Staryln’s Bedsit

There are three messages on my answering machine according to the flashing LED, flash, flash, flash, pause. flash, flash, flash, pause .fla…

Clappers and a Bloke Called Joe

Some serious consumers of amber beverage stayed sober enough to rename it Heaven in the desert.

The Ballad of Garrett

Hookers aren’t cheap.

Just 1 Beer

I sit here as I drink my beer, and listen to the song bird. / I wonder what he has seen today, as the sun begins to make its slow decline…

Run like the clappers

A bloke had to be pretty bloody stupid, two kangaroos short in the paddock, to even think about driving two hundred miles west of Burke …


It doesn’t make sense unless you’ve read part one.

Nights in Vegas

I walked down the dark street to the building with the huge bright sign outside the front door.

Sorry Dude …

Suddenly, there was a popping noise outside,


Read this, part one in a brave little beer bottle’s journey to lead a more beautiful and fulfilling existence than societal mindsets …


‘Pray tell me kind sir,’ asked the little storyteller, ‘what must I do when I enter inside the bubble?’

Paper, Paper, Everywhere

Paper Paper Everywhere.

The Futility of Cogitating About Nothing

‘The D80 is a highly efficient digital camera with lightning-fast performance, Howard,’ offered Mark.

Ready Freddy- C 2005, By Dennis L. Knecht

She said- don’t worry Fred- I will pay off in bed- / And if you win- I’ll give you a lot !

I remember Nell [A year did it all]

I fell in love Nelly! / I cried myself to sleep each night / I wish I was here for it all you’d say / Your last breath was the end of my sm…

Some more of Yer Wouldnt Read About It


Drinking Beer, Nibbling Cheese, Staring Into Space

favorite pastimes of a senile stoic

new t SHIRTS

blah blah blah

Sleep and Bang

The party was oh so boring, / I told my girlfriend that I probably wouldn’t come, / She asked for my help, / I slept when setup was d…


The final installment our little bottle’s adventure, which doesn’t make sense unless you’ve read part 2, which doesn̵…

Justification of Men.

There’s a reason for it. / What? / Beer. / And? / It was invented by ancient cave man. / What? / To ease his pain. After a day’s huntin’ an…

got a fan page on Facebook / If ya interested!

Beer ‘n’ dope, one can only hope

Virginia air, not so southern / Fucked after half a dozen / Fuzzy head need my bed / Need more Beer / Enough said

Guinness, For Strength

I see black hairs / on an alabaster chest, wonder / if they are soft and inviting – / a place to rest one’s head / to listen to a heart bea…


Billy was a real character that’s for sure / He was the President’s brother but he was much more / Liking to become inebirated …

Booze blues

All I have to do is convince myself everyone has down days. This is just a result of the booze. I am NOT depressed.

Mangrove Dreaming.


boutique beer

Plebs drink local brew

why not

better to just toss it all to hell

i love my beer (read bing bang bong first!)

next to me / as i act kinda queer


An alcoholic doesn’t care about the hops in his beer, / and you my dear, are the grapes in his wine.


A little birdie told me

Beer Bottle Blues

Good is gonna get ya / when the sun is bright

Beer Goggles

Sweetness and light. / Sugar in my tea. / Grant me a wish, / Life set me free.

there’s nothing so lonesome, so dull, or so…

Well for all the greatness that 4 20 was, 4 21 has been pretty shitty. I had a rude awakening by my grandmother. Then I went to this class …

Friday Night Fish Mouths

On one side sloppy pelicans squawk / celebrating the brown corpse collection / Full of dizzy almost-life / They nip in circles. Beco…

Cheers To A Good Night

Tonight I plan to go out and enjoy my time / With some folks of mine that love red wine / There is no reason to say where we go / It could …

one beer

a whisper laces around me / like a dandelion in the breeze / I catch one on my cheek / feeling there is more to seek / I stand completly st…


in my perifeal vision is an askew veiw it might be false perhaps it’s true movement that changes when the head is turned just out of …

Pillow Talk

We ate good Mexican food and laughed over bottles of Tecate, while Pillow slept between our feet.

Another Turn of the Wheel


beer and sex


beer breath

Dusty and weathered, a faint picture of you rests on our mantle / your drunken smile, smeared across your face reimbursing your fate / I wi…


I must have heard the story / a thousand and one times before / “they are all the same, they make / drama to just / have something to…

Good Morning

My eyes are burning from the light. I can’t open them, I can’t close them, and I turn over to try and block out the light coming in throug…

Beer Prayer

Our lager… / Which art in barrels, / Hallowed be thy drink, / Thy will be drunk, (I will be drunk), / At home as it is in the tave…

Hell Is Other Parties

“When are you going to quit complaining and actually bring home a girl so that you can finally get laid?"

