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THE MESSAGE One day on planet Earth, / A strange signal of alien origin was detected. / At first the signal was weak, / But year after year it increase… A Pint Sized Insurgency Sex, Drugs & Alien Abduction, a ludicrous serial novel. Red, Swirly and Pointed Alien fingers? How the hell would she even know what alien fingers look like? / “Daddy,” she continued, “everyone knows that Alien Fingers… In Love With The Single Alien The cold showered earth slept below  / As the heavens burst in the afterglow,   / To subjugate the moment above  / I relinquish the frozen … Light-years Away Light-years away are unknown places; / the truth just can’t be seen from here… The Interplanetary Martyr Her love was alien / With love that could not be fathomed, / A child lost in the Universe / Between Virgo and Orion. Far From Home (A Katarr Kanticles Story) She relaxed and the man blew more powder into her face, inducing a drugged sleep. Her mouth sagged open to reveal savage fangs, and Sniper … Clear skies (Images Project #5) They walked in silence for awhile, both listening carefully for the telltale whoosh sounds of transports overhead. Without Evidence – A Siamet Tale ‘Fight well, and may you survive to the dawn,’ the barman said with a nod. Alien Love that hover here and there and move / on again, inquiring persistently for / someone they used to know on this / planet, and sometimes̷… War Between The Worlds The noise, the deafening noise. / A battle rages to my north. / Armies of ships fall to my side, / weighing on my heart for those inside. Hiding the alien (a 10 minute read) I felt like an alien and I looked it. People stare too, because aliens are strange creatures from other planets. Evening Star – XXX (Mature) Lost in an Alien World I dropped from who knows where into this land of aliens who share their foreign world with me. / A weed seed dropped in amongst the roses … Collaboration with AlienVisitor Bubblers are wonderful collaborators – check out what AlienVisitor has done with Never Too Old Spiced. She felt tingles all through her body. She moaned slightly as his hands kept caressing her. Each time they reached her hips they would get … Alien Pacifist Gas YEEEAAAAHHHHGHGH !! / Good GOD ! its ALIENS !! / AARHGGH / GAS ! / ITS PUSHING OUT GAS ! / ARGH. / Cough..wheeeze…. / Well fortunatel… Embers of Another Crash – A comic script by… You don’t know what you’re dealing with my child. Don’t do anything stupid… Alien Heart She knows the alien Heart beneath the mesh / As when stars all fall in their dimensions / Beneath the dark and garbage riddled flesh / Like… My Man. This life can beat you down like an ex-wife on alimony day. Indeterminacy 413 (Bruna) Talk was she’d killed a man in Kansas. With a home run. Ball come down a mile away and beaned him into the Great Beyond. Love’s Token Sharp barbs protruded from under her abdomen and drips of lather spouted from her head. / Jack started to quiver. “Now, now my darling, swe… THE MESSAGE One day on planet Earth, / A strange signal of alien origin was detected. / At first the signal was weak, / But year after year it increase… Encounter She felt the whoosh more than heard it as a smear of soft wet mass shot past her back and landed on the rock behind her. It unbalanced her … Alienation from self/others… There are times when I feel that no one understands me; / and, furthermore, I don’t even understand myself? An Alien Sea The illimitable blackness of an alien sea greets my inner vision, a void unseen by any other eyes. After Earth: Legacy of Terra Death was so easy to deal with, to brush aside… but extinction brought out a whole new side of the human psyche… Chimera’s Breath: Chapter 8 Vlasich froze beside her. He heard it too. “What the hell is that?” he gasped. / Gable moved over to them, still clutching the handgun. Alia The scattered bones on the dirt floors and the blood caught up in my claws makes me worry that the food is actually a thoughtful animalR… Angelic Intelligence of the Night Lying awake one evening, I was visited, I believe, / By a being of pure love, which is hard enough to conceive / Gliding, resembling an ang… Alien For tears were an awful agony The Truth Is Out There I mean, it’s unbelievable. Unimaginable. Even that word that Iron Mike Tyson used to say; Illegal Alien Both turned around on cue, expecting to see the typical scientist stereotype in white lab clothes, they were more than surprised to see the… Avatar T-Shirt Sale Thanks to the wonderful person who bought my Avatar T-Shirt last night. the alien from the cloud forests of the andes / inca wanders baring straight down to siberia / the alien grimaces then smiles towards swan lake / he … The Journey the palette is 3 times the size of Earth Hunter The threat of detention didn’t scare her. If she was successful, there wouldn’t be any. If she failed in her task, there still wouldn’t be … Wanna Take A Ride? I caressed her long, lean body and felt….scales. Lifeboat: Part 4 Part Four: Through struggle to the stars / There was a darker side to Alan’s journey. It had been included as a safety measure, but in the … The Infest – 2012 Part 1: Prologue. / August 10th, 2012 / The barrier was finished around 5:00pm, should hold them for the night… our supplies are runn… Fear of the Unknown? Aliens bother not, home invasion phobia. The Alien Text Deciphered feikd mwiksa tni solgjgmds i qiids / snie4e, cdkewwn l fgne o snsms v msnsns e / 33nbO9 y sdska nsmsa o qllw,.. t6tt6 u Coming Home There is little in time or space that quells the valor of a warrior quite like darkness so deep it threatens to swallow his soul. Lifeboat: Part 2 Part Two: Gulf Two Piñata / Alan had never understood people who devoted their lives to science. Especially weird, abstract areas of scienc… space alien dominated earth planet all art lovers and buyers are welcome to my best artworks do not miss out this chance go ahead now and you won’t regret vis… Interview Of an Earth Woman by an Alien Alien / Thank you very much for having shared so much of your life with us. / Woman, preening / Well, I’m honoured to have been chosen. / A… The Metal Thing It was left there a long time ago by little green aliens, the type of alien that lands its craft in nowhere Somewhere More Free (Pt. 1) Yo yo yo yo yo, / I can tell you / How this will all end / I saw it on TV last night / You know I don’t pretend. / So I’ll set … Perplexed faith Why are you always the last / one I think to call upon / in times of dire need? / In desperation my thoughts mingle, / become a minefield o… The Alien and the Goddess ~ Planet Fresh After this dream he could tell the difference between his one dimensional world and the three dimensional world of planet Fresh. Alien Worlds Real strange worlds / The ones that matter / Are not come to / At a crossing of light / Arrived at / By birthday years— / But observed by /… Alone This is a story I wrote a little while ago / It is about a married women with two kids and everything was just how it should be until this … dawkins a quote by dawkins ABDUCTED NIGHTLY #2. Mary at the speed of light. Then she dropped her towel…… Hard Day at the Office The fog swirled mysteriously as the craft eased down to house level. An opening appeared and a platform jutted out from the craft. Four gra… Chimera’s breath: chapter 1 A blackened sheet of metal whipped up and glanced off the view shield, and she jerked her hand up instinctively to shield her eyes. Chimera’s Breath: Prologue Spinning alarm beacons drenched the landscape in a devilish red glow. Somehow over the top of it all, his battered sense of hearing picked … Vikkilla Rosilla: The Rise and fall of the Canadi… “Oh my gosh…….!” I heard Leonie say to herself. We set off running past the greenhouses towards the art classrooms. Test Enshrined in the grace that silently befalls / Almighty power in his hands, entombed for eons / With centuries unified to each tear the wor… Good Business He pointed her towards the mirror that had been cleaned of all dust and grime. / The woman made her way over, stepping slowly as she… Brolly Brains 2 Brolly is grown by scientists in area 52 / And cultivated in low gravity conditions / With alien spores collected from the Roswell incident Hi-Fi Dream I originally read this aloud, as a guided meditation, to a group of professors at a Human Ecology conference. I played whale song, its volu… Riddle Me This. On an alien lifeless planet, there is now a creature that was never there before. Top signs your boss is a space alien Can’t speak a sentence without using the word “Assimilate” Transitions Delving into an Alien mind Alien Encounters – Series The first wave arrived without notice. Tiny alien spacecraft that emitted no more sound then the buzzing of a bee. Little naked… Hop hop! / ahha .. a new procrastinator just landed here :P alien she never thought / it would be so ….. / cold / so cold and harsh / the way they stare / stare at her / like she was something ̷… Not of this world A long time ago someone told me I could receive power from a place not of this world. I would have to undergo a metaphysical transformation. An Alien a very hungry alien ALIEN FOOTAGE NASA PRIVATE SCREENINGS / WHAT DO YOU THINK? Strange Dreams I awake to cold / a single light / I then feel the poke / the men in White!! Alien Nomads They search Their Souls, They know it is written there. / After so many billions of years, They have come to Earth. / The answer is written. The Alien and the Goddess ~ Planet Condition My friends have changed along with my perceptions of them. The naked alien I can still read the saved text messages / And they seemed real enough ALIEN…….. 3D ART ALIEN SEX What Aliens will do to get a You Tube UP THERE ? an alien in my head An alien landed in my head / It filled me with a certain dread / What if it was after my soul / Or just wanted to take control / Would it b… Earth Is Alien From orbit we see azure oceans, / Take a photo that misses gunfire flashes; Fearless It was something new, something different. / Many monsters came, safety in numbers. The Precursors Millennia ago, though still a mystery / a primordial creature ventured from his tree / Visited by a great monolith from the firmament / His… alien in a human body as I tried to clean out this closet / I could not stop thinking / how the little tickings in this brain / how the synapses keep flickering … The Waking Back Cover The introduction for my summer project. Interview with an Alien! Interview with an alien! Afterglow mercury drops, in oceans of / tears of lead, with irony / swirling high An Alien Encounter of the Love Kind She came from unknown worlds beyond the stars, / I knew it was too far away for it to have been Mars. / Her face was as smooth as silk yet … U.F.O. Wishing I died every time i dreamed a dream / The tide swept in and took my pride away. The Precursors II But wrought from an alien womb his home remains / The smoking rubble and burning plains / Cast from the fetus that commits global genocide … And, God made Alien being’s… Trying my best to make sense out of / worry, fear, confusion, doubt, disaster; Poem Inspired by An Alien Knowing you I dared the fantasy to sparkling tangible paradise. 5 minute minority report I’m not supposed to be here, / I’ve been sent to the wrong place Alien Life May my life not desire the sins of man. / May my heart seek the glory of your perfect plan. / May I be one’s comfort if distress find… Insipid (Working Title) Before the captive understands what has transpired, he is scattered, in multiple shredded chunks on the floor. An Alien Love (Mature) Just your average nightmare -chapter 2- But the oddness of the way my father had acted worried me. What could be wrong, and what was with the stillness of my little town i resided… Orville’s Contraption A seagull raced past the window, screeching. A couple of bats flew in and fed from Orville’s hand. Bloody and satisfied they left after a…
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