The Smiths Pop Art by PheromoneFiend I'm Going to Write my Autobiography by Kay Kempton Raade Greetings Card - Imaginary Morrissey Autobiography Cover Penguin Classics by PheromoneFiend Imaginary Morrissey Autobiography Cover 2 - Penguin Classics by PheromoneFiend The Hurricane Bob Dylan T-shirt by jackthewebber In the name of the father I’d expected to hear his side of the story – an equal and opposite force. But instead I heard what I already knew or had pieced… Morrissey is a Twat "how sue is now" (the smiths) shirt & poster by Shaina Karasik Draw my life by moritzstork Autobiography by Levan Kakabadze Weekend at Tatra Mountains . Głodówka. Poland . 1961, Hmm... 50 years ago. My autobiography. Views (171) thanks!   featured in1950+ Planes Trains n Automobiles. by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D A DarKnight Within: Chapter 1, Adult at the Age … In the instance he decided to take us out of the car and to leave us there, he decided that I was no longer a child How it Continued – Me (An Autobiography in … Well, it’s been good so far! Pieces of Eight - my biography by Paula MacGregor SALE 20% OFF The Smiths Shirt featuring Morrissey by Shaina Karasik Apple Mary by Paula MacGregor Tobacco & Roses by Paula MacGregor Today in a Land of Yesterday by Paula MacGregor Why is it sooo difficult??? I didn’t know what to do. I am making a lot of progress on this novel. I have hit a point in the book that is messing with my head te… Do you remember ?  blue eyes ???  My autobiography .  Tribute to Elton John. Featured in 50+ GROUP. Views (277) Thx ! dzięki ! Harcikn Dank ! A dank ojch zejer!  Toda raba :) by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D his Late Night autobiography by John Douglas My Name Is Tommy So here I am a 14 year old boy and a 40 billion year old creature sharing the same 52 year old body. Okay, so maybe that seems a bit weird.… Pre-Epic Edit Prologue to my novel ‘From th… I fell in love with Paris a long time ago. (The city, I mean, not the girl in the magazines who forgets to wear knickers sometimes). A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (25) The fly died happy It reminded me of when I’d been to a zoo as a kid once and saw a rhino peeing. It made me think of that. Well it couldn’t taste as bad as i… Tobacco & Roses - altered book detail by Paula MacGregor autobiography by Anthony DiMichele Pieces of Eight by Paula MacGregor Sweet Dreams Diesel by ducatirose Me inside (autobiography) - Io dentro (autobiografia) by Alessia Ghisi Migliari “Roller Coaster” To say he hadn’t contemplated ending it all would be less than honest. Whether he never did because he truly was a coward or because My Life On Vinyl by Elizium Found Looking for life. Pieces of Eight - my biography   (detail of bottles) by Paula MacGregor Witch Eternal Born of the fury of midwinter snows, / forged in the passion of midwinter flame, / I stand, Queen of the Heavens of Winter. Red Autobiography 08-08-08 by Anthea  Slade Chrissie de Dat by ducatirose The Truth Behind the Lies If you were to have asked him, he would have said that I refused to speak to him and he was not allowed to contact me. / If you were to ask… Memories of Bullaburra That world existed in the Blue Mountains, only about 60 miles West of Sydney but for an awe-inspired toddler, it could have been on another… The autobiography of Bliss 2 I had an itch that needed scratching…I needed to completely lose control…just let go and let life flow through me. A DarKnight Within: Chapter 2: What You Get for M… I wasn’t surprised when the next morning’s news had reporters all over Banbury. It seemed the police responded to Chris’s anonymous call Why is it sooo difficult??? I didn’t know what to do. I am making a lot of progress on this novel. I have hit a point in the book that is messing with my head te… A time for Sorrow It comforted her. So many times I wished I could have told Granny how important that day would become and the memory of it would be my sal… Tobacco & Roses - roses detail by Paula MacGregor Crazy Like a Quilt - An Autobiography by Leslie Hope Galloway Operation Cast Lead - p2 by rotem Physical Autobiography I am my mother’s nose, / My father’s hair, / I speak with the accent of my home town. / I am scars – physical memories of… Tony Stark - Autobiography - Ironman by phunknomenon the beginning of me The beginning / 6:55pm. She was covered in white froth. / They held her up for a moment – seen through sodden hair: pink, screaming, alive … Blue , blue eyes. My autobiography .  Tribute to ELVIS PRESLEY-SPANISH EYES . Views (20)  was featured in All Out Emotion by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D Spiritual Warrior by Sarah Curtiss A Viking in my Dustbin. (35) Paradise Lost. -the contents of the white envelope came as a shock and dropped me hard and heavy hearted back into reality. & & & & & & . Autumn Leaves  Autobiography (Les Feuilles Mortes. Dzi).Memories of those happy times when we were all together. Brown Sugar Storybook 2011. Favorites: 3 Views: 97 . Thx! by © Andrzej Goszcz,M.D. Ph.D This Is The Best Day Ever When I woke up that morning, I didn’t think to myself, today is the first day of the rest of my life. I didn’t even think today is the day… The autobiography of Bliss I’ve got to find the white rabbit! A Lack of Color-Autobiography of a girl's room by WendyXu Operation Cast Lead - p1 by rotem Body Shop Just aching for a kickstart A Brief History of Mine One night I had a strong feeling something bad was going to happen to me. I picked up my car from the village along the road and had an id… The Autobiography by IDGARA A Hardscrabble Kid My earliest memories are vague at best, they evade me and lie hidden in the back corners of my mind. Sometimes it feels like my mind was a … What if …… (Mature) An Autobiography of a Daydreamer Imagine that when you stare at a sing point for an extended period of time that that point is no longer just a single point but a whole. Th… NOLAN: Self-Portraiture and Autobiography Nolan was asked why he charged so much for a painting which it only took him a day to paint. He replied that it was because he had been th… autobiography She has dirty blonde hair / And wants to change that / Her eyes change so often / She hasn’t given them a colour / And she wishes the… Roosevelt X by DrewSomervell Intro to Ubi, the Underground Dog I’ll be honest here: I’m no Lassie. I don’t rescue drowning children and I definitely don’t save trapped cats or dogs in need. Stupid Ice-Breakers T-shirt by ice-breakers Chewing a root © Initially NO I did chew on grass roots, that tasted like blood. There were also onion bulb roots on some of the wild grasses and meringue mushrooms that… Ryggsäcken by Alain Christopher Easter Autobiography by taotiger Crazy Things by Adam Kennedy The Smiths - "Morrissey is a Twat" Rare Vintage Inspired Design by Shaina Karasik Portrait of a Boy, 1856 by Bridgeman Art Library

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