Swine Flu Virus – H1N1 – Alert, Treat… Swine influenza (swine flu- H1N1) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza but if you survive you will lose at least 10… Five Years Five years ten days ago / you were on your way home from war when your Chinnok Helicopter was shot down. A SOLDIER DIED TODAY I’ve been feeling a little melancholy and retrospective of late. / FYI / (RSL = Returned Serviceman’s League) / non sexist !! /… Life’s Change Of Plan… My Tribute To … Reflections on a tour of Duty in the US Woman’s Army. North Tower It was up to him to complete the mission. Failure was not an option. The White Army Announcement. The White King summoned all his bishops, generals and auxiliary staff to congress, there were things that needed to be explained. Not all t… Army of the Black Spear Bishops- The Shaman Episode 3.142 of the continuing saga of the Game of Kings. When Will it End Can you hear the song of the guns / They serenade so loudly / As to be playing for the sun The Black Army Bishops Part 2 Episode 4.4444 of the ever evolving saga of the Game of Kings Confessions of a Legionnaire Poet Why should you listen to anything I have to say? / Why believe me—who am I / but a night watchman patrolling the graveyard / in silence; / … SOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING ANGRY Join my Army I am Not Human / Or the same / Join My Army / Be Humane A SOLDIERS STORY Drinking hot water from a dirty canteen……. / I’ld carry the best weapon in my mind there’s no doubt……&#… I knew you Just one of many men of war / You continue in a way that’s / Almost ironed / You walk amongst the dying / Unconcerned / That earth w… 11 Sales last night! My good friend from Tennessee surprised me to purchase 2 t-shirts and 9 cards… poverty’s army destitution is an equal opportunity recruiter / no longer satisfied with broken men / the ranks swell with women and children THE ARMY YEARS: ARTWORK DONE DURING MY SERVICE I… COME TO THE SUREALWORLD GALLERY , SEE THE ART WORK DONE BY STEPHEN J.VATTIMO, DURING HIS MILITARY SERVICE. My Bonny Scotland ( O Flower of Scotland ) O Flower of Scotland, / When will we see / Your like again, / That fought and died for, / Your wee bit Hill and Glen, / And stood against h… Soldiers Huddled down tightly, scared to the bone / Wishing that I, was out all alone / Many dead bodies, washed in with the foam / Our friends – th… Happy Birthday Martin Happy Birthday Martin / (Martin Luther King January 15th 1929 – April 4th / 1968 / If you were here today on your birthday / what … Who am I? I have traveled to many lands, drank their wine, and tasted their flesh. Best Foot Forward Whistling shells and screams of torture / Blood clott gurgles death bell tolls Roman Souls All the souls of crumbled pages / Followed kings and murdered queens / Dripping fear across the ages Ignorance …Friends crowned in glory, / Honoured though ever silent… The Incident – 23 The Incident – 23 / + 8 Days : 02 Hours : 10 Minutes / …and who signs out for an #### anti tank rocket launcher. / That would b… END- C 1968,1975, By Dennis L. Knecht “still the Weapon is Complete” Blank Stares A voice pleads for me not to shoot / But I have been well trained. Evil Army, Sherbet Dreams “It’s too late!” Emily cried when I shouted / For help reloading, “They’ve won!” / But I was not going to do GCSE Mathematics again. Wishing. “Is there anything else I can do for ya darlin?” he almost pleads. / “I’d let you buy me a drink…” I te… We Told Them To Love Then We Gave Them All Guns It all begins in a nursery. It all begins when all the baby boys are stolen and taken away to learn how to live life by dying. Gone Flicker / In the distance / I tremble / The fear / Buckles my knees / And brings me / To the ground / Where I cry / Like a child / For what… AMERICANS (I’am afraid of them) No matter the time. Some attitudes never change. / Time to change, time to say sorry. jellycotta army keeps on marching… Ok, so these little fellas have taken a bit of stick today, so this is more about them than me.. / 209 views / 12 favourites / 32 comments … Unique and Holy unto the Lord Knowing they will be Priests and Soldiers / unto the Most High God / a Holy Army unto Christ / every child not yet born already / a Preciou… Fare and Potential Can you see your future / Fit upon a screen in memoriam / Set beneath silence / A name an age a line or two / Of your rank or honors Message to a Soldier Are you going to fight, / For the cause? / If you are, / Then don’t slow down, / Do not pause! / March on soldier, / To fight the good… Scheyville – From Dreadnaughts to Diggers Scheyville Camp near Windsor was once home to agricultural training, various military units and thousands of migrants. Today the public can… The grave with no headstone “Daddy what did you do in the war?” Is the famous line we hear mentioned so often. Reason we all bend the edges of the pages in our life to come back to that moment in our life. THE INVISIBLE ARMY WHO CAN SAVE THE HUMAN RACE? Tramps Christmas " ‘Tis the season to be jolly," the school’s choir sings / as the town tree splashed with multi coloured light bulbs … Soldiers Above A poem dedicated to the brave fallen soldiers who have dedicated their lives to our freedom. This poem has been read at many military funer… Aren’t you? Me too—See we are so much… Now I am in my garden / I’m singing this song / Made a list this evening / It’s important… A SOLDIERS BAGGAGE It’s a very difficult job / Living the army life / And even a harder one / Being an army wife! A Combat Nurse’s Prayer So ‘til my time is over, Lord, and I have been relieved, / I’ll walk these halls and listen for the sounds of soldiers needs. A force to reckon with – chapter 1 “Is