baby you’re autumn cool, end of summer roma…

Baby you’re autumn cool / End of summer romance – I fall for you / Kissing you is an Arbor Day in June / I plant the seeds that make …

Ode To Rain

Another of my favourite poems. I wrote this poem after being out in a glorious rainstorm in October 2008.

Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is go…

If people can be remembered after their lives pass on, / Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone?

the murder of autumn

She can smell the soul of the trees burning alive today. Their secrets are smoldering and a longing oozes through the cracks in their bark.

Heaven’s Champagne

A poem about leaves falling in the rain.

Autumn In The City

The wind whispers while / the sunlight ebbs / and smears in rusty hues


I stand enveloped / in the stillness of pre-dawn cover, / a world of vague whispers


colorful sails in mid-air / on an imaginary sea / spinning, twirling / pirouetting with the wind / falling reds and yellows / gold and bro…

When I sit softly, and often on nights like this

It hollowed me out until you could see the stars through my skin. When life is slow, I map the constellations through my spine. There are m…

Summer’s Kiss

summer love is like no other love / you just glared at me silently / I can read / by the vagueness in your eyes / summer’s kiss is ov…


a tender whirl, / tendrils curl

There is Nothing more glorious than exuberant dea…

Surrounded by all this exuberant death / and dying; / and living in valuable sin! against nothing / and everything / and all for the same e…

Bruised Summer waiting to heal in the cold of Wi…

Cannot foresee which season comes first

Autumn in the Country

Wind blows softly against the trees / As the sun gently warms the air in autumn / The stream sings a welcoming melody / For the deer to com…

Fists of Autumn

…to place them next to the breaking tears of your leaning prose. You want everyone to see what you saw, the Dad of your eyes. The los…

of memory.

It is 1939. A man touches my shoulder blade. His hand is heavy and hollow, like a thin rose shell, rocking its loving ocean for eternity.

Have I been waiting long?

he comes to me / the rain was falling steadily.. / a smile flitted across his face / the rain poured down / he grabbed hold of me and would…


in all her tawny richness…

Enchanted kisses

Kiss me teasingly, tell me / earnestly / the reason why / you would bring me / to this enchanted paradise


I hear the sounds of autumn, / In the trees, / And the earth, / Quieted whispering changes, / Of sleepy leaves of brass. / A coolness to th…

fall from grace

Have you ever heard the sound of a leaf when it falls from a tree in solitude?

Enters Autumn

A brisk wind swept across my brow / As the birds squall their panicking feast / Summer is nigh at end / As autumn approaches / Where coole…


cloudy sails / snowflake thoughts / smokey winds / misty dreams


Fragrance fills the air / With fruits to consume and share / Autumn has now bloomed

Details to “Approaching Autumn”

This is how I shot – Approaching Autumn / Nothing special to the shot really. / Same equipment / My Camera is the Canon Digital Rebel…

" Leaves "

for all seasons

Abandoning Autumn

Nights are clear, untroubled by clouds, / and in the the sky the stars are scattered / like so many diamonds spilled, careless, / on a midn…


Seedlings, unable to dodge the impending onslaught of raindrops, continued on their course while water-bound leaves deposited themselves al…


not such a small world / climbing / a blade of grass

I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY … A Collaboration

I will not go quietly… / by Richard George / I will Not Go Quietly / A poem by: / Richard George / and / LInaji / 2010 / I have been…

A sweet sigh of Autumn

falling and sleepy are the leaves / Autumn turning slowly / shades of green to amber / littering sidewalks / with footprints of fragile / …

Pretty Doll

Her ivory body shows grime

There is a reason for every Season

love in four seasons with soul mates, how they bond with it.

Dying Colours

A poem to celebrate autumn

Patches Of Hope

nobody knows where gone love true / Summer was fading into autumn / glimpses of loneliness / nothing more to do / she’s having hope i…

Beautiful Autumn

I think the leaves stole the heat / and turned to fire before my eyes.

my dear.

my love for you is born a thousand, dies a thousand deaths each time you open your sleepy hollow eyes.

Autumn – Six Word Story

Temperature Changes, Leaves Fall, HATE Trees

Autumn Walk

November vegetation / in myriad shades of brown / withers dry. / Death rattles / tatter / across papery fields / of / corn. / Milo, / old …

soon…it will be winter

The ability to take this path to soothe the noise between us / has always been a gift of preservation…..

A View In the Autumn Afternoon (Poetry)

Through the narrow space between the leaves, / A tiny yellow butterfly can be seen / Dancing, flowing here and there casually / In the fore…

Stealth Autumn

Today / it rained / and washed the summer away;

Autumn in the Great Dividing Range

Autumn scents hang in the air / Cool crisp mornings, days are fair. / Tumbling leaves of red and gold, / Orange, amber, brown unfold. / Pil…

Autumn Weave

Sitting stiffly in her second-hand dress / On her patchwork step, neighbourhood cats / Gather for a regular feed tripping over her ankles

Autumn Leaves—A Collaboration

Red gold orange green / Hearts drop from on high to their / Final resting place / Beneath bare branches / Spreads the regal carpet of / Opp…

Beautiful Autumn…..

Saving the best for last / nature is bursting with beauty / in colors of crimson and gold / a wondrous site to behold / yes autumn has ar…

The sounds of childhood, the smells of autumn.

