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Beauty of Deconstruction

My skin is soft like silk. / Your needle pierces with grace and ease. / The stitched up tattoos tell stories of love.

The Beauty Of It All

A summer sun, an autumn breeze, the spiraling leaves of fall. / Just look around and you will see the beauty of it all. / Folks holding han…

What is it?

image conscious / Scattered souls… / Trying to fit the mold… / All wear their skins like they’ve been told… / Yet t…


weaving love into love, / brightening the inside / of the skull

Beauty revealed from the depths of evil

Eventually anyone with a heart of happiness succumbs to the acquired taste / a taste which is named as; Ugly / Eventually everyone falls in…

I see through your beauty

I see through your beauty / Your blue phosphorus lashes / Your shapely demeanour  / They way that you sway / Your skirt and it’s fril…

A sense of security, a sigh of relief.

Sign me up / For this sky is broken / Hold this place / Cause its outspoken / Cause these nights seem to fall / Upon us like the rain / In …


Beauty Is A Whisper / With no boundaries to control / It is in one’s heart / And their very soul / Beauty in the flowers / That grow …

A Little Girl

Once upon a time, there was a little Girl born.

Beauty Is In The Eyes…

… in the mirror.

Beauty Propels…

… me.

Creative Writing: Descriptive Writing


When I look at My Beloved

When I look at my beloved / I see the ground / When I hear the laugh of my beloved / I hear the sky’s wind / When stare shared with my belo…

“Touched by Beauty”.

To see a butterfly. / to view a morning sky. / Have the love of a gentle woman, / before I die.

i want to exhale

i felt the gravitational pull / couldn’t exhale / a surge of fire consumed me / your blue eyes told a story / of desire…pain…

I’m Captured

Her beauty calls me, I can’t deny / It makes my heart so hot, it steams / And from my depths, releases cries / Reactions normal, though so …


The land that I live upon / And feast from / In her natural beauty

Northern Star

Ode to you sweet comet…

~ a moment to feel free ~

and I can feel / for the moment / free

Sleeping Beauty – An Adventure in Editing

Stan descended into the valley; the villagers’ efforts to dissuade him fed his curiosity. The place was believed to be cursed, and ancient …

The Clan Thought

I only ask that you be here when I die.

Flora In Perfumed Colours

Flowers in her hair flew as she ran / across my eyes.Radiating her colors to / the eyes of the forests and the wild. / Naked is her mind,vi…

The Beauty of a smile Warms the heart

look out your window for my spirit lingers about

The Line of Her

it is the line of her, / the way it runs, / down her neck, / like honey. / it is the line of her, / the skin of back, / the curve of spine,…

Features: Blooming Beauty & Territorial

Woo Hoo!!! 2 new features!! / Thanks to the host of the group ‘Natures Wonders’ for featuring my photo ‘Blooming Beauty&…

a red sock day (not a green sock day)

the bath overflowing and running into the ocean, / you and me beneath the covered night sky. / I know this,

From the Fields of Forever: Lion of Summer

I roar across the sunny fields and shake my snowy mane, casting wishes and beginnings upon the Winds!

a sleeping beauty story

You listen to all of this tale, being told to the two personas at the bench, being enthralled by the tale of this princess. Drinking your l…

~ Wait! Look! ~

C’mon Jenny keep up! / Wait, look!


She dances, she moves, / Like light across the water, / Diamonds flash with rays sunshine. / She dances, She moves, / And captures me compl…

What is Beauty?

Some people classify beauty by the clothes you wear or the way you do your hair. Beauty to me is something entirely different. Beauty is th…


He walked carefully, not as one who was timid, / but as one who knew the value of the place / and did not wish to disturb its natural / har…

dreams of Love and Passion

I send you thoughts of tenderness / to cradle you while you have flowing / dreams of passion,as you run your / finger tips along my naked …

The Man in the Moon

Darkness swallowing old scars / Signs left from a thousand wounds / Think you should turn ‘round this way / Stop believing you’re unloved /…

Thoughts about Beauty

. . . thoughts on beauty.


To fully feel life the skin must be bare, / naked as a peeled grape, seeping juice on a stone, / roasted and rooted in rumpled beds


Softly creep up on an acorn, / Then proudly turn to me and smile, / An oak tree growing from your hand, / You pluck a rose off and sing awh…

Winter’s Warmth

Winter’s complexion provided her a glow / A radiance of immeasurable proportion


Sensitive as silk in a breeze / she loved the ocean’s / wild, brutal pounding on stones, / the hiss of spray, / and electricity spurting / …

seeking beauty

when the ache subsides, / we will begin again the climb, / to wax the slide, / to throw down our bodies, / time after time. / upside down, …

the beauty within…

passion lies within / incongrouous peace / subdued grays / waiting to be unleashed

Shhhh, The Whisper of A Rainbow

Shhhh, The Whisper of A Rainbow / Peace and serenity / Let me just watch / In love and harmony / Don’t say a word / Breathe in the…

The Beauty of a Lie

A lie can cut / Into the heart,

The Underground




follow me

as soon as / we become comfortable / with one another / something grabs her / and pulls her away

Fervent grace

He wants us as children / So willing to learn / To seek, hear and find / His respect to earn

a Day full of Birds …

“Sun sets, game draws to a close / feathers flop, feeders go silent / tiny bath ripples recede / Song departs, King is on his side…

Share With Me

there lies the real beauty in the Art.


