What is it to be a woman? Is it the size of your breasts? / Or the breadth of your heart? A Model Woman “Do you know the time of love?” She spoke / To move to my mind with breathing’s way Listen to my Eyes… Remember you are beautiful / My eyes say so / Always listen to my eyes / They tell the secrets that my soul holds Self esteem! Looking old today, / body’s very saggy. / You’ve covered it up well / with something dark and baggy. Prettier Than Me I war against the mirror / My reflection staring back in fear… / They’re all so pretty, / Prettier than me Aung San Suu Kyi : A Tribute to a Beautiful Woman A woman’s beauty can be seen in her eyes / They show kindness when children are hurting / They shed tears to bond with those of broke… Timeless her eyes are like / an indigo wildflower / painted, timeless The Final Cut It’s always one step closer and two back with him / I am old now and don’t care / I don’t care about systems / Or figuring out what’s the … Even the Stars Fall And Cry Dedicated to Shoaib and Raven Ice / And to all of the Toms in the World I don’t need you to tell me I don’t need you to tell me I am beautiful / I don’t need the words to convince myself that it’s true Mature & Beautiful! I want to tell all you suffering women out there, that a mature woman is as good-looking and beautiful as the day she was born. Art Explained Parenting Thankfulness is a splendid dish Kissing the simple gestures of life / Thankfulness is a splendid dish I PRAY FOR THIS WOMAN So shall the sun / turn twofold and green / and arise in her overflowing / eyes. FOR DANIELLE Preen yourself, as you deserve / And your golden skin; stretch you long lush legs. / Exalt your lazy gaze, your eyes like jade / Your eyes … New Series Hey Everybody! / So I am on a mission to create a series I like to call “See Through Me” / To see the first one of the series … IN HER, THE HIGH LIGHT CRACKLES Hers is the laugh of a child… / yet a wild horse runs through her laugh, / its hooves beating up sparks from the stones… Budding beauty Age of purity and innocence, / this time of change / meets a blooming maturity / Fulfilling form, stylising figure; / nature produces fine … Beautiful The less he knows, the more he stays around. Love of My Life I grab her waist and pull her in tight. Her cheek squishes against my chest, her warmth heating my body, and her love filling my heart. The Beauty Of A Woman Her eyes told a story to my weeping heart, / She was so beautiful that it was tearing me apart. / So close yet so far that I couldn’t… Day with her. Dabble in the dawn, / Dew dropped pearls on luminous skin, / As soft as threads of silk. / Persue the morning, / As steam lifts from forgot… WOMAN Body of a goddess / Face of beauty / Mind of a genius / Heart of a child / Soul of an elder / Eyes that truly see / Lips to kiss / Sweet s… behind the curtain … takes her sheer black shadowed stockings I’m Captured Her beauty calls me, I can’t deny / It makes my heart so hot, it steams / And from my depths, releases cries / Reactions normal, though so … The Line of Her it is the line of her, / the way it runs, / down her neck, / like honey. / it is the line of her, / the skin of back, / the curve of spine,… Winter’s Warmth Winter’s complexion provided her a glow / A radiance of immeasurable proportion posies I see her eyes, I see her hair / She looks to the world without a care / Seeming not to notice that I stare / BUT IT’S ALL I CAN DO T… Breasts of a Woman or round an perky Beauty of a Woman pt2 My hair in a ribbon of dark red… place towels upon the floor / Mirrors casting a golden glow above .. like fire / Take off my robe , socks … Relief … Loving Absolute… / Obsolete… Without… / Comparison, / Without Condition / I Bask And Soak … Bath / In Maternal Feminity, Evol Wondrous, is across my center site of sought relations. / Great fullness, without my own divine and known creations. / Loveliness, I say sh… The beauty of a woman… Come sweetone .. Sit here in this chair / In your hand a endless glass of red wine / Relax… let me wash your hair / There is not such thing… BEAUTY IS A WOMAN Alook at Azuka would always make the admirer to turn around and take another intent gaze for her beauty cannot easily be admired in just a … Fluid Love Together, the two share the sea / The sand, the surf, the sunset spray Beauty Around the World Every colour / Every race / Makes our world a beautiful place Beauty by Design She claims it / By design and / Virtue of / Conscious action Haunting Beauty Haunting beauty, just to feel / This is something occupying my head, hope someone understands.. Afraid it’s a little too abstract, so… Beauty Is She She is beautiful beyond beautiful / She is beauty in all forms / To look at her is to see the meaning of the word / To look at her is a gif… The World Moves With Us and Without Us That drink you had earlier is fading / And your hazel wonders are wearing thin. / With no interference, / In absolute silence, / My fingers… Gina a strength so soft / confidence exudes and cuts paths through mountains / intelligence flows exquisitely with a force backed by gumption an… Lovely One Laughter lives in her ribs, / pressed gently against her / beating heart, / it bubbles and grows… On the way to work one day Golden glint / A sideways glance / Crystalline and shimmering… SHE IS BEYOND US SOCRATES: She does not look at us as an identity but mearly as numbers. I can / see it in her eyes, she is not looking at us but throug… Love Love, sweet as sugar-coated candies / Yet bitter when it has been swallowed Orchid Woman Endless pounding, an angry ocean / constant thirst, a salty world / Jagged rock to call a home / the look of death in the wind / Adverse re… The Lavish Avarice of Burning Your Information The mother of all, I am woman. I try not to worry I was looking in the sky and I was counting / The numbers of stars that I am seeing / But still I am lonesome / I know something’s missing … Life They say you can’t live without this or that / I say I am contented with what I got / Being simple is all I want / It’s not a choice but I … LUCIA HAS BEAUTY. Lucia has beautiful buttocks. / You picture them through / The tight thin cloth of her pants / As she bends over to put down / Drinks on t… GLIMPSE OF BEAUTY Humphrey sees the dame going / by the door as he’s booking in at / the hotel, for the moment she / seems frozen there as if the gods / … Flower Among thorns This girl who is judged does more / Than those who judge her / She is a rare flower among thorns Midnight Rose (the poem – accompanies a p… The mighty Stem, she hangs on to / Posing for love as romance blooms

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