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The Velvet Artist Vivacious…suave… / the artistic hand / of Eternity / still transfixed / in Reality / entices the mind of / surrealism…gen… this went on for days and days | karin taylor The moon seemed tired tonight / as I clutched at the starlight / It was the fifth night in a succession / of dark nights populated with ran… Artist of the Month, Permanent Features and Rece… Blue Eve – featured in Artist of the Month in Painters Universe / Tribute to Frida – featured in Artist of the Month in Painter… awake now my soul I cry like the gull, in it’s haunting archaic language / from the depths of my soul, like the ocean in mourning / the blue swell carr… see. if i were a blind man… my heart, my love | karin taylor my heart, my love, my sweetheart / in all of life / no other has given so much / expected so little / responded with such tenderness / to m… I Had All The Answers We Are … releasing the memory of the control we thought we had … why wait? why silence, when you could protest… ARTISTS COLLABORATIONS ~ Expanding on Yet, there’s always the beauty / Of so soft the sound leaves here selfish act. not enough moments to restore the spoil of my selfish act… The Observer Open your eyes, let light in, / For only then will you regain / The power that is granted you / The power to sustain / The knowledge you we… and it hurts. funny how misspoken words,,, Artist as an Imaginer “What would happen if one woman told the truth about herself? The world would split open” can. before you can… magical land. i want to take you to a magical land… Fragile Redux An untouchable eagle soars high above / the mountains to the heavens / powerful, majestic beauty wings outstretched / but can be dropped e… so anonymous. how do such tiny beasts… This Juss In … “May you be richly blessed in your endeavor (pursuing) your unique and wonderful work.” ARC’LINGS smoke eyes searching / fractions of chords rise and dissipate / basket case savant / tilted staff to sky / from precipice / math matikal / … A Heavenly Event | Karin Taylor Once upon a time, a tiny silver sparrow with wings of precious metal rested on her elephant friend. She was unable to fly, because the meta… would you still love me… Would you still love me? / by Karin Taylor / Would you still love me / if I was a cat who had outstayed / his welcome and eaten a rat? / Wo… who isn’t next? if next really meant what it seems to mean… Happy Easter | Karin Taylor I rather like Father Bob / cos he’s not a total knob / and I love a lot of people / who are different / I’m a seeker / I like m… cycle of abuse All I can do is mourn for your loss, the losses you have sustained are so deep and so profound, they will affect you forever. You don̵… Interview with Lucy Southward My equipment consists of a cartridge paper sketch pad, graphite pencils (mainly mediums 4B and 8B) a putty eraser, fixative spray and few w… My Shark Encounter: A True Story by Karin Taylor The boat rocked gently side to side on a sea of black-green-blue, an overcast day with a slight swell, not much chop, just rock, rock, rock… Be at Peace can you hear it? / the whisper of peace / the hush of silence / be at peace. truth. are my lies your truths? are my truths your lies… except. that took thousands of years to perfect… beyond the soul. first it robs you of your smile… Faith, Hope and Clarity | Karin Taylor I saw a sign said ‘faith, hope and charity’ / but all I ever wanted was / ‘faith, hope and clarity’ / I sent a cha… answers. what path shall become my way… Moon Guitar There you were in your purple sing song dress / and your yuequin joining in with it’s perfect tones / the vibrations of your voice ag… resolve | karin taylor half notes jumbled from exposure to the sunlight / intermingle with the pretty structure dangling near the window / like something half hea… Oil For Blood- Challenge Entry – UA Think what you will, but don’t give advice, or bring expectation / Because I am the arist, and I’m not here to make nice Con artist 3: Victoria “I don’t know…good Lord! I think that gentleman’s had his wallet stolen!” MY PERVERTED MIND SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND Keyword poem challenge haughty jesters judges kin / kindly look mercifully on such verse within Tie Dye I like to sting myself Blue Rain The man pulled his coat collar up ineffectually against the sudden torrent of rain falling from a perfectly blue sky. He felt it stream ins… WHAT IS MAN? – Part 1 of a 2 Part Hypothesis WHAT IS MAN? / - Section One / Man has been looking for the answer to ‘What is Man’ for centuries. My theory is based on commo… " Imagine Now ! Heavenly Earth " First … This painting will transform you and you will feel Heavenly loving feeling inside your heart which will make your face to glow with smile … ago. the sweet smell of a fresh rain… Madness Takes its Toll You / Are just a lesson for me / in stretching my canvas. / Preparing , / for a larger portrait of life…… why wait for fate. this is my last day and i own it… New Artist….. My Grandson Kieran has just joined the Bubble he has just taken up photography and is / studying at college, he is 16 years old… / P… Oi! Artist! Oi! Artist! / spin me tales through time, / make reason rhyme! / …and he tries, so hard, / beads of sweat / collect / between the li… A Feature and Featured Artist in the Scanverger H… A big THANK YOU to the bamagirl38 and Gene hosts of this new amazing group / The Scavenger Hunt / I feel both honored and thrilled !!!!!!!!