The Girl with the Red Hair The girl with the magnificent red hair with an absorbency of rich clarity declaring war against cardboard greys, road worn blues a… ANGEL SO SAD SHEDS A TEAR as I am laid down to … BabyM2 / Behind the shadows of thoughts / I witness my sad Angel’s sacred tears / Flowing aged and new leaves / New flowers. / With a whit… DAVID’S ANGEL Do not cry for me / For I did not die / I am an Angel / With an Easel in the sky / My life was worth living / I followed my heart / Drawing… Confessions to an Angel where mute tears are sung through a restless soul / whilst day dreams are chained in a forever night. / Dawn is held within the suspension … Miss This Angel of Mine. I feel like an endless night waiting for my sunrise / So, this is what it’s like to miss this angel of mine Goddess She stands in her hurt, / She feels all the blame, A Mere Mortal A simple poem that has remained one of my favourites. Dear Angel, Get Well Soon! dear angel, i wish you’ll feel better soon / i wish you’ll smile and shine soon / for my happiness is meaningless / when my an… Listen to my Eyes… Remember you are beautiful / My eyes say so / Always listen to my eyes / They tell the secrets that my soul holds Unwanted Angel Quiet child / Meek and mild Count down to the horned angel Each stage / is numbered by / happiness and sadness / ~ / A tiger lily / caressing three blooms / spat two petals on the path / I aske… A synonym for b r o k e n Always the dreamer - / still hoping to be loved / by what’s not there… / (Naïveté in a bottle) ANGEL [Video] / You’re my angel. / You’re my muse. / The sweetest pain. / The softest blues. / The mighty rock / To which I cling. / The only so… Letter to my GuardianAngel Lifted like a damsel in distress, fighting for life against the abyss / Searching for breath that failed to transpire. “She’s gone!” “You … Almost too painful to fly My wings folded / dim in luster / no strong flaps / to climb me above forsaken clouds The Angel And The Dreamer Never would the stars stream their prose / The sun warm the face of Hyacinths that grow / Alone in the sky would the Moon beams row / Were … AN INCOMPLETE SONG He plays the guitar like a devil on heat, / listens to the notes licking at his feet, My Religion My religion is not limited / To the four walls of a church. / My religion is found in the little things / I’ve discovered as I search. Once Upon A Midnight once upon a midnight / in the magic of a dream / i thought i saw an angel / waiting quietly / and once upon a twilight / i followed her to … Angel An Angel / she appeared to me / and I was caught. / Shamelessly, I claimed her mine. A Poem – The Perfect Day This morning I heard the voice of an angel. / A voice so sweet as to make rainbows dull. / Today I heard the laughter of a flower. / A l… ANGELS’ DANCE IN BLUEBELL WOOD There is a special place / Where Angels show their face / They dance as they should / In the Bluebell Wood / When in the soft breeze / The … The Angel of the North A shadow cast through arms outreached / Of hope, / of strength, / a guiding trust / A symbol borne of windswept steel / A unity of peo… Nightmare’s Prophet Nightmare’s Prophet came to me in liquid, lies ,and entropy / His backwards whispers of blue skinned whores / belching blood on a che… You’re my Hope Angel She left me without a word, and without a single tear, / The shock was so tremendous that I really couldn‘t bare! EVERY DAY I SAY YOUR NAME, DANIEL Daniel my wonderful child / Stood for only a short while / Little chubby face / So filled with the Lord’s grace / Little fingers gra… painting in the sky she just stood there / paintbrush in hand / painting a rainbow / all over the land / an angel of splendor / enormous wings / with every str… The Angel And The Boy And soon this angel heard a sound / A calling-out rose from the ground / A child’s voice, so small and sad / for this little soul had… MY ANGEL You came to me at a point so low, / I held you once and will never let go. The Puppeteers Doll (Mature) Dark Angel 1 The first time she heard his voice it terrified her. There’d never been any sound before, in this dark silence that held her and ke… God bless Nevada! I feel like I was gently touched by a soft waft of summer breeze that just passed by. I’ve tried to understand the meaning as a whole… SOHO ANGEL T’was the night before christmas / all through the house / not a creature stirred / not even a mouse. / No decorations hung / no tre… Note to