The People You Meet

George looked at his watch. It was five o’clock. He had a couple of hours to kill before his flight took off, and by the look of the weathe…

re yampyamp’s “beer passion”

esoteric solemn secrecy betwix/between beholding ---- beWho? ---- / who and what…

One With Sanctuary

It was the third day of winter, and the cool afternoon sun hung softly on the greying tops of trees. Tall apartment blocks and buildings ro…

Full Moon Ale

Full Moon Ale. / Bottom barrel life tastes / stale / and bitter. / The woman with slick hair orders / a Guinness / and orange juice. / I te…


If you’ve been watching the news, you know the beer summit may be coming. As events of great relevance go, this one is up there, alth…

Keeping the faith

Some acolytes will go for strength / Some for brewers known and loved / And some of us will trust to luck to pick our due / Each half a tri…

swollen beer rants as the blessed virgin gets beh…

lawrence opened / my door / without knocking. / he was wearing / one sock / purple underwear / a batman mask / holding a beer. / he mumble…

The Lost child of Waggadoon.

It was Mary’s little boy, Ramsey, who’d gone missing, she screamed of course and his dad grabbed the last six-pack to calm his nerves.

Beer and Ice Cream

I cannot think / I cannot write / All words / Absurd / I need the telly / All dumb and warm / I’ll be reborn / With beer and ice crea…

coming close to god over a shot and a beer

i found helen / sitting by herself / at the bar one night / and after / i’d bought her / a bourbon and coke / she looked at me / and said /…

Drugs Are Lifes Cure

the answer is the cause, death, one of the flaws.


Get yourself a life / Get yourself a tricycle / A really nifty tricycle / And ride it like the wind. / Let’s go see the elves / And g…

Pubs rap/poem

Apparently it sound’s better without Melissa / (M)Hyphy Crunk, spin that shit. / (A)yeah / (D)MILLIONAIRES. / (D)that’s righ…

Hold my beer


Another Sunday Evening at Hampden-Sydney College

I saw the young men – / Scraping their pasts under their feet, / On another Sunday evening / At Hampden-Sydney College. / And as they /…

NO UP Chapter 3: Migration

Then Czioc’s throat caught up with him and he dropped the bottle, making low strangled noises like a dog giving birth to a horse. …

Reprieve of a Junkie

The tiny uncrushed pills, razor blades caked with the powder of yesterday’s necessity.

Drinking Alone Again

This is what happend when you drink alone in the night.

Australia Dreaming

You can’t un-write what’s written, / You can’t un-say what’s said, / To try would be quite pointless, / Like to flo…

Eviction Notice

" Told my Shrink that my problems with my 8 spit personalities ruining my life was over."

I’ve Never Been so Turned on in a Game of B…

I keep looking at your chipped, / purple nails. / You were surprised when I remembered / It was your favorite color. / “We’re …


friday night down at the art district / there are a lot of beautiful women- / mostly artists / using their fingers / their toes / their sof…

The Fall of Ormo

See, Ormo was his dearest friend, / All the way to his very sad end. / “It’s all right, Igbo,” Ormo would say, / “I…

This Patron

His pulse is slowing year by year / He feels it settle in his skin / He takes another sip of beer / To stay the fight he cannot win

Just for laughs

“No message to be sent.”

a tongue on a cheek

black holes in this bar / light being pulled apart / from each of our eyes / the hope / a future at peace

All Over the Shop

Two salary men, / with bright red faces, / dropping coins / all over places.

Love beer?

I decided I want to taste several beers. It’s part of my bucket list. Here’s what I find as I try different ones. / - Wells a…

Ol’ Johnnie (Lyrics and Song)

Johnnie’s in a bottle / And he’s tryin’ to get out / Listen, you can hear him / Can’t you hear him shout?

A few Reasons to Drink (If you actually need a re…

Holy shit you’re going to be a father. Start drinking now to run away from it all.

There’s a moth in my beer

The little fellow, he looked sore ‘n sorry / His eyes a little cross eyed, now there’s a worry. / No matter how he tried he couldn’t walk s…

Why don’t you two kiss?

I threw my arm back and started stroking her thighs, that felt good, and she liked it too, so I moved it gently towards her cunt. At her fi…

NO UP Chapter 1: Spring and Death

’The funniest thing happened, some centaur was really drunk and wet himself in front of a bunch of kids, I couldn’t stop laughing…’

NO UP Chapter 2: Escape

‘But it’s the film people sweety, you remember when you did that scene—’ ‘Uh, I’m having sex right now!’ she lied, flustered. ‘So?’ he said…

A Picnic That Ended With A Bang

The White House appointed team of science has discovered the cause,and they have dubbed it the BBBB factor.

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