the final battle by Jo-PinX Eve’s tale (Mature) Making my own path by Col  Finnie The death of Painting - La muerte de la Pintura by Aurelio Monge And Let’s Hear It For The Allegory Of Fidelity I got a good friend / The kind that you’d defend, / But she’s come to the end / Of the straight and she’s still flying / Like an arrow. … the lady who looked in through the window some people are born to live. they grab life with both hands, wringing every ounce of experience out of it. on a windy day they turn their … The Guy That Forgot to Bring Chinese Food (Recurs… “Sure, if a talented surgeon saves a person’s life you thank God. But if he screws up and the patient dies, you don’t blame God, or even th… IV ALLEGORY No.: 120; 142 by rutaudra Antarctic Allegory by Clare McClelland The sybil Teach your daughters to sing in silence. Teach them to look for me beneath the waves at sunset so that when my star rises again they shall… Devil Inside by IsabellAnthony Abstract Storm by lydiasart The fable of the foolish fairy A foolish fairy lived in the cusp of two leaves.  Marianne - the allegorical spirit of the French Republic. by Ian A. Hawkins No words left worth saying Perhaps the Mayan Calendar ended / because there were no words left / worth saying. the lion tamer once upon a time there was a man. he was not very tall but he was very fat. he had rather a doleful face, framed by rather uninspiring drea… Those untouchable fire ants Not long before the Flood a colony of fire ants felt a change in the Earth’s rhythms and knew that something irreparable was about to happe… Between the Lines There’s a book written / between the lines / of the words we write / between the lines / drawn between us / in the sand. The sleeping bride A band of ancient warriors / stormed your sacred vows. An allegory of colour by missmoneypenny Orchids on Metal Fractals by lydiasart Pear Cartoon by lydiasart a sexual allegory hello you / oozing from your eclectic ego you / have the luxury of turning on the light stuff & the miraculous momentum / that with eve… All pain internal externalised by brett66 Couleur de Rose An inexplicable fierce beauty electrifies every scale, / gills convulse with primitive ecstasy The Dawn Torch We act on the premise that what humans do not recognize they cannot betray. Allegory by Roy Guzman Curiosity Killed The World He screams to his creator, he can’t stop falling / Neglect and torture teaches him, the way to live / The peace and love turns to a trait a… The American Allegory 2 by Whitney Edwards money makes the world go round? by Jo-PinX The American Allegory by Whitney Edwards Orchid Flower in Sunrise by lydiasart Olsen and Riesl – an allegory. Olsen sat silently on the wet shiny rock in the middle of the lake and pondered. He often found himself perched there in the wee small hou… Reflection time... by su2anne Myself in Three Dimensions by su2anne Marilyn's Allegory by rfrancis The pool Narcissus, bend closer, / nearer still, see, / no blemish, no line / distorts this face Mario Payne (A Max Payne 3) by FanmadeStore The exterminator awaits by su2anne the horse. it wasn’t just any bunny. horse had met plenty of bunnies in his time, make no mistake. there was something about this one, however, he cou… Red Waterfall by lydiasart Man On Globe by lydiasart Out for a Walk by circa24 Jasmine’s Gospel (Mature) Trapped... by su2anne El martirio de la Filosofía - The End of Philosophy by Aurelio Monge El colapso de la Cultura - The colapse of the Culture by Aurelio Monge A Seed of Faith (black) by EarsToHear A Seed of Faith (black shirt) by EarsToHear enough of the allegory fist full of dollars and coins / pissed away these loins / what’s with all the empty rooms and screeching trees / leaves wondering … touch my soul! by E-creative Rural Memories by circa24 Bronzino  - Allegory of Dante  by William Martin Bronzino  - Allegory of Dante  by William Martin At Death’s Doorstep In a moment Death strolled by, / She said to me “Why do you cry?” hey . . . do you think I´m sexy??? by E-creative Antarctic to the right??? by E-creative together we stand by E-creative Tears of God - endangered beasts and bugs by Helen Imogen Field Universal Love by Nalinne Jones INFERNO by Roland1984 The One Wise Man by Nigel Adams by Artichrist Revolution 9 by Ronfrenofert Allegory of Creativity by martcreates Astrologia Print by DamianChavezArt Prelude to glory ( eye open ) by TonyBroadbent Allegory by Mark Holsworth Half Life T-Shirt by Daniel Bevis leaving it all behind by Jo-PinX Allegory by Tatiana Zigar Pictorial Ode to Odysseus by Francis Drake Allegory of sight by missmoneypenny Play-Doh's Cave by bonsairebellion The Rain Cometh by Eliza Donovan Allegory : David Cameron as Madame Déficit by Trouser sand glass by siloto The Allegory of Good vs. Evil by Sheath Brick game by vadimmmus Future by vadimmmus Decorative air vent by mrivserg double headed eagle  by mrivserg Decorative air vent by mrivserg La Vie En Rose by Valerie Howell Phoenix by Valerie Howell Apocalyptic Utterances #14  by Edward Buscemi Fountain in the summer garden of St. Petersburg by mrivserg Pelican by Thomas Josef Reading Allegory of the cave by Cscoville Shelter In the Storm by dstew Torn by dstew Taming the Beast by mindprintz The Former Port of London Authority Building by PictureNZ Palace by mrivserg Palace  by mrivserg Untitled by mrivserg Allegory Light by dasSuiGeneris
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