it takes heart / to see / love / in an agitated world,

Breathe now for the last breath is gone

Come. / We are all invited to laugh at Love’s funeral.

Gingerbread Innocence

I know I loved your innocence.

Soul Substance

The simplest things in creation are blessings and I hope that I always see them this way

True colours

Only now / They show / When they’re about to fall / A true soul

Forget The Things That Made You Sad

Forget The Things That Mad You Sad, But…

By the leave of love

And laugh with mysteries of how alone together is

Emma’s Garden

The little glade in the forest was where Emma liked to come to think. Surrounded by waist high hollyhocks in a broad semicircle, with the g…

Morning mist

Through the morning mist / I see the garden of orchids / Their hue a scent of you

Beauty Within ~ A poetic discussion of Creature T…

Scarlet and gold cover the land / warm spicy scents fill the air, / mountain laurel and rich earth, / as Bounty spills forth and fills wait…


Yes, I’m saying / I love you / And I hope you / are listening / For it seems like / a lifetime / To speak out / surface and soar

Suite Sound Images of Her

Then rest / —to learn her heaving / Composition: Heart and chest

~ Nature’s Eternal Optimism! ~

But look! / Even with the loss of their luscious canopy / to issue forth Eucalyptus, the cleansing of the air

Gentle Warrior Singing Gifts of Love

Joy waits for no season! Open your heart! Love is not bound by Time, or Death, or Reason!

Leave Me Alone

I do not need pity to raise the world round me / I do not see loneliness inside alone


She / Lands beneith you / Naked as nature

From the Fields of Forever ~ Wisdom from the Wate…

I am the waterless Sea stretching from shore to shore. I feed the World and serve as Summer’s dancing floor…

One Night Stand

Though my heart is with the sea, / I surrender myself for just this moment / to the seduction of this freshwater suitor.

In Her Bloodstream: Ballad of the Dreaming Soul

Dream Dancer, Wave Rider, Sleek hounds of the Sea…

Rain Dance

The tapping, wet rhythm / Of Nature’s first music / Each crystal drop is a dancer / Performing soft shoe on the / awnings

Among the Clouds

As I Dream, I Fly Away, Into The Sky….. / / Diane wrote this to utilize in her clouds photo book called “Among the Clouds”…

Leonid Night

Much has been written / of the majesty of purple mountains, / their stateliness iconic

Voices from the Forest: Lady of Graceful Mercy

Generous Heart leads to Generous Mind. I will show you the path of the Gentle Warrior, Modest, loving, innocent, mercifully kind.”

Natures Bridal Party

A magnificent pair of / Snow white Swans, / Parading upon the water, / Like the groom proudly / Waltzing his bride, his love, / Around the …


Paddy-field terraces / Full of hidden crevices / Tea-bush slopes / Where aroma elopes / You never know what pattern will show / You just fo…

Budding beauty

Misty veil lifts / revealing early morning sunrise. / Spring buds engorged with life / begin to show wonder held within, / mystically unfol…

Budding beauty

Age of purity and innocence, / this time of change / meets a blooming maturity / Fulfilling form, stylising figure; / nature produces fine …

Spirals of Life

Our understanding, is it limited / To only what we see? / Or do we seek a deeper knowledge / Beyond what we might be?


I have a chance to be respectable… / rather than a wild old man / with fire in his eyes / who listens to the souls of trees / and of …


Lilly is there! She showers in blue sky / and the feathers of birds. Her head is thrown back! / She is singing about love…


Discovering unspoken joy / In the falling of leaves / The sound, the smell, the feel of rain on my skin / The tranquility that night-air br…

Hope Blossoms!

An unfolding of beauty, depriving none

Stars of Beauty and Truth Gathered in Her Arms

White stars gathered / like wise blessings within my arms, / I show the Beauty / of Nature’s sweet charms…

The Beauty of Alone

There is such beauty in the act of just being alone / Yet is this really alone when you are encompassed by the ocean’s waves, gently …

man meets nature…

edge of the precipice, / raptures of verse

From the Fields of Forever: Bride’s Blessin…

My wine-dark fruit tempts every feathered messenger, yet there is no part of me without virtue…

A Gift of Creation

Dark and mysterious / Fire at night / Lift now your vision / And breath in the air / Drink in the beauty / As stars fill the sky

On Time’s Leave

I shiver / When nothing stops / Or captures still

The Dark and Charming Lady

The leaves that rustle to and fro, / They sound just like a song. / And all the darkling creatures, / Like to sing along.

a simple Joy

“a cadence in simple rhythm, measured by time and place / one day will yield, from whiteness so perfect, magical”

Sky Worship

The sun was setting in front of me / Bathing me in His warm golden light / I watched in awe and fell to my knees / As the mighty sky held m…

Beauty Is (Your) Nature…

… smiling (back) at you. / :)

Gaja-the living planet (poem)

….I suck it in, liquid spectrum, / for I am thirsty as if I went for days…

Creative Writing: Descriptive Writing


A Little Girl

Once upon a time, there was a little Girl born.

I’m Captured

Her beauty calls me, I can’t deny / It makes my heart so hot, it steams / And from my depths, releases cries / Reactions normal, though so …

From the Fields of Forever: Lion of Summer

I roar across the sunny fields and shake my snowy mane, casting wishes and beginnings upon the Winds!

a Day full of Birds …

“Sun sets, game draws to a close / feathers flop, feeders go silent / tiny bath ripples recede / Song departs, King is on his side…


Thick, juicy rainbows / hang down everywhere, like fingers of God / dipped in colors pressed from wild flowers

Springtime Ecstasy

It is an erotic dance of the senses, hot and cold licking and teasing my body.

