The reality of the gift “something is about to happen… something memorable… " OPEN YOUR DOOR Open your door / and let the blue sky pour through / all over you, / let sunshine splatter you gold / and blue, and a foamy / silk of cloud… Touched by Beauty touched by beauty She Is Naked You are free to be inside yourself / Completely naked; being Glass Feathers I found a feather as I walked. / So white and clear and pale and cold, / … / --- / … / A line of feathers lay forsaken, / Snow … Touched by Beauty © The moon shines bright, / stars twinkle from up above. / Waves are making music, / while sail boats drift like phantoms in the night. / W… a mother’s beauty should not be overlooked “always look up, and forward; / see the beauty all around” / wonderful advice but / don’t forget to look down Painted Away I see / this face / in the mirror / the wrinkles / around the eyes Thankfulness is a splendid dish Kissing the simple gestures of life / Thankfulness is a splendid dish The Perfect Catch “She’s the perfect catch! Smart, beautiful, talented! How did you get so lucky?” / Adam heard the same phrase over and over from his family… OPEN YOUR DOOR TO THE WILD AND BLUE Open your door / and let the blue sky pour in / all over you, / let sunshine splatter you gold / and blue, CAFE SANTE In this cafe, / the waitresses are angels, / serving an infection of love, I HAVE DECIDED TO LIVE IN SLOW MOTION I have decided to live in slow motion / so I can become as sensitive as a plant. / I have decided to drift on old boats down young rivers /… Blowing Bubbles won a challenge! Woo hoo!!!! My picture Blowing Bubbles won the Carefree Bubbles challenge in the Beauty N Bubbles group! Yay! / It’s so cool, I think… Rushing Past The Colors… Laid on the floor of the world at our feet, / The beauties all of Heaven can afford… / Cast from the hand of the Great Almighty, / Cr… Leonid Night Much has been written / of the majesty of purple mountains, / their stateliness iconic Light in the Underworld Born in the Underworld, where darkness is day, / She came like spring, like the first day of May. A MEMORY Beautiful in its clear simplicity / Burnt into your soul for eternity………….. Ice Don’t hold me, / I want to close like the daisies at night. The Beauty Within Kachemak Bay Rick’s cousin Carol and her husband Frank (from Texas) FINALLY made it up to Alaska this year. They arrived on the 17th of June, at … Beauty Is. Beauty is KIND / Beauty is COMPASSION / Beauty is STRENGTH / Beauty has NO COLOUR / Beauty has NO RACE / Beauty does not have a FACE. / Be… Manuela He used rainbow colours and more cause no rainbow was ever graced with the blue-black To a Golden Rose Oh, to be a lady of light! / But no, / I am a sport – touched by beauty 2 The sun’s rays / stroke your luminous face, / prying softly open / the blue glory of your morning eyes / as I awaken for the first time. Voices from the Forest: Lady of Graceful Mercy Generous Heart leads to Generous Mind. I will show you the path of the Gentle Warrior, Modest, loving, innocent, mercifully kind.” LILLY, WHERE ARE YOU REVISITED It has been a long time / since I met a woman / my mouth bled for, / that my heart started speaking to / without my conscious consent …[…eternal damnation of lust…]&… at the end of your most concealed wish / stands. bared. / entirely naked. / my dripping desire. / [ eternal damnation haunts me ] / in fron… touched by beauty … with equilibrium’s water Natures Bridal Party A magnificent pair of / Snow white Swans, / Parading upon the water, / Like the groom proudly / Waltzing his bride, his love, / Around the … I PRAY FOR THIS WOMAN So shall the sun / turn twofold and green / and arise in her overflowing / eyes. BECOMING THE BEAUTY Open throats, like young spring birds: / eyes open, hearts open… / The people are open! FOR DANIELLE Preen yourself, as you deserve / And your golden skin; stretch you long lush legs. / Exalt your lazy gaze, your eyes like jade / Your eyes … Dead man’s grey dream A Flickering candle light waiting for us to dive in before it dies. To show her how we ride and slide, under our dreams where we live forev… The Beach My feet walk on millions of years, hard as it maybe, soft on impact / Fine White boulders lay on land and in sea, minute to me, another gai… He walks in darkness bruises of unkindness a sign Single Solitary Second In that same sun drenched moment / a love ends / a dance step begins… ARTISTS COLLABORATIONS ~ Expanding on Yet, there’s always the beauty / Of so soft the sound leaves here The Butterfly Effect Be ‘mindful’ of your thoughts and what you bring into existence. :-) Echoes from the past Walked into a bar at half past seven / Among angels lost in a ruined heaven, / I’m a lost echo who sits within a solitary mountain /… The Beauty of You (Song Vers.) Everything I’ve dreamed / Combined into one single entity / You give me your hand. / I stand inside your love. / You embrace all tha… New Series Hey Everybody! / So I am on a mission to create a series I like to call “See Through Me” / To see the first one of the series … geometry Paddy-field terraces / Full of hidden crevices / Tea-bush slopes / Where aroma elopes / You never know what pattern will show / You just fo… there is no beauty in a gun bent down to collect the weeds / scooped up the masses / whose own brief life matters / in the scheme. / family life , morning coffee’… Garden of Love Creation Beauty of God’s love Budding beauty Misty veil lifts / revealing early morning sunrise. / Spring buds engorged with life / begin to show wonder held within, / mystically unfol… inspiration from a little beauty see her here / THE LIGHT OF A CHILD SHOULD BE ALLOWED / TO SHINE TO BLOSSOM TO GROW / NEVER EXTINGUISH THE LIGHT OF A CHILD / FOR SURELY AS… WE ALL HAVE BEAUTY WE ALL HAVE BEAUTY: / As the Rose wondered of her beauty / He wondered of His Rose / How could she not see her beauty? / Her inner-most bei… Being a conscious Creative Expression I wrote this piece of writing to keep me in gauging within myself to know where I am coming from in life.. I am creating consciously or