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Breathe now for the last breath is gone Come. / We are all invited to laugh at Love’s funeral. Soul Substance The simplest things in creation are blessings and I hope that I always see them this way The Beauty of You Along the way there’ll be those who warn of things that are too good to be true. / I pity their ignorance. / For they know not the beauty o… Past it !! “You have a great personality” / they say “your beauty’s inside” / My beauty’s so far from the surface … Angels in Dandelion Seeds She sees angels in dandelion seeds / She sees beauty in summer’s weeds / She sees right through to your soul / She knows the words to make … The Beautiful Person You Are Me: I would collect all the flowers in the world just to make you smile, / Me: Maybe if you smelled them you would remember…the lovely pers… Sonnet To My Soulmate Sonnet No.9 of the Century of Sonnets! By the leave of love And laugh with mysteries of how alone together is Comfort in Demons. I remember living that life with you. Not so long ago, the no-sleep, no-mercy, go-get-me-a-beer life. The getting ready, the party-life; t… Touched By Beauty I was inspired to write this as an entry for the 100 dollars in search of 100 characters contest for Red Bubblers. One hundred characters m… IN HER HEART IS A CHILD When she drinks / rose petal tea / her mind caresses light / and moves with ease to open her heart, / to drop her clothes, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder I am nothing / A shape concealed by the fog / A song at the edge of hearing / The wind whispering through the leaves / The ghostly touch ba… Breath is born here And here is the nexus of gratitude is. “The Beauty of Death” Death is feared / But why fear death? / Death is just another stage in life Passing Beauty All beauty dies unless it’s captured at its peak / and, in the ways of man, then made immortal. Beauty Within ~ A poetic discussion of Creature T… Scarlet and gold cover the land / warm spicy scents fill the air, / mountain laurel and rich earth, / as Bounty spills forth and fills wait… SERENADING GORDON IN THE CANCER WARD He was an old man, / pale and rickety, with one eye. / He was already mostly gone. / Seemed to be barely hanging on. Dying Colours A poem to celebrate autumn Serenade Yes, I’m saying / I love you / And I hope you / are listening / For it seems like / a lifetime / To speak out / surface and soar Suite Sound Images of Her Then rest / —to learn her heaving / Composition: Heart and chest ~ Nature’s Eternal Optimism! ~ But look! / Even with the loss of their luscious canopy / to issue forth Eucalyptus, the cleansing of the air Only a Glimpse It is time for us to look around / and see the beauty that truly surrounds. / Yearn to be conscious of all that is. / Be not consumed by th… Gentle Warrior Singing Gifts of Love Joy waits for no season! Open your heart! Love is not bound by Time, or Death, or Reason! Sleeping Beauty Asleep in her castle / surrounded by high walls / and pink thorny roses Leave Me Alone I do not need pity to raise the world round me / I do not see loneliness inside alone Legs She / Lands beneith you / Naked as nature What Have I To Give Her I have two eyes to drink upon her beauty / each time she walks by… Speaking Of… Why is it that one who so admires beauty cannot write about it / from the heart, / instead condemned to spew forth words of weak ungainly p… Interior Landscape Inner beauty is a lotus / tethered to the pond that is the soul Δ beauty beauty fades / not necessarily to ugliness / for beauty like the truth takes many forms From the Fields of Forever ~ Wisdom from the Wate… I am the waterless Sea stretching from shore to shore. I feed the World and serve as Summer’s dancing floor… LOVING SILENCE I have found that the soul’s senses / wake up in a baptism / of sustained silence. ‘The Flip Side’, creative minds, word… “I want to be all that I am capable of becoming…” – Katherine Mansfield. Art Explained Parenting In Her Bloodstream: Ballad of the Dreaming Soul Dream Dancer, Wave Rider, Sleek hounds of the Sea… Ghostly Gardens I know I irritate the cautious, alarm the careful, / shock the frightened. / That’s too bad – Echoes From the Blue Boy all love-born / and breathing, pouring silver life / in shivers, in the shaken bells / of laughter, OPEN YOUR DOOR Open your door / and let the blue sky pour through / all over you, / let sunshine splatter you gold / and blue, and a foamy / silk of cloud… She Is Naked You are free to be inside yourself / Completely naked; being Glass Feathers I found a feather as I walked. / So white and clear and pale and cold, / … / --- / … / A line of feathers lay forsaken, / Snow … Painted Away I see / this face / in the mirror / the wrinkles / around the eyes I HAVE DECIDED TO LIVE IN SLOW MOTION I have decided to live in slow motion / so I can become as sensitive as a plant. / I have decided to drift on old boats down young rivers /… Leonid Night Much has been written / of the majesty of purple mountains, / their stateliness iconic Light in the Underworld Born in the Underworld, where darkness is day, / She came like spring, like the first day of May. To a Golden Rose Oh, to be a lady of light! / But no, / I am a sport – Voices from the Forest: Lady of Graceful Mercy Generous Heart leads to Generous Mind. I will show you the path of the Gentle Warrior, Modest, loving, innocent, mercifully kind.” Natures Bridal Party A magnificent pair of / Snow white Swans, / Parading upon the water, / Like the groom proudly / Waltzing his bride, his love, / Around the … BECOMING THE BEAUTY Open throats, like young spring birds: / eyes open, hearts open… / The people are open! ARTISTS COLLABORATIONS ~ Expanding on Yet, there’s always the beauty / Of so soft the sound leaves here geometry Paddy-field terraces / Full of hidden crevices / Tea-bush slopes / Where aroma elopes / You never know what pattern will show / You just fo… Budding beauty Misty veil lifts / revealing