory with the candl… Down Below Part 8 I celebrated with The Master / And his women / And then he dismissed me. / Bid me farewell. / Before I met him, / While I was walking down … One Below Karyn pressed her face desperately to the ice… 19 Below 0 The darkening sky, / brilliant blue / behind the mountain, / begs me / to glance / its luminous sapphire. / Blustery wind / roughly shoves … Down Below Part 1 I don’t remember much. / Hardly anything, really. / I couldn’t tell you my name, / How old I am, / Where I came from. / I don&#… Down Below Part 3 I was resting my head, / Laying back upon the rock wall / When I heard something. / It was just a murmur, / Coming through the stone. / It … The Valley Below The foreman of the site stood beside the chief architect and they both looked skyward at the monumental structure that was the old dam. Th… Down Below Part 11 Fascinated / By this new ability, / I did as the book told. / I practiced every day. / Always. / The longer I concentrated, / The harder I … Down Below If there’s a place, / That we all go, / When I get there, / I must pay the toll, / Been ridin’ high, / On my pride, / Stepping over, / All… Death From Above, Life To Below The clouds let us know when they die. / We’re covered in their blood. / It’s ours now Down Below Part 12 Exhausted. / My mind was tired. / My body felt fine / But mentally I had drained myself. / Still, / Curiosity overtook / As my eyes wandere… Down Below Part 7 Murder. / Damn my naive mind! / I did not know what murder was. / The Master / Was twiddling his thumbs, / Waiting on my reaction. / I look… Down Below Part 4 I think / I drew attention with my shouting. / Minutes later / The sound of footsteps / Were outside my door. / A rattle of keys, / Somethi… From Below they Crawl Perfection raped by the inharmonious cries of those from below / Ideal existence in pieces, drenched in tears, wilted and frayed The Boy Below Then I go downstairs / and see just an angry little boy Down Below Part 10 Darkness, / Blackness, / Nothingness. / That was all I saw. / I opened my eyes / And took another look / Inside the book. / Such simple wor… Down Below Part 6 The room.. / Like nothing I could have imagined. / Flaming torches / Filled the walls, / Floating beside the stone. / Burning, burning. / T… Deep Deep Below There is a green knoll I set out to follow to the sea Down Below Part 5 Out of my cell / At last. / Dark hallway. / Deserted. / Nothing but rock wall, / Dirt floor, / Dirt ceiling, / And hundreds of steel doors.… Demon Wings Below (Mature) 1+1 =..Everything!…written for a magazine, … How many players does a team require? / Enough to ruffle the feathers of the do do! / enough to raise the collective consciousness to a pla… below the surface ripples cross and intersect / the unconnected intertwine / polite, convivial, professional / a small stone created the tide / unplanned and… purely prophetical mishaps as the sidewalk grows … i was walking / down the street / alone / when an old man / carrying a huge / wooden cross / over his shoulder / came up to me. / he didn’t… Below The Surface It’s Written In The Stars Oceanic Nut, grounded from the heavens / in the Octopus’s garden. / Celestial fingerprints of banished Aten / Engraved with the divine secr… From Down Below A poem for my mom who’s destined for heaven, but my ticket is still in question. Below zero. Were do i go from here ? / back to drowning in fear ? Soul below Life / Perception / Is a spiral / It goes as deep / As you want it to go / Follow it in / Follow it out / Both the same! / As above… … (singing to the guitar player below my window) did you come for me or / are you waiting for the / chance to leave? / lovely love has come / and gone. / and you are two shades / of wrong.… Below Cold tears are the ones you must fear. / The beast below was dead. ‘The Transit Measure [iT.1]’ Far above and well below. / Dark as deep and clear across, / pressing forward through waking light; / to permeate our dreams. / I was lande… the enchanted melodies Below the bowels of snowy veils / wondering something which must be queer From Below, A Neighbor “We thread the needles eyes and all we do we must together do” / -WBY / There isn’t much more / Than this great night / And perhaps an…

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