The Polar Bear Adventure Papa Stood up on his hind legs, and stuck his nose in the air . Sniff ! Sniff ! Sniff ! Well he said, it smells like a good fishing day to… Black Bears in the Smoky Moutains THERE’S A BEAR!!!!! the toilet wont flush oh my god the toilet wont flush / oh my god and im in a rush / what a mess as i hurridly blush / oh my god the toilet wont flush / oh my go… red bum cheeks clearley remembering the good old days / playing in the fields climbing trees / jumping over gardens chap door run / home from school with … wittle archies close call ( wear your seat belt i… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jusht a wittle boy of sheven yearsh of age from a village called sauchie in scotland uk… / t… Squares and Stairs Squares and stairs / angles and bears / Whenever I walk down the street / I’m ever so careful who I meet wittle archies bwirthday suwrprise hi their wittle archie here im jwust a boy of only shevan yearsh old and im from a village in clackmannanshire called sauchie in scotland i… wittle archie-are you a good sprout or bad sprout… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jusht a wittle boy of sheven yearsh of age / from a village in scotland called sauchie in the uk /… wittle archie-be a friend ( school bullying ) end… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jwust sheven years old today im going to tell you a poem about school / today i went to school / t… wittle archies new teacher and redbubble art day hi everybody my names wittle archie im shevan years old and im from a small village in clackmannanshire scotland uk called sauchie / iR… wittle archies new pet silver and trip to the fun… hi my names wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire uk scotland, tod… wittle archie-swing fun ( could be dangerous ) hi my name is wittle archie, if we havent met before then im very pleased to meet you……… / im only sheven yearsh of age a… wittle archies call for help ( save the world ) hi my name is wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a small village in scotland called sauchie in clackmannanhi… Another Feature ‘’Bears of the World&… I’m having a good week. / Thanks so much to Nic Relton and Marleia Main / Thanks so much guy’s its greatly appreciated. wittle archies fisrt day out alone ( the shadow )… hi my name is wittle archie im jusht shevan years of age and im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire scotland uk / hi to all m… Bears in the Pressure Cooker (Poetry) There is a growing concern for the future of many animal species, including the Polar Bear. Loss of habitat is the culprit and we are runn… wittle archies windy experience hi my name is archie and im jwusht a wittle boy of only shevan yearsh of age and im fwrom a village in scotland uk called sauchie / to-dwa… Blood for Static How vividly we remember everything we see, / From the numbers in our cell phones to the pixels in our TV screens. / And how we think we’re… Featured Little Darlings: For the Love of Teddy B… Happy and Honoured – Some of my Featured Works – Thanks x³ for Your empathy for them, it’s such a pleasure to experience that food art is w… Redbubble Teddy places 5th in Teddy Bear Love Is … I am sooo thrilled! He placed 5th! Thank you Thank you Thank you for everyone who voted for my Redbubble Teddy! I am soooo happy and thrill… DID YOU HEAR ME I was thrilled that DID YOU HEAR ME, is being featured in Bears Of The World. I just love these two sloth bears. teddy bears that never age the only people who dismiss as conspiracy theory / alternative interpretations based on facts / are conspirators / when you think about it … Polar Kingdom He jumped over me with such force that I thought I might be crushed if the tiniest piece of fur were to touch me…slightly breaking the ice … BEARLY AWAKE My photo “Bearly Awake” is being featured in the Bears of the World group. Thanks so much for the honor. I just loved this g… Epitaph for Ted E Bear Epitaph: / Here Lies Ted E Bear / 1 eye, 1 arm & a tear / moldy mush for hair / he had a scare / was thrown in the air / was lost at a … Placed In the Top Ten I place in the top ten, for the Christmas Card Challenge. In the America-Rural, Urban, Wild, Free Group. My photo “A Beary Merry Ch… It was so nice to see ……. BEARS OF TH… That really made my day! I’m honored and Humbled!!! / Thank you so much!!!! / ZeeZee The Christmas Bear The snow fell softly on the front porch and began to pile up on the windowsill. Each small flake accumulated with the others and a steady … “THERE AREN’T ANY BEARS” “Zip that tight now, we don’t want any bears eating us tonight.” Beneath the Wings of an Angel… Teddy Bears … The heartbeat tenderly surrenders / God gift of life begins / No tears yet shed / No broken soul / A sweet sweet child unborn / A new day … chaos theory a bear shits in the woods No Teddy Bears’ Picnic! If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. / If you go down to our magical wood, see it flattened before your eyes. On Osama finally listening… Time and time again I’ve told Osama Bin Laden to tone things down a bit and change the bloody record. FEATURED IN For the Love of Teddy Bears Group My image / “TOGETHER” / was featured in For the Love of Teddy bears group, / Id like to thank the group very much! / anna : ) Backwoods Would Child Leave Flee, child! Bears by A.J.SMith 8 1/2 And then there’s my favorite bear / I call him Big Ted / Mum and dad bought him for me / And he sleeps in my bed A COLORADO STORY A FUN ADVENTURE Objective: To be happy. …my tears and my teeth can’t be tamed. Random Thoughts V: Can The Pompous Save the Pola… What a Presidential election we’re in for this fall! It’s actually kind of electrifying wild isn’t it? A menopausal crazy woman, a depend… The demise of Mr. Bear How you do unsettle me, / my dearest Mr. Bear, / with you staring button eyes, / and soulless empty stare. Dreaming in 3/4 Time And, just as I did, the man would step quietly around the corner of the house and raise the rifle… He that bears the heart of ice It’s hard to smile when nobody sees you Living in the Great Smoky Mountains Cyotes were heard howling along the ridge. What is those eyes shining in the night, I saw one. let the teddy-bears dance oh, let the teddy-bears dance / let them giggle and sway / in their sweet teddy way / let them wiggle and prance / in their joyful teddy tr…

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