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Edgar Allan Poe by Ben Kling I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up (light shirts) by 4everYA Immanuel Kant by Ben Kling Sir Isaac Newton by Ben Kling Ayn Rand by Ben Kling Plato by Ben Kling Larry David by Ben Kling James K. Polk by Ben Kling Napoleon by Ben Kling Søren Kierkegaard by Ben Kling Freud by Ben Kling Nikola Tesla by Ben Kling Troy and Abed by Ben Kling René Descartes by Ben Kling I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up (dark shirts) by 4everYA John Stuart Mill by Ben Kling Mark Twain Irreverence & Liberty by LibertyManiacs Make Good Art by Cosmodious I am a strong independent English major and I don't need no math.  by jamaziing The Fantastic Voyage by Aimee Stewart The book was better. by starryeyes1103 Charles Dickens by Michael John nanowrimo t by dedmanshootn Virginia Woolf, 1902 by Dana Keller American Authors by Bdcabell I Heart Sylvia Plath by Danielle  La Valle Edgar Allen Poe Text Portrait by SpLotchy Tolstoy is My Homeboy by LibertyManiacs Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… In delving into the past of the fair land of Ordine, we must necessarily fall deep into the wellspring of both mystery and legend. It woul… Albert Camus by maddesperado Damned Writing... by QuoteKing Burying Depression by David Stuart KAFKA by Jeff Burgess Great Russian Authors by PeachHeads #amwriting by TWITTERMETEE Hank and John and The Katherine and The Yeti by khodge94 Shades of the 60's by redqueenself Beware of Freudian Slips by Clothos & Co. American authors by rowankeenanx3 Unknown authors,bleached bones,lost words and a t… I sometimes, / Hang out, / In second hand bookstores, / I like tings, / Used,worn,tattered and torn, / dey accept, / me second hand clothes… Stephen King by kenmeyerjr Shakespeare by kflanary Michael Ondaatje by Dylan Horrocks American Authors by rowankeenanx3 Virginia Woolfpack by Moonlightoak Huck Finn (Black) by Kyle Willis Manville Wakefield Home by PineSinger Stories  by Amedori Poe by Kyle Willis Huck Finn by Kyle Willis Write the Good Write A soldier reads a sad letter that starts… / “Dear John” through tears that are blurring his sight. eInquisitive We strive to provide questions as well as answers to real life questions and conditions. The proposition is that you, the reader, will thin… It's My Destiny To Be A Writer by supernova23 ECS by Nik Watt Writers Do it with a Climax by dathasholly Writing Is My Therapy by supernova23 Moby Dick by KayeDreamsART Anne Rutherford by Yonmei Frankenstein: A Rhetorical Question by KayeDreamsART Writer By Day Crime Fighting Machine By Night  by supernova23 Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Foreword: / This is the first book of a series that seeks to answer some most important questions of life, such as: What is truth? Are ther… Mary Augusta by redqueenself Who is the author…..really? Translators of the language of being The Scarlet Letter: Universal Theme by KayeDreamsART read. by resonanteye Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… Examples of other mysteries abound, of the sort that are of much more import to the masses of common folk which litter the various worlds i… American Authors Series 1903 Ishmael by Rozalia Toth American Authors by rowankeenanx3 Still Life in Green by Artcom Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… From all over this fair planet of ours come reports made by persons of very different walks of life, of strange objects seen flitting throu… Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Another legend says that, if you were to, instead, turn right at the / gates of Piccolo Rancido and were then to travel for twenty miles o… Dear This Is For You by Michele Righetti Poe-faced by HeliconHill Enter a World of Magic Take the ultimate leap of imagination and enter a world beyond time… / ‘For in the shadow of death, the seed of a new soul shall fall. / A… I Love Being A Writer More Than I Ever Loved My Ex-Husband by supernova23 If You Ain't Scared by overjoyed I Love Being A Writer More Than I Ever Loved My Ex-Wife by supernova23 God Wants Me To Be A Writer by supernova23 This Writer Will Kick Your Butt If Necessary by supernova23 Only My Mom Can Look That Cool Dressed As A Writer by supernova23 Not Only My Sister Is Cool She Is Also A Great Writer by supernova23 I'm The Guy Your Wife Really Needs I'm A Writer by supernova23 Kurt Vonnegut by AndySherman I'm Proud To Say Now My Sister Is A Writer  by supernova23 Against All Odds My Sister Became A Writer  by supernova23 Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… The girl woke to the sound of nagging voices: / “Oh, Angela! Where are my socks? I put them up to dry last night,and, / they aren’t there!… Caresse Says Yes! by redqueenself Screw This I'm Going to Narnia! by geekchicprints My Girlfriend Is That Hot Girl Who Is Also A Writer  by supernova23 Not Only My Boyfriend Is Great In Bed He Is Also A Terrific Writer  by supernova23 Sooner Or Later A Writer Is Going To Save Your Butt by supernova23 Dracula by KayeDreamsART Thank Freedom by Amedori My Husband Will Become A Writer  by supernova23 And the Winner Is... by Tracy DeVore My Wife Is That Hot Girl Who Is Also A Writer  by supernova23
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