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fuck you (Mature) Madness Oh no, you can’t come out. / Go back inside and wait. / You’ll make me say or do / something, I am going to hate. / Please don’t come out /… Shhh Little Girl, Don’t Cry Shhh little girl, don’t cry / Cover your ears and block out the sounds, / Of Mamma’s screams and Papa`‘s shouts. / ItR… Sometimes we meet the wrong people. Sometimes we meet the wrong people. / And have the wrong conversations. / And help the wrong strangers. / And go into the wrong places. / … Meeting the Mad Woman She is nice / She is kind / She is subtle / She is compliant / She is nurturing / She loves so much / She is sweet… / Oh the feminine… «Letter to my ex» My thoughts or my first life / are images of fire-camps, / summers that last forever / in our teenaged heads / Ridiculous existential probl… ANGELS THAT I SEEK THE ANGELS SHOW ME LIGHT AND STILL I WANT TO HIDE no more hiding under the bed Tears flow / from a pain / that is still / raw. / How do I / protect and cradle / that which no longer / fits in my arms? / It burns / in … Once you dance with the devil you want to dance a… (Mature) Rape A smile appears on your face / as you pillage her body and / discard her soul; Silence is a bridge between words. (Mature) Only A Mirage From afar you beckoned to me / Like a cool fertile oasis in the scorching desert, / how I longed to taste your liquid coolness on my tongue… Stepping out whispered voices / from dark places / daggered looks / and twisted faces / bonded / in vitriol… On Depression – with a poem from my son. This twisted world scarcely endeavours into the pits of reality, / Barely knowing the darkness is growing, increasing the depths of insanit… PUS (M) You are the pus in my eye, / The vomit in my throat, PAPER CUT WRITE OUT ALL YOUR FEARS / ON ONE LARGE PAGE OF ANGER / TEAR AND THROW AWAY! Of Blankets, Anger and Hope He trails his security blanket behind him / It weighs a ton / It bears no real colour The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … La Hermana I didn’t hate you when I did it / it was purely out of anger / I snapped the hairbrush handle / like a bottle on a bar Our Time This is the time of doubt, that is certain Courage Yearning stance / Bound by thrust / Not to your delight. / I’ll stand my ground / I will have my right. Letter to the Minister of the La Vista Church of … Mr Minister of the La Vista church of christ. Umbilical Mother I hope I didn’t burn the worms… Grief-stricken by the 23rd Psalm The Lord is my shepherd / No! I am no sheep; / My family’s pain fills this room / And I want to roar like a wounded lion. / I shall … Bone/Back~Broken/Bent I am fucking finished. / Finished with your excuses, / your bullshit / and your matching and well thought out words… / just luggage&… Black Magic Woman You tricked me into believing / And now my soul is consumed / By this Black Magic Woman. / My heart can never be exhumed. The Beast Master …Under that suit, behind his face you may see muscle, organs, bones – but if so you are looking with entirely the wrong eyes… ~ I Don’t Need You to Save Me! ~ You got money you don’t need / You waste it on covering up / Why don’t you fix what’s behind what you see Beautifully Orchestrated Malice Like a conductor beautifully crafting her symphony; / Face scorned / My hatred for her ignites / Her poison soaked baton / Strikes down the loss of a soul it didn’t happen in one day / nor one year / not at a certain time / rather randomly / slowly throughout a lifetime / perhaps it was … 2PM October 31, 2007 BURY MY ANGRY HEART Tomorrow morning the man of my dreams who I married November 28, / 1968, the man with whom I delivered three healthy, well-adjusted, brilli… I am not pretty Ridiculous labels do not define me “The Birth of Anger” Anger rises / Like a fiery flood of lava / As the whispers and giggles / Screw inside the ears of the fetus / Within the belly of the beas… 2010 If you think your ten is long, / Try my twenty-one out of thirty three. / That’s how long you silenced, / The pain inside of me. Alternative malicious and fictitious The blunt side, life and dream flourishes like a utopia of crazed organization. WE DARE YOU Love me. / My warts are scares from Icarus thinking / I know / everything / falling / to my death / I / did not know / this is where I / n… Faceoff I hate it! I curse it loudly. But it just stares, as if it hears me not. The Rant I just bought Pretty Woman on DVD and to my horror found that the deleted scenes have been omitted from the DVD bonus features!! I am so fi… WAR WAR is a state of mind, a physical struggle, discord, antagonism, conflict between people, nations, factions, states. Cancer, You Ruthless Bitch !!! Cancer, you are / a ruthless bitch. / You are a ruthless bitch, / taking all of our emotions, money, and time.. / making us suffer…..… The Only Devil at the Crossroads is Me Tick / Tick / Tick / Tick / This is the sound her little mind makes / (when the woman outside with her head in her hands and / raw sewage r… ANGER………. Always / Nothing / Gained / Emotions / Rampant / © SimplyRed 2011 ~ We are ~ Could it be / that the anger we feel / towards life / is a knowing in our spirit / telling us / that all is not right…? Catharsis I’d spoil the mayo in your tuna / To give you salmonella / Hand it over, smiling and say / “There ya go, Big fella”. Tear It Out – #2 They were the same brown eyes, full of the world, just heavier from experiencing more years. If Anger is an Energy? If anger is an energy then what are we supposed to do with it? Satans Son I will do what’s best, Carnivores You chose your asylum / and forgot Quixote in the rain. / You let the bastards lock you up again. Medicine So when I hurt you does it play on your mind? / Oh do those lacerations tingle with spite? Ink I put pictures on my skin, / The hours I sit with pain / Numbs my mind / And heals my hurt, / Cause no