LIVING IN A HEARTACHE by db Waterman Poetic Love Affair You find me wherever I go / Pouring out when I least expect it / When you show your face / You stop me in my tracks / I can’t ignore you / … The Affair Time and again Sleep has proven to sustain me and / To support the growth of my heart. / But I turn my back on this soul mate and / Reach f… Table For One by Adrena87 Red Button Heart by Andrew Moughtin-Mumby Affair by Deka Love affair by LynOHara A Family Affair by Rachael Taylor The Black Tie Affair by gnarlyart a floral affair... by Ian Robertson Calendar THE END OF A GROOVY AFFAIR She didn’t care..she was bold / It was something..that had to be told / It’s over…I’m on my way / Don’t want … A love affair on the water by Brian Bo Mei Family Affair by Loree McComb Topless Black Tie Affair by ReneR A Family Affair by stevealder Family Affair by Pictureman423 l'triste - art nouveau tribute piece by cbeady A love affair with roses by MarianBendeth an Ironing Affair by chloemann love affair SUNSET   $27. 00aus  by brandon Tomlin Affair of the heart 2 by Jimmy Joe A family affair. by roger smith My chemical love affair S1 by MDC DiGi PiCS An elegant affair by MarianBendeth From Afar… Funny thing, being online / It draws you in, playing with your mind / It’s subtle at first, you barely perceive / The intricate web it secr… the marin headlands a view from san francisco feb 1993 by amy leader A French Affair The coffee is bitter, burnt. I finish it quickly to make my appointment, meeting, engagement, affair. A Family Affair by Darren Wishart-Brown Black Tie Affair by Katagram The stolen kiss A woman that I have fallin for but cant show our feelings because of obstacles. A human affair by Mark McGrath A family affair by su2anne Family Affair by akshay moon no happy endings by fuxart Love affair... by Tony Wong Dorothy's Wedding... a morbid affair #2 by Mark Elshout A Black-Fly Affair by Tom Godfrey An affair Our passion is an unbridled one / Mere words fail to convey it / It is misunderstood, but some of the most beautiful things are / Reject so… Budding affair by willob Another's Heart by Trish Mistric Bee Love Affair by Cherubtree Affair of the heart 3 by Jimmy Joe An Autumn Affinity Affair --Those hands are made for shattering hearts.-- Purple Affair by bkm11 A Royal Affair by jaredanthony A Family Affair by Stan Wojtaszek "A Kiwi Affair" by Sophie Lapsley The Affair (3) I still have the letters / the proof of life. / I read the notes, / The billet doux, / The dead words / Over again / Like incantations / … A Family Affair, two by Junebug60 These Plastic Words by simonsmith1 Dorothy's Wedding... a morbid affair #3 by Mark Elshout Candy Cavern shush your mouth silly girl / did you really think Daddies stay A Family Affair by MarkySA The Affair by Pamela Hubbard The Love Affair by Serge Holoduke Love is !! by Fred  Smith Family Affair by aaronson24 I See You… Pretending to sleep / You wait until you think it’s safe… / But I am pretending too / You slip out into the night / To meet some place / Bu… A Family Affair by Junebug60 THESE FOOLISH THINGS. She doesn’t know why she hasn’t told him. Say she’d met this man at the meeting and that she and he went back to his place and had a drink … A very English affair by Paul Pasco 1938 Ford Cabriolet ... A sizzling affair ! by DaveKoontz The Affair by GolemAura IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR by pinkster We Started A Love Affair …We loved her with our malice, / For returning the emotion… / We loved her dry… A True Love Affair by Steve Mezardjian A Family Affair by mgoldst712 SUMMER AFFAIR AT THE FAIR! by Claire Moreau We're all in this together... A family affair by photo4sale The Affair Michelle and James had been together since they were in high school. Now they are married with four children. Their names are Kim, Nick, Wi… Family Affair by chrissy mitchell A 7 string Love Affair by Andrew Simoni The affair continues by Richard Gaffney Ten Year Run I am at once inquisitive and afraid, / I want you too. Alphabetical Musings “Right out of those cop TV shows, huh? Suppose now you’re going to call the police? Tell them about the terrible scene we’… Dorothy's Wedding... a morbid affair by Mark Elshout A Stormy Affair by freevette A Family Affair by Dennis Blauer Making Sense of Tense “I have loved you is Past Perfect / but its neither past nor was it ever perfect / Its an imperfect statement with no full stop..R… An Affair to Remember eon @ the Movies saturday m… It’s a mini version of the classic…. Dont Cry " – )) / They dont make em like this anymore / [Video] Congratulations by caroljean Spring affair 2 by Tony Wong Valentine  by keytara A FAMILY AFFAIR by June Ferrol Family Affair II by roza50 I'm Having an Affair by Andrew Gordon The Love Affair Zirgo has a triangular head / he loves my circular motions / his hands are boxcar wonders / they connect and disconnect at will / he loves … A Current Affair I shall not want walking the plank / Adultery and theft are the mothers of invention / The love of money, the root of all evil / But ignora… The End of the Affair by greycat Solace The man broke away from the crowd, stumbling into the middle of the street. He gave one last look at the mass of people on the sidewalk, an… Family Affair by Lauren Basser A family affair by deegarra Family Affair I by roza50 Pink Affair by MeMeBev The Love Affair by universal-t A formal affair by Graeme  Stevenson
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