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John Wayne (Gacy) by Captain RibMan What Would Rachel Maddow do? by michaelroman Pied Piper by Societee I love Michele Bachmann by TLaw Rep. Michele Marie Bachmann (MN-6) by Alex Preiss Save America First. The End Times Festival. by Alex Preiss Bachmann Christian Counseling by pmachnick Tea Party We The People Shirt by RepublicanShirt Michele Bachmann For President by morningdance I am gone (quietly) You paint your canvas / Blue bruise / Now white lie. / Start again. / Plasters / Cover secrets, / They won’t tell. Vote Republican! 6 by Alex Preiss Vote Tea Party 2012 by RepublicanShirt Decision 2012 by DrewSomervell Pendennis Castle  by Rob Hawkins We're running out of rich people in this country! by Alex Preiss OH SNAP by Tia Knight Ewe are my first Your tiny body is / Awkward / in my hands / I do not know / how to hold a / baby / You / are my first. In Memory Of Mr Kasbin. My lungs filling with / Black / Empty / Space. / My skin crawls up my body, / Turning itself inside out, / To bleach the feeling from its c… Sexed Up by Rob Hawkins Sweet Dough Sweet dough. / Your smell has impregnated my sheets. / Freshly baked. / Warm and soft. / Melted butter. / Sliding over my tongue. / Skin on… Not Soul eyes destroying me, / Skin, / Touch, / Lips when they speak or kiss, / Frame, / Being, / Heart. / I love with my hands, / Green eyes i… Secret Pear I grasp for your shape / and soon enough find you / facing my teeth / a clear crisp mouthful / refreshes and quenches / and I continue to c… The First Cut is the Deepest by Hope Bachmann Ice Finding the breaking point, / And then that quick succession / Of tiny thunder claps, Hold me My tshirt is thin / Allowing the freezing morning wind / To blow through skin, blood and bones / Shrinking my pores / Numbing my senses. Erotica Revealing our naked entities, / Innocence melts into a silver pool of liquid mercury, / Slipping over our skin welding us together, Thin Ice Now / Holding thin ice / I feel the boundaries / Pushing my stomach. Running To curl up under warm tarmac sounds beautiful. A cuddle that never lets go, as the black tar substance covers you curled foetal. Conservatives Collage by morningdance Michele Bachmann 2012 - "Not a Witch" by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Your Profile Applying make-up, / Washing on and off, / Removing your mask / To fall asleep / In naked truth. Beautiful girl Mother to you, / You paw at my skin. / That babe in you searching / For the milk within. Love after lust. Drinking wed wine from your mouth, / Catching the drips with my tongue. / Teasing and tasting. / Feeling and kissing. Eagle by Hope Bachmann Eat The Rich by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Chairman Obama 2012 - The Peoples Republic of America by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Conor If I ever wake up at night or can’t sleep, I know I will be able to find you sitting in the smoke of a cigarette and your own thoughts. Tea Party Movement Shirt by RepublicanShirt Vimto Squash Vimto Squash / you are that taste / when I drink you hot / of comfort / love / health / and good feeling. Here I am I sniff glue / to keep my organs in place, / but the PVA keeps peeling away. Bachmann Christian Counseling by pmachnick Rick Perry and probably Sarah Palin 2012 Maybe by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Newt Gingrich - Reasonably Calm by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Super heart fixing UHU My heart is shattered and we’ve no glue, / And no shop sells heart fixing UHU. / I tried to ring you, I even wrote. / But even words can ma… Cutting Curls Feeling the weight of / Change / in my throat. / The metallic taste stuck to my lips, / jarring with your eyes. Echoing Hearts W.H. Auden wrote / “We must love one another or die” / Reiterating Aristophanes’s speech / About finding / Our other half… A Lament to The Tram Inn of Eardisley This place has become my home, / a family with an unquenchable thirst. / “Check on!” / The bottles on the shelves / like the people in fron… Take Back America Tea Party Shirt by RepublicanShirt Ron Paul 2012 - Top Tier  by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Tea Party Shirt by RepublicanShirt Retro Republican 2012 Shirt by RepublicanShirt Fighting the I I want to / Escape / Break / Run / Putting distance / In between / This world / And I. Tea Party T Shirt by RepublicanShirt Chairman Obama - Our Dear Leader - The Peoples Republic of America by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Progress and Peace - Ron Paul for President 2012 by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Herman Cain - "For and Against Everything" by BNAC - The Artists Collective. For a second Lingering through my mind. / A running stream. / Her skin shimmered in the air, Anti-Obama Shirt by RepublicanShirt Tea Party Republican Shirt by RepublicanShirt Obama and Bachmann Mittigate a GOP split by bubbleicious Newt Gingrich - Herman Cain 2012 by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Stalinist Candidate - Patriarchal Potty-Mouth 2012 by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Your touch turns me Your touch turns me. / Beautiful but / Never holding. / You scold me. Vote Republican 2012 by RepublicanShirt Rick Perry - Knows what he's doing through Saturday. by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Big Business - Big Government 2012 - It's already too late by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Tea Party Revolution Shirt by RepublicanShirt Vote Bachmann 2012 by RepublicanShirt Newt Gingrich for President - To Keep Paul in Fourth Place by BNAC - The Artists Collective. Willand Western  by Rob Hawkins Miss me with that by Tia Knight Conservative Americans by morningdance Western Gathering  by Rob Hawkins Michele Bachmann by morningdance Portrait of a virtual mind. Michele Bachmann. by Alex Preiss The BR class 45  by Rob Hawkins Rick Perry and probably Sarah Palin 2012 Maybe by BNAC - The Artists Collective. The Gingrinch Who Stole Christmas from Romney by bubbleicious my sister talks to bigfoot whos her neighbor michele bachmann by Tia Knight Constitutional Conservative Michele Bachmann by morningdance Warning! Don't Trust Michele Bachmann! by rydrahuang Bachmann Coat of Arms (German) by coatsofarms Bullshit Detector by Samuel Sheats

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