A Knight In Shining Armour – A True Story man thumped a pregnant women in the face / she fell onto the floor / just going to give her another kick. In Love With the Ocean She emerged from the dark and drifted to the surface. Her naked, pale skin was obscured by swirling blonde hair. She held his look, staring… IT ENDS WITHIN! I am a condemned man; / condemned by religious bigotry, / condemned by political agendas, / condemned by social class, / condemned by racia… THIEVES OF WORDS midnight raiders / of dream speak, / riding, / seeking / unprotected stray thoughts VALLEY OF SKULLS I graze / in the valley of skulls, / a naked boat / on a river of bones Until the Next Time A blank face / like a blind mirror / hiding turmoil / concealing emotion / projecting nothing / doors all locked shut. Serenade Yes, I’m saying / I love you / And I hope you / are listening / For it seems like / a lifetime / To speak out / surface and soar War Between The Worlds The noise, the deafening noise. / A battle rages to my north. / Armies of ships fall to my side, / weighing on my heart for those inside. Life in Armour We fought in our Armour, / We loved in our Armour, / We lived in our Armour – together, / (apart.) / We talked in our Armour / We mad… My Night Without Armour May – August 1998 / I was in the dying room. You know the one. It’s quiet. People slip in and out as though they were never even t… The Whole Armour of God Take up the whole Armour of God, / Gird your body from head to toe. / That ye may be able to withstand, / The fiery darts of the evil foe! … ‘The Prayer’ The incense smoke rises from my soul, / for I am the flame that is burning. / The darkness and the light are fused in my spirit. / The ice … ‘Devil, The’ Benched in the mid-morning sun, ‘neath the evergreens; back amidst the evenin’ storm, howling fierce and dark as pitch, torrent… Farmer in Armour So here am I faced with the broken earth / And still shuffle the seeds I know are worth / Scattering with care to bare harvest full. Our Armour is Fading The steel in our Armour is fading—————— Armour I wear my armour around me like a blanket. Like the cold, no one gets through it. Occasionally, I’m caught off guard and someone pier… [‘My Duality.’] The anthem was blaring. / My footfalls resound / in the desert not walked, / beneath armour unseen; / grinning through vodka. / Breath stol… DAY DREAMER A knight in shining armour / On a Stallion / Sweeps me off my feet / Wearing his family medallion / Riding into the sunset / Bareback on th… ‘HEIR (Part II)’ As I tepidly edged further into uncertainty, it occurred to me that I’d left the right jacket on the opposing coast. / A short time l… THE ARMOUR OF GOD Put on God’s holy armour / With peace upon your feet / The belt of truth around your waist / Never allow defeat / Place the helmet of salva… shield and armour the shield and armor of hope is strong / the defence will hold I hope till morrow / the attack of… ‘Sleeves’ They would ask from time to time why I wore armoured sleeves. The answer was not the one they expected; that it was to shield the heart I w… ‘Seamless (Part III)’ Breaking through translation, defying any logic; tearing free from your restraint to touch what’s truly real. Hold On. A little nice romantic song. =) ‘Reign (Part II)’ Strange the way it took one spectre, to free me from the grip of another. / Haunted in The Infinitide, I carried your flag across the battl… Hide of Wisdom – series/compilation Reinforced as Teeth, Guarding the Forked, / One capable of Lust and Lashing, A Duality. ‘Knight (Errant)’ I bore witness to the storm. / Herein my best expenditures are made. / My dreams swirl about the incessant march of my waking days. By orde… ‘The Rise of Ever After’ What became of happily ever after? / I feel so ill-equipped to deal with such brutal loss, with the colossal intensity and vast implication… Straight Armour – short article Heterocentrist, gay culture ‘Reign’ I came to learn my breath and fierce heartbeat were separated. / It precipitates to me; that my affection is the same. I’d been so na… Put on God’s holy armour – not for the fain… Put on God’s holy armour / With peace upon your feet / The belt of truth around your waist / Never allow defeat / Place the helmet of salva… ‘Brigadier’ I set me sail cross the vast gulf of the great divide. Spanned the Verses ne’erending, veins aflare with light. / Garrisoned upon the… ‘Burn (In Rampancy)’ Flowers bloom as thunder peals and waves break upon shore, rifles scream their brilliant threat, a violent clarion call. Universes crash in… ‘Wake Apart’ A crime no doubt; the world ’at’would think any less of her. / Anyone ’at’s worth their salt, sees toll the armour … ‘Five’ Shed my name, my very rank, as I took up the number. / Heart upon armoured sleeve I, span the distant vast. Glare as cold and dark as pitch…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of armour writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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