~ Not a Wave Crashing ~ Reach for the pebbles lining the shore / Which way is up I don’t know anymore A Orillas del Encanto Contempla conmigo el oleaje sensual / Y suspira produnfo, del mar, la sal HAUNTED BEACH (part one) A true short story from … At first we thought she was naked, but looking closer we made out that she had been wearing a swim-suit, The empty beach .. the media were brought in, to record the arrival of the authorities, there to take the names of these people who had dared to use this b… Creepy Naked Man “Would you like to watch me pull it?” / He asked / “I know you want to see….” FULL MOON PARTY The island of Koh Panghan had become quite an intriguing location; Haad Rin beach was a place to encounter engaging sights and sounds. ~ Meet You …. ~ What time you wanna meet up? / I know exactly where REMEMBER PARADISE Sun illuminating / Emerald green sea / Swimming in inviting water / Her sparkling eyes / His broad shoulders / Hand in hand / He kissed he… Second Chance A tear rolled lightly down her cheek, catching the fire of the rising sun. The beach had never known a loneliness such as this. Soaring Way Up High Oh the places I would go / If only I could fly. / Up just below the clouds, / Soaring in the sky. / Soaring way up high. / If only I could … Her Love is Strong She prays he return to her, her heart / For his was love, so meant to be Barricane Beach What brought me here / to suffer the shrieking indifference of seagulls / and the apathy of rocks? ~ along Binnalong ~ And when you finally return home / And those there ask where you had roam’d / Let ’em know you’ve been along Binnalong Bay A Day in the Sun (Mature) Snatched From The Jaws of History I remember [many things] / A day much like any other, / As sunlight poured through the panes / Of my rain streaked frames / While my alarm … A Day At The Beach A day to walk / A day to remember / Back after I am done, / A day full of peace / Knowledge in the heart / And memories in the mind. / A da… 4 FEATURES The Mornington Peninsula group have very kindly featured 4 of my images,thanks so much to / Rosina & Jacqueline ‘’ The Mor… Too many candles A million candles / on deserted beach / one lit for my / every impure and / lustful thought Features This Last Week Love Note In The Sand ~ Homepage Feature (2-13-2010) / Right Down To The Core ~ Berries, Fruits, & Seeds / Be Mine ~ All The Colors Of… Featured in the SEA group My image of NEIL BOUCHER 2 was featured today in the sea group, so happy i am, and thanks so much to the sea group for featuring this image… The Lady in Red Lady Jane Beach, is on Sydney Harbour and is a legal nude beach. / Lady Robinson Beach is not. Oceans deep The moment passed. Both stood still, aware that this was shared by another… Message In A Bottle Another favourite I thought I’d share Anticipation “Why do we only smile when we’re high?” With Bacon’s Eyes abrasive love A Snowy Day At The Beach The snow has almost stopped falling / Random flakes still escaping the sky above / The beach is quiet with windswept sands / Until I hear l… Why???? (questioning lifes journey) What could we be doing now that makes our lives truly worth while? Sand In My Undies (Another Novel Idea Yeah… it was like wet stand against your skin. Rubbing away layers until it was embedded so deep it didn’t hurt anymore. My Hometown Where the full moon is slung so low / it casts a shimmering glow / upon the silent dark waters below Lethargia Soft, smothering waves / Gently lap against the shore / Dragging it away Calm Before the Storm Peacefully watching the storm slowly moving in…Listening to the thunder in the distance…a wall of rain falling on the distant horizon…I kno… I want to take you with me. I want to take you with me / on a journey to something new. / A special place of beauty; / a secret I’ll share with you. / I want to skip a… Oh my gosh, two more features….what a weeke… Wow, what a weekend I have had. I am so thrilled with more news of two more features. / “Sunset Silhouette” was featured in &#… Summer Boats A beach in summer, / Sand is warm, / The waves roll in to meet the shore, / Here boats stacked high are waiting for, / Boys and girls whos… An old familiar An old familiar, / all too clear; / as you roll on your back / and new tempo appears. / Repeated chug / of train runs through; / no nightm… CASTLES IN THE SAND THE WIND RUNS DOWN THE BEACH AS THE SUN BEGINS TO SET / THE ENDING OF ANOTHER DAY THAT WE WILL SOON FORGET / EXCEPT FOR THE CHILDREN ON TH… Sweet Pea For she has lassoed me / In apron strings so perfectly… Beach Salt air / Tepid tongue / Longing to touch / Are we done? MORNING BEACH Each time, / Each thought / Takes me to this beach / In my heart… / Makes me thinking / About the human being. / Each wave / Helps me… Summertime Childhood Cherry blossoms… / And first kisses. / That leave sweetness in the corners, / Of velvet lips. / Electricity fizzing between fingertip… “Out To Sea With Dill” ©2012 Sharon M… Another story never told / Of a handsome man, not young, not old / He took to sea with a sail of red / In search of dreams without a bed Put a Dollar in My Hat I am a glass walker, / Fast talker, / Down on Venice Beach. / I am a sex demon, / Fangs gleaming, / Up the Boulevard. / I am a dope dealer,… My Luck and the sea wasn’t blue- / green like in the / photos, it was a maroon color. It was the red / tide, the lifeguard / said. Scientific Ocean (King Of Cloth) “gazing at / emerging from” THE BEACH I saw my darling sitting there / In our old rocking chair / I said “darling, that’s not for you.. / There are so many things we… Indeterminacy 16 (Beach Rendezvous) They had said she could come anytime during the night… Samhain Whispers The steady rolling of ocean shores, / I think of those who walked before / Upon this earthly realm and saw / The ways in which life twists… The Invisible Wharf As I sit on the beach