matter what / You can’t take … Journey home to me, I will rise Been trapped in other people’s world / I got lost along the way Against all odds – grieving via Psalm 23 Grief finds strange ways to make us feel. The Day It Rains Down Daisies.. How much pain is enough?.. I questioned… / How much?, when all that was laid out in promise / has been dashed, how much after dreams … Anger and Hurt Anger asks “why didn’t he / Just say I want a fuck / And not all this time / Spent on the / The fucking / Flowery shit”? A Silent Anger Here again, alone I sit, / Silent company, while she’s in your bed, / Life’s tough, deal with it, / When she smiles, I see red. / Heart bea… Alienation You’re in hiding / Once again / New face, new name, new life / Protection of the not-so-innocent SOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING ANGRY Join my Army I am Not Human / Or the same / Join My Army / Be Humane Tearing Me Apart You’ve got me pressed up against a wall again. We’ve discussed this so many times in the past. I don’t know what else to … Here I am, do you not know me? I know you know / exactly who I am / you knew me / before any other / could grasp my / connected existence The Gemini Mind My mind starts to tick faster and faster / The questions / No answers Nobody Nobody knows me / Nobody cares Rage Knows No Bounds But Those We Set… I honestly don’t know how I managed to get through that time without giving in to that hideous burning heat, that eager desire for ca… A Hairbrush, Covered In Hair… I sit by the window, my eyes and chest hot and aching from the heaving sobs that had previously wracked them. My inhaler lies by my feet a… YOU BETTER RUN Now see this fist of fury, / This girl is frustrated unduly. Shall I see tomorrow? Let that last breath on that fatal shore / rise over the winds and carry me / beyond hurt, beyond tear / and in your memory / bear me home. Before its All Over and Done With You Shall Feel … Drag me to hell / So I can fuck the devil up / Piss in the lake of fire / And put to rest the demons that keep me up Immortal Ask myself who and what it is that I embody / Who and what it is that creates the energy that holds the bonds together found within every m… Broken Silence Healing of childhood blisters begun. / Deepened pain / You made me relive again. Tear It Out – #3 He examines the picture. It is the composite of half of a face. The eye is the focus, large and dark. But instead of an iris, inside is the… The Fog of Unemployment Many months have passed for some / and still no freshening breeze / dispels the fog of unemployment / and a man’s mind will freeze. I am wordless!! I am passion / heighten, yet to be satisfied. Remembrance Of Things Present This taxi to the dark side runs / A thousand not so splendid suns / Beyond the far horizon then / Comes round again once more times ten. In The Eyes Of a Child Childlike innocence, / Honest… demure, / Anger’s disease, / Overcome by the pure. hmmm… Goodbye! never meant so much to me You walked out / You gave up / And now without your help / I am STUCK. / You provided so much happiness / So many smiles you gave me / Cryi… Angry Days, Whisky Nights She was a woman with eyes like strawberries and lips like the sea. Anger is all the rage So if you think you love me, / Why don’t you feel it when I’m falling? pfffftttt (PG) my rage builds from a snowball of trivial. / fucking look out for the The Crossroads of Fate …Freezing Time and Space, / To impart these words to me / At the Crossroads of Fate… An Open Letter to My Mind I’ve done all the hard yards, walked down the road of therapy and learnt the ways and means of making you happy and less disfunctiona… Opposite of Sorrow You only see what you want to believe. / And I hated you because somehow I didn’t fit your needs the snake in your throat they crawl into your jugular / and wrap around your larynx / squeezing it / a boa constrictor Runaway Bride Dell was so incredibly angry! How dare they? She strode across the grass barefoot now having kicked off the tight fitting satin slippers.… I am transformed I felt the warmth aglow / The darkness lifted instantly / And here I am again On My Deathbed… Song…Deep I lay awake i’m on my deathbed watching the globe spin / Reminiscing on old friends, / Hiding tears behind tinted lenses surrounded b… WHAT can I do ? …just walk away. Evermore… a blank canvas… My Heart is in Your Teeth Babe My heart is in your teeth babe / and you have never once bitten down. / Unburdened in the morning, / Painful mourning of the loss seeps in… she wants her nails painted black she wore brooding silence / shabby clothes / painted her nails black / wearing bright red lipstick / “many kids have fallen victim… It took one. Fast ridded you of your old friends and loves / Changed through the bright surroundings / Of life Americans Are Mad As Hell Americans Are Mad As Hell! / All the current events such as the war, corporate bail outs, CEO’s bonuses, unemployment, etc. really s… Play Me, I Squeak If you gave a little / And played a little / And offered your mind a little / And fuck it, thought to use your goddamn brain a little / Th… Weathered Fierce flashes of light / slicing through onyx sky / like whips on a bare back / cutting, screaming, scarring I Will Ingest the Milkweed….. Monarch butterflys favorite food…. / Give me a handful…… / Maybe then, / I can be released from this hell. / May 22, 201… No romantic connection, leaves love without no gl… Will she sleep away from harm, / Will haunting dreams and his powerful arm / Keep her awake inflicting pain / Muffle her pleading again and… Mother She prayed for hours on end / to a god she desperately wanted / to believe was real: a shield / to protect her from herself. Ivy Covered Prison Loathing this self-indulgence / I can see no way ahead / If dreams are followed for one of us / The other’s can only lay dead
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