early morning sunrise. / Spring buds engorged with life / begin to show wonder held within, / mystically unfol… Misguided Poet So you want your poetry to be / Happy and Free / To dance on those hot summer nights WILD SANITY And, all loved, she was naked / of garments we’ve woven / to cover our senses Budding beauty Age of purity and innocence, / this time of change / meets a blooming maturity / Fulfilling form, stylising figure; / nature produces fine … Imperfection Look, look more closely, / Can you see what might be wrong? / The beauty stands before you / Stunning glory shines so strong. Bittersweet Reverie i remember the days / when beauty / came easy THE GODDESS IS PRAYING YOU The Goddess is praying you even as you / are praying her, loving her sweet quality / of Love, & her wild, innocent freedom / that I ca… Spirals of Life Our understanding, is it limited / To only what we see? / Or do we seek a deeper knowledge / Beyond what we might be? The Beauty of Regret But let it be said / hope is not dead / and a moment at regret’s feet is not our resting place. PIO IN HIS WRITING HUT Lilly is there! She showers in blue sky / and the feathers of birds. Her head is thrown back! / She is singing about love… ~ Reflections ~ Raise your eyes little one and view the world as it is / Though there is imperfections in the leaves and the sky Art & Poetry. And you listen to those words that make you sick / And gaze upon the art that makes you cry A FORGOTTEN BEAUTY STIRS Under the blankets of the soul / a forgotten beauty stirs. Hope Blossoms! An unfolding of beauty, depriving none Stars of Beauty and Truth Gathered in Her Arms White stars gathered / like wise blessings within my arms, / I show the Beauty / of Nature’s sweet charms… Broken Child {An Inspiration} There’s a silence / That can speak your name. / No one listens / But you always wait / Searching. / The darkness of your eyes / Hidi… last winter’s apples i don’t know why i dreamed of apples / especially these apples / they were old / well on the way to withering ~ The Beauty of a Hard Life. ~ Just then the sun made it’s grande entrance / and bathed his world in gold / There spread before him was the beauty of his life / Br… On Time’s Leave I shiver / When nothing stops / Or captures still Constant and Sure Dreams in quiet thinking, singing waters flow. / Bubbling over green, mossy rocks. / Under a blanket of shade of midevil days, / Away from … Day with her. Dabble in the dawn, / Dew dropped pearls on luminous skin, / As soft as threads of silk. / Persue the morning, / As steam lifts from forgot… ~ lost when her magic is gone ~ She will beg you follow along / lulled by her beauty you’ll go with her / How beautiful how seductive how tantalizing & mesmerizing DAWN RUN A small band of birds broke the hush, / eager for that fabulous diamond / of the morning star / to dim in a slow, gray rush of light. THE GODDESS IS PRAYING YOU My dream of you is of beauty, / with your shy and silent heart, / and the divine quiet I sense / in your deep and curious eyes, Brief Beauty Bloom on, bright beauty, / while the summer sun still shines FOR ALL OPEN MEN When a man is wide open, / beyond fear, wild as a hungry tiger, / fierce for gentleness and resting in it, / fully present, eyes meeting ey… A sense of security, a sigh of relief. Sign me up / For this sky is broken / Hold this place / Cause its outspoken / Cause these nights seem to fall / Upon us like the rain / In … BEAUTY The land that I live upon / And feast from / In her natural beauty ~ a moment to feel free ~ and I can feel / for the moment / free a red sock day (not a green sock day) the bath overflowing and running into the ocean, / you and me beneath the covered night sky. / I know this, From the Fields of Forever: Lion of Summer I roar across the sunny fields and shake my snowy mane, casting wishes and beginnings upon the Winds! ~ Wait! Look! ~ C’mon Jenny keep up! / Wait, look! dreams of Love and Passion I send you thoughts of tenderness / to cradle you while you have flowing / dreams of passion,as you run your / finger tips along my naked … TO A NEW HUMANITY To fully feel life the skin must be bare, / naked as a peeled grape, seeping juice on a stone, / roasted and rooted in rumpled beds Trust Softly creep up on an acorn, / Then proudly turn to me and smile, / An oak tree growing from your hand, / You pluck a rose off and sing awh… SENSITIVE AS SILK Sensitive as silk in a breeze / she loved the ocean’s / wild, brutal pounding on stones, / the hiss of spray, / and electricity spurting / … Fervent grace He wants us as children / So willing to learn / To seek, hear and find / His respect to earn ABOUT PEOPLE’S BOXES AND BUCKETS OF FEATHERS I write about God / and some people put me in a pew / from whence I want to jump up naked / and ride a purple tiger out of town. / I write … SINCE SHE TOUCHED ME I have been looking for her / ever since she first touched me, / in the center of my pink innocence, / in the secret hush of my being. Beauty and the Skype Even Ms Taylor / god rest her soul / would look like Hell / on Skype. LOVES MUSIC A Cinammon Sugar Beauty / With lots of love to give / Has so much fun / Just loves to live / She’s a Southern belle / Oh so smart / H… THERE IS A RICHNESS OF VISION THAT GROWS There is a richness of vision which grows / as the heart softens, as the mind opens. / “Grow into a better vision,” God seems t… In the Druid Cathedral The echo of footfalls mingles with the agony of sodden fallen leaves, / boots striking earth, pilgrim feet tramping, intrepid REFLECTED BEAUTY So simple, so profoundly true: / drunk in its love, / falling into clear light — / the ladle of the heart / dipped into a magical well. Natural memories With each and every leaf or bud - / new breath, a miracle. / Make memories unforgettable, / garnish them with thoughtful floral fragrance. … to the seeker and the strange not all beautiful things grow / in the well-manicured garden
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