The Seven Wonders of the Apocalypse

To get from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus to the Temple of Artemis, the man rides a 12-speed bicycle. For three days, he pedals into a lig…

As I Dance At The Dawn Of The Apocalypse

As I dance amongst the rocks! / Meet the raging seas! / I trust in you my soul!

Timeline Shift

‘Thus the life ends when the planet killers arrive. But everyone is too busy with the dance of chaos to perceive how close the moment…

Apocalypse- divine intervention

“what are you thinking?” / God said, “believe, hope, love, divine law and divine intervention!” / I asked, ’…


The field was filled with little people, half of them clad in red and the other half in green. / On the planet of Zrmrfg, this was consider…

How it all Ended – The Apocalypse (A Traged…

Is that four horsemen I see?


I wished I was a liquid who could make any shape / But I made by clay / Could i like to cut that roots with scythe? / there was a clinical…


We all have gathered here / on this soiled water / to watch the Apocalypse / The sun is falling / The thread has snapped / Slowly decreasin…



the last eagle

the last eagle stood / on a burnt-out tree / at the top of a hill / staring down / at the destruction / that lay before him / man had fin…

Friction Slipping

“Why was his overpriced Starbucks coffee sliding away from him? He rubbed his eyes and stood up to go after it.”

CORE: 2nd Encounter

A woman and girl traveling in a decaying world, on a mission to find the phenomenon known as CORE, which is said to bring them to the parad…

Absolute Fire

We don’t need nukes, / We don’t need viruses, / We don’t need propaganda / We don’t need crap, / We will just blow…

Gates Of Tartarus

Beware for beasts will arise from bottomless blackened pits, / The open blunted teeth of Tartarus mockingly yawns and spits, / Judgment day…

Last Days

The end was upon us. / We all knew it. We could feel it in our souls. / It electrified the air with the stench of extinction. / The end of …

Heavenly Steeds

There are sounds in the distance of horse’s hooves shuffling too and fro…

Please, Save My Soul

It has to be a dream. No…I’m slipping again. All too real are the tragedies this world, Kismet, faces since The Ending.

Degeneration Age

A Prophecy of ruin from judgments ill-fated, / Planetary darkening on Babylon’s germ, / Awakening the wrath that befell like a blade, / The…

The remains of a fallen building, a clock tower / That still chimes its twenty-fifth hour.

Lifeboat: Part 1

Part One: Hercules Falls / It was hard to say goodbye to her, with the air force men trying to push an oxygen mask into his face. She kept …


And so it is writ in the holy book

Fall of Man

Overlooking the blackened cliff smoke valleys i witnessed the fall of man, / I watched the collapse of frozen voices surrounding the preci…


It looks like a mushroom cloud fading after the bomb’s gone off. / Or that Dust Bowl in nineteen-something-or-other / Or those stars …

Those Who Live By Night

The Gathering of Those Who Live By Night Has Begun / As The Darkness shadows the fast fading sun

Apocalypse- divine intervention- Featured writing…

Thank you all of you!!!

Post-Apocalypse (Love and Hate)

I do actually feel it, you know- / The way you try to lacerate me


Nine. Eleven. / Twenty. One. Seven. / End?

Already Here

The pistol spat its deadly cluster of high-velocity titanium spikes, stapling Zeta’s target to the rock wall. Pinned by the shining spines,…

The Jetty Journals Ch1-3

Uncertain as to what to do, I turned on the radio, and flipped channels, in growing horror. It was all about the American plague and itR…


Remember what you did an hour ago? Two days ago? A week ago? Consider yourself lucky.

Spirit Trails

A shadow passed overhead. A giant wings creature, scaled and breathing fire. A dragon? IT swooped down and picked her up harmlessly in its …

Teenage Angst on a Rainy Afternoon

Reconciliation is the only hope for survival. No actions have been taken to reconcile. Earth is doomed. Flee while you still can.


I imagine that if I had to pinpoint the exact time of my epiphone, I would say the morning of day 3.

Before the Chaos

The black rose stands alone / in a seedless garden of gray-stained grapes / watching petals of revolution sneak / into the nectar of unwant…


The cosmos falling down. / The singer’s voice is broken, / The song without it words. / The world falling is falling down.

Resurrection Day (Excerpt from chapter 3)

Strands of torn flesh hung from the severed arm. Blood dripped to the ground from the exposed veins that dangled with the torn flesh.

Under the Green Moon

The moon shone on the earth as it always had, murkily and, through the CO2 and N, permanently green…

The Subterranean Doomsday Prepper’s Blues

Dad still says it’s comin, / Says it’s no good runnin’, / Just an error in the date. / By God, we went to all this troub…

Epiphany (an extract)

The full version of this story is published in my book ‘Beyond Twilight’ which is available here:…


Oh noooo! / I am not an egotist / Other’s thoughts / Do not matter / There will be bread / Things that we need / We will kill food / …


One day you will want to write in rhyme / When feathers burn in melting wax, / When the Sun comes too near your aching arms. / Will you fee…

Quintessence: Mandate Of Hell, Chapter 1


No Apocalypse without Due Creation

We were told / We were babes / No escape / No choice in it / Spoon fed / Fight the Red / Kill us all / Before they kill us / Decades gone /…


Dark times were unfolding in the light of bright, sparkling, days.

