The Distance

The blackest of fires consume me / leaving the ashes behind / always the first to see / what others never can find / sold only to the masse…

I walk fire

breathe free / in the victory of today

Something Must Be Burning

Earlier this morning I’d agreed that we didn’t need to leave. Now that a second helicopter has arrived I have changed my mind. / ‘Brendan, …

Cinders: Ash and Blue (birds)

inch by stifling inch / i have swallowed enough sand / in my loss and miss / to fill up a grown man / as i suffocate / time aches / like …

Forest Medicine

rain shadows / wind blows / creak, snap, moan / forest grown / dead-falls feed / beetles seed / listens heed / .. .. .. / fungi fern / fr…

An Offering of Ashes

After having a leisurely Saturday lunch, my husband and I headed back to our car in the restaurant parking lot. We had been out of state th…

Caida del Cielo

This sin was not yours / Wounds wide open that sting and burn / Pulled from the whomb of a pink craddle / Now in darkness you toil

fallen beauty queen “light breaks”


Tragic Ash

But I feel it / My loss

Mon Cheri smoke


Like A Fire

then in youth burns bright / intent on leaving its mark

Life is a rollercoaster.

“Attention passengers, we have reached the highest peak on the ride and are preparing for downfall. If you wish to exit and view the ride f…

Queen of the Dark Arts…a tribute to Ash Siv…

She sits on her throne / in shadows alone / with dark raven hair; / creature of night / the world in her sight / becomes a dark lair.

The Land of Ash.

As the light shined the world turned to ash, the silver moon rose over the land proclaiming its rule. The sounds of the damned echoed throu…

What Once Was

Every second / Another little piece of me / Falls away

How do you speak with someone whose house has jus…

… of today we estimate the fire at 31 square miles, (the city of Denver takes up 24 square miles) / ….what started as a small local bru…

Back in my Box

Back in my box where I belong / Wings clipped and folded tight

notes bits pieces / brittle are the bones of rust…

petals leaves sky clouds snow / between the toes and up the nose / bed of grass and rain. / snakes in the grass / snakes in the grass / in…

Sarah’s Mountain Ash

Up on the Dargo High Plains wandered / A sad old man who in life pondered / With axe in hand whetstone in pocket / Days felling trees to fi…

An ode to “Ash Sivils”

….if your not familiar with her work,I highly recommend you check her out on here. / simply amazing………..“…

My Irish Ash

A woman for duty, / A boy for pleasure, / But a melon for ecstasy. / It was taken from an old Turkish proverb and somehow it makes me feel…

ash bone dust cloud rust revisited

dancing dancing rice / spinning spinning pirouetting . . . . . / high dry winds whirl clouds / lightning on the mountain

The Clash of the Ash – Scotland v Ireland

the sight of Irish forwards running at full tilt whilst tapping the ball on the flat of the hurley, catching it on the volley and then smas…

Temple of Ash

I give myself a second glance at my doorway-distilled mistress, still in waiting.

Ash of dreams

My / Broken body nothing more than / Dust fit for a pan. / With a heavy sigh / I let go Hope. It / Settles like a mist in the / Room. The w…

‘an ember, an ash’

an ember / an ash / a fire gone / too fast. / burning up / had enough / smothered / covered. / the fire burns for the last time.


This feeling of complete amour / for life itself makes me wake in my sleep, / makes me shiver for it shakes me to my core,


Walking behind like grounded vultures from hell, trailing in a torturous fashion like a lion stalks the weak and young antelope.

Loose Ash.

the dust is shaken.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday / Ashes on their fingers / ashes on their foreheads / ashes on the carpet / waiting on a new wind / from any direction. / Beg…

Coughing up Ash

I’m going to die with / a pen in my hand / preferably a Bic round stic Grip fine.. / and when they find my resting place / I’ll…

A fine purchase from “Ash Sivils”R…

Eve and the Apple


Embraced by life, / Enveloped in light,

Coughing up ash

I’m going to die with a pen in my hand / preferably a Bic round stic Grip fine. / And when they find my resting place / I’ll still be swigg…

A Wisp

A wisp of ash, I find this place / And swirl around from side to side / A gust of wind, I flail about / Ungrasp myself; Forget to hide


like the used cigarette buds / still burning warm / in the bottom of this ash tray.

Ash in my Tea

Caught in this torrential downpour of lies, / You make me feel like a corpse, / rotting ‘neath the hot summer sky, / to you loves a…

The Candy Colored Chronicles; Part Two: Ash Roses

Leaf green eyes and blood red flames, / Dancing on her shoulders, / Forever weighed down with a thousand worries, / That now seemed as far …

a land of ash,smoke and fire

It’ll come like a plague / In the middle of the night it will rise / Viral thoughts impregnating the brain / Driving you unto the co…


I stare into the abyss of forgotten pains of a youth so fleeting, / Memories always bleed in the darkest reaches of the heart, / Gazing int…

‘VOID (Part I)’

Ash, sand and fire; / hate, time and love. / Burn me slowly to the ground, / my soul is blackened glass. / Take, my desire; / leave, all my…

Ash Wednesday Remix (With apologies to TS Eliot)

Because I do not hope to turn again. / Because I do not hope. / Because I do not hope to turn / Desiring this man’s gift and that ma…

Scorched Ardour

My home. My cat. My everything. Diminished to nothing but an isolated smattering of cinders and soot. Burnt right down to the ground, all o…

i built you a coffin and filled it with paper cra…

the silk is soft, smooth / against my small feet / and the stars and cranes / collapse under me / and the dust fill my lungs / the ashes cl…


As the wind whisked you from me / I welcomed the freedom of being alone.

Ash ga lay boo lay BOO BAA

Ash ga lay boo lay boo baa / Ash ga lay boo lay boo baa / Ash ga lay boo lay boo baa / Ash ga lay boo lay BOO BAA


I should be writing, / but from where I’m sitting I can see the breeze through flicks of a pirate flag, shadow cast and bearing homeward bo…


A flurry of ash. / You should have seen the way the shots were fired! / Tracer rounds were everywhere. / Then there was the snowstorm. You …

these ribs stuffed with sawdust and ash

but now the open sky is a collapsing ceiling / holding me safely in it’s fleshless fingers / petting my form into submission / hol…


Cigarette ash is in the air. / Can you smell the shit?



A spot of silliness

New to church and bible / unfamiliar with Anglican ways / I recall with great embarrassment / my young adulthood days / I sat numb bum in c…

Of Flames and Ash

I burn hot, eternal light, / And glowing like the sun.

Ash and Rebirth

The white ash rains, soft and sad / but wait! / but wait says the spectator / a new ember has sparked / and roars in joyous- / rebirth

What I Remember of Death

The split between / Shattering glass / Smoke and ash pouring in / Last words spoken / “I love you; Hold on” / Hand gripped tight

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