and ponder, / The invisible wharf, with stories old; / And I have to wonder, / Will the tales ever be told? at the shore again it reflects back at me on the softening waves / as i stand here at the shore again. / beneath the silver lining of our reflections / the in… ‘’ Featured ’’ in Flotsam… Thanks so much to the group Flotsam & Jetsam and its host for featuring Driftwood. Om The Walkway on Venice Beach Bob Marley echoed from small shop / “The music is really color” they used to say / Colors swirled / In a sage haze / Rambling p… ‘tar beach’ when i was young / it was called “tar beach” / the roof of the apartment / where you lay down a blanket / to get a suntan / the… Support your fellow artists!! Just a reminder that our Art Auction begins today at Please find time to come by and check us out !! Please s… In Touch Numerous migrating birds resting in the / days end golden light as it slowly fades The Silhouette of my Life The sea / Solemn in her silence / Wakes me / I open my eyes and glimpse / The silhouette of my life the ball (some thoughts around “Dover Beach… the ball / bounces / up and / down / like / the sun on / steroids. Watching Seagulls I wish I were your beach towel, / So I could lie against your skin. / Or a break / To keep the wind away, / But let the sunshine in. Baking on a Beach Distant sounds / A lull and lap / Crunch, crash slap / Splash, laugh, run. so many butts on the beach so many butts on the beach Fireworks At The Beach As the Child was mesmerized by the sounds of the explosions echoing through the silent air,and the bursts of bright colors ,bleaching out… Featured in ‘’ Going Coastal ’&… One of my images has been chosen as a feature and i would just like to thank the group moderators of ‘’ GOING COASTAL ’&… The Ocean Oh, how I wish that you were here, / I want to enjoy this with you. / Every soft breeze speaks your name, / And every wave reminds me of yo… Tea on the beach is the way forward Have tea, or don’t have tea: that is the question: stones II i collected a few on the way down / and also left some halfway to pick up / on the way back. / sand got everywhere / and left warm abrasion… Merimbula is more than a location – it’s where X … I vividly recall relying more on guess work and vigorously scouting locations. Memories of a Beach I lay on the warm, sandy, umbrella polka-dotted beach / I wiggle into the sand and it contours my body / Like that spot was meant for me. /… An Ocean Scene LISTEN: Can you hear the crash of the waves as they splash on the sand at the beach? Mallacooota Holidays Mallacoota is the most Eastern point of Victoria. It took 2 days from Melbourne on a narrow dirt road rambling amongst heavily forest trees The Chase The creature turned on its slender heel exposing its face. The injurious— thing donned a maniac’s grin, of blood-stained teeth.… OBX SUDS Outer Banks Summer lady magic We’ll feast and sing down by the sea, / Can you hear the beat of the drum? / And if we dance and twirl fast enough / you’ll fe… Quiet Storm The sun set on a beach I had known so well / Ever since day broke over shore and plain. / Laying down on sands of my flat terrain / I watch… Paris Hilton and the Coconuts Why Paris loves me Natural Order Defined by the wind and clouds / The violent storm came upon the shore By the Ocean…and A Day At The Beach….… Many Families come to enjoy / A pleasant day at the beach. Time Time / Time is as was, for such a world is this, when only now the rights of the american indian are finally heard. / Where most peopl… Things I’ve Never Done I like shadows. I’ve never chosen to bask in sunshine, and that’s why my skin is so pale. That’s why you can see all my veins. Shooosh… Whispers the Wind on a glimpse of the eye we see it pass by, once in our hands at another vanished at a glance, the distance apart drills sensations to my te… Away for a time beach-combing in Camusfearna Comber of the beach as the singer sings throw the stick for your dogs trick. Floating flotsam same as the collection of jetsam. Shattered you never loved me back though a provider is what you were / you never promised anything and then you left with her Beach Toes We walked through the sand / as if we owned the place / picking up magnificent / similar shells / a speck or two setting them apart / Our… Liberation She walked barefoot, her work shoes in hand / As a gentle breeze toyed with an errant strand. “On The Beach” I / am the proud, majestic, glorious / sand castle, / innocently, lovingly, deceptively molded / with simple sand and salt water, … summertime sweaty palms and first kisses, / nervous anticipation / red skies mark the beginning of endless nights The Sea The waves roared at the stubborn reef / Diamonds sparkling on the waves / As they smash against the rocks / like sprays of shattered glass Awash Sun kissed flesh Like Butterflies…………. Bright buttons, pretty ribbons, curling in the breeze / Sunlight glistens on sequins as around they all spin / Like butterflies on the bree… Senses I hear the people laughing, / I hear the trains go by. / I hear the pigeons cooing, / I hear them from the sky. Searching The waves seem to laugh as they splash me lightly On a beach. “Untouchable naked romance on some beach that outlines the sea.” Featured in AS IS Group Dromana Afternoon / Thanks so much Tony and Harsh from the ‘’ AS GROUP ’’for featuring Dromana Afternoon and to eve… Martin by the Beach He dreamed of coffee and spices and places far, far away… Talking to a Ghost on the Beach So I spoke into the darkness:“If ghosts really do exist, I ask that you show yourself to me.” Pacific Beach Sunset is featured again! I am honored to learn that Pacific Beach Sunset is once again featured, this time in the California Sound group. Thanks to the moderators f… (Sh Story) Mental Bonding © (Mature) The Beach Thunderous glory
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