… crest. when life is as worthless as death… An Artist Dream © 2007 Sharon Geisen Hayes now that which eye takes into air / brushed on thy canvas once lay bare / thoughts made whole and truths are told / by lines and shapes and… ugly. on a point of departure not unlike the norm… LIGHT, TIME & FACADE “Reality is a game of illusion, deception”… “The trickster (an archetype, a boundary dweller) exists to question, to cause us … what makes you beautiful…? UPDATE: / Recording of “What Makes you Beautiful” music, guitar/vocals Don Taylor/ words by Karin Taylor http://www.redbubble.c… Each Stroke i saw his face / eyes closed / lips slightly parted / in a dream / in front of his easel / a brush in his hand / i thought of van gogh / h… no matter. death comes… bottom line. any teachings of any god… The Artist One stroke of an artists brush / Bold across canvas / Delicate across paper / Oil or water / Colours bright yet peaceful / Captured faces i… art is art. while art requires the heart… Savoir-faire Savoir-faire / written work by Karin Taylor / Copyright Karin Tayor Nov 2013 / In all my torment / the birds still tweet their song / the c… no need. i only pray that someday… Lurking Emotions Put a lid on such ploys / And throw them into the abyss / With the dream-stealers / That lurks in the dark corners / Of the mind bandit. and now i miss you for it… Remembering Danny Rey I just want to write a bit about a French artist who lived here in Mt Magnet and left a large hole in my life here ,I only met him this yea… keep it simple. ok… emotion. i prefer solitude over companionship… New Shirt Printed over at Bang Bang T-shirts I won their robot design competition a little while back and now the shirts are available for purchase.. / head… IT’S ALL IN YOUR ATTITUDE Everything a person does, says, writes and thinks is about their attitude. How they perceive the outcome of their life to be. How to best help the Australian economy by spendi… A message pretending to be from the Tax Office and Kevin Rudd suggests that / “If you spend that money at Kmart, all the money will go to C… truths. are my lies your truths… neverending thirst | karin taylor deep beneath the particles of pink / acres of sleep caressed my tired mind’s inklings / but seriously, what’s life without ligh… Thank you, thank you and thank you!!! OMG, I’m completely ovewhelmed. / Heartfelt thanks to Heather Parsons, host of “Snow, Glorious Snow” group for making me … go away. you have been rejected by me… her grace, his strength On the back of her hand, scribbled notes, faded and merging letters, left him little clue…insightful as he was, his intuition failed.… Colour the World … Colour my Life I prop up the canvas / Stretched / White / And empty / Leaning into the easel in silent readiness / I look through the brushes / Pointed … My Father The Artist (For Dad) / known for quietness… / voice soft as summer breeze / my father… / entering halls of memory / i stood beside him / c… The Unseen Artist Supreme (repost) Though not yet spring, / this winters night embraces its promise. / With unusual warmth inside my room, / the bed covers smother and are di… one of few. i have very few reoccurring loving memories… answers. will it be one that reaches far into my world… OMG JAMES BOND 007 TOO!!! THANK YOU! The Artist And bastards, / Mad hatters, / In tatters, / The painters, / And poets, Bernard Lacoque The Eyes, could not get away from this soul looking at me. fools. let fools… LIFE Within their heart / Is the place to start Energy Vibrations There is a difference between need and want. However, the energy does not relate to that difference. It only relates to the emitted vibra… Jack Frost (graffiti artist extraordinaire) His pallid skin seemed almost translucent in the moonlight. His dark sombre eyes glistened; his pupils were so large that it was barely pos… Paul Smith – Master Artist and Great Man Paul Smith – Master Artist and Great Man / 9/21/1921 – 6/25/2007 Be My Muse I will spread for you Owl of my heart Sunflower’s seeding / while bristle brush slow / aloe is weeping / why, nobody knows…. / Heartwood has frozen / while sunbird i… ASPIRE IN YOUR HEART / YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT / IT IS LIKE / A WHISPERING HAUNT / YOU SEE BEYOND / WHAT OTHERS SEE / COLORS OF GLORY / ARE THERE… YOUR LOT But two masters / You cannot follow / For that would surely start / A rend of the heart / By contending emotions / Leading to being hollow ARTIST, HEARTIST,or not!What is ART ? ARTIST, HEARTIST,or not!What is ART ? / HEART,ART, / HEARTIST OR ARTIST? / What does it take to be one?? / GUTS / FEROCIOUS DESIRE TO GIVE … Nomination for Artist of the Month and Two More F… I am honoured to have my painting “Blue Eve” among the nominations for Artist of the Month in Artists Universe / Abstract 3667… would you would you consider loving me despite my loss of light and love; despite my soul and body gone; despite my words unkind? / would you conside… fairy sight One day, it was close to the first day of Spring I remember, Francesca was playing in and out of the shadows, she thought the shadows must … something dies something dies / by karin taylor © / …as I picked the rose / I was stung… / not only by the rose’s beauty / …a… indelibly inked there’s a mess inside my head / where my hair is threaded thru / the birds are living there / …without a care, without you ther…
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