red balloons. sleep in silence / lose in silence / stroll in silence / wake in silence / squander in silence / dissipate in silence / waste in silence / … BLACK BALLOONS Forgiveness is like holding black balloons / and letting the wind carry them away. / Sweet souls will dance together / again… face to face, We Have Seen Her Dismantling … the ugly metallic sculptures that are lurking here, you know, on every single side-street… roses on the fire – children has killed by … let stop that fire / stop the War please! Lost windy weather Who knows where the wind blows / where it comes from / where it goes / where balloons and kites will drift ‘till gone / Planes will f… a red bow for your salt Balloons full of paper Red Balloons a gentle, / thoughful break / sitting on a park bench. / I think quietly / like the rustle of red leaves. / A child with a red balloon / sm… Balloons, Balloons I filled up a whole bag of balloons with helium and tied them up with a string, / While I was doing this some of the air escaped and I star… Early Mornings…….Bah….. ……all the balloons took off from the lawns of Old Parliament House and floated over the National Library………&#… Balloons and Tea Towels Balloons, ice cream, whistles, toys, colourful ties and vagrant laughter – not allowed. Balloons The box opens / And the balloons burst out / Flying up / Into the sky / Flying / Higher / And higher / Their colors brilliant / Across a c… Six Balloons Was All I Needed Six Balloons Was All I Needed / by / Oscar Elizondo / I blew up one balloon with hot air, / it was brown in color like my hair. / Then it f… Comedious Commentarious :Father’s Day One man tells his coworker that he is excited about celebrating his first father’s day as a new Dad. CAPTURED BALLOONS It was thought that if a man could catch one and lash himself to it, that it would take him to a wonderful cold place called the Ice Mounta… Popping Balloons in Crowded Places The world is a thin big black scarf / Thin like the blanket of lies and deception / That we douse ourselves in / To feel comfortable in our… Helium Balloons In The Sunset or candles kept lit in huntington apartments Balloons you filled your love with lies and now there all gone / ever one of the balloons you held fell at your feet. / hot ari now cold. Bretheren “Does this road go all the way to the end?”, I’d say. / I reckon so they all said, but they didn’t really know for … Red Balloons Red Balloons / Red balloons fly like lovers / cut from paper shadows to / hold hearts of fire and wind / Porch light late night kiss / will… Jared the cheap lavender ring you slipped on my finger at Collin’s apartment.

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of balloons writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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