it clear?” I hissed urgently to Pete, who was crouched about ten feet away from me, in a similar patch of scrub to where I was waiting. First Letter From Elliot Just got a letter from Elliot. He enlisted in the Army and went off to Fort Knoxs Kentucky January 5th, 2011. / Wow he is really growing up… Back In Iraq 3 weeks for 2 and in 5 / I’ll be back in Iraq. / They’ll still be killing each other. / I’ll still be doing my job. / It’ll be hot then. Candy for the Conscripts Harvey awoke with the definite feeling that today was the day. He felt it instinctually and considered it entirely irrelevant that he had … the choice is 1 degree difference. Either we serv… Ever considered the Army? Missing My Army Soldier A poem for those who are waiting for the one they love to come safe and sound. This is for those who have someone in the military and it… On a bit of time in the army doing ’em good… Gangs of spork-wielding hoodies roaming the streets, high on wallpaper paste and scaring old ladies stupid with a Wildean wit and a packet … Training for my Inevitable Demise Selfish and unwilling / lazy and unfocused / the modern soldier / goes through the motions, / pretending toward combat readiness, / missi… the army the men and women over sea fighting over seas.fighting fighting for you and me. when the old fall the new rize. all for the grat red whit a… My Father’s Return Family life disturbed when a village receives its men back. swiss army friends And I thank God that this is Monopoly because by now, I’d owe you a million / and that whole mansion over there / plus my get out o… i need an army loaded with q-tips The voices / push and tug at / the frayed edge / of / my / fractured mind. / And for all that / i’ve resisted, / i fear temptation’s tra… ARMY LIFE Dear Dad, / I am well. Hope you are too. Tell me big brothers Doug and Phil that the Army is better than workin’ on the station &… four years i will miss our hellos / but not our goodbyes. / every moment we spend / is the happiest i can remember. / every smile, every laugh, / ev… A Hit Tiny flecks of army green confetti, / wrapped in thin white paper. / Mini fireworks of amber heat / ignite the tip. / Chapped, rosebud lips… Two Dead in Fallujah I pulled out my switchblade and etched a diagonal line across the four other tallies on the butt of my rifle. That was the fifth time I ha… My Army Son How Does a mother just let go? Her heart sinks, does it show? captured in a flash we have so many pretty pictures, / but where have you gone. / I can only see the smiles and poses we practiced, / not the spontaneity we w… Erebus Accelerated birth, compiled memories infused and conditioned, these humans know nothing but what is injected via hypodermic needle. In My Dreams Lead me away from the dark waters I stopped to drink from. Extract me from the tangled weeds that have wrapped their cold unfeeling vines … Antietam 1862 ‘Twas no surprise that morning as the sun broke o’er the ridge / Cannon roared and smoke poured forth ‘til nearly all was hid. Happy Veterans Day! To all who have and continue to serve! / THANK YOU / Happy Veterans Day! / Stay safe and healthy and come home soon! `Sacrifice` Sleep safe in your beds My Army As the wind wisps through my locks / I see it all, / The hatred, the murder, the deaths / Of the generations gone by. / A river of blood / … The Army Wife No matter the / Pain / The Loneliness / The Tears / The broken dreams Army of one Army of one / your all alone / don’t ask us to help you / because your on your own / army of one / soldger unknown / no one will help… `TOMMY` Lieutant put his whistle to his mouth, Tommy’s heart was beating so fast he could hear it above the noise of the artillery barrage. T… My Idol Mom Usually, everyone has an idol. the liberation from cinnamon swirls and arcade ed… lightning blades strike a chord / jarring against my nerves / and air is whisked away / far out of my reach tragedy of war Everyone one walks in a line, / all following behind, / marching in the harsh winds of January, / each one holding on to their memories. / … VOTE HERE: Have My OWN Affiliates Army! (family, … VOTE HERE: Have My OWN Affiliates Army! (family, friends who want to promote our work, biz partners!) VOID an army has risen Fallen Angel, Forever Changed. My purpose was simple, / My mission was clear. / I was sent to take command of an army, / and become their worst fear. Brothers in arms We’re brothers in arms – united, / Since Chain of Command decided. Men in Green and White Assembling I saw the sight on Athens streets, / Men, fine men, dressed in green, / With bags packed, ready for all / All over streets and stations to … Brisbane Floods Of 2011 – The Mud Army What is now affectionately known as the ‘Mud Army’ was a group of volunteers who’s numbers exceeded well over 50000 peopl… Vietnam Photos on Flickr I have recently uploaded over 700 Vietnam photos to my flickr account. There is 14 sets of photos in one collection. I will post the link… Metal Gear [Subject to Change] These of valor better tighten their hold. / Wicked of sin feed off, / hate alone! The Four Day Dream Here I stand, smoking my last few cigarettes, under the foyer of our hotel as the rain pours down around me. She’s been here for thre… A Battle for Love Soldiers armed / With weapons / The bullets are loaded / They march / An army of them / Anything in their way / Won’t see another day… Welcome Home Soldier Boy Food is cooking / Kids are playing / Dog is barking / My hearts swaying / At the news I have received / Feeling stunned and so relieved / M… The Timeless Box The dark, cynical, and contemplative thoughts of an Israeli soldier on guard.

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