Check it OUT!!

Yes, check it out! /

The Death of Fear.

Like minuscule droplets of rain, suspended in time before my eyes, the stars glisten and make light of the dreariness of the night sky̷…

Lemon Scented Sunrise

The edge of darkness slips away / Gold tints the clouds and ocean spray / Dying winter winds cry, shadows supine / Under her lemon scented …


There were times where one of the lambs in my street would follow me home as there were little bits of farm land still around. That is sadl…

In the Druid Cathedral

The echo of footfalls mingles with the agony of sodden fallen leaves, / boots striking earth, pilgrim feet tramping, intrepid


Unbearable is / The silence of a winters day / A world sleeping / under a blanket of a noiseless white / weighed down by it’s own beauty

Artist statement, autumn 2005

Sometimes I think that I am a born treehugger. The word “nature” has always brought to mind Romantic images of sun glinting thr…

The Lifegiver

She walks on petals / Immortalized in beauty, / Reveling in her children’s grace, / Their lovingness and peace. / She cries great ponds, / …

Natural memories

With each and every leaf or bud - / new breath, a miracle. / Make memories unforgettable, / garnish them with thoughtful floral fragrance. …

Nature’s Patterns

Tiny white tendrils edging thick succulent leaves / Nature’s beauty abounds / Slow down and look / Threads so fine / Weaving a net t…

San Francisco Surf

From Pier 39 to Fisherman’s Wharf, to the 49er’s pretty green turf, / there is nothing so romantic as the sound of the San Fran…

Safe and Sound

For a few moments I looked outside my window. With joy I watched the droplets of rain form on the tree branches then fall like teardrops l…

Midnight in the Meadow

Such a wondrous moon shines down tonight! / The field flowers almost seem to dance

Gathering Wisdom, Balancing in the Winds

Large agile hands reach with elongated fingers to grasp the Sky, and drink the Winds…

Is this ours?

Tiny perfection warm / Tender peachy skin

Declaration of Love to Puerto Vallarta and Mexico

An amazing place

I Hope

As silence overcomes the land / The soft reminders of the past / I enjoy the time, the quiet peace / Forever hoping it shall last.

The Fields of Forever ~ Healing Voice

…For long days shall follow those / gifted with my healing warmth.

Natures Beauty

Green is the grass which is, the beauty below us. / Yellow is the sun, which shines upon us / Rainbows spreading, an array of luck. / The c…

Lost In A Moment

The sun shines down, bright and inviting; / Millions and millions of / Rays. / Through the clouds they break, exclaiming / The coming of an…

Nature Beauty

Known yet so mysterious, for nature’s beauty eludes us. / Beautiful in many ways splendor is in its grace.

I am but a part

Here I stand now, seeing, feeling, being a part of nature / Knowing I am but one shred of the overall beauty of the world


-appreciation for life, beauty of the earth. / -Joys experienced through senses and gifts received from our ancestors. / -Live life hoping …

Around the world in 80 days…

My creative imagination at work. / This is my first shot at creating my “own” Power Point slide presentation.

Ode to nature!!

Ode to nature’s unappreciated beauty, / It’s sweet, soft, serene scene. / So nurturing to our demanding needs


Never to mistake the rose for its thorns

Beauty of Nature

My veins push my blood / to keep my body alive

As My Life Holds Me

As my life / holds me by my side / my dreams shower rose petals on me / red, pink and white / The sweetness of / berries in her voice…

Her Beauty Had Fallen Forgotten

A gaze might catch, in gentle touch / An overthrown conception, who’s direction has wandered / Through a pond of honored ponderers / …


Remember / Be still and know / I am God / Be still and know / I am God / Blessing / Honour / Glory to the Lamb / Holy Righteous / Worthy / …

Haiku 146

this rusted gate / still after years of neglect / cherry blossoms


Sweet scent of June blooms sweep through on wings of sound.

At The Lake

The Lake / All around me it is peaceful. The air runs over my body and sooths my aching, tired muscles. It is the cool of the evening, wh…


Well, you won’t believe my cutie. / She’s a long legged long necked beauty. / Wherever she goes she smiles, / And holds her head up high in…

A Rose Of Distinction

So vibrant and velvety, soft to the touch, / a delicate fragrance surrounds me so much.

See and Sea

They sway with the rhythm of the water that teases them in, and then snaps them back, as if dancing a tango.

Silence of Nature

The road silently stretches forth / Walking alone through the shady lane / The wind in the trees give the only whisper of life / Shadows da…

Nothings Perfect

Look to nature with intensity / Things are not quite as they seem / Not everything in life conforms / To exact uniformity

A Feature For The Beauty of Nature

this was a surprise so a HUGE thanks to the host of The Prize Challenge Group for featuring this …and have yourselves a wonderful hol…

Unknowingly Sleeping

Our ultimate condition

Natures Make-up

Alarm clock ringing, 8AM…

The Power Of A Flower!

The Flower’s are bright. / Blooming with delight. / Such, colour and texture, / amazing in sight. / Beautiful and gentle, / fragile a…

Taught to see my a Blind Man

I went for my walk one day up the hill in front of my home and decided to stretch myself further going over the first hill and climbing the…

…Too Late

Fear without foundation / Mixed with morning dew / Tears free from pain or loss / Trickle down of unknown cause

Lay Me Where

Lay me where the sun does shine / And cotton clouds wisp through the air / Where sparrows and eagles / Circle the blue sky


a strength so soft / confidence exudes and cuts paths through mountains / intelligence flows exquisitely with a force backed by gumption an…
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