Your touch is like magic, / Your voice, like the rain. / Your kiss holds me captive / And heals all my pain. / Your eyes shine like sapphir…

Spider Web

Here I sit in my web / Protected by the silk threads / that surround me / My web has taken me much / time to weave / I am tired now / I ca…

The Beauty within the Canvas


The dancer

So weak these arms are / weak enough to be lead by a pair of strings stolen from a puppet / her splinters seem to grow under my skin like r…


I have been looking for her / ever since she first touched me, / in the center of my pink innocence, / in the secret hush of my being.


Thick, juicy rainbows / hang down everywhere, like fingers of God / dipped in colors pressed from wild flowers

For her, a selfish prayer…

Calm blinks of melancholy / Laughing away a neurotic mess…

Gazing Fairy Delight …

Yes, AWarm / Summer Day And A / Magical Breeze… I Amazed / At Her Beauty… Feeling / Peace And At Ease…

Why???? (questioning lifes journey)

What could we be doing now that makes our lives truly worth while?


I write about God / and some people put me in a pew / from whence I want to jump up naked / and ride a purple tiger out of town. / I write …

Beauty and the Skype

Even Ms Taylor / god rest her soul / would look like Hell / on Skype.

I think you are beautiful

I think you are beautiful. I can’t help it, I had no choice in the matter, I did not sit down at my desk one day and pen out my approvals a…

withered beauty

sing little bird, / tell me your story / i’ll write it down / before you get buried / the words i write / will forever speak / of your long…

Springtime Ecstasy

It is an erotic dance of the senses, hot and cold licking and teasing my body.

The Immeasurable Lessons Her of Pale Green Beauty

Into the sublime green depths I dove, / I took a leap from the highest of cliffs. / Risking everything, yet with an entire world to gain, …

Beauty of Friendship

The beauty of / the / old, / longstanding, / true / friendships …

Poison Coated Beauty

Her essence haunting your senses / Eyes that stop the blood in your veins / Craving her seeming innocence / Knowing she could break you dow…


A Cinammon Sugar Beauty / With lots of love to give / Has so much fun / Just loves to live / She’s a Southern belle / Oh so smart / H…

Colour therapy

color Therapy


There is a richness of vision which grows / as the heart softens, as the mind opens. / “Grow into a better vision,” God seems t…

The Unspoken

the touch of tender / fingertips and / gentle diffidence / a surfacing secret / the affectionate caress / of the faces of / two souls / t…

Check it OUT!!

Yes, check it out! /

The Death of Fear.

Like minuscule droplets of rain, suspended in time before my eyes, the stars glisten and make light of the dreariness of the night sky̷…

Lemon Scented Sunrise

The edge of darkness slips away / Gold tints the clouds and ocean spray / Dying winter winds cry, shadows supine / Under her lemon scented …

What I want

But I want to be beautiful.

a true artist

love is the key


She won’t win beauty pageants, / She won’t win accolades; / there’ll be no booker prizes, / and no ships will launch in her nam…

I want to take you with me.

I want to take you with me / on a journey to something new. / A special place of beauty; / a secret I’ll share with you. / I want to skip a…


your thoughts are as simple as milk, / as clear as limpid water in a glass.


Maybe we’re just leaves in a breeze / That disintegrate and crumble and get burnt in the morning sun

Canadian Winter

The snow crunches beneath my feet as I trudge through the forest.


There were times where one of the lambs in my street would follow me home as there were little bits of farm land still around. That is sadl…

In the Druid Cathedral

The echo of footfalls mingles with the agony of sodden fallen leaves, / boots striking earth, pilgrim feet tramping, intrepid


Unbearable is / The silence of a winters day / A world sleeping / under a blanket of a noiseless white / weighed down by it’s own beauty

The Lifegiver

She walks on petals / Immortalized in beauty, / Reveling in her children’s grace, / Their lovingness and peace. / She cries great ponds, / …

Artist statement, autumn 2005

Sometimes I think that I am a born treehugger. The word “nature” has always brought to mind Romantic images of sun glinting thr…


So simple, so profoundly true: / drunk in its love, / falling into clear light — / the ladle of the heart / dipped into a magical well.

The Dress

a conspiracy of nature / collected, around your body, / the fluttered breath of tiny birds

Photographer’s delight

In sweet silence, / I / Shed my clothes / For you / Bare my soul / To you / Broken whole / By you / Would you take me then, / Love? / When…

the old crow

she was weathered / she was old / her cards were played / her life was sold / no more romance / no one to blame / she played hard / losing…

Morrocan Tiles

painting casablanca cobalt blue patterns / he is seduced

Natural memories

With each and every leaf or bud - / new breath, a miracle. / Make memories unforgettable, / garnish them with thoughtful floral fragrance. …


As it caresses my fragile mind


Here the beauty smiles as she poses / In her beautiful garden of roses / Taking time for her cup of tea / Breathing in the aroma of roses s…

Nature’s Patterns

Tiny white tendrils edging thick succulent leaves / Nature’s beauty abounds / Slow down and look / Threads so fine / Weaving a net t…

A Life Too Short A Life Too Long

44 million seconds / 685 thousand Minutes / 11 thousand hours / 476 days / 17 months / Too short to live a lifetime / And too long to suffe…

The Birth Of True beauty

Once, / As I walked alone, / blankets of heaviness, / Engulfing my being..
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