Brianna (my angel face) time flies by little angel face / when i hold you in my arms / your legs hang over my lap now / you grew so fast / my heart aches watching… There is an Angel. I feel safe here, drifting towards the light 100 features!! Thanks Angel and Trena!! Big mil… Actually, it’s now 101 features, because 2 were featured almost at the same time! Thanks to Angel Warda and Cougarfan (Trena)!! / Li… on my way to heaven i thought i was alone / it was my final trip / life had ended / the final curtain closed / everyone said goodbye / i was a lonely soul / … Mephisto dans le Métro The train of six, sealed canisters, articulated to form a gleaming, electrified worm, dips between the tapering, concrete walls of the entr… Deception “I couldn’t resist the temptation to hold you.” / “Not as well as but i can understand your feeling its not easy to… Fallen Angel Flung from Grace / Hell licking at my heels / Flames engulfing me / For nothing but one mistake Guardian Angel of Protection…….. My Guardian angel often takes on different forms sometimes male often female. I believe our doorkeeper our main angel is in charge of who l… For Rhenastarr (Marie) Skydreamer and the rest of… For my deepest love and respect to Marie (Rhenastar) and her family / There is mourning in your heart / Tears of anguish fell from you… THE ANGEL WITH FLAMING WINGS she rose early in the morn / waiting for the sun to rise / opened up her beautiful / blue whispering eyes / sparks flew as she danced / a… Angel Fluff and Witchy Stuff  From the purest sky a winged vision came,  / She beats her silken wings for fame! / Knowing full well that she is doomed to die, / Should a… SWEEP ME INTO YOUR ARMS Sweep Me Into Your Arms / As if a breeze blew me to you / Open up the door to your heart / And let me in there too / Let our souls dance to… Artist Angel Deep in thought before take off / Before my new wings unfurl their feathers / Before I loosen all the tethers / That try telling me its n… angel As I carry your body / Over the ocean of / Forgetting / Back to the now of / Remembering Axel The gold in your hair / Is only a hint of the wealth I have in my heart / Because of you / And when the wind blows through it / It’s as if … Heart Beat They say time softens grief; I say time intensifies it. The Last Angel of Buenos Aires All the rubbish, plastic bags / Would fill the sky / With a blanket of gas-mask smoke / And the fish would fall from the clouds / The earth… ROUND PEG I’M A ROUND PEG IN A SQUARE WORLD! / A MAD MAN HOWLIN AT THE MOON! / A LONE WOLF IN A WORLD OF SHEEP, A CRAZY FREAK! / I’M PISSED OFF, ECST… SKY ANGEL Floating along merrily on her way / She was was Christmas Day / All the Angels were busy preparing / The clothes they would be we… Let me be your Angel…. Let me be your Angel keeper of your heart / I will be your comfort if love falls apart / I will sooth your pain and hold you tight / I wil… My Christmas Treasures … but the sight of these treasures triggers thoughts of Christmases past… A gift from an Angel As I looked upon the lake before me, sunlight / from the south immersed my mortal body / with a glimmer of an angels touch, / Eyelids slowl… A Guardian Angel With Kleenex Glasgow people are the friendliest people in the world! Rose Coloured Glasses Rose colored glasses belong to me and many more in reality / I see what I want to see, for happy endings just to be / Those rose colored gl… ANGEL — CROSS MY HEART Look at me and remember / The Angels high above / Look down upon you / Blowing you a kiss of love / They gather around God / And mention yo… The Dearest Song Oh angel face, why so forlorn? / Oh tired eyes, I see you yawn! / You will sleep here safe tonight, / It’s time now for your moonlit … Angel in the Mist Into my world an angel is born / Troubled with many against her / A simple jester given with love / Can change defeat into victory / I stum… Angels Everywhere silent but screaming loud / i hear the mighty chorus / from sky to earth and sea / in it’s silence it speaks to me Making Love to an Angel whisps of light bind my wrists / curls of smoke round my feet / looking down into sheer beauty / but only our eyes can meet / suspended her… Pure And my soul melts into warmth With whom did I dance unawares…. As raw as the stain of a ripe midnight mulberry / a sometimes sleepless conference with my darker shadow / Were you ever there, somewhere i… Eyes of an Angel The day you came into this world / I looked into