They say that you reach a certain age and start to progress backwards, back towards your childhood…..they say that you ramble a bit a…

Ode To Summer

On sunny June afternoons (in 2008) I would sit outside and think of how I could express summer in words. After simmering in my brain for a …

I am hanging on to my autumn coat

just read about my life as it will change with the seasons,,

Sickening insomnia

I hold my weary gaze / through panes of stained crimson glass / as a blue autumn sky / calls my eyes forth / from a square hearted prison. …

The Last Leaves of Autumn (Part One)

‘If you must go into that terrible forest, do not forget it be Samhain, child.’ / ‘Samhain?’ Siobhan repeated, puzzled, ‘You mean Halloween…

Romantic Autumn

Romantic Autumn, my heart finds you. / Your branches twist and twirl / and the days become colder, chilly. / Yet, I enjoy the coiling winds…

Petals of ink in the Autumn breeze

This earth tastes bitter in my mouth, like poison seeping through my veins.


Mr Duffy…lived at a little distance from his own body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side-glances. He had an odd autobiographical h…

Dear Daydream,

Daydream, take her / far from haunting pain. / The colors in her eyes are hollow; / washed away in a river / clouded with ghostly figures. …

Autumn – Just a little longer!

Just a little longer, let us wallow in the subtle warmth, / for the low settling sun casts but its last gilded rays / Just a little longe…

For a Moment

For a Moment / Sometimes it comes together, / and you taste the wholeness of it all… / the marigolds blooming / in concert with the …

The boar-bristle brush and your hair like an Autu…

To Eric, with love – RIP

Autumn meets Winter

Kaleidoscopic wild oats,.. / Then pale Winter’s silhouette

To An Autumn Rose

I know you, rose. / Like you, I am a late bloomer, / unfurling my gifts much later than expected.

Late On A Rainy Friday Night

15 May 2009 11:11 PM / I’m sure it’d be easier to write if circumstances were nicer. If the sounds coming in my window were merely the rain…

Snow White’s Day-dream in Autumn

… either smiling appealingly and stretching out her bony hand, apple polished and fingers long and yellow, or angered…


So the prince set off right away on his trusty steed heading towards the tower with rapid strides. This would be so easy he thought -

Winter claims, my soul

Fallen shadows / they lie; / glistening / Silver bellied and breathless

Soho/Autumn(Painted Ladies)

I walked streets so narrow that you could taken them in one medium stride.. / Glimpsed tired narrow buildings oddly masked with / brightly…

Burnished Autumn

Burnished flames against the night / Heralding the icy light…


dusky evenings / hang on the heart


Adorned with hues of fiery leaves / my heart is captured as it perceives / the flaming sunset that subtley weaves / into the knoll of natur…

Grief within the autumn leaves!

Roaches, / cured to perfection, / soaked, / in the wine / of the blue nun, / virgin wine, / dying sun, / pungent, / suck them down, / chew …

Like Leaves

Reflections on a relationship that could have been so much more…

Winds of Autumn Blow

Howling winds thunder through the trees / As dream covered passions drift along / In tattered soaked streams of yesterday’s song / Wh…

October Rain

A poem about my two favourite things

Autumn in Scotland

The gentle tones of purple / Mixed in with autumn’s flair…….

Today’s Rain

Today’s rain, cooling autumn’s rain / It combs the air, accompanies deepest green

Autumn Eyes

Complicated proliferate / Soft auburn lights cast and create / Ranges of words unspoken / To hearts fallen deaf / Save one desperate beat /…


She sits bathed in golden light / Holding it close all around her / Letting it caress and soothe her

A Day of Four Seasons


The Majesty of the Fall

And everyone is open mouthed / At the beauty that is Fall…………..

Touch of Autumn

gulls pulsate insistently… / a beckoning cold touch… / autumn…fallen leaves / frail as humanity pausing / on the horizon …

The Autumn Tree

Standing naked, reaching out, / Searching for the sky. / Darkened clouds release the snow, / Silencing her cry.


Winter’s on it’s way, / The Autumn breeze beckons surrender, / Summer leaves, / Detach from trees, / So falls each leaf, / In g…


a junk pile / of old / rusted leaves / t U m b l e s / through the alley / like dead skins / on / fire


My favorite time of year / But also, cyclically, the times of my greatest struggle / As the leaves turn magnificent oranges, reds, and yel…


Welcome to the Fall; / of Autumnal reverie-overloads / like power spikes / and psychotropic nightmares / (…)

Alone on a Saturday in G major

I got up because tonight wasn’t the night to stand with my face to the stars with a raccoon at my feet, wood pigeons in my hair.

Autumn’s Mystery

Only the leaves know …. / Only the leaves will remember ….

Dark Nights

Reflections of all those vivid shades / Are passing with those misty days………..

Fairy Nature

I nourish the land. / Autumn’s blanket becomes crisp, / Stark, white, purity, / I contrast, redecorate / New, sleek, sexy, wavy tones


I lost 2 uncles to cancer in 2002. I wrote ’DEAR GOD" for Uncle Harold. I wrote “SNOWFLAKE ANGEL” for Uncle Paul w…

Autumn is everywhere..

Winter is not far off it’s course / -a blustery northeast chill fills the air.. / A harvest moon with rings of silver hangs high / Th…


There you are, as I was at your age, / A solitary child in your teeming realm / Far from the shimmering torpor that I see – this / …

back to my branches

When I have heartache or am confused about what I feel, I pretend I’m a tree.

Autumn Wildflower Honey

notes and chords / of love / find like harmonies / circling / in radiating up spirals / in space between / are winking possibilities / of …

Let Me In/Out

…I pried with fierce hands / a door that wouldn’t move…

Ode To Autumn

My favoutite season is approaching fast! Naturally, I had to write about it.

Let words spill out

Autumn falls the summer sun shines no longer. This is life. Tapestry of russet and crimson. Seasons running for joy for everything nowhere.…
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