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The Aliens – Microstory

It had been some months now since he had travelled to night. He remembered when night travelled to him but that had been a different era an…

The Grays and UFO’s. A Theory

Blah! Blah B;anj

One of 12,000

My name is Yan, I am one of 12,000. For more than two millennia there have been 12,000 of us. Not the same 12,000 but always that same numb…

Is There Anybody Out There

It’s a bit like a Galactic Lotto; the prize would be well worth it – if it ever came up. In regard to meeting up with them well…

Visitors From Another Time

We say to ourselves, / “How could I ever have / been so naive?”

Maybe, we are alone!

It seems that from some of the latest research that the formation of life from non-life is such a long shot that it is a highly unlikely ev…

Riches To Rags

To a nation that is bankrupt,lost it’s barring on morality,Has turned away from standing for liberty, and moral decencies. And the…

The Brickbend Geothermal Power Company

On the 10th of August, 1932, the residents of Brickbend awoke to find steam rising from a kilometre long fissure in the earths crust. It ha…

Intelligent Life On Earth

All of a sudden a space alien come from around the bushes and walks up to him and the dog.

Indeterminacy 413 (Bruna)

Talk was she’d killed a man in Kansas. With a home run. Ball come down a mile away and beaned him into the Great Beyond.

Chapter One: A Parting

She was prepared for almost any situation. She was beginning to see the excellent planning that her parents had made and it hurt her, somew…

Why Rainy Days Aren’t So Bad

It was a dreary Saturday afternoon. Zeke sat by the window and sighed heavily. He was sad. He’d already done his homework, but he still cou…

I have no title yet

I started a screen play awhile back / premise: aliens rejected from their home planet come to earth and invade human hosts. The KIND of hu…

abducted by aliens

dressed in the wrong clothes there is a wild animal living in the garden / alive mismatched human disguises out of sync now learning new sk…


‘I gotta get outta here!’ / Connor flinched as a strong hand grasped his shaking shin, just above his combat boots. / ‘Take a deep breath, …

The Infest – 2012

Part 1: Prologue. / August 10th, 2012 / The barrier was finished around 5:00pm, should hold them for the night… our supplies are runn…

“The Origin of the Species”

The short hair that enveloped his body stood on end when she glanced in his direction. There was something entrancing about the puke green …


He sat on the train / With his eyes closed / Thinking of a new poem / Or perhaps prose / The train jolted / And with it’s stop / The …


” Humph! Look at him!” – Ann says to Sam -“What’s wrong with kids nowadays?” Tim keeps gaming.

Abducted Nightly. The Truth is Out There!

Where the hell was she?


Her high heels made the usual clip clop noise as she paced back in forth. The wide hallway she was pacing between had somehow seemed to shr…

The Camasien People Mini Bio

Other common uses for Vingarbi by non-Camasiens include a dissolvent for stray meteorites that become attached to ships hulls, dissolving c…

The Change of Life or as my kids say the day the …

Getting older is cruel and unusual punishment, everyday sees your face and body changing in some quite odd and frightening ways. Seeing you…


This is a story I wrote a little while ago / It is about a married women with two kids and everything was just how it should be until this …


They came without warning / Came without a sign / To take over our bodies / And our minds / Under the cover of darkness / They came late at…

A World Without Values

Bryanna Butler, after a life of strange ups and downs had finally achieved one of her life goals. She had obtained a license to kill. If by…

Die, Die, Everyone

Yes, die, die, everybody! / Can’t you see you’re bugging me?

My Eyes Like Steel, Electric

My Eyes like steel electric, / The Spinal Towers Column Cast into sky / It’s cold serpent spiral stairways twist into earth

What Dionysus Said to Apollo

“He quickly grabbed a large, flat stone from the ground and bashed the creature’s head…he dragged the unconscious primate…

From Below they Crawl

Perfection raped by the inharmonious cries of those from below / Ideal existence in pieces, drenched in tears, wilted and frayed

Bogg! Prologue


Brolly Brains 2

Brolly is grown by scientists in area 52 / And cultivated in low gravity conditions / With alien spores collected from the Roswell incident

Inventor of World’s First Time Machine Dies

Dr. Bryant Jeffers, inventor of the first working Time Machine®, passed away last Monday in the year 1519. Flowers can be sent to the year …

A real life world expert

Have you ever wanted to be the best at something? The best in the entire world? Imagine – no one on the planet can do this thing better tha…

ALIENS will KILL for Great Aftershave


Is there life on Mars?

I there life on Mars?

Aliens Perhaps

Aliens Perhaps / by / Oscar Elizondo / Today I came back from a place I had never gone before, / I did feel misplaced, out of line, lost, u…

Food for the aliens

It’s heating up / Yep. This is going to be hot. / And all the humans / Are going to cook.

Introduced Species Introduction

This Phylum has taken this planet from the lush healthy incipient world it was 50,000 years ago to the sick-decaying lump of rock hardly ca…

In The Beginning

This was a time of innocence a time when all creatures large and small lived in harmony with the environment

The Architects

it is fairly obvious that man was once a lot smarter than he is today, or he had the help from someone or something that was

The Atlantis Connection

Intelligent humans date back much, much further than we realize. these examples should prompt any curious and open-minded scientist to re-e…

The Message

One day on planet Earth, / A strange signal of alien origin was detected. / At first the signal was weak, / But year after year it increase…

NO UP Chapter 3: Migration

Then Czioc’s throat caught up with him and he dropped the bottle, making low strangled noises like a dog giving birth to a horse. …

The Cover-ups

The arid environment preserved the remains of a blond-haired, blue-eyed people who lived in pre-dynastic China.

Previously on LOST

They come head to head with Jack’s line “Stop playing God!” to which Locke replies “I AM God!”.


As it slid down the wall, almost to the floor and scanned the floor. It slithered towards the recliner I hide behind, and I immediately saw…

Extract from Bogg!

“You’re an interesting fellow,”

The Tale Of Chainsaw Bob: a science fiction story

Did they consider removing the chainsaw? I doubt it. Formerly unknown freaks with off the planet ideas or brains growing out of their nec…

the mind rendering device

so i opened the box / the one that i had no idea what / hid inside / in dust and web laid a coiled machine / that simply stated mind-ren…

A Novel Synopsis

…Orious is pulled even further into despair as he gambles on his very own humanity, walking the fine line between a demon and an ange…



NO UP Chapter 2: Escape

‘But it’s the film people sweety, you remember when you did that scene—’ ‘Uh, I’m having sex right now!’ she lied, flustered. ‘So?’ he said…

NO UP Chapter 1: Spring and Death

’The funniest thing happened, some centaur was really drunk and wet himself in front of a bunch of kids, I couldn’t stop laughing…’

Breath and the Void

gurney bound astronaut in / the Void with a broken helmet



The Cosmos

This massing together has gotten scientists bemused / when they try and explain it we all get confused / Why….? Like a child I question my…

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