the eyes of an angel and wept. / I felt so blessed to be given such a sweet blessing in m… Angel In Heaven Above Heartfelt thoughts after a miscarriage Angel I feel blessed by a special friendship during childhood with a boy who I adored and not only loved me in the sweetest of ways, but that he … THE ANGEL OF THE NORTH I was in awe when I first saw him there / Inviting me to be in his care / Welcoming me with open wings / He made my heart sing / I had neve… SOUL IN THE WIND You always faught for what you believed / You were alot like me / Just like a soul in the wind Heart of Fire Heart of fire, child of the volcano / born from flame and unbridled passion I Love You / My Angel I love you / You are my world / Despite the things that I have heard / Your the one / My shining star / You hold the key to my heart / Ever… To a Fallen Angel A fierce consuming darkness lives / entombed within in your soul, / and I be not the one to was it clean. Mask of Destiny- ‘Inbetween’ Man has failed to come to grips with his powers; hiding behind the mask of ‘Destiny’…fact being that he is, indeed, the m… A sprinkle of Mother Earth… kisses the Ange… It was a lose your hard Cancerian shell / kinda day……. / I stretched and wriggled free / with a zippity doo da smile of indulg… Dreamer Sweet Angel… (A Loving Memory) A childs imagination and love of God / Dedication to my brother / Erik Gabriel Fromm / 2/4/2008 Your words….. I want to wrap / YOUR / words around / MY / body / like a blanket / I want to hear / YOUR / words speak to / MY / heart / like a lover&#… Angel. Back turned, / that silhouette, / A form not quite seen, / In detail. / There stretched out, / In front of me, / An angel’s wings spr… Touched by an angel When stormy clouds are gathering / and darkness is all around / When loneliness is all you feel inside / An angel appears from far away / t… Fallen Angel Fallen angel, drift into my arms / Let my soul carry you home again / Winter has gone, the summer cries / The fields are in bloom once more… The Golden Angel..!! had heard of this angel / who swings the wand / and changes things around / I walked to her with a storm in my head / the golden one as the… Samhain Night Alone I went into the night / Alone- no one walked with me. / Although stars and moon were shining bright / Lost love! O – how I mou… Guardian Angel My Guardian Angel, my Angel of Love / Your there watching over me from Heaven Above. / I dont see your face but Iknow you are there, / I kn… My Angel She is beauty / Like the scent of flowers in spring / When she smiles her eyes sparkle / like an ethereal creature of the night / She can m… The betrayed Angel Angels were created before man, yet man was to reign superior. Corin felt dark feelings. He felt betrayed, envious my Icarus baby……………… Johnnie had grown to love his new friend Daddy’s with an angel (Images Project #3) “Maybe that’s where Daddy is,” Jake said finally. “In China! Yeah, that’s where he is.” / “Shut up, Jake. He’s not in China.” Touch Me Souls in their warrior’s sleep / Find places where men wash wounded men / And welcome hands / Of filtered light / Settle warm on da… Glass Feathers I found a feather as I walked. / So white and clear and pale and cold, / … / --- / … / A line of feathers lay forsaken, / Snow … Toxic Angel My basement muse is shackled / By aesthetic addiction / And crouches in her own infirmity / Inhabiting / Cravices of yet realized terrain /… For A Friend This poem was written by my sister, click here to see more from my sister an amazing writer. I told her about a friend of mine who lost he… If Stone Could Speak There was a time I lived upon my wings, / Flying as light as air and just as free. / A cosmic playground full of pretty things, / the sky a… Light in the Underworld Born in the Underworld, where darkness is day, / She came like spring, like the first day of May. Hope? I met a man who seemed… different. Back in 1985 or so, I met a man who seemed… different. AN ANGEL’S HEART AN ANGEL’S HEART / READY TO BURST / SO FILLED WITH LOVE / THAT IS IT’S ONLY THIRST / A DIFFERENT HEART / THAN WE MORTALS / EX… An Angel……….. She skipped / And sang / Letting her / Ringlets / Float / In the warm summer air / Her melodic / Tunes captivating / An attentive audience … For My Angel A shiver at the base of my heart / Hairs at the base of my spine twinge apart / Fire and ice twist my tortured brain / My eyes charred with…
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