Age of Apocalypse Chapter 1

In the world of tomorrow, there is only war. / By the rule of Apocalypse, there is only one law. / The weak will perish, while the strong …


Whispering on the wind comes a voice paper-thin, / spectral eyes haunt my daytime dreams, / skeletal, sinewy fingers choke my screams, / as…

Republic: Softer

Flesh and sinew at once conspired to shift from his burden and reclaim their sovereignty

Age of Apocalypse Chapter 2

It is another timeline, where things have gone amiss. / Only two men do believe, things shouldn’t be like this. / One of them is Bish…

When it comes down to that day

Hope maintained but by a few of indigo spark and parental enlightened members. / Ignorant those of spared foresight self styled salvation.…


As dawn broke / People shuddered awake / On cold, damp pavement / Covered in rough, itchy wool blankets / As cries rang out / Loud in the c…

The Last Sunset

don’t go yet / come sit beside me / it won’t be long / hold my hand / we have only this moment / this is the last sunset / ther…

Apocalypse Of The Apostate Apomixis

I am the Apostate to all and believe the lot

They Hold the Center

They Hold the Center by owlspook / . / In the depths of Time / Long hiding from the memories of man / They became the first and only / Long…

The New Age

These interactions are not trivial / I am built by your merciless / day to day livings / in parallel and broadcast.


The line between bravery and stupidity really is absurdly marginal, and a defined sense of conviction only serves to obscure. But with the …

One Minute After

One minute after apocalypse / two million brightly colored plastic morsels / floated in the grimy urban tarn / pouring in lazy sheets from …

Untitled short story without an ending. Yet.

Some people claim that the sky exploded, and an enormous tidal wave followed hours later. Every coastal city was wiped out.


Xander / Above us, the acid rain hummed on the shingled roof. I closed my eyes to listen. If it weren’t so deadly, it might be relaxing. …

Apocalypse Soon

Bats have begun / Hanging around / Public beaches

“From Heaven I Come”

With each gate I feel the pending and ominous fate

An Apocalypse Birth

There I stood, standing in the heat that I despised. Beads of sweat dripped into my eyes causing a burning sensation, the pain in my eyes w…


Judgment is not The End / it is the coming of Light / to unveil useless Matter / created by the Mind

Days of the Plague (Prologue)

If you’re reading this, wherever you are, whoever you are, I want you to stay uninfected, stay safe, and please, stay alive.


I stepped up to the door and looked up and down the road behind me. I saw nothing but the leaf and litter covered streets, the tall, emoti…

The Last Apocalypse

The Last Apocalypse / Written by: Nick Bashore / The Captain and I were dropped off in the middle of North Korea, with our ghille suits an…


All of Detroit has gone up in flames.

After the Apocalypse

It didn’t happen of course, / You left me instead.

These Mites in Vitro

The ever present gender, broke the back of pinted, pissed recoiled jests in gender. / Watching, waiting, rest in baiting. / Never ending q…

Robot Population Explosion

A cyber robot race has always been a risk in this game. / I’d say we’re heading for destruction but you’ll call me insane…

Some Futile Minute

Grey-brown clouds smudged across the sky / The bitter wind, it tastes of ash / Something stings my nostrils / A breath through my mouth / C…

The Absolute

Demigod from the stars aligned / Evolved from the fires designed

Just Your Average Nightmare

Filled with curiosity i moved to the kitchen to discover what had frightened my mom so much. Odd…


They have always talked about the end / The end of time….the end of humanity / When time stands still / When we will feel humility / …

But No Sound

God has claimed the earth once more. But all I see is the peeling bridge, spanning the bay, with the cloud forever behind it in my mind. Al…


Until they are released, their journey can never truly begin…

The Perfect Teenage Daughter

I can do anything.

An Adam and Eve

Amongst all the extremist visions of a fiery, judgmental end-o-the-world, comes a story as casual as an apocalypse can be.

-Insert Title Here-

I am a repo man, taking the meager possessions of those who can’t afford to pay up. What I really wish to do is repossess the organs of thi…

Flames – Apocalypse. 50 words story.

His egotistical nature has destroyed his own home, Earth.


The air is now icy and bone-chilling, the wind is relentless in its ferocity, and the landscape is nothing but a sea of white blanketing th…

All I Fear

But one has to wonder what happens if we don’t survive? What would happen if the Red Sea were to come crashing down on us? Would Mose…

And He Comes

He come with a sickening grin / And syth that cuts paper thin.

Running (2063)

I am running, currently through the streets of New Tokyo. I have been running for a long time. It never ceases.


Chemtrails honey. You said contrails. They’re called chem-trails. (He looks directly at her and smiles.)

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