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Review of the ‘Dale Frank’ Exhibition… His works are like gigantic lollipops with rainbows of flavours for you to reach out and lick. Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election lessons in ball dresses Left / on my doorstep / a package / i lifted / carried the weight / inside / excited / a warm and fuzzy. / Plain the parcel / well travele… The World’s Elsewhere New cars are built by machines, not hands – they have no spirit, only circuits. Give me the smell of engine oil and age; imperfection… The Cat: furry ball of purring joy or inter-dimen… In Neruda’s, Book of Questions, one line haunts me: “how many questions does a cat have?” Of which I’m sure the an… Dethroned As a ten year old girl, Tether-ball was my game of choice. I played it hard and I played it well. Moments into the game I was in control. … JPGers Ball (The Sequel) I first learned about JPG Magazine from my photography teacher, Christine Corrigan, a member of JPG (Christine Corrigan) and RedBubble (Pea… A short Dragon Ball Z story “Kakarot, what the HELL have you been stuffing down your throat! If your stench invades my nostles once more, I shall KILL you!” A funny but true story about a Fox Pup A friend of mine relayed this story to me this evening over the phone. It was so funny i just had to share it with you. / Two older men had… Sick Sick Sick Nathan Sponsors his old High School’s Annual Halloween Ball… My 50th I’m 50 – this time around … Haiku 21 – ball playing soccer / ball misses goal — / smashes window A wad of spit and a ball of hope … I wish to spin a yarn of silken gold / a story most famous to behold / tender to the touch / and pure of heart / with both eyes closed / sq… Take yourself to the Ball Follow your name when you hear it called / Rip down all the writing from the wall / Set yourself set up for a gentile fall / Yesterday and … Down the Lane Today . . . As I wander down the land today / I hope to find some friends to play / The sun is out so I can’t see why / I’d be all alone un… a whole other ball game the dream behind her eyes / had become a dull brown / and the walls of her life / dirty shades of grey. Ghost, Ball Lightning, Gas? As we were talking, I noticed a glowing ball of light , floating behind us out in the field, about the size of a flashlight, floating about… the ball (some thoughts around “Dover Beach… the ball / bounces / up and / down / like / the sun on / steroids. The Last Battle of Crylonia – The Prophecy ‘And as a threat draws near / The words inscribed upon the alter of life shall strike fear / A king of a king’s son shall leave forever / B… how home at sundown / and all that’s left / is the lightness of smells and sounds / by the seaside / I am a song on the radio / in the wa… Sand Dance of the Tethered Nymph sand clogs the delicate stairwell of her esophagus, / yet she dances on… Fluff Mother watches, / Mother listens Michael Throwing Snow Ball At Me is being Feature… Thank you so much Candid Photographs Of Friends And Family for featuring Michael and I photos. He was very happy to see it. What’s Mine I’m curled up in a ball inside / Rolling around and trying to avoid / Things that keep poking me Part 10 The ball starts rolling Mr Sincerity sent a limousine to pick up Marcel, James and David and they immediately began work on the recording of their songs. / Marcel … “‘And it’s 1, 2, 3 Strikes your… I know I am late with this, but I’ve been up to my neck in quicksand and couldn’t get out (beauty therapy my foot). Anyway, I … MAGIC BALL It was a very special Magic Ball / Only had by one..wanted by all / She was a princess in her own right / Born on darkest night / The Magic… Erotic 10…The Masquerade Ball Following the POEM THE EVE OF WATERLOO… An officer and a lady seek shelter to find their forbidden love.. and act upon it!! at The Ma… The Ball Room Dance There was magic – / Chemistry was thick, gorged with energy of lust- / I just knew she felt the same….. The Last Night …just reminisced / going to New York / watching the ball drop as the count-down / took all her attention / that year… THE ROUND BALL The round ball spins / and gravity will snatch their tears, / Disguise them as distant rain / Are we blind. / Fears bought and sold / lost … Larry Gets To Play With The Invisible Ball Part I… Larry Gets To Play With The Invisible Ball / By / Oscar Elizondo / Larry and his new found friends played many games of baseball and he lea… The Last Battle of Crylonia – Chapter 1 – T… “Tell me do you feel sorry and regretful for what you have done?” asked Segmath to Alex. Alex merely peered up with a dark look on his face… Secret Policeman’s Ball work like a demon… and sing like an Angel. a soccer ball a soccer ball / bare feet / cans of soda / dare sweat / elevation from / firm mention of / gratitude… it / Has a name / in sinful bliss / j… The Mirror-ball of Desperation I walked into our local supermarket and saw something painfully familiar and sad, which caught my eye and reminded me of a version of me i… What Was Just A Ball Room Dance A Story about a Girl in love with a Tragic Ending or is it ? Isabella * BJD doll* I am working on my first BJD. I will be uploading pictures of