cr… fallen beauty queen “light breaks” (Mature) The Sex Kitten I’d dreamt about this moment. Not even my wildest fantasy had come close. Absolute, soft, sensuous perfection. Desire personified. I was du… Misguided Poet So you want your poetry to be / Happy and Free / To dance on those hot summer nights 1. Marysville : a Tribute … an Obituary = a… Saturday 14th a week from when the fires destroyed this town, the survivors were allowed to return.The only building to survive ironically … IN HER, THE HIGH LIGHT CRACKLES Hers is the laugh of a child… / yet a wild horse runs through her laugh, / its hooves beating up sparks from the stones… WILD SANITY And, all loved, she was naked / of garments we’ve woven / to cover our senses Budding beauty Age of purity and innocence, / this time of change / meets a blooming maturity / Fulfilling form, stylising figure; / nature produces fine … The Gift of the Haunting, Of What Is, and What Wi… To my Sublime. / Every door will be cold, until the umbilical cord of memory lights them afire. / Immeasurable, infinite, desire, and all o… LOST AND FOUND a short poem Swan Song – 100 letters for “Touched … ……..And arch my angelic wings……… Imperfection Look, look more closely, / Can you see what might be wrong? / The beauty stands before you / Stunning glory shines so strong. FLOWERS A flower blooms so gently / Softly growing in the warm earth / Showing it’s petals / In glorious birth / As the petals open / In the … Bittersweet Reverie i remember the days / when beauty / came easy Simple Things art by: budrfli / poetry by: vanesse Anoint me with your beauty Anoint me with your beauty / Your hairs all your smells / In a caravan lit with lanterns / Lined with books of magic spells / Drink down w… The brush. The brush. / With each gentle stroke / Her heart aches / Longing for a time not long ago / When what was once full and luminous / Meant hea… Fire keeper.. I found myself flat on my back on Saturday night, awed. / Grass in the curls of my hair. To my left, like ghost breath, a pall of sage-sce… Moonlight Sonata….. [Video] / I cried today, during the Moonlight Sonata. / Wept into my hands….. / How could a human being / make such beautiful music … How can it be love How can it be love / when you can take the air from my soul / with just a single glance / How can it be love / when your not here / the cru… February Art Blog: AES+F’s “Last Riot”: Wellingt… Are the gun-toting youths we see committing school shootings in America trying to reconcile a virtual world with the real? Mirror, mirror Look in the eye / of the one you love / and try to see more than “I” THE GODDESS IS PRAYING YOU The Goddess is praying you even as you / are praying her, loving her sweet quality / of Love, & her wild, innocent freedom / that I ca… Beauty/Vanity I saw her sitting, / peering into the, / looking glass of vanity, / silently, / gently, / brushing her long, / auburn hair, / twirling the… Touched by beauty in silence she left me, / for this heart was complete, Stargazing I search the stars for answers. / They silently observe my smallness. / Twinkling, it might seem they mock me, / Except their beauty is to… My Broken Beauty. her hair is brown with black and red streaks through it. I call her eyes sea green but others would call them grey. Spirals of Life Our understanding, is it limited / To only what we see? / Or do we seek a deeper knowledge / Beyond what we might be? THE GREAT ADVENTURE What is life? / It’s an ecstatic wind of light / blowing in the dark; / an everywhere emanation of God. Beauty in the Woods Beauty slept so peacefully under the watchful eye of the forest. / All around the ghostly vines with their searching tendrils quivered and … I HAVE A CHANCE TO BE RESPECTABLE I have a chance to be respectable… / rather than a wild old man / with fire in his eyes / who listens to the souls of trees / and of … Life is for living Sit in the bath in black top hat Touched by beauty A moment touched by beauty / time can never surpass. / Far beyond comprehension / it is guarded by the heart. / (2010) / Heidi-Mari Bjørns… The Beauty of Regret But let it be said / hope is not dead / and a moment at regret’s feet is not our resting place. Incredible Beauty! I want everyone to see this little girl. I have been blown away by her incredible beauty. Disappointingly, I’m on the other side of… The flawless diamond From the fire of that single candle, the room was filled with light and dancing rainbows. The diamond took that small light and turned it i… PIO IN HIS WRITING HUT Lilly is there! She showers in blue sky / and the feathers of birds. Her head is thrown back! / She is singing about love… Beige Rainbow Beige walls, carpets, linen. Everything was blending together and giving me a headache. How could anyone stand such blandness? / I caught … Forget The Things That Made You Sad Forget The Things That Mad You Sad, But… One little bird has something to say. The tree is cut – no place to be. / I share pain of loss with thee. Touched By Beauty (challenge entry) Touched by beauty / Of Mountain Rainbow / From sun’s rays / Aft tenacious storm / Imagery bursting / Into poetic majesty ~ Reflections ~ Raise your eyes little one and view the world as it is / Though there is imperfections in the leaves and the sky Art & Poetry. And you listen to those words that make you sick / And gaze upon the art that makes you cry THEY WERE IN LOVE his kisses were chocolate / on her vanilla lips / people didn’t approve / of this mix / it was the 1960s / parents wanted it to end /… Beauty and Pride America will always have beauties / in the birds, the bees / and the valleys and the trees. / However, there will be pride / that lays in t… Sleeping Beauty Sleeping beauty melts / Softly across living sand / In search for her home Solitude Discovering unspoken joy / In the falling of leaves / The sound, the smell, the feel of rain on my skin / The tranquility that night-air br… THE BEAUTY IN KNOWING THE YAKUSA (Mature) My Angels… Unspoken Innocence… / Angels Kindness… / And In Care…
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