A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys by Adho1982 Sugar and Splice and Everything Nice by Adho1982 Captain Harlock's Arcadia (l'Atlantis d'Albator 84) by Sylvere Hello Daddy by Adho1982 Omega by jehuty23 Skies of Arcadia by RavishingRyan Blue Rogues by OrangeRakoon Holiday Destination by Teo Zirinis Captain Harlock's Skull by cisnenegro Zero by jehuty23 Stacks and Stones by DawsonImages "Arcadia sunrise" by peaky40 Trapped by Arcadia Tempest I wrote this first in long hand in the dark I wrote this first in long hand in the dark / to feel the words take me innocently upon the page / the distractions of the colour of life … Bioshock  by iDanischzDs97 Save the Sea Slug by Adho1982 Final Fantasy XII by Chango Arcadia by Stephen Jackson Will Work For Eve by Adho1982 Zero by jehuty23 Harpuia by jehuty23 Be Still by DawsonImages Bio-Shock Murder of crows by Demorgorgon following the girl with the red hair  by annamora Skies of Arcadia by mikeyfade Impossible ME I know there is motive behind the words…it is never about what lies on the surface. Never really about what we are discussing… Port View by peaky40 Phantom by jehuty23 Fire of Roses - Arcadia Tempest by Robin Monroe Arcadia by Aaron . Dreaming was I by Arcadia Tempest arcadia by Loui  Jover Absence by vilaro Images Love in Black & White The balance of love / should never be a burden in your sails Copy X by jehuty23 I walk fire by Arcadia Tempest Jordans' Pond with Bubble Mountains by Linda Jackson Captain Minion by Guidux I will love you the length of love’s imagination The Arcadia 2 on the Pieman River at Corinna on the West Coast , Tasmania , Australia by phillip wise Arcadia Beach Mother & Child by Tamara Valjean SoA - Moons  by Daniel Bevis growing gills by annamora thinking disguised her beauty Younger less tired in her living skin / before days of folding many clothes / cooking and cleaning for her young / soothing the needs… Lonely home, Mainalo mountain range, Arcadia, Peloponnese by Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos A Really Good Catch He has decided to join one of those dating on line services………… / I will post a picture of myself, a really good o… Leviathan by jehuty23 The Girl with the Red Hair The girl with the magnificent red hair with an absorbency of rich clarity declaring war against cardboard greys, road worn blues a… OmenCon 2012 - I escaped arcadia for THIS? by omencon2012 Split Tongue Hooking my heart on words that did not know me / I rolled them around my tongue / And the forced pretense of / Slithered under my belly / … Radio Red Bubble – I Wanna Be 2 I wanna pretend I am only 2 / And say and do whatever I please / I wanna talk about things like green snot / And things people think you sh… Fefnir by jehuty23 No Mad Cows by Dennis Jones - CameraView Bathers at Malmsbury Lake by Chris Armytage™ My Lord Carpathian They will protect the painter of eyes. Neighbor His neighbor then told their neighbor Juice I’m strutting my verve on these pages / Flaunting my literary juices / Succulent dissertations to assimilate / I want your doing wor… The Intricacies of Ink - Retro Arcadia by Tristan Bristow I couldn’t make you love me I cannot make you love me. / I can’t make you love me. / I couldn’t make you love me. / Lionel has a new mantra. / He felt like he was livi… A Strong Horse I tried to find a strong horse / to take all the weight of me / It was not to be / the stables were empty / in the end / Some horses I r… shooting stars Will you hunt down this new emotion for me? Curl of a Woman We are humbled in the love curl of her charms / An essence of innocence and redeemable truth / slow the days dance to feel the luxury of w… Woman without a face You pester me The Prayer by Robert O'Neill Our Story RED BUBBLE WRITING COLLABORATION*** / “Who are you? And where are you?” The Arcadia, Portrush, Antrim by Kieran Donnelly Dreamdex – Sandra Sandra had been murdered. My psyche walloped me hard in the frontal lobe. Gingerbread Innocence I know I loved your innocence. P & O Arcadia • Port Melbourne • Victoria by William Bullimore A Virginal Kiss of Adagio Bandage me in your lips / my parched lips ask / as the morning sighs Dragon Butterfly Kisses Be a dragon with butterfly kisses A woodcutter will not cut leaves made from love “Hello woodcutter”. In the red Red was everywhere she looked, a stuffed picnic of red in this and that. / The right red was so hard to find to compliment her skin tone… brittle the light in me / flickers dimly today An Icing Twist Meryl couldn’t believe her eyes! Sexual Edification My hubby he thinks it’s cute how I close my eyes when those tampon adds come on the telly so I thought “right had enough of my shy and V… Sorrow’s Tinder Why do we fear sorrow? / It is given to us to release fear… glint who will be the sun / who will be the soil “Dank sadness smoking dead wood” he a… I will kiss the hand of the restless soul Long deep throat The thunderstorm moves closer to my little house. I dream of Living A beginning of living without Martin. Twilight on Arcadia - The Golden Centaur by Graeme Hindmarsh Velvet Pen written with my velvet pen / I wish to speak quietly of love / love that has no hurry or quarrel / yet there’s a rust mark of barbed… Moments Slipping behind her before one moment away breath / her ringlets of sighs tiptoe quietly to his open palm Arcadia perspecta. by Jean-Luc Rollier Old Round Barn by debidabble The room with the broken heart Once upon at time a darling love dreamt here / He would kiss and count all her smiley freckles / One two three four five ten, laugh and sta… Soulfully dirty girl Will you get soulfully dirty in my words? / Plump up yourself with conceptions of me / I am hunting for an incense of cinders and petals / … The uncomplete works of Love Love is a lot of things. Threads The noise of her typing away on another story of hers indicated that she was in the study where he had cut out a section of the ceiling. Emeraldas/Harlock Skull by CRBaird The Adventures of Lionel Glibshovel He wears no man scent when he shares my bed. / He smells like fresh thought and clean slate to me. A Simple Plan Simple isn’t it The Journey. Only one possible Arcadia. by Kenart Dear Blue Look into the basket, it is the least that you can do while sitting out there blue dreaming. Coin Tale Ohh…I hope she steps into the sunlight for me.
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