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"Anger" T' Shirt - Black Print by Paul Davenport alive or dead. by Alice Thorpe anger by Chelsea Hatherall Protest 2 by Gareth Jones Concrete by Werner Langer Judgment by RC deWinter ATTITUDE PROBLEM by JaneAParis The Cruel Sea by justbyjulie Anger In Blue by pilanehimself Anger by blacknight mother nature's anger by brucemlong The Anger of Grief the brown-edged scars of death and dont forget that When life sucks: spit on it. Anger feel it writhe / feel it strive / feel it take / feel it break / feel the pain / feel the gain / Anger always fueled you / but it will onl… Up In Flames by Adrena87 Japanese Girl Holding an Umbrella by 03bloomanl who are you? by sami al-haj Other side of Anger by Domz MSG - anger/anguish by CartoonHempman Anger Management by humanwurm The Final Sting by Shirley McMahon Self Portrait by Otto Danby II Juste4Aujourd'hui <NEW 2013> I will not Anger by DRPupfront Just a Little Peeved by Michael McGrath ripe with anger (Mature) Don’t Say Anything The warm trickle of real that bled into charm / Harm never meant, but sent anyway Anger by MichelleCS you can't hide your anger by xXxmadZ Tonight (Whether To Love or Give In) FEAR / Comes sailing. / Fast, with wings, / With arms outstretched / And hidden razors / In its pockets Fist Full of Rage My core’s melting away / At this very instant / Damage irreversible-infinate Let Demons Lie An unfathomable, quenchless thing this is! / You who sit there lying! Wrath by Adrena87 Anger by visualmetaphor Anger by Michelle Welch Intensity by Kane  Hardie Anger by AmySplash Cathartic Anger by Melinda Kónya 1.10.2009: Anger by Petri Volanen I Never Left (A Self Portrait) by Tim Shoen angry eyes by wormink Anger by sbland Anger Management by oakmount80 AngerBall by brendonm If you died I would send my condolences / And maybe black roses / But I would not want to see / Even your rotting corpse / Ever again / May death / Min… His Face The red bag swings away from me, the chain that holds it to the ceiling rattles… The Angry Man by Calelli Boogie Man by Dave Stephens Blue but Red with Anger by Lacey Finchum Goth Anger by Susan A Wilson Crocodile caught by Dmitry Rostovtsev Anger by George  Link Wrath by Adrena87 White Anger, Red Rage by Graham Povey Street Runner by Lita Medinger hello dolly i sped past a field / another field / horses whipped their tails in a fury Late And Hurting To feel purely and without fear, / Know that there is no quick dismissal. / I give the ghost residence, / Limestone to lust and back again,… Empathy Do you know the feeling of utter loneliness? Can you honestly say “I have never wronged another human being in any way”? altitude Is there nothing in this world The Experience #182 (Doesn’t understandR… why can’t you see what i feel, the hurt, the pain, good to all but nothing to gain, always the same, why should i be happy or glad, i… You can never say never… She was numb. It was like nothing of this sort could hurt her anymore… (un)controled The answer inside is violent / I try to box it in, lock it up / But anger screams “I’m hungry” / I then starve it / Anger screams “Feed me” Red pt. I The color of…. anger…. blood… love… Anger Management A way to look forward / is for me to anticipate / all the ways you will tend / to reason with the truth, and then, / entertainingly make am… Nemo by grafoxdesigns Lone Wolf Agitated and blistering with regret / That he lived / While others more worthy had died. / Life, he told me, was unkind and unjust There Was Once… There was once a time when we thought we’d never grow up, / The world was full of thrills and spills and nothing scared us, / It was made u… Running Total: 27 The stereo blasted PANIC! in Samantha’s crowded living room. It was her 17th birthday party and I think our entire grade was their, a… Colour me Red by Kamalpreet S. Sawhney i Mpulse! by Gwoeii Vortex by Barbara Glatzeder Nemo by grafoxdesigns Cathy Unearthed Part 3 by Ray-d Tainted Love by Jeffrey  Sinnock Angry about religion by Denis Charbonnier What could have been!! by Andrew Holford ANGER by chul A MOON FOR BREAKFAST by KinguOmega When Unrighteous Anger Turns To Mass Hysteria by Robert Douglas anger is red eyes / swollen / that stare ashamed / in darkened woods The Cogs of Insanity I was admitted to the Westbank psychiatric institution on the 12th of February three years past… you make me wanna - sticker by vampvamp Once in a Lifetime Sale The Supermarket’s sign announced / ‘Once in a Lifetime Sale.’ / ‘Doors open 6am until / they shut tonight at eight.’ / Anger went, 5 cents… Cycle of Suppression. Shouting, smashing, screaming… / A never ending mess. / Exacerbated explosion, / A supernova of stress / “SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, / WHY CA… cleopatra's anger by RanaMKing To be Forgotten It burns when jealousy runs threw my tired veins, contorting them in evil ways. Mad at me? by Dave Sandersfeld On the edge (por um triz) by Luciano Colossi christ lear by wormink Untitled by Jack Payne Trust by David Rozansky Wish Anguish   by M-A-K Let Go by Shaun Schellings Anger In The Clouds by Linda Miller Gesualdo Crocodile by Dmitry Rostovtsev Don't Look Back In Anger by Diado Land of the Lost But wait I do, always in vain. The hope just brings hatred and pain. / For nothing does change, not in tow or movie.his land of the lost.
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