her and her making process very soon. please bookmark this page to see a sen… Ball Pin you’re a map and they’re pinpointing all the places to go BORN A WRECKING BALL sometimes / i think back / to my childhood / my boyhood / and / my ever expanding / manhood and / i’m sad / sad i never said / i… Has Anybody Seen My Invisible Ball? Has Anybody Seen My Invisible Ball? / By / Oscar Elizondo / Larry was eight years old and he had a very vivid imagination. Nobody wanted t… Bright Red Ball The little boy with the red ball was close enough now that she could touch him if she had a mind to, she could reach out quickly and grab t… At The Demons’ Ball Everybody who wasn’t any “body” was there / At the Demons’ Ball The Phantom Masked Ball I dance with mystery himself, / He is cloaked in nights darkness… Soccer Ball. it all happened so fast, my brain was bleeding / i walked over to the tall mass of dirt, was seething / i threw the ball in the air, i kick… Why are You Calling? The telephone rings interrupting my thoughts. / I could care less who is calling at this hour. / Who the hell would call at 3am? / Why are … LOST BEACH BALL … On the edge between sea and sky… Crystal Ball in Blue featured!!!! Many, many thanks to the host of / SELECTIVE COLOURING / For the feature!!!!!!!!!! :D / CRYSTAL BALL IN BLUE Beach Ball (Haiku) Rainbow on a sphere Larry’s Invisible Ball Part II Larry’s Invisible Ball Part II / By / Oscar Elizondo / Larry played many happy games with his new friends and his new basketball. However,… The Masked Ball What he always wanted came true…but at what price?? Chain Reaction Staring at the rain outside the classroom window / The Symphony trickles agains the pane. / The constant blowing of air through the vent / … playing ball they got themselves annulled……………the timing was rightful / I found myself still on the curb……R… foul ball ain’t anything as worse as it / ain’t nothing to see / ain’t anywhere to go now / ain’t nothing to see / ain’… Behind the Eight Ball The dead calm of Sunday morning was followed by sudden gusts of hot, heavy wind, blown in from every direction – carrying with it the… bowling ball candy where to begin, where? to. begin. / from the highs to the lows and the spaces between, all the flights and the plans and the faces i’… Shadow Ball Lay awake stunned and confused / Dim night light fills the room / Will he say “I do”? / What does he think of you? / Thoughts r… The Letter Cookie blanched. “He’s gonna kill me,” he gasped, falling to his knees all over his sorted pile of recipes. “Our Fa… The Red Ball or What Your Old Toys Do When They&#… The red ball, / which really could have / meant anything, / been any color, / been rubber…plastic, even a bean bag, / said “L… Yellow Ball Then his mind wandered to his dad. A frown darkened his freckled baby face. A face too young to have seen the things he had. Dad got drunk … electricity in a glass ball Dreams sizzle through me like electricity in a glass ball. / The issue is my current reality is also a manifestation of previous / thoughts… My ball and chain. My ball and chain / His name is Grey / He’s special in a certain way / It’s in his eyes / When he looks at me / And smiles / Kn… I’m Ballin. I’ll steal the ball like a magician, / and dunk on you like a seven foot Asian. / When I crossover I’ll leave your ankles break… Captured Glass The ball sits / In between / A steel / And twisted cage Nine Ball. Ten-thirty-eight, I think. / Precision is less than of consequence. / Like I said earlier, / There are some walls that divide us. / One of … Ball of Confusion The stress my emotions, they’re all so hard to control / Can’t help anyone with their problems because / I’m the one that… The Walrus Ball He lived in the bathroom sink of a house occupied by two female humans. The male of the house had moved out a while ago. Watcherby. Sit — stiff, silent and monogamous / Holding the world tightly to your chest, / Unraveling earth like a ball of yarn / With your clan… Mreoww Just want to curl up / Like a cat / In a tightly wound ball. / Don’t come near me, / Don’t touch me, / Don’t bother me. /… Ball of Fire I wonder what label I wear. / How would people describe me. / What they would identify me as. / Was I that girl sitting on the mini trampol… Chapter 5: Katie’s Royal Ball Your about to learn the reason why Purathena camt go anywhere Bounced. Bounce the ball / The ball is bouncing / Echoes as it hits the ground / Connects with the fine polished court / In the grip of a palm / Com… Sycamore Ball and Gossamer Strands Sycamore seed ball / Hung on the tree all / Through the Winter The new monday night foot ball song It’s football time tonight / A high light delight / 2 teams collide / Only one winner will reside / Under a dome or darkened skies / … Wrecking Ball Tearing us apart HAVE A BALL Eat, drink, and be merry. / Go on and have a ball. / There’s nothing wrong with celebration, / Unless it’s the only thing done at all. / Pa… 1001 Tales of the Deep (Part 1-5) Part 1: Oil Hurts the Innocent / Larry the Squid was on fire.

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of ball writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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